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Series: Juiced, Kringle Corp., Sapp.  Common tags: Cock Growth, Hyper Cock, Huge Cock, Size Increase, Muscle Growth, Muscles, Huge Balls, Hyper Cum, Giants, Size Decrease, Cock Shrinking, Multilimb, Getting Taller. 

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Complete story list for Ziel:

  • 21 dollar footlong by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock SocMed  Angus receives a new app from his buddy which claims to allow him to host his very own growth drive! Angus could use the money, and it’s not like the app can really grow his cock. It’s just trick photography and photo manipulation, right?  Added Oct 2019  •  8.7K words
  • Above average by Ziel(28 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock Cum HMusc MGrow Musc Retcon  Alan starts out as just your average college boy. Then a strange, magical artifact comes into his life, and he starts becoming bigger… almost remembering the ways things were, when his muscles and cock weren’t, with each orgasm, more and more above average. As the effects spread, Alan knows he must understand what’s happing to him and his friends—and also that he must be the biggest, most muscular, most hypercocked stud of all.  Added Apr 2013  •  Updated Dec 2018  •  130.4K words
  • The Alpha by Ziel  Fur Hair Cock 2Anim MGrow Musc Nonc Tf  Harrison’s chance encounter with the creature that has been stalking the campus changes him in ways he’d never thought possible.  Added Dec 2017  •  4.1K words
  • B.D.E. by Ziel  Alien CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum Space  While orbiting a nearby planet, the ship detects an unusual energy signature. Parker and Quill are sent down to investigate, but things take a turn for the smutty when Parker’s suit is compromised.  Added Aug 2018  •  3.5K words
  • Bait and tackle by Ziel  CGrow CShr Hum MGrow MTheft Shr Grow Super Series  Sapp continues his size-draining activities. This time against the speed and power of a hero called Linebacker.  Added Apr 2020  •  5.4K words
  • Balls of steel by Ziel  Balls Cock HyCock Cum Super  There’s a new name for justice in the city, as a pair of ne’er-do-well criminals find out… the hard way.  Added Mar 2018  •  2.4K words
  • The beast with a billion boners by Ziel  Rep Shr Tent  Occult book store employees Lee and Gavin discover a comic book called "Beast with a Billion Boners." They figure they’ve both seen enough hentai to know where this is going. They were wrong. Some tentacle fun, raunchy gay smut, and even some shrinking and macro/micro sizeplay ensue.  Added Dec 2015  •  9.7K words
  • The best instructions are those that are clearly stated by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum Infect  Marty talks his super smart friend into whipping him up a special potion that will help with his little problem.  Added Jun 2016  •  5.2K words
  • Bet you can’t have just one by Ziel  CGrow Giant Balls Cock HyCock MGrow Musc Grow  Vincent was given pretty clear instructions with the new growth supplement his pal invented: “Only take one pill.”  Added May 2017  •  5.6K words
  • Beyond the gate by Ziel  Giant Cock HyCock Grow  A pair of pilgrims makes their way to the holy land and find out firsthand what lies beyond the gate.  Added Jun 2018  •  4.4K words
  • Big changes by Ziel(9 parts)Xmas CGrow Eas Balls HyCock Cum Images Twins ValDay  Troy’s rapidly growing hypercock is getting kind of embarrassing, especially as it’s caught the attention of a pair of obsessive and very uninhibited twins.  Added Dec 2013  •  Updated Apr 2017  •  58.5K words
  • Big Dick Energy by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum Self  Steven needs a serious pick-me-up if he is going to survive a day of classes on next to no sleep. Fortunately, there’s a store near campus that ought to carry just what he needs—an aptly named drink known as “Big Dick Energy”.  Added Mar 2020  •  3.3K words
  • The biggest dick by Ziel  CGrow HyCock Musc  "For this month’s Patreon story, someone suggested I try a story about someone whose cock begins growing, but unlike in other stories, the dude’s elation slowly gives way to apprehension as his schlong exceeds the idyllic porn-star cock and slowly grows into a massive, mega-dong."  Added Dec 2014  •  5.6K words
  • The birthright by Ziel  Fur CGrow Cock Cum    Added Apr 2014  •  2.0K words
  • Breaking big by Ziel  CGrow HyCock  Tim had the bright idea to craft a special serum that would boost the size of his painfully average dick in order to show off and hopefully woo one or both of his crushes, and it worked! Oh boy, did it work, but things take a turn for the extreme when Tim’s growth reaches extremes he’d never dreamed of, and then there’s the issue of Tim’s two crushes...  Added Jan 2016  •  7.5K words
