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Muscle Theft

When one person steals muscle or size from another.

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    • .hack//swap by Ziel  CGrow Cock MGrow MTheft Musc PSD Shr Grow  Thomas wants to prove his wrestling skills to his best friend, but there’s one major problem. Thomas is a runt! It doesn’t matter how skillful he is if he can’t even budge his titanic pal. That’s where his latest creation comes into play. Now armed with a way to even the playing field, Thomas and his pal gear up for some friendly competition and lot more than either of them bargained for.  Added Apr 2018  •  9.0K words
    • His brother drains his manhood by Ballmeat  Bro CGrow CShr MGrow MTheft Musc Nonc  A younger brother drains his big, strong, overconfident older brother of his cock, balls and muscle.  Added Jan 2018  •  2.6K words
    • Hypno muscle: jock dreams by Douglas Benjamin  Dumb Taller Inan HMusc Hypno Scent Mind MGrow MTheft Musc Orcs Shr Grow Sugg Tf  Toby and Liam have picked up a hypnotic audio tape that promises to grow their muscles. When they fall asleep to the hypnotic induction, they have a dream that seems all too real: Suddenly, they have to power to transform each other into big-muscled meatheads, flexing and posing for each other and talking like dumb jocks. Even more transformation is possible, but there is a catch.  Added Jul 2019  •  4.3K words
    • No limits by Corwin(7 parts)CGrow Cock HMusc Strong MGrow MTheft Musc  There’s a secret serum that makes you super-muscled and super-strong, but what you do with that—that’s all you.  Added Mar 2020  •  21.4K words