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December 2018
  • Metatation by BRK  Weed Taller XArm XCock XLeg XLimb Rep  Unexpectedly given the afternoon off, Connor goes exploring a botanical garden on a whim and discovers a secret meditation circle sharing some unusually potent weed.  Added Dec 2018  •  3.8K words(4)
  • Swap meat by BRK  CGrow CShr Taller Cock HyTongue Self Shr Grow  Moving into their new home, Pete and Cam discover the previous owner left something behind that allows them to enjoy each other in a whole new way.  Added Dec 2018  •  2.4K words(5)
  • An app for the ages by Seth Peterson  Fem CGrow Dumb Hair Taller Cock Musc MusBr MGrow Nonc  An app that can change people on a whim? A totally ego-maniacal straight boy with a strong distaste toward his nerdy, unappreciative roommate? Well, things can only get more exciting from here, can’t they?  Added Dec 2018  •  3.1K words(2)
  • Brute growth by Zhu and YungFrancis(2 parts)Giant Balls Cock HyCock HMusc Musc MGrow PSD Grow Tobacco  Having outgrown his previous digs, giant muscle freak Mute commissions a bigger house from fellow freak and architect Zhu. Zhu and his assistant Dohn join him for a meal, and they’re already turned on by each other’s crazy size even before they share some very special cigars.  Added Dec 2018  •  8.4K words(2)
  • Consciousness hacking, hexed underpants, and the divine erection by Jesiah  CGrow CShr Nonc Supn  Paul got a thrill from attempting to extort modest sums of money from your ordinary, every-day, mostly-law-abiding Internet citizens. Unfortunately for Paul, in this instance he chose the wrong target! His ‘victim’ turned the tables and Paul himself gets ‘hacked’, but not in the usual sense of the word.  Added Dec 2018  •  2.4K words(2)
  • Demigod chronicles I: Herakles by aquila(2 parts)CGrow Taller Cock HyCock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  A powerlifter finally hits his goals with his trainer, only to realize that there’s something big he should know about him. It isn’t all shakes and good form that gets you to top shape… sometimes, you gotta pray.  Added Dec 2018  •  3.6K words(4)
  • Dragon’s Horde: Multiple drinks on hand by STrRedWolf  Alcohol Fur XBalls XArm XCock XHead XLeg XLimb Series  Sometimes, your faith in your barkeep gives you more than you bargain for… especially when substitutions are made.  Added Dec 2018  •  2.2K words(1)
  • Growing together by YungFrancis(2 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock HMusc Immob Musc MusBr MGrow PSD Grow  Sammy’s one of a whole group of massive muscle freaks who spend all their time working out and dealing with being huge. He’s already too big for doorways, his husband, Tommy, is even bigger, and they want to keep growing.  Added Dec 2018  •  6.6K words(3)
  • HUSH by The Gecko Rose(4 parts)CGrow Det Goo HyCock HyTongue HyTongue Merg XBalls Self Str Tf  A young man, an Acolyte of cHurch of Universal Scientific Hedonism (HUSH), finally becomes a full Brother, and learns all the secrets of the Brotherhood. Including all their special transforming abilities...  Added Dec 2018  •  9.8K words(2)
  • Lunch of champions by Cris Kane  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow 2Gay  Skinny nerd Tyler is befriended by a high-school football star and slipped some of the team's special training diet.

      Added Dec 2018  •  7.5K words

  • Modern rites by red_king(4 parts)CGrow Cock BHole HyCock Cum Immort MGrow Grow Supn Tf  Matt’s life changes forever when he receives divine investiture from an old fertility god, fallen from the pantheon, in exchange for his devotion and cooperation in finding more followers. At first it sounded like work, but soon he’s having too much fun to care.  Added Dec 2018  •  9.9K words(10)
  • Trying on my first rubber suit by James Rubberman  CGrow Balls Cock Cum Rubber  A young man who just wanted to feel rubber against his skin from the waist down tries out a very nice-feeling suit, only to get more of an experience than he bargained for.  Added Dec 2018  •  1.9K words(2)
November 2018
  • Cockportal by BRK  Alien CGrow Hallow Cock  After a Halloween night ambulance ride ends up at the wrong hospital, Ronnie wakes up to find discover that his removed appendix isn’t the only thing that’s different about him.  Added Nov 2018  •  4.7K words(1)
  • Arturo, the boss’s driver by Ash D.  Cum Musc  A young employee is captivated by the boss's very muscular driver, and Arturo doesn’t mind the appreciation.  Added Nov 2018  •  1.5K words(9)
  • The bunker by JayPat(5 parts)CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Fleeing some bullies, three teens hide in a secret abandoned bunker hidden in the Arizona wilds where they find some antiquated computer equipment that they really should’ve left alone.  Added Nov 2018  •  27.6K words(15)
  • The deal by Ziel  CGrow Giant Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLimb Musc MGrow Grow Supn  Zeke tries out what appears to be a spell in a musty old tome only to discover that it’s actually a summoning ritual! Zeke soon finds that his experimentation in the mystical arts has some HUGE repercussions.  Added Nov 2018  •  7.4K words(7)
  • Derek’s rebirth by muscl4life(3 parts)CGrow Giant Balls Cock HyCock Cum Musc MGrow NipCum Older PSD Self Grow 2Gay  An elixir from the dawn of time is turning Derek into the ultimate muscle daddy, which he demonstrates by wearing out three young admirers. Taking on a personal trainer as his acolyte, Derek prepares himself for an even more impressive Phase Two of his transformation.  Added Nov 2018  •  11.7K words(5)
  • Growing relationship by Alakazam1988(4 parts)CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow  Shortly after finding the love of his life, Connor has these strange shivers now and then. First, he tries to deny everything, but the truth can’t hide for long. Connor’s cock grows with each shiver. Year after year after year.  Added Nov 2018  •  10.9K words(10)
  • Mal Sueno: A Halloween tale by JayPat(3 parts)CGrow Taller Hallow Cock Hum HyCock Musc MGrow Nonc Grow  When a dumped ex seeks revenge on a hot muscle douche named Luke, it means a chance for his scrawny younger brother Jordan to turn the tables.  Added Nov 2018  •  9.1K words(10)
  • Muscle daddy by MuscCanon and   Cock Musc MGrow  Meeting the freakishly huge roommate, Mark, is crazy enough—and that’s before finding out that Mark’s dad is even bigger.  Added Nov 2018  •  2.0K words(4)
  • My horny friend Logan by oldcondom24  Balls Cock Cum Musc  My best friend Logan is constantly horny, so I finally help him out with that.  Added Nov 2018  •  5.0K words(8)
  • Pickup trouble II by LenZelig(3 parts)Alien Beast Bi Bro Het Cock Musc MGrow Grow 2Gay Series Series  Vince and Paul’s sexual adventures spread to jocks at school, their girlfriends, and even their parents—in fact it’s not only humans getting in on the fun as the brothers uncover just how far they can go.  Added Nov 2018  •  Updated Dec 2018  •  29.6K words(1)
  • Pickup trouble III by LenZelig(2 parts)Alien Beast Bi Bro Dad Het Cock Musc MGrow Grow 2Gay Series Series  Jet and Vince, husband and wife, and their growing herd join others in confronting the threat identified at the end of Spring Break, leading to science fiction strangeness wrapped in lots of unusual sex.  Added Nov 2018  •  19.2K words(1)
  • The recruit by Cris Kane  CGrow Musc MGrow  A twink hooks up with a Marine and begs to know if the rumors about a secret military muscle-building formula are true.  Added Nov 2018  •  3.3K words(5)
  • X-Dream Makeover: Where’d he go? by Cris Kane(2 parts)Taller Mind Musc MGrow Nonc 2Gay Tf Series  A billionaire ropes a lowly accountant into going on a mysterious mission to Mr. Lee’s notorious shop.  Added Nov 2018  •  11.0K words(2)
October 2018
  • The Black Knights: Coming home by Meddler Incs(4 parts)CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Nonc Grow Series  When an ex-football player, now a local newspaper reporter, investigates The Black Knights, he gets more than he bargained for.  Added Oct 2018  •  6.2K words(5)
  • Body game: Encounter 1000 by NBCK99  CGrow Det Giant Cock HyCock Cum XArm XCock XLimb Musc MGrow PSD Series  For the milestone thousandth encounter, six body game alumni bring their already-transformed bodies to the circle—and discover what the game’s like the second time around.  Added Oct 2018  •  4.6K words(5)
  • Catboy chronicles by Eriknl77  2Anim Musc Tf  How a new mobile app changes the entire life of a young jock who can’t resist turning himself first into a plant and then into a feline-muscleboy hybrid.  Added Oct 2018  •  4.2K words(2)
  • The forge by mf81(3 parts)CGrow Cock Cum Musc MGrow  Paul meets Derrick, mysterious blacksmith that invites him up to his place up in the woods called The Forge. What he finds there will change life in ways he couldn’t imagine.  Added Oct 2018  •  7.1K words(11)
  • The giant bully by Ace(2 parts)Taller Musc MGrow Grow  Sometimes the roles get reversed, when the bully is the nerd and the victim has the muscle.  Added Oct 2018  •  Updated Nov 2018  •  1.5K words(5)
