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Stories where the character becomes physically addicted to muscle, muscle growth, or the like, as with a drug. Not used for stories involving actual drug addiction to conventional drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc.

Other tags that also fall under the category “Mental Changes”: Butch-to-Fem, Getting Dumber, Straight to Gay.

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Complete story list for Addiction:

  • Blowing up in Hollywood by Aphon(3 parts)Addict CGrow Dom Hair Cock HyCock Musc MGrow  Matt eagerly accepted a movie studio executive’s offer to bulk him up for a movie role. What he wasn’t expecting, however, were the dramatic changes his special hormone milk would cause.  Added Dec 2018  •  2.1K words(13)
  • Sometimes drugs offer more than a high by Tereshky(3 parts)Addict CGrow HyCock Cum Immob Musc MGrow Nonc Grow  Jack was a drug kingpin of sorts. Like any potent drug, people craved it, they came to him, offered him their life’s treasures and he gave them their fix. In a world where usually only the strongest survive and only the smartest staid on top, he was doing quite well for himself and living an easy life. There were no rival drug lords because what he had to offer nobody else could give. His drug came from within.  Added Jun 2018  •  Updated Nov 2018  •  5.6K words(11)