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Hyper Strength

Stories where guys are much, much stronger than the size or growth in their muscles would account for. Note: This is not the tag for very muscular guys also being proportionately stronger than regular guys—that’s normal. This is for when they’re lifting cars, that kind of thing.

Kinds of “Hyper Strength” stories include:

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    Complete story list for Hyper Strength:

    • Freshman year by Richard Jasper  CGrow Cock Strong MGrow Musc  Roger and his three suite-mates are freshmen at Russell College. At Roger’s prompting, Bobby, the high school wrestler jock of the foursome, teaches his buddies how to lift. They start growing—phenomenally—in more ways than one!  Added May 2020  •  4.8K words
    • Fuck buddies get big by Richard Jasper(4 parts)CGrow Cock Strong MGrow Musc  Newly retired Roger and his new friend Jim find that their passion in the bedroom is having prodigious results in the gym!  Added May 2020  •  7.2K words
    • No limits by Corwin(7 parts)CGrow Cock HMusc Strong MGrow MTheft Musc  There’s a secret serum that makes you super-muscled and super-strong, but what you do with that—that’s all you.  Added Mar 2020  •  21.4K words
    • The orphanage by JayPat(12 parts)Viol Cock Strong MGrow Musc Grow  They told the orphans they were getting “vitamin shots”. What happened instead was a group of abandoned teens experiencing wild, sudden growth, one by one, and no one knew what would happen next.  Added Sep 2012  •  78.2K words
    • An unexpected side trip by votdat(3 parts)Viol Virgin Cock Strong Musc Nonc  Tyler was ferrying a small airplane between Australia and Hawaii. Problems with the plane caused him to make an unscheduled stop on a small island, launching a series of events he certainly wasn’t expecting.  Added Apr 2020  •  14.9K words