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First Time/Virgin

Stories where one of the main participants is having sex for the first time.

Kinds of “First Time/Virgin” stories include:

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    Stories found: 39.

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    Complete story list for First Time/Virgin:

    • Bali encounter by LenZelig(2 parts)Bi Virgin Het Cock Musc  On a trip to Bali, a happily married couple, Pete and Lori, encounter a pair of irresistibly beautiful muscle twins named Wayan and Kadek, and then their family and friends… and things become deliciously complicated.  Added Nov 2017  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  29.4K words
    • The bear’s cub by CurlyJin(3 parts)Virgin Cock HyCock Musc PSD  A giant man calling himself Bear takes in a young man just entering a nearby college.  Added Jul 2016  •  Updated Aug 2016  •  11.8K words
    • Bending the straight boys by iciss(2 parts)Bro CGrow Virgin Cock MGrow Musc 2Gay Twins  At first all those hot straight guys seemed like real jerks. And then they started getting hunkier, and hornier, and a lot more aware of each other.  Added Jan 2008  •  11.1K words
    • Big is better by XH4M(32 parts)Demons Virgin Cock Hypno MGrow Musc NipC  Pete and Sam experience epic growth, unexpected adventures, and sweet romance.  Added Oct 2003  •  111.5K words
    • The box by BRK(8 parts)Bro CGrow Dig Virgin 4Legs XArm XCock XLeg XLimb Rep Str Series  Steve gets a box of clothes from his mysterious and beautiful brother, Peter, and it turns out the clothes have an amazing effect on his already unusual body.  Added Dec 2002  •  Updated Sep 2019  •  29.7K words
    • Empire by LenZelig(38 parts)AgeDiff Alien Beast Bi Bro CGrow Dad Virgin Taller Het Cock Mind MGrow Musc Nonc Self Slave Share Grow Space 2Gay Tksg Twins Series  A massive consolidation of the entire “Bill’s Education” universe, incorporating the previously separately posted “The Surfer”, “The Rescue”, “Spring Break”, “Pickup Trouble”, and “School Days”, “Empire” is the wide-ranging tale of easy transformation and even easier sex across all boundaries—friends, family members, genders, even species—as a fortunate crop of humans stumble into a wider universe of size, muscle, double-digit-length cocks and much, much more and discover the true meaning of shared, radical, uninhibited pleasure.  Added Apr 2019  •  347.2K words
    • Ice ice baby by David(7 parts)CGrow Virgin Cock HyCock  A well-hung rap star has an encounter with a couple of very devoted fans.  Added May 1997  •  24.3K words
    • Night at the carnival by muscl4life(6 parts)CGrow Virgin Giant Cock HyCock MGrow Musc Grow  Abused and pranked by bullies, a scrawny teen carnival worker finds himself in the Fun House with the magic mirrors only he cares about. Only it turns out the mirrors really are magic—and they have a few ideas about how to make Jimmy’s life better.  Added May 2018  •  16.5K words
    • School for studs by Josef Howard(8 parts)Virgin Cum MGrow Musc 2Gay  Eldon agrees to hand himself over the so-called School for Studs for three years, knowing that the sex they’ll arrange for him with the sexy well-to-do will be worth the commitment. What he doesn’t expect is the expect the other Studs will have on him.  Added Feb 2017  •  Updated Mar 2017  •  17.3K words
    • Secret origins of the BUFF models by Absman420  Virgin Cock Hypno MGrow Musc  A too-alluring enhanced model from a secretive agency spills the beans to a reporter, though being literally irresistible means the interview won’t last long.  Added Sep 2015  •  10.4K words
    • Sucker by pornwright(7 parts)Virgin MGrow Musc Tf  Toulouse has a great body and a magnificent cock, but with each enthusiastic blowjob from Henry, the transfer of cum makes Lou less, and Henry more.  Added Feb 2009  •  4.6K words
    • Supermen by Also Known As(9 parts)CGrow Virgin Fly HyCock Pher XCock MGrow Musc Series  Todd agrees to be the first human subject for a muscle growth serum, little knowing how massive the effects would be, for himself and everyone else.  Added Oct 2002  •  Updated Sep 2018  •  76.8K words
    • Uncle C by Portowulf  AgeDiff AgeUp AgeDown CGrow Virgin MGrow 2Gay  Charles finds a trinket at a small store in the city that brings unexpected changes.  Added Jun 2020  •  3.0K words
    • An unexpected side trip by votdat(3 parts)Viol Virgin Cock Strong Musc Nonc  Tyler was ferrying a small airplane between Australia and Hawaii. Problems with the plane caused him to make an unscheduled stop on a small island, launching a series of events he certainly wasn’t expecting.  Added Apr 2020  •  14.9K words
    • Vice
      (Sometimes drugs offer more than a high)
      by Tereshky(5 parts)Addict Belly CGrow CumInf Virgin Balls HyCock Cum Immob MGrow Musc Nonc Self Grow  Jack was a drug kingpin of sorts. Like any potent drug, people craved it, they came to him, offered him their life’s treasures and he gave them their fix. In a world where usually only the strongest survive and only the smartest staid on top, he was doing quite well for himself and living an easy life. There were no rival drug lords because what he had to offer nobody else could give. His drug came from within.  Added Jun 2018  •  Updated Nov 2019  •  11.9K words

    • Voodoo mama by NCStudBoy  Virgin Cock MGrow Musc  Spring break in New Orleans—as everyone knows, a sure-fire recipe for strange encounters and voodoo muscle growth.  Added Jul 2014  •  2.6K words