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Complete story list for Josh Dugan:

  • The backyard wall by Josh Dugan  Cent XCock  How can anyone expect a little peace and quiet with all this tarryhootin’?  Added May 2002  •  0.6K words ()
  • Banned clones by Josh Dugan  Rep  How might a man and his clone get to really know each other?  Added Mar 1997  •  1.2K words (4)
  • Barefoot centaur ballet by Josh Dugan  4Legs XLeg XLimb  A handsome dancer become uniquely qualified for a challenging role, thanks to a vivid dream shared with his lover.  Added Jul 2000  •  1.1K words ()
  • Body love by Josh Dugan  Tf  An effort to remember the dawn of a utopian transformation.  Added May 2002  •  1.0K words (2)
  • Boytaur cream by Josh Dugan(2 parts)Btaur 4Legs XArm XLeg XLimb Rep WFoot  Guess what happens when you use this stuff.  Added May 2001  •  2.6K words (1)
  • Boytaur retreat by Josh Dugan  XLimb Rep WFoot Series  David's asceticism causes not only his own body to blossom but the bodies of those around him.  Added Sep 2005  •  1.4K words (1)
  • Boytaurs by Josh Dugan  Btaur 4Legs XLeg XLimb  When Envy the green eyed monster has four legs because your friends can grow them and you can’t.  Added Jun 2018  •  0.8K words (2)
  • Brother’s closet by Josh Dugan  Bro Det Llegs XLeg XLimb Rep  A handsome athletic older brother offers somewhat more than expected.  Added May 2002  •  0.9K words (5)
  • Daniel grows a foot by Josh Dugan  XLimb  The title may be lame, but Daniel sure isn't.  Added Jun 2005  •  0.8K words ()
  • David changes by Josh Dugan  XLimb Series  Beautiful David allows his friend to make up a secret magic word that makes David grow extra limbs.  Added Aug 2007  •  Updated Jul 2011  •  1.8K words (1)
  • David’s magic body by Josh Dugan  4Legs XLimb Shift Str Series  Shape-shifting David can pump his four-legged magic into you.  Added Jun 1997  •  0.9K words (4)
  • David’s six legs by Josh Dugan  Llegs XCock XLeg XLimb Series  For the one he loves, David is happy to multiply his beautiful arms and legs, and and even to make them all pleasingly clumsy by getting himself tipsy.  Added Apr 1997  •  1.1K words (2)
  • David’s transformation by Josh Dugan  XLimb WFoot Series  The austere spirituality of David and his monastic students brings forth an abundance of limbs and wristfeet.  Added May 2002  •  0.7K words (2)
  • Dream legs by Josh Dugan  Llegs XCock XLeg XLimb Series  If the guy with the world's most beautiful legs could grow as many of them as his lover wanted, it would be kind of like this.  Added Oct 1997  •  1.0K words ()
  • Dude by Josh Dugan  LegWh Det 4Legs Llegs XLimb Series  Life can be a beautiful multi-limbed dream when it comes to four-legged David.  Added Dec 2005  •  1.4K words (5)
  • Eight-armed human spider by Josh Dugan  XArm XLimb  It's worth considering the extra fee charged by the warlock who runs the Halloween store to turn one of these skeleton novelties into a gloriously handsome guy who is literally all long, beautifully muscular arms and other provocative appendages.  Added Oct 2004  •  1.4K words ()
  • The Epson boy by Josh Dugan  4Legs XLimb  A lame, made-up excuse to meet a home town four-legged boy pays off.  Added May 2002  •  1.8K words (6)
  • Eric’s jackoff socks by Josh Dugan  Det XLimb  An unlikely experiment pays off.  Added Jun 2004  •  0.6K words (4)
  • Extra jeff by Josh Dugan  Cock XCock XLeg XLimb Rep WFoot  You really can't get enough of Jeff even though there is so much of him.  Added Sep 2005  •  0.6K words (2)
  • Halloween party by Josh Dugan  Cent Hallow Cock XArm XLeg XLimb Musc  Where the costumes are mainly altered bodies.  Added Jan 1997  •  0.6K words ()
  • Handflippers by Josh Dugan  XLimb  It's such a bummer when your friends can grow four hands and you can't.  Added May 2005  •  0.6K words ()
  • Handsome young Saint Boytaurus by Josh Dugan  Btaur Xmas XLimb  A carol to the patron saint of multiple limbs, sung to the tune of “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”.  Added Dec 2016  •  0.1K words ()
  • Hothouse by Josh Dugan  Cock XCock  A rather exotic species of hybrid plant thrives in one of the hotter hot-houses.  Added May 2002  •  1.4K words (2)
  • Humantaur by Josh Dugan  XLimb  Your friend, who really liked you as a centaur, is totally cool about you changing back to human, with some bonuses.  Added Aug 2000  •  1.5K words (1)
  • Lee by Josh Dugan  XCock XLimb 6Legs  Six-legged Lee inspires his artist friend.  Added Jun 2004  •  0.7K words ()
  • Leg clone by Josh Dugan(3 parts)XCock XLimb Rep  This time around there's not only a lot of Toms but a lot of Davids and more handsome limbs than anyone knows what to do with.  Added Feb 1997  •  2.8K words (2)
