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Getting Fatter

Stories where guys get huge through an increase in fat. May include Belly Growth.

Kinds of “Getting Fatter” stories include:

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    Complete story list for Getting Fatter:

    • The Bull Factory by Portowulf  Fat MGrow Musc Grow  Ricardo finds himself at the new “Bull Factory” club, and learns where the name comes from.  Added May 2020  •  2.0K words
    • Changeday by Alakazam1988  Belly CGrow Fat Hair Taller Cock MGrow Musc Grow  Now that all of the changes to your body take place all at once on the same day every year, Andrew and his two college buddies are doing everything they can to make their Changedays as dramatic as possible.  Added May 2020  •  5.2K words
    • Chuck, the size thief by spacevlad(16 parts)Absorb Viol Fat Giant MGrow Gut MTheft Musc Nonc PSD Grow  Chuck, a middling-sized construction worker who wishes he were bigger, finds a way to grow huge.  Added Jun 2017  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  42.1K words
    • Colossal Clothing by QuasarSun(2 parts)Belly CGrow Fat Hair Taller MGrow PSD Grow  Spencer is just your average post-college graduate, down on his luck and working a dead-end job when he runs across a magical clothing store that gives him a new job, a new perspective, and a lot more.  Added May 2020  •  Updated Jun 2020  •  3.7K words
    • Curt’s Olympic bid by Portowulf  Belly Fat Hum Nonc 2Gay  Curt thought his dreams of competing in the Olympics were over before a mysterious coach promises to make him huge.  Added Sep 2020  •  1.4K words
    • Damien by bulkscribe(3 parts)Belly Fat Taller MGrow PSD Grow  My roommate Damien is focussed on getting as big as he possibly can… and I find myself more than willing to help him out with that.  Added Aug 2020  •  11.4K words
    • Don’t talk about me! by jewelbee(2 parts)Dad Fat Nonc 2Gay Sugg  What if one day, everything someone said about you became true? Everything someone says to your face, whether lie, sarcasm, joke, hyperbole… would change you. 18 year old campus douche Nick learns this the hard way, faced with a curse after he led on the wrong girl. How will he get rid of the curse, and more importantly… just how much will he change in the meantime?  Added Aug 2020  •  3.1K words
    • A love letter by Seth Peterson  Belly Fat Taller Grad PSD 2Gay  A slow, steady, and delicious story of love, growth, and lots of big doughy softness! Come see the progression of a boy and his one and only…from friends to lovers to something very big indeed!  Added May 2020  •  20.4K words
    • Tank the bouncer by spacevlad(18 parts)Viol Fat Giant Scent MGrow Gut Musc Nonc PSD Rape Grow 2Gay  Bar owner Matt can only afford one bouncer for his bar, so he hires the biggest one he can find: Tank, an ex-college football player who is eager to grow even bigger. Matt has a way to make that happen, but after the first unexpectedly effective injection, the newly huge and strong Tank starts turning the tables on his boss.  Added Jun 2016  •  Updated Aug 2016  •  35.0K words
    • They’re really sensitive now by spacevlad(2 parts)Fat Giant MGrow Musc PSD Grow  Burly musclebear daddy Josh gets his nipples pierced, which makes them extra sensitive...and leads to some BIG unexpected benefits!  Added Nov 2016  •  Updated Apr 2017  •  5.7K words