  • The masters class by Corwin  AgeDown Cock Musc MGrow  Even if they’re still hale and strong, senior bodybuilders are bound to think wistfully of what their bodies were like back in the day. And, if they’re really lucky, they might get the chance to feel the potency of muscular youth all over again.  Added Oct 2018  •  4.0K words(4)
  • The rivalry by JayPat(2 parts)Taller Musc MGrow Grow  For Marty, one of the consolations of being short and scrawny was that his best friend, Stan, was in the same boat. And then, suddenly, Stan wasn’t pint-sized like Marty anymore… not even close.  Added Oct 2018  •  11.0K words(8)
  • X-Dream Makeover: Billy Farrow’s night out by Cris Kane(3 parts)CGrow Hair Taller Cock Musc MGrow Race Tf Series  A pop star is given a night of anonymity to explore San Francisco in a hunky new body, thanks to Mr. Lee’s magic.  Added Oct 2018  •  14.1K words(3)
  • X-Dream Makeover: Double birthday by Cris Kane(3 parts)AgeUp AgeDown Musc MGrow MTheft Series  A gay couple in San Francisco for their shared birthday cope with the effects of Mr. Lee's magic.  Added Oct 2018  •  12.2K words(3)
September 2018
  • Self-improvement by BRK  Alien CGrow Cock MGrow Rep  Cam needs to get the cute guy he’s dosed with a little bit of experimental physio-changing serum to say what he wants in order for the transformations to start. He’s planning to keep things small and subtle, only Aiden isn’t as bashful as he appears, and he’s also just a tiny bit drunk.  Added Sep 2018  •  4.2K words(6)
  • The Black Knights: Brandon by Meddler Incs  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Symb Series  “So ya wanna be a jock, bro?” Baker asks. Yeah, Brandon so wants to be a jock.  Added Sep 2018  •  0.6K words(5)
  • Blessed by the moon by Saaruu  Fur HyCock Cum MGrow Grow Tf Were  Ritzy gets back from work, exhausted. He gazes at the moon, which somehow feels… different from usual. His roommate comes back home and they both enjoy a nice adult film when the werewolf in Ritzy decides to go wild. Really wild. And big.  Added Sep 2018  •  3.7K words(3)
  • Catfished by MuscleNexus  Hair MGrow Nonc Tf  Rory his getting exasperated with the selection of unappealing men on his dating app. Then he comes across Buck, only a half mile away and looking for twinks over muscle. What his profile doesn’t say is why.  Added Sep 2018  •  1.7K words(6)
  • Daddy’s little boy by TonnyGiant  Dom Dad Cock Musc Gut PSD  Jimmie returns home from college for the summer to rediscover just how drawn he is to his massive, muscle bear stepfather.  Added Sep 2018  •  2.5K words(3)
  • Hothorne Academy by Also Known As(2 parts)Cock Musc  Toby is selected for a full scholarship to a prestigious prep school he’s never heard of, and from the moment he arrives he’s stunned by how amazing the place is, how hot the guys are, and the fact that he’s more turned on, moment by moment, than he’s ever been before.  Added Sep 2018  •  13.3K words(5)
  • Hulk hunter by JayPat(2 parts)CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Infect XAbs Musc MGrow Nonc Grow Tf Viol Series  Hunter has dedicated his life to tracking and neutralizing the hundreds of huge-growing hulks that have been terrorizing small towns for twenty years now, and he’s damn good at what he does. But when he gets to his latest sighting, he finds things aren’t going the way they usually do.  Added Sep 2018  •  11.1K words(4)
  • The machine by WordShop(2 parts)CGrow  In an era where new technology arrives every day, sometimes there are little headaches. On the other hand, as someone once said, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”  Added Sep 2018  •  3.4K words(2)
  • Repair and alteration by Keyed  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  Ricky wants to get bigger, but working out and eating right haven’t done the trick. That why he’s standing outside a door in the side of a dingy warehouse marked with a number and the words “Genetic Repair and Alteration.”  Added Sep 2018  •  2.5K words(9)
  • Dragon’s Horde: Retired by drinking by STrRedWolf  Alcohol PermaBoner Fur Balls HyCock XArm XHead XLimb XPec Rubber Stack Series  Sometimes the best retirement for an actor can be the role of a lifetime. With the help of the Dragon’s Horde, an actor’s retirement can be a life-changing, and possibly squeaky, event.  Added Sep 2018  •  3.2K words()
  • The six pack by Cris Kane(9 parts)Belly Fem CGrow CShr MFSwap Dumb Hair Taller MGrow Race Shr Grow 2Gay Tf  Returning from a Mexican vacation, a gay couple bring back a mysterious drink for their friends to try, bringing on some changes for the group of friends that require a great deal of getting used to.  Added Sep 2018  •  38.6K words(6)
  • The swimming hole by JayPat(8 parts)Musc MGrow Viol  When Matt laments the sadly unmuscled state of his young body, all he hears is that he has to put in the work. Only, his swimming buddy Jimmy seems to be getting muscles all on his own, and he’s not even hitting the gym…  Added Sep 2018  •  42.6K words(5)
  • X-Dream Makeover by Cris Kane(4 parts)AgeUp Dumb Mind MGrow Tf Series  Rich from selling his tech stocks, David hopes to improve his love life with a makeover from a mysterious shop in Chinatown.  Added Sep 2018  •  15.5K words(4)
August 2018
  • The blue shoebox by BRK  Cock XCock XLeg XLimb Sugg Supn 3Legs Series  Leo, the aggrieved grad student barista, is having a really no good, terrible, shitty day. And that’s without someone having randomly mailed him a package containing a single, inexplicable, for-some-reason-blue banana.  Added Aug 2018  •  5.4K words(6)
  • Ramón the developer by BRK  CGrow Taller Cock Cum XArm XCock XLimb XPec Musc MGrow NipC NipCum Rep Grow Stack 2Gay Series  Ramón is used to having lusty, eyes-only encounters with the hot and hunky guys in his office, but today everything seems so much more intense, and a little eye-fucking isn’t going to be enough.  Added Aug 2018  •  4.5K words(3)
  • Alpha by CharitysSongbird  Fur CGrow Dom Taller Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Self Grow Tf Were  Used to being smaller than his office mates, especially his crush Tavy, Ritzy is stunned when he suddenly starts getting bigger and furrier, even as the impulse to dominate seeps into his personality.  Added Aug 2018  •  14.3K words(5)
  • B.D.E. by Ziel  Alien CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum  While orbiting a nearby planet, the ship detects an unusual energy signature. Parker and Quill are sent down to investigate, but things take a turn for the smutty when Parker’s suit is compromised.  Added Aug 2018  •  3.5K words(3)
  • Hard luck by Eriknl77  Inan Musc Tf  A robbery goes horribly wrong with one man ending up in a permanent position at a museum.  Added Aug 2018  •  2.4K words(4)
  • Lactose intolerant by The Other One(4 parts)CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum  Jake has always been very well hung, but after an unknown allergic reaction, his 8-inch cock turned to a steady 12. Unhappy with his new endowment, he would soon learn that size does in fact matter, especially when it starts again.  Added Aug 2018  •  3.2K words(7)
  • Letters flew across the room by MainAttraction(2 parts)CGrow Taller Balls Cock Cum Musc MGrow Rep Grow  A tale of a man suffering the heat and eagerly awaiting a nice breeze.  Added Aug 2018  •  3.6K words(7)
  • Pet pride by Eriknl77  Fur Musc Tf  How a young man becomes a happy and proud pet.  Added Aug 2018  •  2.4K words(3)
  • Quarantined by MuscleNexus  Infect Musc MGrow Nonc  Devon is excited to hear his lover is returning from his overseas deployment early, after escaping the outbreak of a strange virus that put the rest of his team in quarantine. Only, Scott doesn’t seem to be quite himself…  Added Aug 2018  •  1.9K words(11)
July 2018
  • The Servonyx exclusion by BRK(3 parts)Andr CGrow XArm XLimb MGrow Nonc Older Grow  Uncovering some corporate skulduggery leads to dire consequences for Beck. Nearly killed in a suspicious crash, he soon finds himself halfway around the world trapped in a physically enhanced pleasure humaniform… in the keeping of a handsome Russian plutocrat. Pleasure is easy to unlock in this new existence, but escape and revenge will be a lot harder to manage.  Added Jul 2018  •  Updated Nov 2018  •  13.9K words(7)
  • Bull’s strength by muscl4life(28 parts)PermaBoner Beast Dad Fly Taller Balls Cock HyCock HyCock XCock Musc MGrow PSD Grow Viol  On a quiet farm far from anywhere, an orphan named Joshua grows up so huge and strong that he’s bullied for being a freak. His aunt and uncle raise him with love and teach him to accept who he is, but Joshua yearns to be among men who don’t just accept his giant body, but love and admire his amazing size and power.  Added Jul 2018  •  Updated Oct 2018  •  88.4K words(19)
  • The e-journal by hyperboi  Bro CGrow Balls Cock XBalls XCock Musc MGrow Nonc  Tyler’s birthday is not going well: no one can come, not even his parents, and his big brother is being an obnoxious bully as usual. Plus he’s horny as heck. At least his best friend gave him a gift: an e-journal. He decides to write in it not about the way things are, but the way he wants things to be.  Added Jul 2018  •  3.6K words(10)
