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Stories that feature superheroes (as in, the usual costumed, crime-fighting superhero type or something similar) as a significant part of the plot.

Other tags that also fall under the category “Special Abilities”: Special Mental Abilities, Special Physical Abilities.

Stories found: 8.

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Complete story list for Superhero:

  • Alpha male by Josef Howard(5 parts)Musc MGrow Super  A gay man wakes one morning inside the body of the (formerly) straight star-spangled super-hero AlphaMale. Everything is terrific until AlphaMale’s studly sidekick finds out his body is inhabited by an imposter.  Added Jul 2002  •  15.1K words(4)
  • Massive by Alex Rif(2 parts)Suit Dad Hallow Older Grow Super  James finds the superhero costume his stepson had ordered from a strange website for Halloween, and decides to try it on.  Added Feb 2016  •  2.8K words(7)
  • Mutant by Marquis de Rent  CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Immob Musc MGrow Grow Super  Tom discovers that he is a mutant with the power to grow men that have sex with him. College jock Chris decides to take advantage of it.  Added Oct 2016  •  4.2K words(15)
  • Playing with fire by BRK  Cock Musc MGrow Grow Super Tf  Roman is drifting through Oregon seacoast towns, letting life come to him, when he encounters a guy who shares his wickedly sexualized love of an obscure comic-book character called Lavaman, and then, not long after, a pair of gag spectacles that supposedly let you see the things you most enjoy fantasizing about.  Added Mar 2018  •  3.8K words(9)