  • Leg party by Josh Dugan  XCock XLimb  Pal Eddie grows himself six gorgeous legs for his friend and gets all his other friends to do the same, as a surprise for his friend.  Added Jun 1997  •  1.0K words ()
  • Life with a magician by Josh Dugan  Cent Llegs XArm XLeg XLimb  A truly gifted young magician and his friend enjoy the multilimb aftermath of a great party on the morning after.  Added Jun 1997  •  1.5K words (3)
  • The local football team by Josh Dugan  XCock XLimb 3Legs  A toy ray gun actually works pretty well.  Added Jun 2005  •  0.8K words (5)
  • Penis food by Josh Dugan  CGrow 4Legs Cock HyCock XCock  When you see an amazing infomercial don't forget to write down the number.  Added May 2002  •  0.6K words (2)
  • Penis juice by Josh Dugan  CGrow Cock  One of the best drinks ever to come on the market is introduced at the local gas station.  Added Nov 2003  •  0.9K words (3)
  • Presentation by Josh Dugan  XArm XLimb  What if you had the power to make an attractive young guy pop out extra arms, in real time, in front of an audience, and have no one, including him, think anything unusual about it?  Added May 2002  •  0.9K words ()
  • Richard by Josh Dugan  XLimb Rep  Richard's pent-up lust generates multiples, who act out accordingly, while Richard himself stays clear-headed and attentive to his driving.  Added Jan 2006  •  0.8K words (1)
  • Rick by Josh Dugan  XArm XLimb  Star bodybuilder Rick and his followers inspire each other to build their bodies in more ways than one.  Added Sep 2004  •  1.3K words (1)
  • Robby’s new legs by Josh Dugan(6 parts)Det Dig Llegs XLimb Rep WFoot  All for love, this crazy young kid bi-locates and grows more of everything, but it gets out of control.  Added Jan 2006  •  5.1K words (3)
  • Rudolph by Josh Dugan  Xmas 4Legs XLimb  Just doing his job, a salesperson inadvertently ruins one of the most riveting broadcasts a customer has ever seen.  Added Apr 2003  •  0.9K words (1)
  • Run on the beach by Josh Dugan  XArm XLimb  At the beach, Josh really lucks out meeting Mike, a runner with a bit of an advantage.  Added Feb 2000  •  1.1K words (1)
  • Seth by Josh Dugan(2 parts)XLimb  As foreshadowed in an erotic dream, Seth is embarrassed to have grown so many feet, but really, it’s no problem at allAdded Feb 2009  •  2.4K words (1)
  • Sidewinder by Josh Dugan  Llegs XLeg XLimb  Beautiful, impulsive, unselfconscious Tom drives his friend wild by multiplying his legs, just because he likes having more of his beautiful feet.  Added Feb 2005  •  1.1K words (1)
  • The six-legged dancer by Josh Dugan  XLeg XLimb 6Legs  At the club, a truly exotic dancer is happy to pose with three of his understandably mind-boggled admirers.  Added Jul 2005  •  0.7K words ()
  • Space clones by Josh Dugan  4Legs XArm XLimb Rep Space  A brilliant cousin, like his spaceship, is full of himself, but there's room for one more.  Added Nov 1998  •  2.3K words (8)
  • Steve’s bodybuilder yoga by Josh Dugan  XArm XLimb Rep WFoot  The odd illustrations in yoga primer make Steve yearn to add more of his beautifully muscular arms and legs as well as more of him.  Added May 2002  •  1.1K words ()
  • Stretch by Josh Dugan  Str  OMG can this guy stretch.  Added Jun 1997  •  1.0K words (5)
  • Stretchy summer’s day by Josh Dugan  Musc Str  The cool thing is that all this is really happening; it's not some digitally generated special effect.  Added Sep 1997  •  1.6K words (5)
  • The threads of time by Josh Dugan  Cent Llegs XLimb  On a gay centaur cruise, Josh discovers a race of hextaurs, and learns their amazing secrets.  Added Jan 2017  •  2.8K words (4)
  • Three legged race by Josh Dugan  XLimb  What kind of energy drinks are those, anyway?  Added Aug 2004  •  0.7K words ()
  • Three penises by Josh Dugan(2 parts)Cock XCock  The guaranteed results from the cover article of a sold-out copy of a mens' magazine.  Added May 2005  •  2.0K words (1)
  • Tom adds extras by Josh Dugan  Cent XArm XLimb Rep  Who knows how he's doing it but damn, there's a lot of Toms.  Added Jun 1997  •  1.4K words (2)
  • Tom’s three legs by Josh Dugan  XLeg XLimb 3Legs  The more you know about Tom the more you understand that it's just like him to grow three legs and enjoy having you deal with them.  Added Aug 2004  •  0.6K words ()
  • Voss the hoss by Josh Dugan  4Legs XLimb Rep  A full moon helps a handsome college roommate live up to his nicknames, “Hinds” and “Hoss.”  Added Sep 2005  •  2.0K words (3)
  • What do you do with four feet? by Josh Dugan  XLeg XLimb  In another vignette, you find yourself on a beach having been transformed into a four-legged man.  Added Sep 2016  •  0.6K words (1)
  • The winged centaur by Josh Dugan  Cent XLimb  A randy commitment-phobe leaves a trail of broken hearts and multiple limbs all over the planet.  Added Aug 2013  •  1.3K words ()