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Man Scent

Stories where a significant feature is the musk of a man, including things like the appreciation of a sweaty man’s pits and the erotic effect it can have.

Other tags that also fall under the category “Other Physical Attributes”: Amputation, Hyper Anus, Hyper Tongue.

Stories found: 13.

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Complete story list for Man Scent:

  • Augmentations by Also Known As(18 parts)CGrow Cock Scent Musc MGrow Grow Series  Pursuing a fantasy, a successful man hires an erotic partner who’s been augmented, but the kinds of pleasures his new lover can share with him are far beyond anything he’d imagined.  Added Jan 2014  •  98.8K words(6)
  • Ben gets huge by spacevlad(8 parts)Giant Scent Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Matt, a kicker on a college football team, befriends Ben, a burly, bearish, muscular offensive lineman with a desire to get bigger. Matt is … able to help him with that.  Added Jun 2016  •  17.3K words(32)
  • The Bridge by Stumpjumper  AI CGrow Hair Cock Scent Musc MGrow 2Gay Tf  A safety technician is exposed to an artificial intelligence that rebuilds him and his best friend in ways they can't imagine. A decade later, the repercussions are still unfolding.  Added Jun 2019  •  5.4K words(4)
  • Domination by dunnyboy  CGrow Dom Hair Herm Cock Scent Musc MGrow Grow  Jay's already growing submission to Chris escalates dramatically as Chris reveals he's been taking injections that will turn him into the ultimate muscle fantasy. But Chris won't be the only one affected.  Added Feb 2017  •  17.1K words(18)
  • Love/shift by BRK(11 parts)Dad Hair Grad Scent Musc MGrow Grow Supn Tf Wbear  Maxfield has very mixed feelings about leaving the city and all his tech behind to spend the summer after graduation halfway up a mountain in the family’s backwoods cabin—just him, his dad, and a whole lot of secrets.  Added Dec 2017  •  Updated Apr 2019  •  68.1K words(25)
  • Seth’s life changing adventure by Navy Alpha Pup(3 parts)Alcohol CShr Dom Cock Hum Scent Musc Slave 2Gay  Seth has settled into his post-corps life, or thinks he has—until he meets a fellow ex-Marine who offers him everything he didn’t know he wanted.  Added May 2019  •  Updated Jun 2019  •  10.6K words(4)
  • Spice by Mr. X and Mad Dog(46 parts)CGrow Dad Hair Grad Cock Scent Musc MGrow Grow  In this epic story, the transformative powers of a certain substance are tested by a couple of very horny guys.  Added Oct 2009  •  Updated Jun 2019  •  198.8K words(36)
  • Sweat it out by Egi(2 parts)CGrow Cock Infect Scent Musc MGrow  Working out is hard enough when you're scrawny and shy. Sometimes you need a partner to help fill you out with some unconventional methods.  Added Jun 2017  •  8.2K words(9)