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Complete story list for Cris Kane:

  • Acting out by Cris Kane(3 parts)CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  A straight actor preparing to audition for a gay role receives help getting into character from his gay friend and a couple of magic rings, but their mind-altering effects lead to unexpected outcomes for Quinn and Damon alike.  Added Aug 2014  •  24.6K words (15)
  • Big men on campus by Aardvark and Cris Kane  Viol Musc MGrow Grow  The Alpha Alpha Alpha fraternity recruits a prospective pledge who will need a few adjustments to fit in.  Added Oct 2014  •  22.4K words (13)
  • The boost by Cris Kane(2 parts)Dumb Musc MGrow 2Gay  The mysterious boost in a health club’s smoothies causes fast and dramatic changes.  Added Jul 2015  •  12.9K words (7)
  • Farm-grown by Cris Kane  Taller Musc MGrow Tf  Spindly teen Nicholas is sent to work on a Texas ranch for the summer.  Added Aug 2019  •  2.4K words (4)
  • A few minor adjustments by Cris Kane(4 parts)Cock Musc MGrow Grow 2Gay  Geeky freshman Ryan is given a camera with special selfie-editing options that Instagram hasn’t thought of yet. As Ryan adjusts to his modified body, he then applies the camera’s effects to his jerk of a roommate, leading to all sorts of complications and an unexpected encounter with his roommate’s bro buddy Shiloh.  Added Oct 2014  •  19.7K words (28)
  • The fugitive by Cris Kane  AgeDown Dom Cock Mental Mind Slave 2Gay Tf  One dark and stormy night, a desperate man pays a visit to a shop which he heard can do amazing things.  Added Oct 2019  •  7.5K words (3)
  • I, Bro-bot by Cris Kane  PermaBoner Dom Mind 2Gay  A formerly homophobic preppie describes how he came under the control of his computer geek roommate.  Added Mar 2019  •  3.9K words (3)
  • The lab by Cris Kane  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  Bret receives some surprise birthday gifts from his colleagues at the bio lab.  Added Mar 2019  •  1.9K words (3)
  • Lunch of champions by Cris Kane  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow 2Gay  Skinny nerd Tyler is befriended by a high-school football star and slipped some of the team's special training diet.  Added Dec 2018  •  7.5K words (8)
  • No shirt, no service by Cris Kane  Dumb Mental Musc MGrow Tf  The uptight clerk at a beachside art gallery is given a makeover to better suit his surroundings.  Added Jun 2019  •  3.9K words (3)
  • Nu-you by Cris Kane  Swap Musc 2Gay  A bored tech-conference attendee is given a demo of a life-changing new gizmo to try out.  Added Aug 2014  •  4.2K words (18)
  • Orientation by Cris Kane(4 parts)AgeUp MFSwap Musc MGrow MTheft 2Gay Tf  After a welcoming party, freshman roommates discover that life is different at college—and so are they.  Added Apr 2019  •  20.1K words (2)
  • Overshadowed by Cris Kane  Bro Mental 2Gay Tf  Jealous of his jock older brother, gay misfit Lance gets a magical chance to change things.  Added Apr 2019  •  2.7K words (7)
  • The recruit by Cris Kane  CGrow Musc MGrow  A twink hooks up with a Marine and begs to know if the rumors about a secret military muscle-building formula are true.  Added Nov 2018  •  3.3K words (5)
  • Resolution by Cris Kane  Mental Musc MGrow New Years 2Gay  Two old friends are slogging through another New Year’s Eve until one of them makes a choice that breaks them out of their rut.  Added Mar 2019  •  8.0K words (3)
  • 21-year-old scotch by Cris Kane(9 parts)AgeDown Cock Musc Time  On his 50th birthday, a closeted man enters a gay bar and is given a drink with an unexpected side effect.  Added Aug 2019  •  Updated Sep 2019  •  46.0K words (5)