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Stories where the transformation is facilitated by the use of unusually potent cannabis/marijuana. Note: does NOT apply to stories where there’s just a lot of weed being used and enjoyed; this is for where weed is used as a medium to bring about change.

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    • Metatation by BRK(2 parts)Weed Taller XArm XCock XLeg XLimb Rep  Unexpectedly given the afternoon off, Connor goes exploring a botanical garden on a whim and discovers a secret meditation circle sharing some unusually potent weed.  Added Dec 2018  •  Updated Apr 2019  •  10.0K words
    • Muscle memory by LuvsMusl  Weed MGrow Musc  After an infection damages his memory Cody starts getting bigger at the gym, pushing himself to get as big as he seems to remember he used to be. Only his memory is playing tricks on him, and Cody’s admiring muscle hunk roommate Mike, too.  Added Oct 2014  •  3.1K words
    • One hot summer by BRK(11 parts)Bro Weed CGrow Hair Grad Cock Mental MGrow Musc Nonc Twins  Brandon and Eddie enjoy working for their pot-loving boss, Mike, at the pizza place near campus and are bummed they can’t stick around for the summer, too. Mike offers them a possible solution, though he doesn’t let them in on all his plans for the coming summer.  Added Jul 2019  •  Updated Apr 2020  •  26.1K words