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Straight to Gay

When a character that is definitely straight, previous not attracted to men, is suddenly drawn to guys and wanting to fool around with them (or one in particular—in other words, “gay for you” counts as this). May involve the effects of something Infectious.

Other tags that also fall under the category “Mental Changes”: Addiction, Butch-to-Fem, Getting Dumber.

Stories found: 54.

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Complete story list for Straight to Gay:

  • Changing Nick by BRK(13 parts)PermaBoner Cock XAbs XArm XCock XLeg XLimb XPec Musc MGrow Nonc Rep Grow Stack 2Gay 3Legs  Nick’s computer starts offering his choices between one kind of transformation and another. It’s not a fluke, but rather something much bigger than Nick, and some of the changes are less light-hearted than others.  Added May 2013  •  Updated Jan 2018  •  46.0K words(29)
  • Charlie by NBCK99  CGrow Cock HyCock 2Gay  Like everyone else in the dorm, Jude has gotten used to Charlie, the guy down the hall, and the way Charlie’s cock grows in his sleep—not to mention the effect it has on the everyone around him. But when he wakes up to find that Charlie’s cock has gotten not only out of hand but out of room, Jude confronts Charlie, with unexpected results.  Added Nov 2014  •  3.9K words(20)
  • Chris olympus by FanTCMan(3 parts)CGrow Dad Hair Musc MGrow 2Gay    Added Dec 2002  •  9.2K words(13)
  • Christmas wish by Riu  Bro Xmas CGrow Cock HyCock 2Gay Sugg  Two grown-up brothers follow their childhood tradition of waiting up for Santa. Only this time, after a few shots of special whiskey, a different kind of Christmas wish is granted.  Added Dec 2016  •  3.9K words(14)
  • The cock boys by CockTFBoi(19 parts)BACock XCock Nonc 2Gay Tf    Added Mar 2014  •  14.2K words(8)
  • Coffee coffee by NBCK99(2 parts)PermaBoner CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Grow 2Gay  The employees at the campus’s hottest coffee shop seem to be getting sexier… and so are the customers.  Added Dec 2010  •  5.3K words(19)
  • The curse by muscl4life  Cock Musc MGrow 2Gay Tf    Added May 2014  •  2.4K words(6)
  • Family values by FanTCMan  Bro Hair Cock Musc MGrow 2Gay  Visiting his brothers in California leads to surprise after surprise, starting with their being much bigger than they had been before...  Added Jul 2014  •  1.4K words(27)
  • A few minor adjustments by Cris Kane(4 parts)Cock Musc MGrow Grow 2Gay  Geeky freshman Ryan is given a camera with special selfie-editing options that Instagram hasn’t thought of yet. As Ryan adjusts to his modified body, he then applies the camera’s effects to his jerk of a roommate, leading to all sorts of complications and an unexpected encounter with his roommate’s bro buddy Shiloh.  Added Oct 2014  •  19.7K words(28)
  • From the files of the Magic Misuse Office by BRK(4 parts)CGrow Cock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLimb MGrow Rep 2Gay Tf Twins  High-ranking magilegal investigator Liam O’Brien reports on a YouTube video in which twin college students have an illicitly magical effect on anyone watching.  Added Sep 2017  •  Updated Jul 2018  •  13.9K words(15)
  • Huge changes: Book one by RdyRoger  CGrow Hallow Cock Musc MGrow Grow 2Gay Series  Todd’s love for his straight best friend turns them both into their fantasies of each other—with a little help from an old lady at a Halloween costume shop.  Added Apr 2012  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  5.9K words(14)
  • The leave-behind by BRK(4 parts)Det Dig XLimb Musc 2Gay  The young manager of a Vermont B&B finds an extremely unusual, and unexpectedly erotic, item has been left behind by a departed guest.  Added Aug 2014  •  Updated May 2018  •  15.5K words(15)
  • Lunch of champions by Cris Kane  CGrow Cock Musc MGrow 2Gay  Skinny nerd Tyler is befriended by a high-school football star and slipped some of the team's special training diet.  Added Dec 2018  •  7.5K words(8)