  • Grow lamp 2: Peter principle by Dream Big(15 parts)CGrow Taller Cock Pher Musc Series  Peter Chang, now taller, thickly muscled, and prodigiously hung thanks to Jeremy and Tom’s impossible grow lamp, now must get used to the attention his new body draws… and the unexpected after-effects of his exposure to the lamp’s mysterious growth magic.  Added Jul 2018  •  Updated Nov 2018  •  23.7K words(16)
  • I wanted a bigger cock, but this was ridiculous by Arron James  BACock CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum  Ian seeks a doctor’s unconventional and untested treatment for making his cock and balls bigger… only the serum is much, much more potent than either the doctor or his patient anticipated.  Added Jul 2018  •  1.2K words(13)
  • Pride by NBCK99  CGrow Hair Taller Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Jake attends his first Pride parade with his boyfriend Ross and is a bit overwhelmed, so they step into a bar—where it turns out the impressively hot and muscular patrons and staff take a shine to the new arrivals.  Added Jul 2018  •  6.5K words(6)
  • A weekend trip to remember by kaoskios  Hair Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Roberto was hoping to have a weekend away camping with his hot coworker. But after a mixup, Roberto finds himself with Sab, his coworker’s friend. Sab seems normal… but is he getting bigger? And hairier? It must be Roberto’s imagination.  Added Jul 2018  •  2.7K words(4)
June 2018
  • All your wildest dreams by FloralSpaded(2 parts)CGrow Cock Infect Musc MGrow  When Walker has his hot friend Joe over for the night, things get out of hand and all of Walker’s wildest dreams come true.  Added Jun 2018  •  1.5K words(17)
  • Beyond the gate by Ziel  Giant Cock HyCock Grow  A pair of pilgrims makes their way to the holy land and find out firsthand what lies beyond the gate.  Added Jun 2018  •  4.4K words(5)
  • Boytaurs by Josh Dugan  Btaur 4Legs XLeg XLimb  When Envy the green eyed monster has four legs because your friends can grow them and you can’t.  Added Jun 2018  •  0.8K words(2)
  • Daddy’s boy by Seth Peterson  CGrow Dom Dumb Hair Cock Hum Musc MusBr MGrow 2Gay  What happens when a cocky, overly narcissistic businessman oversteps courtesy? Why, muscle-growing, mind-altering, submission-inducing karma, of course!  Added Jun 2018  •  2.5K words(10)
  • Detachable party by The Gecko Rose(2 parts)Det Str  What would it be like if everyone had detachable parts? College parties would suddenly be very different. Imagine going to a hide-and-seek party where you hide, but your cock is the key to finding you!  Added Jun 2018  •  Updated Oct 2018  •  4.4K words(11)
  • Double dream feat by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Rep  Aidan awakes from a surprisingly realistic dream to find things aren't quite how he remembered them. For starters, his dingy dorm room has been replaced with a reasonably sized apartment—an apartment he seems to share with his best friend. But stranger things are in store for Aidan as the morning unfurls.  Added Jun 2018  •  4.7K words(3)
  • Grow lamp by Dream Big(10 parts)CGrow Taller Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Self Grow Series  The old lamp and light bulb Jeremy found at a flea market turn out to have some unexpected side-effects—effects that Jeremy’s lifelong best friend Tom can’t fail to notice.  Added Jun 2018  •  14.0K words(28)
  • Growth school by Writ Bro(6 parts)CGrow Dom Cock Musc MusBr MGrow  Kit’s rebellion against his rich, inattentive father ends him up in a school for delinquents. Only, it’s not at all what Kit expects.  Added Jun 2018  •  Updated Dec 2018  •  30.3K words(8)
  • Juggernaut by ghostwriter(4 parts)CGrow Het Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow Viol  On a study abroad excavation, a black college student and former jock finds a mysterious red crystal belonging to the god Cytorak…what could happen?  Added Jun 2018  •  Updated Jul 2018  •  5.9K words(12)
  • Payback by muscl4life(2 parts)CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Musc MGrow MTheft Nonc PSD Grow  After being betrayed by his bodybuilder boyfriend, Leo stumbles on an acquaintance with a wizard who claims to want to help him get even.  Added Jun 2018  •  9.7K words(3)
  • Practical FX by MuscleMonkeh  Fur CGrow Fant 2Anim Mind MGrow Gut Nonc Older Grow Tf  A special effects movie mogul, used to getting his own way, tries to muscle an especially gifted young producer into working for his production company.  Added Jun 2018  •  5.1K words(4)
  • Sometimes drugs offer more than a high by Tereshky(3 parts)Addict CGrow HyCock Cum Immob Musc MGrow Nonc Grow  Jack was a drug kingpin of sorts. Like any potent drug, people craved it, they came to him, offered him their life’s treasures and he gave them their fix. In a world where usually only the strongest survive and only the smartest staid on top, he was doing quite well for himself and living an easy life. There were no rival drug lords because what he had to offer nobody else could give. His drug came from within.  Added Jun 2018  •  Updated Nov 2018  •  5.6K words(11)
  • Subject #3 by MuscleNexus  Swap Musc MGrow Nonc Grow  A brief scene involving a young man named Cody transforming into the subject of a muscle growth experiment.  Added Jun 2018  •  0.8K words(2)
  • The trade by Corwin  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  Having a massive cock only goes so far when you want to be as muscled as the guys you’re hot for. Sometimes, though, there’s a guy out there with the opposite problem, and a bit of magic designed to make both men happy.  Added Jun 2018  •  3.6K words(7)
  • You’re fired! by MuscleNexus  Hair Taller Musc MGrow Nonc PSD Grow  Not only has Owen lost his job after promising scientific miracles to the military, his friend Greg falls afoul of one of his experiments.  Added Jun 2018  •  1.6K words(5)
May 2018
  • Best laid plans by Slammdru  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Nonc Grow  Everything goes wrong trying to enhance a subject into a vessel of sexual energy.  Added May 2018  •  1.1K words(12)
  • Caeman the Conquerer by Tereshky  CGrow Fant Giant XArm XLimb Naga Tf  An ambitious general gets more than he bargained for during a ceremony to take over a conquered city in this fantasy-based story.  Added May 2018  •  3.4K words(6)
  • Massive musclemonsters by TonnyGiant(3 parts)Giant Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Roger meets his new neighbors, three impressively muscled bodybuilders, just as his boss, Dr. Alejandro, experiences a very dramatic breakthrough with a serum designed to produce muscle growth and regeneration.  Added May 2018  •  Updated Jun 2018  •  6.9K words(4)
  • Night at the carnival by muscl4life(6 parts)CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  Abused and pranked by bullies, a scrawny teen carnival worker finds himself in the Fun House with the magic mirrors only he cares about. Only it turns out the mirrors really are magic—and they have a few ideas about how to make Jimmy’s life better.  Added May 2018  •  16.5K words(9)
  • Raygun-nomics by Ziel  CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  Elliot is eager to show his pal Lance his newest invention, but Lance has some ideas of his own how they should use it.  Added May 2018  •  4.8K words(4)
  • An uneven exchange by Mr Arbitrary  WFoot  Max tries to indulge his foot fetish in secret, but his boyfriend James catches him and makes an unusual exchange.  Added May 2018  •  1.5K words(3)
April 2018
  • Shadow and flame by BRK(4 parts)CGrow Cock Supn  As a jinn, I am used to being in control, master not only of all the elemental powers of the earth but of my own fate as well. And I was—until the night I was tricked and ensnared by an ambitious young nobleman too beautiful for even me to resist.  Added Apr 2018  •  Updated Jun 2018  •  12.3K words(10)
  • Becoming a muscle god by Corwin  CGrow Dom Giant Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Mike discovers what it's like to become a muscle god, and how awesome it is to turn the tables on the coach who’d thought he’d get to dominate the newly-grown Muscle Mike.  Added Apr 2018  •  3.1K words(5)
  • The duplex by TheCandymanCan13  Bi Het Cock 2Gay  Peter and his hot wife, Eleanor, are looking for a little excitement. They decide to try sharing sex with another couple, but don’t have much luck until a chance encounter introduces them to Henry and Rose, both of whom know exactly how to please a man and woman.  Added Apr 2018  •  9.1K words(7)
  • .hack//swap by Ziel  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow MTheft PSD Shr Grow  Thomas wants to prove his wrestling skills to his best friend, but there’s one major problem. Thomas is a runt! It doesn’t matter how skillful he is if he can’t even budge his titanic pal. That’s where his latest creation comes into play. Now armed with a way to even the playing field, Thomas and his pal gear up for some friendly competition and lot more than either of them bargained for.  Added Apr 2018  •  9.0K words(7)
