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Series: Huge Changes, The Salt.  Common tags: Huge Cock, Muscle Growth, Size Increase, Getting Taller, Huge Balls, Getting Hairy, Gradual Change, Infectious, Hyper Cum. 

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Complete story list for RdyRoger:

  • The dorm revised by RdyRoger(4 parts)CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Grow  New roommates Alex and Anthony meet and discover a shared love of muscle and a connection that has a profound affect on them both.  Added Feb 2011  •  18.5K words
  • Figurines by RdyRoger(4 parts)CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Race  A pair of bracelets let the wearer gain the proportions and attributes of any figurine you pick up. Once you understand that, you start to realize there are some very well-built figurines out there...  Added Feb 2009  •  9.3K words
  • Fred’s odyssey by RdyRoger(6 parts)CGrow Cock MGrow Musc  After saving the life of a magic-user on a tropical beach, skinny Fred suddenly finds his dreams of size and endowment coming true—not only for him but for his friends, too.  Added Jul 2002  •  25.4K words
  • The gene gene by RdyRoger(6 parts)CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Race Grow  When other guys’ spunk transforms you into a totally different, much hotter guy, you learn there are lots of possibilities for fun—if you’re careful.  Added Oct 2011  •  32.1K words
  • Magic eye by RdyRoger(7 parts)CGrow CShr Taller Balls Cock HyCock Lycra MGrow Musc Shr Grow  Once he found out the secret of magic growing things suddenly seemed really easy for Al, until the day he was startled by Turner while he was staring deep into his hot friend, Tony.  Added Aug 2019  •  Updated Sep 2019  •  20.7K words
  • Miller’s Miracle Grow-All by RdyRoger(2 parts)CGrow Taller Cock MGrow Musc Grow  Daniel discovers a dusty jar of "Grow-All" that turns out to do exactly what it says. His attempts to use it to help himself and his friends, however, go a lot further than he planned.  Added Sep 2019  •  Updated Oct 2019  •  8.0K words
  • Morphogenic steroids by RdyRoger(4 parts)CGrow Hair Taller Grad Balls Cock Infect MGrow Musc PSD Self Grow  Rod’s dad is working on a new technology that makes small things bigger and big things huge, with incredible implications for food supplies and beyond—only it only lasts for five hours. Rod figures being bigger for five hours… that would be pretty awesome.  Added Oct 2019  •  15.3K words