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Stories that feature erotic and/or transformative liaisons between fathers and sons, or someone engaging sexually or transformatively with both a son and a father.

Kinds of “Father/Son” stories include:

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    Stories found: 37.

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    Complete story list for Father/Son:

    • Alpha product series by Chet Boner(18 parts)Bro CGrow Dad Balls Cum Musc MGrow NipCum  19-year-old Trent accepts a free trial product series called “Alpha Product” in exchange for his feedback. He receives the first product very quickly, but doesn’t know how many people would be affected and grow as a result of this choice!  Added May 2017  •  Updated May 2019  •  22.6K words (35)
    • The awakening by Johnny M(10 parts)Bro Dad Cum Musc MusBr NipCum  Danny’s secret muscle-breast fantasy kink begins bleeding into the real world.  Added Jul 2012  •  22.7K words (13)
    • Bull’s strength by muscl4life(28 parts)PermaBoner Beast CGrow Viol Dad Fly Taller Balls Cock HyCock Infect XAbs XCock Musc MGrow PSD Grow Tf  On a quiet farm far from anywhere, an orphan named Joshua grows up so huge and strong that he’s bullied for being a freak. His aunt and uncle raise him with love and teach him to accept who he is, but Joshua yearns to be among men who don’t just accept his giant body, but love and admire his amazing size and power.  Added Jul 2018  •  Updated Oct 2018  •  88.4K words (22)
    • Dad’s gift by John Y.  CGrow Dad Cock    Added Mar 2004  •  5.0K words (20)
    • Daddy’s little boy by TonnyGiant(2 parts)Dom Dad Cock Musc Gut PSD  Jimmie returns home from college for the summer to rediscover just how drawn he is to his massive, muscle bear stepfather.  Added Sep 2018  •  Updated May 2019  •  5.0K words (8)
    • Daemos island by Charles Westfall(6 parts)CGrow Viol Dad Cock Musc MGrow Grow Twins  A Polish scientist and explorer, Ferdinand Rolcek, discovers a hidden island where the lost secrets of the Daemos, alien pioneers of masculine beauty and sexuality far beyond anything known to humanity, are finally revealed to him; and what he learns makes him never want to leave again. Don’t worry, he won’t be lonely.  Added Feb 2003  •  14.6K words (10)
    • Damian and the three muscleteens by hyperboi(5 parts)Bro CGrow Dad Cock HyCock Infect Musc MGrow 2Gay Twins    Added Dec 2012  •  8.2K words (22)
    • A day at the beach by Thatbadwriter  Viol Dad Giant Cock HyCock Grow  You watch in dismay and amazement as your father, who’s gained the ability to grow himself to giant size in a freak medical accident, takes a trip to the beach with you and decides to make himself bigger than he’s ever tried to become before.  Added Aug 2019  •  1.6K words (9)
    • Empire by LenZelig(38 parts)Alien Beast Bi Bro CGrow Dad Taller Het Cock Mind Musc MGrow Nonc Self Slave Share Grow Space 2Gay Tksg Twins Series  A massive consolidation of the entire “Bill’s Education” universe, incorporating the previously separately posted “The Surfer”, “The Rescue”, “Spring Break”, “Pickup Trouble”, and “School Days”, “Empire” is the wide-ranging tale of easy transformation and even easier sex across all boundaries—friends, family members, genders, even species—as a fortunate crop of humans stumble into a wider universe of size, muscle, double-digit-length cocks and much, much more and discover the true meaning of shared, radical, uninhibited pleasure.  Added Apr 2019  •  347.2K words (19)
    • Endmyths by Taur Reg(12 parts)Cent Dad XLimb Naga Shift  Transformations spread through an entire town—but why?  Added Aug 2013  •  18.5K words (4)
    • Love/shift by BRK(11 parts)Dad Hair Grad Scent Musc MGrow Grow Supn Tf Wbear Series  Maxfield has very mixed feelings about leaving the city and all his tech behind to spend the summer after graduation halfway up a mountain in the family’s backwoods cabin—just him, his dad, and a whole lot of secrets.  Added Dec 2017  •  Updated Apr 2019  •  68.1K words (26)
    • New neighbors by BRK  Dad Cock XCock  Jimmy is starting to enjoy his first summer with his newly acquired wishpower when a very sexy couple moves in next door. The only trouble is, Jimmy doesn’t immediately recognize the true nature of their relationship, and by the time he does, it’s already too late.  Added Jan 2016  •  3.3K words (2)
    • The night shift by Dreamtransformer  Dad Musc    Added Dec 2013  •  1.2K words (2)
    • Not just imagination by DarkDjin(2 parts)CGrow Dad Cock Musc MGrow Sugg  Jampson’s overactive imagination starts to grow his cop dad and his friends...and somehow not only does it become real, but the men are pretty into it.  Added Jun 2014  •  Updated Jul 2014  •  10.9K words (33)
    • Toy story by LenZelig(2 parts)Andr Dad Musc MGrow Space Twins  During a storm Bob stumbles across a strange webpage offering something called “The Ultimate Sex Machine”. Intrigued, he clicks “order”, expecting maybe a sophisticated sex toy. Instead he gets Randy, a hunk-shaped machine dedicated to ensuring that Bob experiences ultimate sexual possibilities from now on and willing to reshape reality to make it happen.  Added Jul 2002  •  6.9K words (32)
    • Twin studs by Anonymous(3 parts)Bro Dad Cock XArm XCock XLimb Twins    Added Jul 2014  •  42.5K words (15)
    • Ultimate muscle by Ultra-Muscle  Dad Cock Musc MGrow  Philip gets injected with what he wants most—something that will make him a big muscle man like his dad.  Added Dec 2013  •  1.4K words (5)
    • Vacation by muscle.growth  Dad Cock Musc MGrow  Just a simple vacation sleepover with Matt, Alan, and Alan’s dad working on something weird in his basement lab.  Added Feb 2009  •  1.9K words (8)
    • Visiting home by Wicked(2 parts)Dad Cock Infect Musc MGrow Grow  Asher spent his entire first semester working out and gaining some serious muscle, but when he returns home for winter break, he doesn’t realize that he’ll be the one amazed by how much someone can change.  Added Jan 2016  •  Updated May 2016  •  6.8K words (15)
    • The Zeke chronicles by Sean Reid Scott(7 parts)CGrow Dom Dad Taller Cock Musc MGrow  Zeke, an 18 year-old gorgeous stud, was already big before some very special visitors seem to have given him a special ability to grow and grow, bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger.  Added Jul 2013  •  Updated May 2017  •  27.7K words (9)