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Stories that feature intimate relations between brothers (not necessarily actual sex, though this is often the case).

Kinds of “Brothers” stories include:

    Other tags that also fall under the category “Incest”: Father/Son, Twins.

    Stories found: 78.

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    Complete story list for Brothers:

    • Adam’s first growth spurt by MDS  Bro Giant Cock MGrow Musc Grow  Adam comes home from a day of being bullied at school to find he definitely won't have to worry about anything like that after today.  Added Nov 2016  •  2.4K words (9)
    • Alex’s gift by Will Bowden(4 parts)Bro Shift    Added Apr 2003  •  4.3K words (9)
    • All good things by Anon Amon(100 parts)Bro CGrow CumInf Balls Cock HyCock Cum Immob Infect MGrow Musc NipCum Twins  After the discovery of an ancient artifact, life is changed forever for a group of college students who have bigger things to worry about than getting ready to start classes.  Added Feb 2017  •  Updated Aug 2019  •  115.5K words (87)
    • Alpha product series by Chet Boner(18 parts)Bro CGrow Dad Balls Cum MGrow Musc NipCum  19-year-old Trent accepts a free trial product series called “Alpha Product” in exchange for his feedback. He receives the first product very quickly, but doesn’t know how many people would be affected and grow as a result of this choice!  Added May 2017  •  Updated May 2019  •  22.6K words (35)
    • The awakening by Johnny M(10 parts)Bro Dad Cum MusBr Musc NipCum  Danny’s secret muscle-breast fantasy kink begins bleeding into the real world.  Added Jul 2012  •  22.7K words (13)
    • The e-journal by hyperboi  Bro CGrow Balls Cock XBalls XCock MGrow Musc Nonc  Tyler’s birthday is not going well: no one can come, not even his parents, and his big brother is being an obnoxious bully as usual. Plus he’s horny as heck. At least his best friend gave him a gift: an e-journal. He decides to write in it not about the way things are, but the way he wants things to be.  Added Jul 2018  •  3.6K words (12)
    • Empire by LenZelig(38 parts)Alien Beast Bi Bro CGrow Dad Taller Het Cock Mind MGrow Musc Nonc Self Slave Share Grow Space 2Gay Tksg Twins Series  A massive consolidation of the entire “Bill’s Education” universe, incorporating the previously separately posted “The Surfer”, “The Rescue”, “Spring Break”, “Pickup Trouble”, and “School Days”, “Empire” is the wide-ranging tale of easy transformation and even easier sex across all boundaries—friends, family members, genders, even species—as a fortunate crop of humans stumble into a wider universe of size, muscle, double-digit-length cocks and much, much more and discover the true meaning of shared, radical, uninhibited pleasure.  Added Apr 2019  •  347.2K words (30)
    • The escape by hyperboi  Bro CGrow Cock HyCock MGrow Musc Twins  Sam and his brother find themselves taken in their sleep and trapped in some strange warehouse-like space, along with all the other teens in their community. Not only is there no way out, but something is happening to them all...  Added Dec 2014  •  3.5K words (19)
    • Greg and Jesse by BRK(3 parts)Bro Weed CGrow Cock Merg XArm XCock XHead XLeg XLimb XPec Rep Stack  Greg and Jesse are already pretty close. But the addition of a little premium weed combined with a video chat session makes them even closer.  Added Mar 2009  •  Updated Jan 2018  •  7.0K words (18)
    • Growing closer by Chance Micheals  Bro Cock MGrow Musc  Spying on Luke, the object of his lust, young Gareth discovers that Luke is even more special than he thought—and then Luke’s brother shows up.  Added Jun 2015  •  1.0K words (17)
    • Jason’s big problem by Joven(49 parts)Bro CGrow Taller Balls Cock HyCock Cum MGrow Musc Grow  Teen athlete Jason unwittingly becomes part of a shady experiment to produce progressively larger cocks and balls that generate way too much cum. His playful and curious friends get drawn in, and when his cranky brother is roped in as well, having massive equipment becomes even more difficult.  Added Oct 2013  •  Updated Nov 2017  •  114.8K words (72)
    • Matched pairs by Jerkoffcentral(14 parts)Bi Bro CGrow Cock MGrow Musc  Peter becomes infected, not just with growth, but with a need for more strength and size.  Added Oct 2013  •  Updated Jun 2016  •  42.0K words (25)
    • Max and Chris by Drillur  Bro Cock Cum  Two very hung brothers get tired of solo sex.  Added Jul 2014  •  1.5K words (22)
    • The meteor shower by AGammer(2 parts)Bro CGrow Cock XCock XHead  When the meteor shower hits his farm, it has an unexpected effect on the teenaged, and very horny, William: a gift of changing himself and, as it turns out, his equally horny brother.  Added Jan 2013  •  2.7K words (5)
    • Michael and jim by Your Name Here  Bro CGrow Hair Cock MGrow Musc    Added Jul 2006  •  1.3K words (5)
    • Mind and body by BRK(16 parts)PermaBoner Bro CGrow Taller Cock Hypno Mind XCock MGrow Musc Grow 2Gay Sugg  Jack discovers that his knack for hypnosis is actually much more powerful than it should be. Naturally, he uses this to get the upper hand with his sexy jock brother, but that turns out to be a lot more complicated than he’d thought.  Added Jun 2012  •  Updated Jul 2017  •  66.2K words (85)
    • Misdirected by BRK(6 parts)Bro CGrow Cock MGrow Musc Self Grow  Ben doesn’t realize at first exactly why his annoying older brother’s secret rituals to make himself bigger and stronger are going wrong, only that he feels pretty strange himself lately.  Added Oct 2009  •  5.7K words (17)
    • Musclove, Texas by Max Mann(9 parts)Bro CGrow Dad HyCock MGrow Musc Bond Twins  Moving to Musclove, Texas with his sons to take up a new teaching position, Rick Long is startled to find a town full of huge, hung, and horny men, all of them eager to have the newcomers join them (in more ways than one).  Added Sep 2004  •  26.1K words (36)
    • My growth journal by Kaelan  Addict Bro CGrow Cock HyCock MGrow Musc Self  It’s my 30th birthday... and all of a sudden my body keeps changing. And it’s awesome.  Added Jul 2017  •  3.7K words (10)