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Stories that feature guys that engage in consensual dom/sub behavior.

Other tags that also fall under the category “Force/Nonconsensual”: Humiliation, Nonconsensual, Slave, Violence, Vore.

Stories found: 30.

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Complete story list for Dom/Sub:

  • Becoming a muscle god by Corwin  CGrow Dom Giant Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Mike discovers what it's like to become a muscle god, and how awesome it is to turn the tables on the coach who’d thought he’d get to dominate the newly-grown Muscle Mike.  Added Apr 2018  •  3.1K words(5)
  • The beefening by Benjamin Skipper  CGrow Dom Hair Balls Cock Musc MGrow Gut Nonc PSD Grow  Spencer's roommates have been growing into huge hulking beasts, focused on working out, having sex—and now, turning Spence into one of them!  Added Feb 2018  •  2.3K words(19)
  • Blowing up in Hollywood by Aphon(3 parts)Addict CGrow Dom Hair Cock HyCock Musc MGrow  Matt eagerly accepted a movie studio executive’s offer to bulk him up for a movie role. What he wasn’t expecting, however, were the dramatic changes his special hormone milk would cause.  Added Dec 2018  •  2.1K words(13)
  • Bottom mega-alfa by Jerkoffcentral(8 parts)CGrow Dom Hair Cock Musc MGrow Nonc Grow Were  Lit prof Jonas has been lusting after the exceptionally muscular students on his prep school survival outing, but even more after the massive gym teacher Noah, who’s so alpha he has trouble controlling just how massive he is—especially when he’s aroused by an admirer’s obsessive lust.  Added Nov 2014  •  Updated Dec 2017  •  21.1K words(49)
  • Daddy’s boy by Seth Peterson  CGrow Dom Dumb Hair Cock Hum Musc MusBr MGrow 2Gay  What happens when a cocky, overly narcissistic businessman oversteps courtesy? Why, muscle-growing, mind-altering, submission-inducing karma, of course!  Added Jun 2018  •  2.5K words(10)
  • Daddy’s little boy by TonnyGiant  Dom Dad Cock Musc Gut PSD  Jimmie returns home from college for the summer to rediscover just how drawn he is to his massive, muscle bear stepfather.  Added Sep 2018  •  2.5K words(4)
  • Dog and Pony Show: FAQ by Musiker  Fur Bi Dom Cock 2Anim Mental Musc MGrow Slave 2Gay Tf  A hugely muscled human/dog hybrid gets to answer some FAQs about his awesome life in the adults-only Land of Eros Zoo, including daily activities, his sex life with his big, horsey lover, and just how lovingly their Master takes care of them.  Added Apr 2019  •  7.1K words(1)
  • Dogboys by Douglas Benjamin  Fur Dom 2Anim  Richard and Toby’s usual training for subs is augmented with a new pill that turns out to have an unexpected potency.  Added Jan 2015  •  2.9K words(7)
  • Domination by dunnyboy  CGrow Dom Hair Herm Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Jay's already growing submission to Chris escalates dramatically as Chris reveals he's been taking injections that will turn him into the ultimate muscle fantasy. But Chris won't be the only one affected.  Added Feb 2017  •  17.1K words(17)
  • Eustace conquers the world by JayPat(3 parts)CGrow Dom Taller Giant Cock Musc MGrow Grow Viol  Eustace, always the victim, decides to bulk up to avoid getting beaten up. At first he tries working out, but then he uses his smarts to create ways to boost muscle growth. It soon becomes apparent these are much more effective than anticipated.  Added Mar 2019  •  24.0K words(3)
  • Frank’s gym by Writ Bro(7 parts)CGrow Dom Cock Musc MusBr MGrow Slave  Alec finds out more about what it means to be one of Frank’s bitches—and having his growth under Frank’s control.  Added May 2014  •  Updated Mar 2015  •  22.1K words(33)
  • Growth school by Writ Bro(11 parts)CGrow Dom Cock Musc MusBr MGrow Slave  Kit’s rebellion against his rich, inattentive father ends him up in a school for delinquents. Only, it’s not at all what Kit expects.  Added Jun 2018  •  Updated Mar 2019  •  52.4K words(11)
  • Hard body by Also Known As(10 parts)CGrow Dom Balls Cock Musc MGrow Grow Tf  Uncannily attractive and hunky teenager John is sent to the latest in a string of health professionals over his unusual condition: he’s always horny, and it affects his body in a very unusual and highly provocative manner.  Added Oct 2016  •  Updated Feb 2018  •  56.6K words(67)
  • Hunger by PVnRT  Inan Dom Cock Hum Mind Nonc  A straight man realizes he's gay in the bathroom and that he's been hungry for cock all this time.  Added Dec 2017  •  2.1K words(4)
  • I, Bro-bot by Cris Kane  PermaBoner Dom Mind 2Gay  A formerly homophobic preppie describes how he came under the control of his computer geek roommate.  Added Mar 2019  •  3.9K words(3)
  • The power of bondage by Writ Bro(9 parts)Dom Cock Hum Musc MusBr MGrow Slave  A curious sub encounters a strict BDSM master who sees a lot of potential in the young man’s currently ordinary appearance.  Added Aug 2016  •  Updated Mar 2018  •  16.3K words(16)
  • Sleeping giant by LuvsMusl  Dom Musc  Dan becomes obsessed with his gorgeously muscled roommate Shane—and pays the price when he goes too far and his obsession is discovered.  Added Oct 2014  •  5.6K words(12)
  • Superhero license by Neltharion5  CGrow Dom Cock Musc MGrow Gut Nonc Shr Grow Super  Gunner, a powerful superhero, is brought down by a delinquent hero license renewal. He has to be a sidekick for three randy heroes in order to regain his superhero status.  Added Nov 2017  •  5.1K words(4)
  • The system by muscl4life  Dom Musc MGrow  It turns out it’s all about the chakras.  Added May 2016  •  8.4K words(5)
  • Wish list by Neltharion5  CGrow Dom Fant Cock Musc MGrow Supn  Two men rub a lamp at the same time and have to wish for each other, and, completely unaware of what they’re doing, go a little overboard.  Added Aug 2016  •  4.0K words(11)
  • The Zeke chronicles by Sean Reid Scott(7 parts)CGrow Dom Dad Taller Cock Musc MGrow  Zeke, an 18 year-old gorgeous stud, was already big before some very special visitors seem to have given him a special ability to grow and grow, bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger.  Added Jul 2013  •  Updated May 2017  •  27.7K words(9)