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Max Mann

Common tags: Muscle Growth, Huge Cock, Cock Growth, Age Difference, First Time/Virgin. 

Stories found: 8.

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Complete story list for Max Mann:

  • Jackpot by Max Mann  CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Grow  Winning the jackpot means something different at this resort hotel where all the guests and staff start to transform before Tracy’s eyes into impossibly sculpted and phenomenally hung dream men.  Added Feb 2009  •  3.9K words
  • King size by Max Mann  Cock MGrow Musc  Jonathan, a young wizard, uncovers a poison plot against his friend, the beautiful king Gavin. Unfortunately, the potion to stop it may have some side-effects on the monarch.  Added Jan 2013  •  5.7K words
  • Mass X by Max Mann(5 parts)AgeDiff Xmas Dad Hair Cock MGrow Musc New Years  Five short stories of men getting bigger and sexier, through the use of “Mass X”.  Added Feb 2005  •  19.0K words
  • Musclove, Texas by Max Mann(9 parts)AgeDiff Bro CGrow Dad Virgin HyCock MGrow Musc Bond Twins  Moving to Musclove, Texas with his sons to take up a new teaching position, Rick Long is startled to find a town full of huge, hung, and horny men, all of them eager to have the newcomers join them (in more ways than one).  Added Sep 2004  •  26.1K words
  • My son, the superstud by Max Mann  AgeDiff Dad MGrow Musc  Thom is shocked to hear that his son Rusty has enrolled in a muscle-growth transformation experiment—and it’s already too late to stop him.  Added Oct 2003  •  3.8K words