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Stories that feature androids.

Other tags that also fall under the category “Nonhuman”: Aliens, Bestiality, Goo People.

Stories found: 6.

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Complete story list for Androids:

  • A.I. by Corwin(11 parts)AI Andr Cock Mind Musc MGrow Bond  Tim’s homemade A.I. software decides to help him get huge.  Added Dec 2013  •  30.6K words(18)
  • Muscle bots by Meddler Incs(2 parts)Andr Musc  Have a problem with your device? The Department of Cybernetic Deviations is here to help!  Added Jan 2018  •  2.0K words(4)
  • The Servonyx exclusion by BRK(3 parts)Andr CGrow XArm XLimb MGrow Nonc Older Grow  Uncovering some corporate skulduggery leads to dire consequences for Beck. Nearly killed in a suspicious crash, he soon finds himself halfway around the world trapped in a physically enhanced pleasure humaniform… in the keeping of a handsome Russian plutocrat. Pleasure is easy to unlock in this new existence, but escape and revenge will be a lot harder to manage.  Added Jul 2018  •  Updated Nov 2018  •  13.9K words(8)
  • Toy story by LenZelig(2 parts)Andr Dad Musc MGrow Twins  During a storm Bob stumbles across a strange webpage offering something called “The Ultimate Sex Machine”. Intrigued, he clicks “order”, expecting maybe a sophisticated sex toy. Instead he gets Randy, a hunk-shaped machine dedicated to ensuring that Bob experiences ultimate sexual possibilities from now on and willing to reshape reality to make it happen.  Added Jul 2002  •  6.9K words(17)