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Update History

All the stories in the Metabods archive by chapter, listed by when each new chapter was posted. For a list of stories by the date the first part was originally posted, see All Stories by Date.

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  • From the files of the Magic Misuse Office, Parts 2-4 by BRKCGrow Cock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLimb MGrow Rep 2Gay Tf Twins  Warlock investigator Liam O’Brien decides to go undercover to investigate the Judson twins’ advanced spell-crafting and their seemingly inexplicable levels of sorcerous ability, but he quickly becomes distracted by the irresistible temptations that come from being in close proximity to the twins themselves. 2018-07-27
  • Mutation, Part 4 by BRKCGrow 4Legs Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLeg XLimb XPec Rep Stack 3Legs  Vince’s hypercocks have grown so out of control, they've spilled out of his his third-floor bedroom and are actually blocking the doorway to his cousin Cal’s bedroom—much to Cal’s annoyance. 2018-07-27
  • Bull’s strength, Parts 1-6 by muscl4lifePermaBoner Beast CGrow Dad Fly Taller Balls Cock HyCock Infect XAbs XCock Musc MGrow PSD Grow Tf Viol  On a quiet farm far from anywhere, an orphan named Joshua grows up so huge and strong that he’s bullied for being a freak. His aunt and uncle raise him with love and teach him to accept who he is, but Joshua yearns to be among men who don’t just accept his giant body, but love and admire his amazing size and power. 2018-07-27
  • The e-journal by hyperboiBro CGrow Balls Cock XBalls XCock Musc MGrow Nonc  Tyler’s birthday is not going well: no one can come, not even his parents, and his big brother is being an obnoxious bully as usual. Plus he’s horny as heck. At least his best friend gave him a gift: an e-journal. He decides to write in it not about the way things are, but the way he wants things to be. 2018-07-27
  • Grow lamp 2: Peter principle, Parts 4-6 by Dream BigCGrow Taller Cock Pher Musc Series  Peter realizes he’s somehow making guys horny for him, an effect that’s producing all kinds of conflicts for his straight roommate Joey. He resolves to try to act normal until he figures things out, but when he gets to class his body starts acting up again. 2018-07-27
  • I wanted a bigger cock, but this was ridiculous by Arron JamesBACock CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum  Ian seeks a doctor’s unconventional and untested treatment for making his cock and balls bigger… only the serum is much, much more potent than either the doctor or his patient anticipated. 2018-07-27
  • Growth school, Part 3 by Writ BroCGrow Dom Cock Musc MusBr MGrow Slave  Kit meets the huge-chested, massively hung captain of the weightlifting team, and he and the coach let him in on a bit more of what’s in store for him. 2018-07-20
  • I need to borrow your cock, Part 2 by BRKDet Cock XCock Sugg  Too-arousing muscle hunk Kevin needs to suck Joey’s cocks, but he takes Joey’s roommate, Dex, along for the ride as well. 2018-07-13
  • The Servonyx exclusion, Parts 1-2 by BRKAndr CGrow XArm XLimb MGrow Nonc Older Grow  Uncovering some corporate skulduggery leads to dire consequences for Beck. Nearly killed in a suspicious crash, he soon finds himself halfway around the world trapped in a physically enhanced pleasure humaniform… in the keeping of a handsome Russian plutocrat. Pleasure is easy to unlock in this new existence, but escape and revenge will be a lot harder to manage. 2018-07-13
  • Alpha product series, Part 17 by Chet BonerBro CGrow Dad Balls Cum Musc MGrow NipCum  With the gym to themselves, Cody plans more fun for his brother and himself. 2018-07-13
  • A blended harmony experiment, Part 3 by IamYurNayboorCGrow Taller Cock Merg Mind MGrow  Clark recalls his adolescence, when he discovered the innate abilities he shared with his extended family: influencing the feeling and sensations of others, for one, and encouraging his own body into becoming stronger and better hung. 2018-07-13
  • Grow lamp 2: Peter principle, Parts 1-3 by Dream BigCGrow Taller Cock Pher Musc Series  Peter Chang, now taller, thickly muscled, and prodigiously hung thanks to Jeremy and Tom’s impossible grow lamp, now must get used to the attention his new body draws… and the unexpected after-effects of his exposure to the lamp’s mysterious growth magic. 2018-07-13
  • Juggernaut, Part 4 by ghostwriterCGrow Het Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow Viol  Jamal finally confronts Cytorak concerning the nature of their deal, but can he convince Cytorak not to use his power to destroy humanity? 2018-07-13
  • Pride by NBCK99CGrow Hair Taller Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Jake attends his first Pride parade with his boyfriend Ross and is a bit overwhelmed, so they step into a bar—where it turns out the impressively hot and muscular patrons and staff take a shine to the new arrivals. 2018-07-13
  • A weekend trip to remember by kaoskiosHair Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Roberto was hoping to have a weekend away camping with his hot coworker. But after a mixup, Roberto finds himself with Sab, his coworker’s friend. Sab seems normal… but is he getting bigger? And hairier? It must be Roberto’s imagination. 2018-07-13
