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Stories featuring intimate encounters between anthropomorphic human/animal dudes (not just ones with actual “fur”).

Kinds of “Anthro/Furry” stories include:

Other tags that also fall under the category “Anthro and Furry”: Anthro/Scaly, Tentacle.

Stories found: 54.

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Complete story list for Anthro/Furry:

  • Alpha by CharitysSongbird  Fur CGrow Dom Taller Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Self Grow Tf Were  Used to being smaller than his office mates, especially his crush Tavy, Ritzy is stunned when he suddenly starts getting bigger and furrier, even as the impulse to dominate seeps into his personality.  Added Aug 2018  •  14.3K words (7)
  • The Alpha by Ziel  Fur Hair Cock 2Anim Musc MGrow Nonc Tf  Harrison’s chance encounter with the creature that has been stalking the campus changes him in ways he’d never thought possible.  Added Dec 2017  •  4.1K words (4)
  • Anomalous Materials Research Facility 3‑DL by Mad Dog and Gurak(2 parts)Fur Cent CGrow Cock HyCock XCock Orcs Grow Tf  Working with exotic materials on a distant research space station is all in a day’s work for Carter, a theoretical physicist and the sole mundane human in a crew of sexy (and sex-loving) creatures straight out of a very dirty fantasy novel. But when you work with stuff that scoffs at the laws of physics, normality can’t remain unbent forever.  Added Sep 2019  •  Updated Oct 2019  •  7.1K words (6)
  • The application by SuperWaffle(8 parts)Fur Musc MGrow Grow  A powerful story in which an anthro fox named Bradley learns that a body-morphing app is a wondrous, life-changing thing for himself and for new friends as well—if it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, that is.  Added Apr 2015  •  44.5K words (16)
  • Bara juice by Smokey Digsby  Fur CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  Baxter, a limpy junkyard poodle, starts taking supplements to enhance his body. What he gets, however, is a unexpected change during a very important date with the guy of his dreams.  Added Aug 2017  •  2.6K words (2)
  • Big cat by Growlboys  Addict Fur CGrow Viol Cock Tf  There’s a special substance on the market that’s driving people wild. In need of a fix after ten days without, Sam is told of a brothel where he get it. There he finds Doug, a werecat who’s not having a great life right now.  Added Jul 2019  •  3.1K words (1)
  • The birthright by Ziel  Fur CGrow Cock Cum    Added Apr 2014  •  1.9K words (3)
  • Blessed by the moon by Saaruu  Fur HyCock Cum MGrow Grow Tf Were  Ritzy gets back from work, exhausted. He gazes at the moon, which somehow feels… different from usual. His roommate comes back home and they both enjoy a nice adult film when the werewolf in Ritzy decides to go wild. Really wild. And big.  Added Sep 2018  •  3.7K words (3)
  • The body spray by Coalth(6 parts)Fur Hair Grad Cock Musc MGrow    Added Mar 2013  •  5.5K words (5)
  • Foxy guys by James Fourlegs  Fur  A gift of transformation powder takes these two way into the wild side.  Added May 2005  •  1.5K words (3)
  • Hyper active imagination by Ziel(4 parts)Fur Xmas CGrow Taller Giant HyCock Musc MGrow Grow ValDay  James’s attention wanders sometimes, usually in the direction of making the person he’s staring at not just hotter but impossibly muscled and unbelievably hyper-donged. It’s so vivid, it’s almost like it’s real...  Added Oct 2013  •  Updated Mar 2018  •  17.1K words (20)
  • Karma pills by Musiker(5 parts)Fur Fluids CGrow CShr Cockless Dom Dumb Taller Grad Balls Cock Hum BHole Cum Mental Mind Musc MGrow Nonc PSD Slave Grow 2Gay  Steve has been bullying the other members of Matt's Gym for ten years. When Matt gives Steve a new kind of muscle-enhancing pill, he conveniently forgets to mention some significant side effects.  Added Jun 2019  •  Updated Jul 2019  •  24.2K words (12)
  • Kiss me by Zboro  Fur CGrow Giant Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Damien and his straight best friend (and secret crush) Jack spend a night watching a cascade of shooting stars, joking about the wishes they’d make to be bigger if the whole “wishing on a star” thing were real. But when the stars start to whizz by overhead, all Damien and Jack care about is getting closer to each other.  Added Nov 2017  •  5.0K words (3)
  • The new associate by Tym Greene(2 parts)Fur CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  Zhu is looking forward to his first day a new architectural firm, sure the way he grows—and makes other people grow just from being around him—will make things very interesting.  Added May 2015  •  7.6K words ()
  • Talion’s island by Nuclear Fusion  Fur Cock  Shipwrecked on a strange island, an undersized cougar meets a burly lion who quickly changes his view of things.  Added Mar 2012  •  9.7K words ()
  • Tiger troubles by Meddler Incs(2 parts)Fur CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  Greg hopes for big muscles from a new experimental growth hormone—only he’s not counting the side effects, or his new brothers in fur, muscle, and cock.  Added Dec 2014  •  Updated Sep 2016  •  5.8K words (35)
  • Dragon’s Horde: Too much to drink by STrRedWolf  Alcohol Fur CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Rep Series  Drinking to excess is a sure-fire way to get yourself killed, unless you’re one of the lucky few who need a few kegs... and can stand to face yourself without a mirror.  Added Oct 2017  •  2.5K words (3)
  • The transformation: Scott and Logan by Now Voyager  Fur 2Anim  Intruders break into Scott and Logan’s home and force them to eat pasta they’ve doctored with a strange, transforming substance.  Added Mar 2015  •  1.5K words (6)
  • True pups by Douglas Benjamin  Fur Dom Dumb 2Anim Mind Musc MGrow Tf  Two men wander into the wrong bar, and soon find their bodies growing huge with muscle as their minds go to the dogs.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.9K words (7)
  • The yard by Now Voyager  Fur 2Anim Nonc Tf  When Simon returns to the local leather bar to retrieve his wallet, he gets more than he bargained for.  Added May 2017  •  4.7K words (3)