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Hyper Muscle

Freaky muscle growth that's beyond even massive, and approaching immobility.

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    • Brute growth by Zhu and YungFrancis(2 parts)Giant Balls Cock HyCock HMusc Immob MGrow Musc PSD Grow Tobacco  Having outgrown his previous digs, giant muscle freak Mute commissions a bigger house from fellow freak and architect Zhu. Zhu and his assistant Dohn join him for a meal, and they’re already turned on by each other’s crazy size even before they share some very special cigars.  Added Dec 2018  •  8.4K words (5)
    • Hypno muscle: jock dreams by Douglas Benjamin  Inan Dumb Taller HMusc Hypno Scent Mind MGrow MTheft Musc Orcs Shr Grow Sugg Tf  Toby and Liam have picked up a hypnotic audio tape that promises to grow their muscles. When they fall asleep to the hypnotic induction, they have a dream that seems all too real: Suddenly, they have to power to transform each other into big-muscled meatheads, flexing and posing for each other and talking like dumb jocks. Even more transformation is possible, but there is a catch.  Added Jul 2019  •  4.3K words (1)
    • Loading... by Ziel  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock HMusc Immob MGrow Musc  Russel is feeling embarrassingly puny his first day trying to work out at the gym, but with a little determination, a few simple exercises, and his friend’s gag gift—a “Loading muscles…” workout tank and an “Enhance” brand jock strap to go with it—things start to turn around pretty rapidly.  Added Feb 2019  •  7.1K words (13)
    • The lucky accident by Alakazam1988  CGrow Hair Giant Balls Cock HyCock Cum HMusc MGrow Musc Grow  An accident at the skate park leads to a treatment for Luke’s balls that not only heals them but starts them growing, and pretty soon it’s not just his balls that are bigger.  Added Sep 2019  •  7.3K words (7)
    • Omniman by Omniman  Belly Viol Giant Balls Cock HyCock Cum HMusc Immort Infl MGrow Grow  Wild discovers that a non-functioning prototype for a revolutionary machine works after all. He and his roommate decide to have some fun with it, but can they see the limits of their desires?  Added Jun 2019  •  2.1K words (8)