  • Lake Cascade by TheCandymanCan13  Bi Het Cock Musc  On an extended visit to a remote cabin, a bunch of guys learn something new about themselves.  Added Apr 2018  •  16.6K words(2)
  • Lazarus by muscl4life(3 parts)CGrow Giant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  A rogue bio-engineer discovers a way to infuse young men with the strength of the sun.  Added Apr 2018  •  21.6K words(9)
  • Practice by Massim0(6 parts)CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum Self  Andrew is tired and covered in mud after cleaning up his team’s sodden footie pitch after a long, sodden practice. All he wants is to slough off the muck in the team’s dilapidated showers… and, all right, maybe sneak in a secret wank while he’s at it. While he’s in the changing rooms alone, though, he comes across a most unexpected piece of equipment.  Added Apr 2018  •  Updated Jun 2018  •  14.4K words(29)
  • Skunk fuck by Maxx Wood  Fur FTM HyCock Cum XCock Tg  Super-horny trans skunk Peter summons a horde of huge-cocked males, and gets even more than he bargained for.  Added Apr 2018  •  1.9K words(4)
  • Trading parts by Marc Roberts(2 parts)Amputation CGrow Balls Cock Cum  What body part would you give up for a huge, cum-spurting cock?  Added Apr 2018  •  2.4K words(5)
March 2018
  • Playing with fire by BRK  Cock Musc MGrow Grow Super Tf  Roman is drifting through Oregon seacoast towns, letting life come to him, when he encounters a guy who shares his wickedly sexualized love of an obscure comic-book character called Lavaman, and then, not long after, a pair of gag spectacles that supposedly let you see the things you most enjoy fantasizing about.  Added Mar 2018  •  3.8K words(9)
  • Balls of steel by Ziel  Balls Cock HyCock Cum Super  There’s a new name for justice in the city, as a pair of ne’er-do-well criminals find out… the hard way.  Added Mar 2018  •  2.4K words(1)
  • A big year by Dancer  CGrow Cock Immob Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Andy gets a big surprise when a fortune teller tells him he will have big gains this year.  Added Mar 2018  •  4.3K words(9)
  • Group interview by Maxx Wood  Fur CGrow FTM Cock HyCock Tg  The hottest “gay chatting” app in town is hosting a group interview, and Jordan is completely terrified out of his mind. But it turns out that the group interview is a lot more fun than he had anticipated…  Added Mar 2018  •  2.9K words(1)
  • Hyperspermia by x x  Cum  What it’s really like producing way too much sperm.  Added Mar 2018  •  2.5K words(9)
  • A most unusual curse by BeefyBullGuy(3 parts)Absorb BACock Cock Nonc Tf  Jackson’s misadventures in a Asian shrine to cock lead to an unexpected curse.  Added Mar 2018  •  6.0K words(5)
February 2018
  • The Rednex incident by BRK  CGrow Taller Cock HyCock XArm XLimb Musc MGrow PSD Shr Grow  Driven to a loss of self-control by a stressful work week and a particularly annoying coworker, Ogden unwittingly reveals his secret huge and awesomely sexy body to a very appreciative Luís.  Added Feb 2018  •  3.1K words(5)
  • The beefening by Benjamin Skipper  CGrow Dom Hair Balls Cock Musc MGrow Gut Nonc PSD Grow  Spencer's roommates have been growing into huge hulking beasts, focused on working out, having sex—and now, turning Spence into one of them!  Added Feb 2018  •  2.3K words(18)
  • Ben’s escapades by Kaelan(9 parts)Bro CGrow Grad Balls Cock HyCock Cum Musc MGrow NipCum Self  Ben undergoes medical treatment to make his genitals unusually huge, but is he ready for the dramatic changes that it’ll bring to the rest of his life?  Added Feb 2018  •  Updated Jun 2018  •  33.6K words(21)
  • A blended harmony experiment by IamYurNayboor(3 parts)CGrow Taller Cock Merg Mind MGrow  A very short young crewman and an older, very tall officer get merged during an emergency evacuation in space to a strange and distant planet.  Added Feb 2018  •  Updated Jul 2018  •  4.4K words(2)
  • The Body-Jack 9000 by The Gecko Rose(6 parts)CGrow Merg XArm XLimb Self  A young man discovers the most incredible jackoff device ever, and he just can’t stop playing with it!  Added Feb 2018  •  Updated Mar 2018  •  6.2K words(16)
  • Charlie and Frankie’s exciting new experience by Charlie Frazer  CGrow Rubber Tf  Two friends go into a strange store that turns out to offer latex monster cocks, complete with a demonstration from the shopguy of exactly how well they function.  Added Feb 2018  •  1.3K words(4)
  • Doctor Version by Jackson Rowan  Mind Nonc  Doctor Version is a terrifyingly intelligent man who craves complete control over an unwilling man. He has money, the technology, and now, a subject.  Added Feb 2018  •  1.6K words(3)
  • Man in heat by Maxx Wood  Fur FTM Cock HyCock HyTongue Tg  Richard, the boss stallion in an office, is working peacefully when he smells someone who is in heat. He views it as an annoyance—but, when he meets the new hire, he discovers that there was nothing to worry about.  Added Feb 2018  •  4.0K words(1)
  • My tights fetish got out of hand by James Johnson  MTF Tf Tg  He loves wearing pantyhose, except for the buzzkill of his male junk getting in the way—so he’s thrilled when he ends up with female equipment instead.  Added Feb 2018  •  2.1K words(3)
  • Mysterious kidnapping by Joven(13 parts)CGrow Balls Cock Musc MGrow  Jared and Derek are traveling abroad when they’re suddenly kidnapped and secreted away in an isolated room… naked. They naturally become aware of each other’s junk, though Derek isn’t too pleased by Jared’s attention. But the situation with their equipment only gets more intense…  Added Feb 2018  •  Updated Apr 2018  •  22.9K words(14)
  • A wizard of a wish by Ronald James  CGrow Cock  Some mates joking around about big cocks at a gay bar are joined by a guy who’s very interested in the subject—and can do something about it.  Added Feb 2018  •  0.8K words(4)
January 2018
  • Aaron’s adventures by phallicphan(4 parts)Cock XCock  When you possess two huge dicks, how can you avoid using them? Told through a number of mostly standalone tales.  Added Jan 2018  •  10.9K words(4)
  • Frat boys, bro!! by Seth Peterson  Belly Dumb Hair Balls Cock Musc MGrow Gut Grow  What happens when a handsome boy and his buddy finds some frat boy pills? Sick bulky results, BRO!!  Added Jan 2018  •  2.6K words(22)
  • Grrrroooowwwwing by Kaelan(3 parts)CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum MGrow Nonc  Kevin finds Bryan on Tinder, but doesn’t realize that he’s a special man who can help him realize his dream to continuously grow bigggggeeerr…  Added Jan 2018  •  Updated Mar 2018  •  6.3K words(12)
  • High quality replacement parts (free with trade-in) by Keyed  Swap CGrow Musc MGrow Tf  Have you always wanted, say, a smaller nose? Somewhere, if you're lucky, in some other world, there might be a version of you who has one, or who has gotten a nose-job. If so, a swapper can help you out. Watch one help an unlucky man in a big way.  Added Jan 2018  •  3.7K words(9)
  • His brother drains his manhood by Ballmeat  Bro CGrow CShr Musc MGrow MTheft Nonc  A younger brother drains his big, strong, overconfident older brother of his cock, balls and muscle.  Added Jan 2018  •  2.6K words(12)
  • I love rubber and latex, good job! by James Morris(2 parts)CGrow Rubber  Two young men looking for the ideal rubber/latex suits luck out beyond their wildest dreams.  Added Jan 2018  •  2.5K words(3)
  • An incredible night by Maxx Wood  CGrow FTM Tg  A trans man hooks up with a cis guy. Magic happens…  Added Jan 2018  •  2.6K words(6)
  • Just take one by LoverBoy  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Andy is a brilliant, young academic who wishes to make his physical appearance match his intellectual acumen. But when he uses an “experimental” supplement from a dubious source, he may get more than he bargains for!  Added Jan 2018  •  3.2K words(5)
  • Leg transformation by Andrew James  Amputation Cock Tf  A horny guy with a prosthetic leg wonders what it would be like if his stump were turned into a huge cock. Much to his shock and delight, he gets to find out.  Added Jan 2018  •  1.3K words(5)
  • Lucid dreams by Bear Northman  Cent CGrow Cock HyCock XCock  Ever had a dream so erotic you wish it was real? I did once.  Added Jan 2018  •  2.9K words(3)
  • Muscle bots by Meddler Incs(2 parts)Andr Musc  Have a problem with your device? The Department of Cybernetic Deviations is here to help!  Added Jan 2018  •  2.0K words(4)
  • Nelson’s sketchbook by Josh Dugan  Llegs XArm XLeg XLimb  A sketchbook we’d really like to see.  Added Jan 2018  •  0.7K words(3)
  • Pickup trouble by LenZelig(2 parts)Alien Beast Bi Bro Het Cock Musc MGrow Grow 2Gay Series Series  What started as a simple weekend camping trip for Vince, brother Paul, and his friend Yancey became something more when their pickup broke down. A side story set in the world of Bill’s Education, The Rescue, The Surfer, and Spring BreakAdded Jan 2018  •  Updated Dec 2018  •  13.9K words(5)