  • Canis drainem by Ziel(2 parts)Grad Nonc Shr  Pals Cecil and Harvey have a plan to cut the resident bully down to size, but things quickly spiral out of control.  Added Jun 2020  •  Updated Sep 2020  •  7.5K words
  • Claves, the midnight marauder by Ziel(7 parts)CGrow CumInf Fant HyCock Cum  Claves, the kingdom’s most notorious thief, has been cursed! What was meant as a means to entrap the thief and blow his cover forever backfires spectacularly as Claves ends up enjoying the curse. Now armed with a massive cock, the power to spread the curse to others, and an exhibitionist streak almost as long as his dong, Claves sets out to spread the curse and sow a little mischief and a lot of wild oats.  Added Jun 2013  •  Updated Jan 2015  •  41.1K words
  • Coupon code: littlest by Ziel  CShr  El decides to abuse a coupon code that promises to take “20% off”. He keeps stacking the coupon until there’s nearly nothing left!  Added May 2020  •  7.5K words
  • The curious case of the crystal falcon by Ziel  Fur CGrow Cock HyCock MGrow Musc  A new furry/hyper/muscle murder mystery from Ziel!  Added May 2014  •  5.8K words
  • Cuuuurse! by Ziel  Lizard Cock XArm XCock XLimb MGrow Musc Naga  Boyfriends Alex and Reuben are subjected to a curse that grows them into long-tongued double-cocked muscular naga. Ask them if they mind.  Added Oct 2014  •  7.6K words
  • The deal by Ziel  CGrow Giant Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLimb MGrow Musc Grow Supn  Zeke tries out what appears to be a spell in a musty old tome only to discover that it’s actually a summoning ritual! Zeke soon finds that his experimentation in the mystical arts has some HUGE repercussions.  Added Nov 2018  •  7.4K words
  • Discogrowphy by Ziel  CGrow HyCock Grow  In his first Patreon bonus mini-fic, Ziel indulges in this month’s theme: “Hyper Macro Twink.” As the author explains, “Lots of clothes-bursty growy goodness ensues as well as lots of hot ’n’ sloppy macro sizeplay. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to add some exhibitionism in there because, really, if you’re a hot ’n’ hung titan, who wouldn’t want to strut their stuff?”  Added Jun 2014  •  5.7K words
  • Double dream feat by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Rep  Aidan awakes from a surprisingly realistic dream to find things aren't quite how he remembered them. For starters, his dingy dorm room has been replaced with a reasonably sized apartment… an apartment he seems to share with his best friend. But stranger things are in store for Aidan as the morning unfurls.  Added Jun 2018  •  4.7K words
  • Geno-type by Ziel(34 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock Infect  While on a camping trip, Tyler makes a half-assed wish on a shooting star. Not only does he get his wish, but it begins to affect those around him as well. Maybe he should have been more specific? An ongoing saga of hyper growth and the weird social situations it results in.  Added Dec 2012  •  Updated Feb 2016  •  144.3K words
  • Gooed friends by Ziel(5 parts)CGrow Goo Hallow Cock XCock XLimb Shift Grow Tent  The author, prompted to write about multi-limb and keen to indulge in his love for “slime boys,” offers a story rife with gooey fun, cute sappy young love, multi-limbs, consentacles and some mild muscle and junk growth for good measure.  Added Jul 2014  •  Updated Jan 2018  •  38.6K words
  • Guycanthropy by Ziel  CGrow Taller Giant Hallow Cock HyCock MGrow Musc PSD Grow  Jaimie was planning on spending Halloween at home gaming it up, but a text from his pal prompts him to go check up on their mutual friend. What Jaimie finds surpassed his largest and wildest dreams.  Added Nov 2019  •  5.8K words
  • .hack//swap by Ziel  CGrow Cock MGrow MTheft Musc PSD Shr Grow  Thomas wants to prove his wrestling skills to his best friend, but there’s one major problem. Thomas is a runt! It doesn’t matter how skillful he is if he can’t even budge his titanic pal. That’s where his latest creation comes into play. Now armed with a way to even the playing field, Thomas and his pal gear up for some friendly competition and lot more than either of them bargained for.  Added Apr 2018  •  9.0K words
  • Have yourself a megalithic Christmas by Ziel  Bro Xmas CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Grow Series  A sort of sequel/follow up/spin off to Miracle on 69th Street. This time the story focuses on Calvin, a down on his luck dude who has long suffered under his overbearing and outright mean-spirited older brother, but all that’s about to change. It’s Calvin’s turn to be the “big” brother in every sense of the word.  Added Dec 2016  •  8.1K words
  • Huge loads by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum  It seems like dirty clothes aren’t the only huge loads at this laundromat.  Added May 2017  •  5.3K words
