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Four Legs

Stories featuring guys with four legs, normally two in front and two in back. Usually involves two groins with at least two cocks.

Other tags that also fall under the category “Multilimb”: All Legs, Boytaurs, Lots of Legs, Multiarm, Multileg, Six Legs, Three Legs.

Stories found: 40.

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Complete story list for Four Legs:

  • Graduation party by Jefftaur(3 parts)Btaur 4Legs XAbs XArm XCock XLeg XLimb Musc MGrow  Steve and the rest of his friends have a huge graduation dance party. It’s already a blast even before the “novelty cup challenge” starts the guys chugging some special boytaur-making beer.  Added Mar 2009  •  3.5K words(8)
  • The jeans by Jefftaur  4Legs XCock XLeg XLimb  Josh gets his hands on a pair of trick jeans and decides they’ll work better on someone half-asleep—like his buddy, Ty, who’d look really hot with extra feet.  Added Aug 2013  •  0.6K words(3)
  • Joey by James Fourlegs  4Legs XArm XLeg XLimb Rep  It just goes to show that if a genie ever offers you a wish, wish for more wishes.  Added May 2002  •  0.9K words(1)
  • More of everything by Josh Dugan  4Legs XArm XLimb  Muscular Doug gladly downs multilimb wine.  Added Jan 1997  •  0.8K words(2)
  • Mutation by BRK(4 parts)CGrow 4Legs Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLeg XLimb XPec Rep Stack 3Legs  Everyone in Portia, Alaska has been grown thicker and stronger and made irresistibly beautiful, but none more than the teens in the high school. Geek genius Mr. Lewis tries to roll back the most extreme changes in Mr. Casey’s class as a test case, but the trial doesn’t go anywhere near as planned.  Added Jun 2010  •  Updated Jul 2018  •  9.6K words(12)
  • Space clones by Josh Dugan  4Legs XArm XLimb Rep  A brilliant cousin, like his spaceship, is full of himself, but there's room for one more.  Added Nov 1998  •  2.3K words(8)
  • Three pack by Martin Boyar(3 parts)4Legs XCock XLeg XLimb 3Legs  Those three-packs of socks aren’t mispackaged, dude. They’re meant for guys that need three socks, if you get what I mean. (Or guys that, deep down, want to need three socks.)  Added Aug 2004  •  4.9K words(1)
  • Voss the hoss by Josh Dugan  4Legs XLimb Rep  A full moon helps a handsome college roommate live up to his nicknames, “Hinds” and “Hoss.”  Added Sep 2005  •  2.0K words(3)