  • Rubber suit surprise! by Peter Johns  CGrow Rubber  A yearning for a bit more rubber in his life is whispered in the ear of someone who can do something about it.  Added Jan 2018  •  1.9K words(4)
  • Thoros by Ziel and Solumsol  Belly CGrow Cock HyCock Cum Musc MGrow Tent  In the mystic ruins of a secret, forbidden library, Thoros uncovers an exciting find—a small jade box, sealed with a binding rune Thoros knows he can unlock. The rewards inside, however, are not what he expects, and the tendrils unleashed will not stop until Thoros has been given more pleasure than he can handle.  Added Jan 2018  •  4.7K words(11)
  • Tim’s adventure by WordShop(4 parts)CGrow Hair Grad Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Tim finds romance becomes a little more complicated when muscle growth and hypermasculity is involved.  Added Jan 2018  •  Updated Feb 2018  •  34.5K words(7)
December 2017
  • The Christmas ghost of FitzHardinge Manor by BRK(2 parts)Xmas CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Supn Tf  A sometimes dark tale of a young man consigned to the guardianship of witches, only to be turned by a sex-starved, secrecy-obsessed sorcerer-suitor into a being unheard and unseen, capable of sharing the pleasure of touch, but bound to a single day of the year; and how from these ashes he rises to find what he can become in this new life that has been forced upon him.  Added Dec 2017  •  14.7K words(8)
  • Love/shift by BRK(6 parts)Dad Hair Grad Musc MGrow Supn Wbear  Maxfield has very mixed feelings about leaving the city and all his tech behind to spend the summer after graduation halfway up a mountain in the family’s backwoods cabin—just him, his dad, and a whole lot of secrets.  Added Dec 2017  •  Updated Oct 2018  •  38.0K words(21)
  • The Alpha by Ziel  Fur Hair Cock 2Anim Musc MGrow Nonc Tf  Harrison’s chance encounter with the creature that has been stalking the campus changes him in ways he’d never thought possible.  Added Dec 2017  •  4.1K words(3)
  • Away game by spacevlad(2 parts)Musc MGrow Gut PSD Grow  College freshman Adam is the smallest guy on the football team. On an away game road trip, he gets paired up to room with Wyatt, the biggest offensive lineman on the team. Adam tries to control himself as they are forced to share a bed, but Wyatt’s massive body is hard to resist.  Added Dec 2017  •  6.3K words(9)
  • His cock gets huge by Jack Hardwood(8 parts)CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum MGrow  Male model Pietro washes up on a remote island inhabited by a society of men where everyone wants their cock to be as big and fat as humanly possible. Pietro just wants to go home, but his almost constant boner is getting bigger and bigger, and he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be able to walk.  Added Dec 2017  •  Updated Apr 2018  •  14.7K words(21)
  • Huge changes: Book two by RdyRoger(2 parts)CGrow Hair Balls Cock Infect Musc MGrow Nonc PSD Grow Series  Jason and Todd decide to help Mason, not suspecting that Mason will get an extra helping of wishes, or that Mason’s fantasies of love and growth will start affecting more than just his partners.  Added Dec 2017  •  9.9K words(6)
  • Hunger by PVnRT  Inan Dom Cock Hum Mind Nonc  A straight man realizes he's gay in the bathroom and that he's been hungry for cock all this time.  Added Dec 2017  •  2.1K words(3)
  • John the wizard by RdyRoger(4 parts)CGrow Hair Taller Cock Musc MGrow Grow  John is a wizard and likes helping out his friends—usually in ways that involve none-too-subtle increases in height, equipment size, and muscle.  Added Dec 2017  •  Updated Oct 2018  •  13.0K words(12)
  • A miracle on 69th Street 2: Jingle bed rock by Ziel  Xmas CGrow Cock HyCock Shr Series  After the events of “A Miracle on 69th Street”, Nick visits Kris’s home at the North Pole only to find out that there is a strange caveat for having visitors in the magical land.  Added Dec 2017  •  5.4K words()
  • The professor of reality by RdyRoger(2 parts)CGrow Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Max’s friend’s boss, the Professor, has been experimenting with making changes to reality, but when he tries to solve Max’s problems with his undersized equipment things get a little out of hand.  Added Dec 2017  •  9.5K words(5)
November 2017
  • The winds of Brsa by BRK  Fant  A traveling scholar unexpectedly finds a remote and unknown island, full of beauty in its people, its city, and its flora and fauna. Brsa is also full of secrets not to be shared with outlanders: some guarded, some lost to the ravages of time. Fortunately, the island of Brsa seems to like him.  Added Nov 2017  •  3.5K words(3)
  • Alien implants (revised) by WordShop(2 parts)CGrow Hair Cock Musc MGrow Symb  Three twenty-year-old military brats have a close encounter that leaves behind unexpected surprises for them all. How do three young guys deal with something that they cannot even begin to explain or understand? Not to mention the very strange dreams…  Added Nov 2017  •  3.1K words(12)
  • Bali encounter by LenZelig(2 parts)Bi Het Cock Musc  On a trip to Bali, a happily married couple, Pete and Lori, encounter a pair of irresistibly beautiful muscle twins named Wayan and Kadek, and then their family and friends… and things become deliciously complicated.  Added Nov 2017  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  29.4K words(4)
  • grUV by quickquezzed  CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Self Grow  Friends go out clubbing by the water and make a hunky new friend, Brad, who likes to swim and looks great in just a red speedo. Brad has a secret that he hadn’t planned to show his new friend, but things soon get pleasantly out of hand.  Added Nov 2017  •  5.9K words(68)
  • The guinea pig by WordShop(2 parts)CGrow Hair MGrow  A starving college student discovers a research program that offers pay in exchange to nutrient testing to improve the health of athletes and other students. But what happens if it works too well?  Added Nov 2017  •  3.4K words(3)
  • Kiss me by Zboro  Fur CGrow Giant Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Damien and his straight best friend (and secret crush) Jack spend a night watching a cascade of shooting stars, joking about the wishes they’d make to be bigger if the whole “wishing on a star” thing were real. But when the stars start to whizz by overhead, all Damien and Jack care about is getting closer to each other.  Added Nov 2017  •  5.0K words(2)
  • The Muscles Tech Hotel by TonnyGiant(6 parts)Giant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Deciding to take a vacation, Luke happens across a listing for a hotel where the employees and the guests all seem to be gorgeous muscle giants. He registers immediately, wanting to be among men like that, but secretly yearning even more desperately to be just like them.  Added Nov 2017  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  22.7K words(12)
  • Superhero license by Neltharion5  CGrow Dom Cock Musc MGrow Gut Nonc Shr Grow Super  Gunner, a powerful superhero, is brought down by a delinquent hero license renewal. He has to be a sidekick for three randy heroes in order to regain his superhero status.  Added Nov 2017  •  5.1K words(4)
October 2017
  • The blue daiquiri by BRK  CGrow Taller Cock XArm XCock XHead XLimb Musc MGrow Series  Another artifact of the universe makes an appearance, this time at a loft party to celebrate the pilot Henry scripted, Ice City, going to series. If only Henry were having as much success figuring out his feelings for his sweet but ordinary-looking roommate, Gavin.  Added Oct 2017  •  9.6K words(8)
  • Conservation of Matt by BRK(3 parts)Hallow Musc MGrow Shr  Working his checkout line on Halloween, Brady, to his dismay, spots his least favorite person: Matt Lansing, the jerk who’d tormented him for being short and gay in high school. If only someone would cut that jerk down to size!  Added Oct 2017  •  5.1K words(10)
  • Andy finds Cockr gives and takes away by Clearlyhere(3 parts)CGrow CShr Cock Musc MusBr MGrow Series  Andy has mixed feelings about his experience with the Cockr App. He discusses it with his friend Bill. Bill comes up with a plan that is mutually beneficial.  Added Oct 2017  •  Updated Oct 2018  •  8.5K words(15)
  • Angelo and Adrian by WordShop(8 parts)CGrow Grad Pher Infect Musc MGrow  Genius Angelo and sweet Adrian are both scarred by their pasts. Angelo has to accept change in his life, and accidentally, without intending it, Adrian is forced to accept a new life for which he is not at all prepared.  Added Oct 2017  •  Updated May 2018  •  42.9K words(7)
  • Greed demon by Marquis de Rent(2 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow PSD  A greed demon finds a human with immense greed and decide to have some fun with him.  Added Oct 2017  •  7.7K words(12)
  • Hot as fire by Double-U  CGrow Musc MGrow  Jackson is fed up with his volunteer firefighter dad spending so much time at the firehouse, seeing as how there were never any fires in Pinefield. Finally he psychs himself up to go down there and see for himself what’s really going on.  Added Oct 2017  •  5.2K words(6)