  • Hyper active imagination by Ziel(4 parts)Fur Xmas CGrow Taller Giant HyCock MGrow Musc Grow ValDay  James’s attention wanders sometimes, usually in the direction of making the person he’s staring at not just hotter but impossibly muscled and unbelievably hyper-donged. It’s so vivid, it’s almost like it’s real...  Added Oct 2013  •  Updated Mar 2018  •  17.1K words
  • Juiced by Ziel  CShr MGrow Musc Nonc Series  Kent’s roommate gets him to try out a hot new supplement. The muscles quickly stack on, but they come with a price.  Added May 2016  •  4.2K words
  • Juiced 2: EKT boogaloo by Ziel(3 parts)CShr MGrow Musc Series  In this Juiced spin-off, the muscle growth/cock shrinking fun spreads to a local frat house. The dudes of the EKT frat house end up adding Juice to their daily routine, and as you can imagine everyone is stoked to see how big their muscles are getting, but will they still be so thrilled when they realize the cost that their growth caries?  Added Jun 2016  •  6.0K words
  • Ladder of the heavens by Ziel  CGrow Cock HyCock MGrow Musc Shr  "Someone suggested that I do a story with piercings and jewelry that caused growth in the owner. I made use of some other suggestions as well so this story features a wide array of kinks including muscle/dick growth and even a touch of shrinkage, and there’s even a cute little *spoiler* with a *spoiler**spoiler*"  Added May 2015  •  10.7K words
  • Lake Wanahakalugi by Ziel  Merm Tent  "This month’s theme was mer-dudes. Although I kinda decided to take it a step further and have one mer-dude TF and one octo-guy TF. I ended up focusing mostly on the octo-guy, but tentacles are so much fun. Plenty of macro/micro gay fluff ensues."  Added May 2015  •  8.0K words
  • Little bro by Ziel  Bro CGrow Giant Cock HyCock MGrow Musc Grow  Hunky big bro Liam has always teased his puny kid brother Connell. But after his accident, Connell got some experimental treatments that are guaranteed to change who calls who the “little bro” from now on.  Added Apr 2017  •  5.4K words
  • The little spoon by Ziel  Shr  "September’s Patreon topic was shrinking. I really need to work with some shrinking stuff more often. I love playing around with different sizes, and if I had spent time at each size this would have turned into a novel instead of a short story."  Added Nov 2014  •  5.6K words
  • Loading... by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock HMusc Immob MGrow Musc  Russel is feeling embarrassingly puny his first day trying to work out at the gym, but with a little determination, a few simple exercises, and his friend’s gag gift—a “Loading muscles…” workout tank and an “Enhance” brand jock strap to go with it—things start to turn around pretty rapidly.  Added Mar 2019  •  Updated Feb 2019  •  7.1K words
  • The magic jockstrap by Ziel  CGrow Cock  Something short and simple this time around: A guy tries on a special jockstrap with interesting results.  Added Jul 2016  •  1.4K words
  • Mandemic by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum Immob  When the cock-growing virus breaks free, even quarantining may not be enough.  Added Apr 2020  •  2.4K words
  • ‘Mini’ge a trois by Ziel(11 parts)Shr  Rhys and his two buddies decide to experiment with a shrinking potion. It’s a long way down, but it’s sure to be one helluva ride.  Added Mar 2016  •  Updated Jun 2017  •  35.6K words
  • A miracle on 69th Street by Ziel  Xmas CGrow Cock HyCock Series  Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year for Nick, but a midnight visitor changes that. Santa Claus might not be coming this year, but Nick and his new friend sure are.  Added Jan 2016  •  8.2K words
  • A miracle on 69th Street 2: Jingle bed rock by Ziel  Xmas CGrow Cock HyCock Shr Series  After the events of “A Miracle on 69th Street”, Nick visits Kris’s home at the North Pole only to find out that there is a strange caveat for having visitors in the magical land.  Added Dec 2017  •  5.4K words
  • MissinGRO by Ziel  Cock XBalls XArm XCock XLimb PSD Grow  Javier discovers to his delight that encountering the infamous Pokémon glitch Missingno can have unanticipated real-world effects.  Added Mar 2017  •  5.5K words
  • My little guy by Ziel  Shr Grow  "A big, bara beefcake gets reduced down to something cute and cuddly, and a slim and slender twinky dude becomes to towering giant. Throw in some ridiculously sappy romance, and I call that a good story."  Added Jun 2015  •  5.1K words
  • OmniGro by Whatinsomnia and Ziel(3 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock MGrow Musc NipCum Grow  Dissatisfied with the speed at which the current OTC dick growing serum works, Eli, a brilliant scientist in his own right, sets out to make his own super-powered serum. Eli wastes no time in breaking in the new concoction on himself and his boyfriend. The results speak for themselves and their new product revolutionizes the world as they know it.  Added Mar 2016  •  45.1K words
