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Always Hard

When a guy’s cock(s) are permanently erect and never go down.

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Complete story list for Always Hard:

  • Doubling up by BRK(3 parts)PermaBoner Merg XAbs XArm XCock XHead XLimb XPec Stack Twins  All the dorm rooms in Bryce’s building are being combined with another, and everyone’s doubling up. What isn’t immediately apparent is that it isn’t the rooms that are being merged—it’s the roommates.  Added Jun 2013  •  Updated May 2015  •  7.1K words(16)
  • The dudes by BRK(7 parts)PermaBoner CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Self Grow Sugg  The guys at school are really susceptible to suggestion—so much so that if you tell them something’s true, it turns out that it actually is true.  Added Mar 2010  •  Updated Mar 2016  •  15.9K words(27)
  • Werewolf High by BRK(3 parts)PermaBoner CGrow Dig Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLimb Musc MGrow Rep Grow Twins Were  The star of a teen werewolf show has a nagging sense that something weird is happening to the show’s extremely muscular, hung, and horny cast and crew, but he can’t quite put his finger on what it is.  Added Jul 2014  •  Updated Dec 2015  •  12.6K words(25)
  • Woody by BRK(2 parts)PermaBoner Bro XCock Grow Twins  Woody’s been searching for his other half, but he doesn’t realize quite what that means, or what changes will happen when they meet.  Added Aug 2013  •  4.7K words(2)