  • How it’s done by phallicphan  Bro Cent Musc  College centaur shows his younger brother how to breed.  Added Oct 2017  •  4.2K words(5)
  • Dragon’s Horde: Lowered into the drink by STrRedWolf  Alcohol Fur Giant Cock HyCock XArm XHead XLimb XPec Musc MGrow Rep Stack Symb Series  Be careful what you drink, because you may become the monster of your dreams before paying the price... your bar tab.  Added Oct 2017  •  1.6K words(1)
  • Onion Hill Manor by William Allen(5 parts)CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Immob XArm XLeg XLimb Musc MGrow Shr Grow 2Gay Tf  Unremarkable twenty-something gets a new job working at a strange mansion alongside a team of beefy, muscle hunks.  Added Oct 2017  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  25.6K words(16)
  • Pria(plus) by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock  Kieran’s friends tease him with a bottle of what the label claims are “Magic dick growing pills!” And, scoff thought he may, he does what any guy who’s slightly insecure about his package would do in such a situation.  Added Oct 2017  •  3.6K words(6)
  • Summer research by spacevlad(12 parts)Dumb Hair Giant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow Viol  Dave, an ambitious researcher at a well-known university, hires an eager-to-grow football player to test an experimental growth supplement. The experimental growth supplement works much better than anticipated and Grunt gains over 50 pounds in just a week, though with some troubling side-effects.  Added Oct 2017  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  28.5K words(12)
  • They came from outer space by WordShop(4 parts)Bro CGrow Hair Balls Cock Musc MGrow  Playing with meteors can have strange side effects. Two young brothers living near a military base find themselves changing from exposure to meteorite dust.  Added Oct 2017  •  Updated Nov 2017  •  12.6K words(19)
  • Toil and trouble by Ziel  Hallow Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLimb Musc MGrow Grow  Wyatt and Jordan wander off the path at a haunted house and encounter a witch brewing up something just for them.  Added Oct 2017  •  4.0K words(4)
  • Dragon’s Horde: Too much to drink by STrRedWolf  Alcohol Fur CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Rep Series  Drinking to excess is a sure-fire way to get yourself killed, unless you’re one of the lucky few who need a few kegs... and can stand to face yourself without a mirror.  Added Oct 2017  •  2.5K words(2)
September 2017
  • BodyReverence by BRK  Cock XCock Musc MGrow  Kevin finds out about an app that allows its subscribers to touch its handsome, muscular models with a new kind of virtual technology. His buddies are psyched to get in on the touching—but Kevin, who’s been getting more and more admiration for his looks and the body he’s sculpted for himself, realizes he wants to be appreciated with more than just yearning gazes and salacious comments. He wants to be touched.  Added Sep 2017  •  4.7K words(12)
  • From the files of the Magic Misuse Office by BRK(4 parts)CGrow Cock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLimb MGrow Rep 2Gay Tf Twins  High-ranking magilegal investigator Liam O’Brien reports on a YouTube video in which twin college students have an illicitly magical effect on anyone watching.  Added Sep 2017  •  Updated Jul 2018  •  13.9K words(15)
  • Johnny Pecs by BRK(2 parts)CGrow Cock Musc Tf  Unexpectedly inheriting part of an island estate off the coast of Maine, Kent travels there to assess his options. On arriving in Glen Rush, he meets the young caretaker—a handsome stunner who’s acquired, with some justification, the nickname “Johnny Pecs”.  Added Sep 2017  •  7.2K words(9)
  • Joined by BRK(4 parts)CGrow Cock Merg XCock XHead Musc MGrow Nonc Rep Grow  Dylan wakes up kissing an incredibly beautiful man he’s never met before, and finds that he’s more connected to this man than any lover he’s ever had.  Added Sep 2017  •  Updated Feb 2018  •  16.7K words(11)
  • 1313 Raven Lane (revised) by WordShop(4 parts)CGrow Hair Hallow Cock Musc MGrow Nonc Grow  Two young guys find themselves in trouble on Halloween night after a party. They hide in an old house with the reputation of being haunted. We don't believe in haunted houses, now do we?  Added Sep 2017  •  11.1K words(5)
  • But I will do anything by WordShop(3 parts)CGrow Hair Balls HyCock Immob Musc MGrow  Twenty-two-year-old Carlos is handsome, charming, and a great looker, but with self-doubts over a lithe lean body when he always wanted muscle. So he places an ad in a personals column looking for the trainer who could mold him. Be careful what you wish for...  Added Sep 2017  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  8.5K words(13)
  • Next Us Valley by MuscleNexus  Musc MGrow  Matt’s been working out hard, but his impressive achievement have leveled out—even with his drive to be the biggest guy at the gym, his muscles just won’t grow anymore. How far is he willing to go?  Added Sep 2017  •  3.5K words(3)
  • Spare by Double-U  Suit Musc MGrow  Dan, a muscular football jock, attempts to recruit his friend, Tom, for a football tournament after his team ends up short a man. When Tom declines, pleading a lack of skill and stamina, Dan offers Tom something that he ultimately can’t refuse.  Added Sep 2017  •  4.5K words(12)
August 2017
  • Buck by BRK  Musc MGrow 2Gay Sugg  Davis is taken aback when a cocky new partner he’s never met before climbs unexpectedly into his car during a stake-out. But it’s what Buck has to say that really takes him by surprise.  Added Aug 2017  •  5.3K words(8)
  • Needed by BRK  CGrow Cock XArm XLimb Musc  Vince’s inherited family gift causes unexpected things to start happening to people close to him once he hits his mid-twenties, and it’s already started to affect Vince’s friend Tony.  Added Aug 2017  •  4.3K words(4)
  • Super Hard Planet Champions by BRK(3 parts)Alien Musc MGrow Rep Grow Twins  Logan and his buddies, along with the hot guy from the bowling alley Logan has a crush on, get pulled into a fight to save the universe from the evil Skorth. If only it didn’t involve wearing color-coded Lycra.  Added Aug 2017  •  Updated May 2018  •  18.8K words(6)
  • Bara juice by Smokey Digsby  Fur CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  Baxter, a limpy junkyard poodle, starts taking supplements to enhance his body. What he gets, however, is a unexpected change during a very important date with the guy of his dreams.  Added Aug 2017  •  2.6K words(2)
  • Sean goes to prison by Joven(17 parts)CGrow Balls Cock MGrow Nonc Grow 2Gay  After an ill-advised flirtation with vandalism, Sean ends up at a very strange detention center where you’re either milking the other prisoners with the oversized balls, or… you’re one of the ones being milked.  Added Aug 2017  •  Updated Nov 2017  •  25.3K words(23)
  • Stories to tell by Key-ron  CGrow MGrow  A story about my best friend, who changed into something bigger—or did he?  Added Aug 2017  •  1.0K words(6)
  • The takeover by Flex Luthor(3 parts)Alien HyCock Mind Musc MGrow Grow Tf  An alien race employs sleek advertisement to turn Earth's top athletes into a horde of docile bodies in tubes, being pumped of their cum to create an army of supermasculine studs.  Added Aug 2017  •  Updated Sep 2017  •  3.0K words(7)
July 2017
  • The four jocks: At the lake by BRK  PermaBoner Bro CGrow Cock XArm XCock XLimb Musc MGrow Sugg Twins Series  When Dane and his brother Sean go on a celebratory road trip after finishing college, Sean’s best friends, the Fernandez twins, naturally tag along. But their trip takes a strange turn right out of the gate, not least thanks to a game the guys find in their room at the lakeside bed and breakfast.  Added Jul 2017  •  6.0K words(8)
  • Doctor Doomsday by Marquis de Rent  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Grow  Somewhere in a carefully observed multiverse, a bodybuilder tests a new device intended to cater to his every size ambition.  Added Jul 2017  •  1.9K words(7)
  • The double room by Tyler Wilson(2 parts)Cock XArm XCock XHead XLimb Twins  Tyler is confused to find two roommates listed for his double room at the university, but quickly finds that this new arrangement will work very well.  Added Jul 2017  •  Updated Aug 2017  •  5.2K words(12)
  • My growth journal by Kaelan  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  It’s my 30th birthday... and all of a sudden my body keeps changing. And it’s awesome.  Added Jul 2017  •  3.7K words(9)
  • The transform center by Zboro(7 parts)Lizard Dragon Fly Cock 2Anim HyCock XArm XCock XLimb Musc Rep Tf Wings  Seb gets ahold of a business card for a strange place called Transform Center, after hearing a stranger at the gym talk about how big he’d gotten. Can it be for real? And what was all that about fantasy creatures?  Added Jul 2017  •  Updated Sep 2017  •  27.5K words(11)
June 2017
