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Stories that feature intimate relations between brothers (not necessarily actual sex, though this is often the case).

Other tags that also fall under the category “Incest”: Father/Son, Twins.

Stories found: 73.

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Complete story list for Brothers:

  • The e-journal by hyperboi  Bro CGrow Balls Cock XBalls XCock Musc MGrow Nonc  Tyler’s birthday is not going well: no one can come, not even his parents, and his big brother is being an obnoxious bully as usual. Plus he’s horny as heck. At least his best friend gave him a gift: an e-journal. He decides to write in it not about the way things are, but the way he wants things to be.  Added Jul 2018  •  3.6K words(10)
  • The escape by hyperboi  Bro CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Twins  Sam and his brother find themselves taken in their sleep and trapped in some strange warehouse-like space, along with all the other teens in their community. Not only is there no way out, but something is happening to them all...  Added Dec 2014  •  3.5K words(18)
  • Greg and Jesse by BRK(3 parts)Bro Weed CGrow Cock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLeg XLimb XPec Rep Stack  Greg and Jesse are already pretty close. But the addition of a little premium weed combined with a video chat session makes them even closer.  Added Mar 2009  •  Updated Jan 2018  •  7.0K words(16)
  • Growing closer by Chance Micheals  Bro Cock Musc MGrow  Spying on Luke, the object of his lust, young Gareth discovers that Luke is even more special than he thought—and then Luke’s brother shows up.  Added Jun 2015  •  1.0K words(17)
  • Jason’s big problem by Joven(49 parts)Bro CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  Teen athlete Jason unwittingly becomes part of a shady experiment to produce progressively larger cocks and balls that generate way too much cum. His playful and curious friends get drawn in, and when his cranky brother is roped in as well, having massive equipment becomes even more difficult.  Added Oct 2013  •  Updated Nov 2017  •  114.8K words(62)
  • Naked morph for ps2 by Male Enhancer(4 parts)Bro CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Grow    Added Jun 2013  •  3.2K words(18)
  • Necklace brothers by Levitate  Bro Musc MGrow Shr Grow Twins  A pair of undersized twins use a magical necklace to grow themselves—not realizing that the growth came with a price.  Added May 2015  •  1.4K words(3)
  • The new job by hyperboi(8 parts)Bro CGrow Grad Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  Out-of-work engineer Jake takes a job at an isolated mansion, where he’s overpaid for just guarding a gate and letting through mysterious trucks. He and his coworkers are getting slowly bigger and hornier, too, and all this seems really great except for a certain nagging doubt—and a terrifying warning from the hugest of his fellow guards.  Added Aug 2014  •  20.4K words(31)
  • The new simulation game by hyperboi(5 parts)Bro CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow 2Gay  On a weekend home from college, while he’s waiting for his brother to come home (and avoiding his hateful dad and sneering stepmom), muscle nerd Simon screws around with a new sim game he’d lucked into beta-testing—a game that turns out to be a lot more realistic than he’d expected.  Added Mar 2016  •  10.5K words(9)
  • Nick by Anonymous  Bro Cock    Added Apr 2003  •  1.8K words(3)
  • No strings attached by muscl4life(3 parts)Bro CGrow CumInf Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow Twins  Donny walks in on his roommate, Sebastian, in the midst of his efforts to make himself bigger.  Added May 2014  •