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  • Among us, Part 15 by BRKAlien Amputation Cock 2Anim Mind Musc Were  Nathan, forced to leave the wounded Dylan in Kyle’s hands, grudgingly heads out to the site of the pickup truck crash and explosion to see if he can get a feel for what happened. Once there Nathan encounters a half-expected ally, and uncovers a shocking clue about the recent Doshiren deaths. 2018-04-27
  • Brent and Jax, Part 2 by BRKCGrow Cock HyCock XCock Sugg  As Jax’s ex confronts him over what’s become a truly monumental piece of meat, Jax hints at what happened to him in Belize, while Brent comes to some realizations concerning just how he feels about cock. 2018-04-27
  • Above average, Part 27 by ZielCGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow  After a fruitless day of searching for the new owner of the relic, Alan is in a foul mood. Fortunately a couple old friends are on hand to help lift his spirits. 2018-04-27
  • All good things, Parts 76-79 by Anon AmonBro CGrow CumInf Balls Cock HyCock Cum Immob Infect Musc MGrow NipCum Twins  Josh and his friends decide his dad should break the news to Mr. Ryan about what might be happening to him, while they try to figure out how to deal with Michael. Meanwhile, a new problem develops when they find out Dean hasn’t been big on self-control lately. 2018-04-27
  • Becoming a muscle god by CorwinCGrow Dom Giant Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Mike discovers what it's like to become a muscle god, and how awesome it is to turn the tables on the coach who’d thought he’d get to dominate the newly-grown Muscle Mike. 2018-04-27
  • Ben’s escapades, Part 5 by KaelanBro CGrow Grad Balls Cock HyCock Cum Musc MGrow NipCum Self  During a night out with Ben, Stephen reveals the secret of his own size and beauty and amps up Ben’s growth regimen. Meanwhile, Ben’s brother is starting to ask questions. 2018-04-27
  • A blended harmony experiment, Part 2 by IamYurNayboorCGrow Taller Cock Merg Mind MGrow  A flashback describes how Brennen’s contribution to the blending involved a genetic experiment that went much better than anticipated. 2018-04-27
  • .hack//swap by ZielCGrow Cock Musc MGrow MTheft PSD Shr Grow  Thomas wants to prove his wrestling skills to his best friend, but there’s one major problem. Thomas is a runt! It doesn’t matter how skillful he is if he can’t even budge his titanic pal. That’s where his latest creation comes into play. Now armed with a way to even the playing field, Thomas and his pal gear up for some friendly competition and lot more than either of them bargained for. 2018-04-27
  • Lake Cascade by TheCandymanCan13Bi Het Cock Musc  On an extended visit to a remote cabin, a bunch of guys learn something new about themselves. 2018-04-27
  • Practice, Part 2 by Massim0CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum Self  Andrew begins to wonder about the baseball bat he found in the shed, as his own wood begins to expand. 2018-04-27
  • Trading parts, Parts 1-2 by Marc RobertsAmputation CGrow Balls Cock Cum  What body part would you give up for a huge, cum-spurting cock? 2018-04-27
  • Love/shift, Part 3 by BRKDad Hair Grad Musc MGrow Supn Wbear  Two weeks in and Max’s constant exposure to his too-attractive dad is starting to get to him, but things get truly strange on a trip into town for a few extra supplies. 2018-04-13
  • Shadow and flame, Parts 1-2 by BRKCGrow Cock Supn  As a jinn, I am used to being in control, master not only of all the elemental powers of the earth but of my own fate as well. And I was—until the night I was tricked and ensnared by an ambitious young nobleman too beautiful for even me to resist. 2018-04-13
  • The duplex by TheCandymanCan13Bi Het Cock 2Gay  Peter and his hot wife, Eleanor, are looking for a little excitement. They decide to try sharing sex with another couple, but don’t have much luck until a chance encounter introduces them to Henry and Rose, both of whom know exactly how to please a man and woman. 2018-04-13
  • His cock gets huge, Parts 6-8 by Jack HardwoodCGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum MGrow  The jungle trees are not quite big enough to hide Pietro’s burgeoning boner. Pietro meets the only man he’s ever seen with a cock bigger than his. His cock doesn’t like being second best. 2018-04-13
  • Lazarus, Parts 1-3 by muscl4lifeCGrow Giant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  A rogue bio-engineer discovers a way to infuse young men with the strength of the sun. 2018-04-13
  • The magician, Parts 7-8 by The Gecko RoseCGrow Det HyCock XCock Str  The Magician tries out more experimental ways of playing around with the male form on some very willing volunteers. 2018-04-13
  • Mysterious kidnapping, Parts 11-13 by JovenCGrow Balls Cock Musc MGrow  The three captives start to get on each other’s nerves, but their growth increases so rapidly that they’re all worried. Then, finally, they get a glimpse of the people in charge of whatever’s happening to them. 2018-04-13
  • Practice, Part 1 by Massim0CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum Self  Andrew is tired and covered in mud after cleaning up his team’s sodden footie pitch after a long, sodden practice. All he wants is to slough off the muck in the team’s dilapidated showers… and, all right, maybe sneak in a secret wank while he’s at it. While he’s in the changing rooms alone, though, he comes across a most unexpected piece of equipment. 2018-04-13
  • Skunk fuck by Maxx WoodFur FTM HyCock