  • Hard to hide by BRK(3 parts)CGrow Cock Merg Musc MGrow  Jooyong is working his uncle’s demolition site when he encounters a man in need of protection, but it’s more complicated than your average plea for help. For one thing, the man who needs help is not an ordinary man. And the kind of help he needs is something Jooyong isn’t even a little prepared for.  Added Jun 2017  •  8.3K words(10)
  • Blink and it’s gone by Double-U(4 parts)Alien Musc MGrow  Mark is amazed he’s able to land a date with Connor, the unbelievably hot stud who approached him out of nowhere. But things get complicated when it turns out that Connor is not who he appears to be.  Added Jun 2017  •  8.6K words(5)
  • Chuck, the size thief by spacevlad(16 parts)Absorb Musc MGrow Gut MTheft Nonc PSD Grow Viol  Chuck, a middling-sized construction worker who wishes he were bigger, finds a way to grow huge.  Added Jun 2017  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  42.1K words(16)
  • Hall of mirrors by John(2 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow  Funhouse mirrors in a run-down carnival unexpectedly rebuild Bob’s body into a 500-pound, densely packed muscle fantasy. This seems like a godsend for his now-routine fifteen-year relationship—if only he can lure Dan into the Hall of Mirrors too.  Added Jun 2017  •  12.5K words(5)
  • Logan by Egi(3 parts)CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  A simple tale of a small guy growing bigger.  Added Jun 2017  •  7.3K words(12)
  • My new favorite app, Cockr by Clearlyhere(5 parts)Swap CShr Det Dom Cock Musc Series  John is out of money and finds out about new app where his huge endowment could make him some serious cash.  Added Jun 2017  •  Updated Sep 2017  •  13.7K words(20)
  • No reason boner by Egi(8 parts)CGrow Self  While slogging through high school, Quinn becomes inconvenienced by something that happens to every teenager. However, this problem is much more serious for him, and maybe isn’t actually a problem at all.  Added Jun 2017  •  Updated Mar 2018  •  13.9K words(16)
  • Sweat it out by Egi(2 parts)CGrow Cock Infect Musc MGrow  Working out is hard enough when you're scrawny and shy. Sometimes you need a partner to help fill you out with some unconventional methods.  Added Jun 2017  •  8.2K words(9)
  • You and I: At the Bar by Also Known As  PermaBoner CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Sugg Series  I don’t always wish to cause a commotion. Sometimes it’s more fun—more…satisfying—to make my changes without anyone even noticing my presence.  Added Jun 2017  •  5.4K words(6)
May 2017
  • Among us by BRK(15 parts)Alien Amputation Cock 2Anim Mind Musc Were  Nathan Yates is an ordinary boy who’s just graduated from high school and whose biggest concern in life in trying to figure out why the hottest guy in school is making passes at him. That is, until he’s thrown into a story he knows intimately from his favorite cult graphic novels, and becomes embroiled in a conflict that reaches across worlds and universes.  Added May 2017  •  Updated Apr 2018  •  52.5K words(11)
  • Means of escape by BRK  Alien Musc Str  Even for a randy space marine, life as a sex slave is not your first choice. But it looks like a distinct possibility after days of incarceration on the wrong planet. So when an offer of help arrives, it’s not something you ignore—even if the offer is telepathic and the help involves certain side-effects.  Added May 2017  •  4.0K words(3)
  • Alpha product series by Chet Boner(17 parts)Bro CGrow Dad Balls Cum Musc MGrow NipCum  19-year-old Trent accepts a free trial product series called “Alpha Product” in exchange for his feedback. He receives the first product very quickly, but doesn’t know how many people would be affected and grow as a result of this choice!  Added May 2017  •  Updated Jul 2018  •  21.8K words(31)
  • Bet you can’t have just one by Ziel  CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  Vincent was given pretty clear instructions with the new growth supplement his pal invented: “Only take one pill.”  Added May 2017  •  5.6K words(5)
  • Huge loads by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum  It seems like dirty clothes aren’t the only huge loads at this laundromat.  Added May 2017  •  5.3K words(3)
  • Laundry day by Aphon(6 parts)CGrow Hair Balls Cock Hum Musc MGrow Grow  A scientist on the verge of a cock growth breakthrough is a little careless and his formula ends up on the jockstrap of a hunky personal trainer, what could go wrong?  Added May 2017  •  Updated Jun 2017  •  5.6K words(10)
  • Porn can be healthy by Egi(2 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock Cum Infect  Zack is a healthy, horny young man who, like any other boy, likes to look at porn. Always one for novelty, Zack comes across the perfect website for him and his needs!  Added May 2017  •  8.7K words(22)
  • Satyr in the city by Muscle Bear Daddy(2 parts)Fur Cock Musc MGrow Nonc Grow Tf  A rough, unasked-for encounter into the woods leads to induction into a new life as a satyr.  Added May 2017  •  2.7K words(6)
  • What he wants by Centaur Writer  Swap Cent CGrow Cock Cum Musc Tf  Steve has a dead end job and boring life. Then, a trip to an estate sale makes it possible for all his dreams to come true, even ones he didn't know he had.  Added May 2017  •  2.8K words(14)
  • The yard by Now Voyager  Fur 2Anim Nonc Tf  When Simon returns to the local leather bar to retrieve his wallet, he gets more than he bargained for.  Added May 2017  •  4.7K words(3)
April 2017
March 2017
  • Twinning: The college years by BRK(5 parts)PermaBoner CGrow Dig Taller Cock HyCock XCock XTongue Musc MGrow Rep Grow StPat Series  At college, Will attracts the attention of a sexy, Irish hockey player who pushes all Will’s buttons—but now that he’s in this new world Will isn’t sure he can share all of himself with his slowly growing admirer.  Added Mar 2017  •  Updated Aug 2018  •  23.8K words(7)
  • Vignette: Mouth by BRK(2 parts)Cock Mcock  Your wish to be constantly tasting rock-hard cock might be granted in an unexpected way.  Added Mar 2017  •  Updated Jan 2018  •  1.8K words(8)
  • Among the jocks by Peterbilt(2 parts)Cock Musc  A group of young athletes enjoy each other’s beautiful, muscular bodies.  Added Mar 2017  •  2.9K words(2)
  • Camping out by Walt Tucker  Giant  A giant is attracted to sexy camper Jamie enough to grab him from his tent and bring him home for sex—and also to meet his other human pet, Brandon.  Added Mar 2017  •  2.1K words(1)
  • Dragon’s Horde: Drunk on the groove by STrRedWolf  Alcohol Fur CGrow Balls HyCock XBalls XArm Series  A local DJ and neighbor of Red's overdoes it at the Dragon's Horde... and the next day, he's feeling rather green... and rather hung.  Added Mar 2017  •  1.5K words(2)
  • The first time by Golddream  CGrow Cock HyCock Musc Grow  Dave needs a place to stay, and fortunately, his gym bud Thomas is there to help. But in the week that follows, Dave is introduced to a whole new world of sensations.  Added Mar 2017  •  1.3K words(9)
  • In the sack by Neltharion5  Cock Infect Musc MGrow  Brian finds a magical backpack that uses magazines as fuel to transform him. Soon, he realizes that his enhancements are sexually contagious, making his sex partners hotter. What else will he discover about the magic sack?  Added Mar 2017  •  3.5K words(4)
  • MissinGRO by Ziel  Cock XBalls XArm XCock XLimb PSD Grow  Javier discovers to his delight that encountering the infamous Pokémon glitch Missingno can have unanticipated real-world effects.  Added Mar 2017  •  5.5K words(7)
  • Pageants are gay! by Neltharion5  Cock Musc  The USA Mister Pageant is far more than just a beauty show. Friends Darren and Scott are too oblivious to acknowledge that their state pageant titles may have made them the hottest men in their state. Will the national title do the same?  Added Mar 2017  •  2.8K words(2)
  • Unbound Beast Inc. by an0n12  Cock Infect Musc MGrow  Jeff is working out late at night and encounters Ian who has substantially grown since he last saw him; Ian decides to be cocky and show off/seduce Jeff not taking into account the how effective the drug he's taking would be when he cums. Will it be too much for Ian or will he let his arrogance and lust get the better of him?  Added Mar 2017  •  4.0K words(13)
February 2017
  • The commute by BRK  Taller Musc MGrow Grow  David's twenty-fifth birthday was supposed to be the start of new life, with a promotion and a live-in boyfriend. When all that suddenly goes up in smoke, all he can do is distract himself on the train into the city with imaginings of the lithe, well-muscled body of the fellow commuter sitting across from him.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.3K words(8)
  • Professor Magnus’s independent study by BRK  Btaur 4Legs Taller Cock XArm XCock XLeg XLimb Musc NipC Rep Series  Jake, a self-taught student of transformation magic, is invited to come and meet with Professor Magnus—but the hypnotically sexy boytaur prof is just as intrigued by Jake.  Added Feb 2017  •  3.0K words(6)
  • All good things by Anon Amon(92 parts)Bro CGrow CumInf Balls Cock HyCock Cum Immob Infect Musc MGrow NipCum Twins  After the discovery of an ancient artifact, life is changed forever for a group of college students who have bigger things to worry about than getting ready to start classes.  Added Feb 2017  •  Updated Oct 2018  •  103.8K words(61)