  • Peen genie by Ziel  CGrow HyCock MGrow Musc Grow  Scrawny little theater nerd finds a real, live genie of the lamp! When it comes to wishing go big or go home.  Added Oct 2015  •  6.6K words
  • Pria(plus) by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock  Kieran’s friends tease him with a bottle of what the label claims are “Magic dick growing pills!” And, scoff thought he may, he does what any guy who’s slightly insecure about his package would do in such a situation.  Added Oct 2017  •  3.6K words
  • Rapeenzel by Ziel  CGrow Cvore HyCock  Ziel got to thinking about old fairy tales and thought, “You know what these stories need? More gay sex and macro-dongs!” So he threw in a touch of cutesy fluff and some soft CV elements. Lots of sappy romance and monstrous dongs ensued.  Added Sep 2015  •  6.6K words
  • Raygun-nomics by Ziel  CGrow Giant Cock HyCock MGrow Musc Grow  Elliot is eager to show his pal Lance his newest invention, but Lance has some ideas of his own how they should use it.  Added May 2018  •  4.8K words
  • Sharing is caring by Ziel  CGrow CShr HyCock  Oliver and Jaimie end up in an unexpected size swapping cock growth/shrinkage adventure, with all the cute, sweet romance and super massive hyper dongs you expect from Ziel.  Added Sep 2015  •  6.4K words
  • Skeeter’s cleaners by Ziel  CGrow Giant HyCock Cum Grow  Journalism majors and best buds, Trey and Davis decide to do an expose on the new cum cleaning business. Little did they know they’d be making the news themselves.  Added Mar 2015  •  9.8K words
  • Social dickstancing by Ziel  CGrow Taller Balls Cock HyCock MGrow Grow  Dallas hunkers down for some self-quarantine with the goal of using his newfound free time to really bulk up, though he never would have imagined just how much he could grow! His new size brings new issues for him and his neighbor.  Added May 2020  •  4.6K words
  • Something huge by Ziel  Grow  Growing up short can be tough, and that goes double when you live in a world with literal giants.  Added Jul 2016  •  2.2K words
  • There’s something about Billy by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock XBalls XCock  Billy seems like perfectly normal, good-looking guy from the waist up. But there’s something going on inside Billy’s weird, super-baggy pants, and Duke and Kevin were determined to find out what it was.  Added Mar 2017  •  Updated Feb 2017  •  5.4K words
  • This town’s not big enough by Ziel  CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Cum MGrow Musc Grow  Steven is back in his hometown—a small, rural community—after spending a semester at college. Now that he’s had a taste of the big city, his old home just doesn't feel big enough for him. Little does he know how true that sentiment will become.  Added Mar 2017  •  Updated Feb 2017  •  4.2K words
  • Thoros by Ziel and Solumsol  Belly CGrow Cock HyCock Cum MGrow Musc Images Tent  In the mystic ruins of a secret, forbidden library, Thoros uncovers an exciting find—a small jade box, sealed with a binding rune Thoros knows he can unlock. The rewards inside, however, are not what he expects, and the tendrils unleashed will not stop until Thoros has been given more pleasure than he can handle.  Added Jan 2018  •  4.8K words
  • Toil and trouble by Ziel  Hallow Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLimb MGrow Musc Grow  Wyatt and Jordan wander off the path at a haunted house and encounter a witch brewing up something just for them.  Added Oct 2017  •  4.0K words
  • Trevor, Destroyer of Worlds by Ziel  Cock Shr  Trevor is a little guy with a big imagination. Fortunately, his boyfriend is more than happy to let him live out his hugest fantasies.  Added Dec 2019  •  7.1K words
  • What’s yours is mine by Ziel  CGrow CShr Hum MTheft Shr Grow Super Series  When it comes to the superpower lottery, there a some abilities that are pretty much guaranteed to turn you into a supervillain.  Added Mar 2020  •  6.7K words
  • Wishing well by Ziel  Giant Grow  Unhappy with his small, slim body, Ken tosses a coin in a wishing well and wishes he were bigger. He ends up becoming bigger, all right—much, much, much bigger.  Added Jul 2015  •  2.9K words
  • X-mass by Ziel  Xmas CGrow Taller Giant Balls Cock HyCock Cum MGrow Musc Grow Images  With illustrations by Seraphiel. Clive thinks he’s in for a long, lonely Christmas break. It seems everyone else has left town to spend the holidays with their family, and he’s stuck hanging out with his roommate who he barely even knows! But a mysterious gift shows up and changes everything. This is one gift that definitely keeps giving!  Added Dec 2019  •  8.5K words