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Stories involving a character who’s happy to be a slave to someone in a dominant position (usually called Master). Normally this involves some kind of Mental Changes or even Mind Control where someone is turned into a slave through hypnotism, magic, or by other means. Therefore there is an overlap with Dom/Sub, but the latter also includes the normal type of real-world voluntary sexual subordination.

Other tags that also fall under the category “Force/Nonconsensual”: Dom/Sub, Humiliation, Nonconsensual, Violence, Vore.

Stories found: 12.

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Complete story list for Slave:

  • Dog and Pony Show: FAQ by Musiker  Fur Bi Dom Cock 2Anim Mental Musc MGrow Slave 2Gay Tf  A hugely muscled human/dog hybrid gets to answer some FAQs about his awesome life in the adults-only Land of Eros Zoo, including daily activities, his sex life with his big, horsey lover, and just how lovingly their Master takes care of them.  Added Apr 2019  •  7.1K words(1)
  • Frank’s gym by Writ Bro(7 parts)CGrow Dom Cock Musc MusBr MGrow Slave  Alec finds out more about what it means to be one of Frank’s bitches—and having his growth under Frank’s control.  Added May 2014  •  Updated Mar 2015  •  22.1K words(33)
  • Muscl Hansl by Jerkoffcentral(2 parts)Cock Musc MGrow Slave  Hans, wandering in the wrong forest, encounters a herd of mindless muscle slaves, and soon the god that made them that way—and he’s determined to make an example of Hans.  Added Jun 2014  •  Updated Jul 2014  •  9.5K words(13)
  • MyWorld by CoyoteR(2 parts)CGrow Cock HyCock Mind Musc MGrow Nonc Slave  Andy is all into the muscles he’s given himself and his buddies on the football team thanks to the MyWorld software on his tablet. Only he’s misplaced his iPad somewhere, and he sure hopes someone else hasn’t found it…  Added Sep 2016  •  6.1K words(16)
  • The power of bondage by Writ Bro(9 parts)Dom Cock Hum Musc MusBr MGrow Slave  A curious sub encounters a strict BDSM master who sees a lot of potential in the young man’s currently ordinary appearance.  Added Aug 2016  •  Updated Mar 2018  •  16.3K words(16)
  • School days by LenZelig(8 parts)Bi Bro CGrow Het Cock Musc MGrow Grow Slave 2Gay Series  High school football jock Jeff tells his friend Terry about his startling locker-room sex encounter with the muscled, well-hung team from the reservation and how he became a willing sex slave. Terry, Jeff’s girlfriend Beth, and eventually the whole school and Terry’s parents are drawn into the insatiable Indian youths’ world of sex, growth, and advanced technology.  Added Feb 2019  •  20.7K words(1)
  • Spring break by LenZelig(8 parts)Alien Bi CGrow Het Cock Musc MGrow Slave 2Gay Series  A posse of college jocks decides to spend spring break hiking in the mountains, where they encounter some young men with a lot of size and muscle—and a few secrets they’re glad to share with their new friends.  Added Mar 2016  •  Updated Dec 2018  •  110.1K words(13)