  • The cake by Orion  CGrow Hair Taller Balls HyCock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Matt is an average college student, frustrated with his below average body. But that is unexpectedly about to change, thanks to a little bit of magic.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.8K words(5)
  • Choranaptyxic by Marquis de Rent  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  A young man uses a dating app to have some fun. Everything goes well until his date inexplicably starts to grow...  Added Feb 2017  •  2.8K words(6)
  • Domination by dunnyboy  CGrow Dom Hair Herm Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Jay's already growing submission to Chris escalates dramatically as Chris reveals he's been taking injections that will turn him into the ultimate muscle fantasy. But Chris won't be the only one affected.  Added Feb 2017  •  17.1K words(15)
  • Four for the game by Clearlyhere  Swap Bro Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Four jocks play a body changing game.  Added Feb 2017  •  3.0K words(14)
  • My high school god by Peterbilt(2 parts)Musc  Real life story about the author and another student when we were in high school.  Added Feb 2017  •  10.8K words(4)
  • My son home on leave by Peterbilt(2 parts)Dad Cock Musc  A story of sex between a man and his adult Marine son when he is home on leave.  Added Feb 2017  •  18.2K words(5)
  • School for studs by Josef Howard(8 parts)Cum Musc MGrow  Eldon agrees to hand himself over the so-called School for Studs for three years, knowing that the sex they’ll arrange for him with the sexy well-to-do will be worth the commitment. What he doesn’t expect is the expect the other Studs will have on him.  Added Feb 2017  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  17.3K words(8)
  • Second service by Marquis de Rent  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Nonc Grow  A man out for his Friday night carousing runs into his ex. He expects some casual sex but gets more than he thought.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.0K words(15)
  • The surfer by LenZelig(2 parts)Bi Bro Cock Musc Tksg Twins Series  Rick's surfing vacation in Hawaii turns into a muscle-and-cock fantasy once he meets the beautiful Kolani twins, Paul and Andy.  Added Feb 2017  •  Updated Jul 2017  •  23.5K words(11)
  • There’s something about Billy by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock XBalls XCock  Billy seems like perfectly normal, good-looking guy from the waist up. But there’s something going on inside Billy’s weird, super-baggy pants, and Duke and Kevin were determined to find out what it was.  Added Feb 2017  •  5.4K words(8)
  • This town’s not big enough by Ziel  CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Cum Musc MGrow Grow  Steven is back in his hometown—a small, rural community—after spending a semester at college. Now that he’s had a taste of the big city, his old home just doesn't feel big enough for him. Little does he know how true that sentiment will become.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.2K words(5)
  • Trade by Alakazam1988(2 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock  Discovering the ability to trade a part of your body for part of another naturally leads to experimentation with inches of cock, and with just how far you can transform someone who really wants it.  Added Feb 2017  •  3.1K words(12)
  • Workout buds by Wicked  Musc MGrow  Alex finds a new workout buddy that really helps with his workout results.  Added Feb 2017  •  3.1K words(6)
January 2017
  • Sexy smile by BRK  Mcock  Con opens a magical birthday present that is bound to enhance his encounters with other guys, something that's always been a problem for him on account of his not being very good with people. Unfortunately, he opens the gift at pretty much exactly the wrong moment.  Added Jan 2017  •  6.4K words(3)
  • Brandon’s bro by FanTCMan(4 parts)Bro CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  Brandon initiates his brother onto a secret society of guys who are being made more and more muscular, hung, and sexy.  Added Jan 2017  •  8.7K words(17)
  • The gymnast by Peterbilt(2 parts)Musc  Real life story in which the author meets up with a hot young gymnast in a gay bath house.  Added Jan 2017  •  6.2K words(3)
  • Moocows by Meddler Incs(3 parts)2Anim Mind Musc MGrow NipCum Nonc  Cody's world is turned upside down when he is faced with a twisted coach and his followers.  Added Jan 2017  •  Updated Mar 2018  •  4.5K words(19)
  • Moon of masculinity by WhiteShadow  Hair Balls Cock Musc MGrow Grow  The moon... always shining down from above during the darkest of nights. Some say it has powers of its own, while others claim that it is just a catalyst of some other natural order. I wonder what Anthony would say.  Added Jan 2017  •  2.5K words(9)
  • More than advertised by LookinToGrow(4 parts)CGrow Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Two men meet at the gym one day, and both hope to become even bigger and stronger then they once were.  Added Jan 2017  •  Updated Nov 2018  •  4.7K words(7)
  • No reason by Alakazam1988  Xmas Cock Musc MusBr MGrow Gut NipC Grow  At the gym, Pascal notices that not only is are his pecs getting huge, but his nips are showing under his hoodie more than they should.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.7K words(7)
  • Red pills by Alakazam1988(7 parts)CGrow Cock  Struggling college student and part-time stripper Connor is introduced to Red Pills, which are supposed to be the one dick-growth pills that actually work. He's skeptical—at first.  Added Jan 2017  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  18.2K words(4)
  • Santa’s big surprise by Silverfox Dad(3 parts)Xmas Infect Musc MGrow Grow  Jeremy has not only been obsessed with Santa, he's seen him and knows he's real. So when a friend at the gym gives him a muscle-growth supplement meant to give him confidence enough to talk to his beautiful bodybuilder crush Marco, Jeremy decides instead to give Santa a gift of his own.  Added Jan 2017  •  7.6K words(6)
  • The threads of time by Josh Dugan  Cent Llegs XLimb  On a gay centaur cruise, Josh discovers a race of hextaurs, and learns their amazing secrets.  Added Jan 2017  •  2.8K words(4)
  • True pups by Douglas Benjamin  Fur Dom Dumb 2Anim Mind Musc MGrow Tf  Two men wander into the wrong bar, and soon find their bodies growing huge with muscle as their minds go to the dogs.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.9K words(7)
  • Two jocks lovin’ by Peterbilt(2 parts)Musc  A super jock goes to another jock’s house and straight up to his room, because he can’t wait any longer to spend naked time alone with the hottest guy on the team.  Added Jan 2017  •  5.3K words(4)
  • Yoga mates by Seth Peterson  Musc Tf  A new yoga club gives a shy, unsure college boy a lot more than he signed up for.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.0K words(2)
December 2016
  • Secret Santa by BRK(3 parts)Bro Xmas CGrow Cock XAbs XArm XLeg XLimb Musc MGrow Rep 3Legs Series  Joe’s crew at his new firehouse are destined to become very important to him, but the extent to which he’s more and more heart-thuddingly attracted to his handsome, well-muscled workmates worries him more than a little.  Added Dec 2016  •  15.2K words(10)
  • Arthur, the young titan by TonnyGiant(6 parts)Dom Giant Musc Grow Viol  This is the story of how I met Arthur, and how he became a giant, and how he dominated everything and everyone ... and how he won my heart in respect and worship. And today I can say, we love each other.  Added Dec 2016  •  Updated Feb 2017  •  12.2K words(34)
  • Christmas wish by Riu  Bro Xmas CGrow Cock HyCock 2Gay Sugg  Two grown-up brothers follow their childhood tradition of waiting up for Santa. Only this time, after a few shots of special whiskey, a different kind of Christmas wish is granted.  Added Dec 2016  •  3.9K words(14)
  • Handsome young Saint Boytaurus by Josh Dugan  Btaur Xmas XLimb  A carol to the patron saint of multiple limbs, sung to the tune of “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”.  Added Dec 2016  •  0.1K words()
  • Have yourself a megalithic Christmas by Ziel  Bro Xmas CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Grow Series  A sort of sequel/follow up/spin off to Miracle on 69th Street. This time the story focuses on Calvin, a down on his luck dude who has long suffered under his overbearing and outright mean-spirited older brother, but all that’s about to change. It’s Calvin’s turn to be the “big” brother in every sense of the word.  Added Dec 2016  •  8.1K words(7)
  • It’s all a bit ‘haze’y by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  When Markus gets accepted into the frat of his dreams, he was expecting one hell of a hazing. The truth is something much bigger.  Added Dec 2016  •  4.6K words(12)
  • Saligia by Tor Sovik  Fant Cock Musc