  • Mimbo drops by Absman420(2 parts)CGrow Dumb Cock Mind Musc MGrow Nonc 2Gay Tf  Tom receives a secret serum that turns men into horny, dumb, huge-cocked muscle hunks. He decides to try it out on his bicycling buddy Sam, and discovers it’s extremely effective—especially in multiple doses.  Added Jul 2011  •  13.8K words(20)
  • Mind and body by BRK(16 parts)PermaBoner Bro CGrow Taller Cock Mind Musc MGrow Grow 2Gay Sugg  Jack discovers that his knack for hypnosis is actually much more powerful than it should be. Naturally, he uses this to get the upper hand with his sexy jock brother, but that turns out to be a lot more complicated than he’d thought.  Added Jun 2012  •  Updated Jul 2017  •  66.2K words(80)
  • Morph cam by BRK  Cock Musc MGrow 2Gay  A 3-D website that lets you morph digital hunks on cam is really, really realistic.  Added May 2011  •  1.7K words(4)
  • Muscle spring break by Giun  Musc 2Gay    Added Apr 2003  •  4.1K words(2)
  • Mustering up by Krisiar(2 parts)CGrow Balls HyCock XAbs XLimb Musc MGrow NipCum 2Gay Sugg  Jonas finds a terrible-smelling cologne that unexpectedly makes anything he says come true. Naturally he exploits this to make him and his friends hotter and more hung, but he soon loses control and takes things to extremes.  Added Jul 2011  •  6.0K words(15)
  • My man by hyperboi  Mind Musc MGrow 2Gay  Straight jock Brian is okay with his muscle queen roommate, Kevin, affably resisting Kevin’s playful advances. Kevin, however, has some ideas about how to give Brian a change of attitude.  Added Mar 2016  •  6.1K words(6)
  • The new simulation game by hyperboi(5 parts)Bro CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow 2Gay  On a weekend home from college, while he’s waiting for his brother to come home (and avoiding his hateful dad and sneering stepmom), muscle nerd Simon screws around with a new sim game he’d lucked into beta-testing—a game that turns out to be a lot more realistic than he’d expected.  Added Mar 2016  •  10.5K words(9)
  • Nu-you by Cris Kane  Swap Musc 2Gay  A bored tech-conference attendee is given a demo of a life-changing new gizmo to try out.  Added Aug 2014  •  4.2K words(18)
  • School days by LenZelig(8 parts)Bi Bro CGrow Het Cock Musc MGrow Grow 2Gay Series  High school football jock Jeff tells his friend Terry about his startling locker-room sex encounter with the muscled, well-hung team from the reservation and how he became a willing sex slave. Terry, Jeff’s girlfriend Beth, and eventually the whole school and Terry’s parents are drawn into the insatiable Indian youths’ world of sex, growth, and advanced technology.  Added Feb 2019  •  20.7K words(1)
  • Sean goes to prison by Joven(17 parts)CGrow Balls Cock MGrow Nonc Grow 2Gay  After an ill-advised flirtation with vandalism, Sean ends up at a very strange detention center where you’re either milking the other prisoners with the oversized balls, or… you’re one of the ones being milked.  Added Aug 2017  •  Updated Nov 2017  •  25.3K words(23)
  • The six pack by Cris Kane(9 parts)Belly Fem CGrow CShr MFSwap Dumb Hair Taller MGrow Race Shr Grow 2Gay Tf Series  Returning from a Mexican vacation, a gay couple bring back a mysterious drink for their friends to try, bringing on some changes for the group of friends that require a great deal of getting used to.  Added Sep 2018  •  38.6K words(7)
  • The smell of lust by Seth Peterson  Fur Lizard Dragon Hair Cock Pher Nonc Grow 2Gay Tf  I did a thing!! Okay, I accidentally bathed myself in extremely potent, gay-causing, transformative pheromone juice. But it’s all good, right??  Added Jun 2016  •  11.1K words(11)
  • Spring break by LenZelig(8 parts)Alien Bi CGrow Het Cock Musc MGrow 2Gay Series  A posse of college jocks decides to spend spring break hiking in the mountains, where they encounter some young men with a lot of size and muscle—and a few secrets they’re glad to share with their new friends.  Added Mar 2016  •  Updated Dec 2018  •  110.1K words(12)
  • The suitcase by J Reynolds(4 parts)Swap 2Gay    Added Jul 2006  •  14.4K words(5)