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Getting Taller

Stories that feature guys that become noticeably taller than average, but still more or less within the normal range of human height. Often this is used for guys that remain the same “width” and end up a bit stretched-looking.

By contrast, Size Growth covers getting bigger in size and height (either a little or to an extreme).

Plausible Size Difference, which is a giant who can operate among normal-sized folks.

Other tags that also fall under the category “Size/Size Difference”: Giants, Plausible Size Difference, Shrinking, Size Growth.

Stories found: 87.

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Complete story list for Getting Taller:

  • Cadence by BRK(6 parts)CGrow Taller Cock Immort Musc MGrow PSD Grow Viol  Lucius, an ex-ancient Roman whose peculiar curse involves the beauty of the men around him, suddenly finds that everything he thought he knew about his uncontrollable abilities has changed when he's discovered by a trooper one night sleeping in his car on a lonely stretch of Midwestern highway.  Added Nov 2016  •  Updated Mar 2019  •  30.7K words(9)
  • The cake by Orion  CGrow Hair Taller Balls HyCock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Matt is an average college student, frustrated with his below average body. But that is unexpectedly about to change, thanks to a little bit of magic.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.8K words(5)
  • Clothes make the man by Frank Easky  Taller Musc MGrow    Added Jul 2002  •  12.3K words(6)
  • Coach Barker by Argenti(9 parts)CGrow Taller Giant Cock HyCock Infect MGrow PSD Grow  Coach Travis Barker has a special gift, and when he shares this gift with Adam, change begins to unfold around them.  Added May 2019  •  Updated Jun 2019  •  19.0K words(14)
  • Coffeehouse encounter by BRK  CGrow Taller Cock XArm XCock XLimb XTongue Musc  A casual conversation in a coffee shop about the various mods being instilled in the students lately.  Added Mar 2009  •  1.2K words(4)
  • Colt chronicles: Sender’s gain by Neltharion5  Taller Cock Musc MGrow Tf Series    Added Sep 2009  •  4.7K words(2)
  • Coming of age by Also Known As(4 parts)CGrow Taller Balls Cock Cum Musc MGrow Self Grow  Jerry’s teenaged nephew comes to visit him in San Francisco, and turns out to be very huge, very beautiful and very uninhibited.  Added Feb 2019  •  12.7K words(7)
  • The commute by BRK  Taller Musc MGrow Grow  David's twenty-fifth birthday was supposed to be the start of new life, with a promotion and a live-in boyfriend. When all that suddenly goes up in smoke, all he can do is distract himself on the train into the city with imaginings of the lithe, well-muscled body of the fellow commuter sitting across from him.  Added Feb 2017  •  4.3K words(9)
  • Cow-boy by JKL  Belly CGrow Hair Taller 2Anim Infl MusBr MGrow NipCum Grow  Where does milk come from if cows are not raised as livestock? You're about to become the source.  Added Jan 2019  •  1.6K words(5)
  • Critical mass by TonnyGiant  Taller Giant Musc MGrow PSD Grow Viol  A powerful new workout supplement has an immediate and spectacular effect on a family of bodybuilders—and soon on the rest of their sleepy town.  Added Apr 2019  •  1.4K words(2)
  • Delivery by BRK  CGrow Taller Cock Musc MGrow Grow  A pizza delivery guy thinks he’s hot shit—and he is. But he hasn’t met the guy who’s been getting hotter and hotter his whole life.  Added Mar 2003  •  2.9K words(6)
  • Demigod chronicles I: Herakles by aquila(2 parts)CGrow Taller Cock HyCock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  A powerlifter finally hits his goals with his trainer, only to realize that there’s something big he should know about him. It isn’t all shakes and good form that gets you to top shape… sometimes, you gotta pray.  Added Dec 2018  •  3.6K words(6)
  • Dig’s island by BRK(4 parts)Bro CGrow Fly Taller Cock XArm Musc MGrow Grow Wings  Shipwrecked on a remote island, four brothers grow up to be incredibly close—and that’s before they encounter a secret power on the island that transforms them each in different ways.  Added Mar 2005  •  3.8K words(6)
  • Empire by LenZelig(38 parts)Alien Beast Bi Bro CGrow Dad Taller Het Cock Mind Musc MGrow Nonc Self Share Grow Slave 2Gay Tksg Twins Series  A massive consolidation of the entire “Bill’s Education” universe, incorporating the previously separately posted “The Surfer”, “The Rescue”, “Spring Break”, “Pickup Trouble”, and “School Days”, “Empire” is the wide-ranging tale of easy transformation and even easier sex across all boundaries—friends, family members, genders, even species—as a fortunate crop of humans stumble into a wider universe of size, muscle, double-digit-length cocks and much, much more and discover the true meaning of shared, radical, uninhibited pleasure.  Added Apr 2019  •  347.2K words(2)
  • Eustace conquers the world by JayPat(3 parts)CGrow Dom Taller Giant Cock Musc MGrow Grow Viol  Eustace, always the victim, decides to bulk up to avoid getting beaten up. At first he tries working out, but then he uses his smarts to create ways to boost muscle growth. It soon becomes apparent these are much more effective than anticipated.  Added Mar 2019  •  24.0K words(5)
  • Exercise regimen by BRK(2 parts)PermaBoner CGrow Taller Cock XLeg XLimb 3Legs  Exercise really does improve the body! And really fast, too!  Added Feb 2010  •  0.8K words(5)
  • The fan by Also Known As  CGrow Taller Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  A short story about a muscle growth author who meets a fan who can fulfill his fantasies.  Added Mar 2019  •  4.2K words(7)
  • Flashmob by BRK(7 parts)Taller Cock Musc MGrow Rep  Jacob receives a strange camera that has an unexpected effect when he takes a picture of his hunky roommate, Keith, with whom he’s become increasingly smitten.  Added Mar 2015  •  Updated Jan 2019  •  30.3K words(36)
  • Free upgrade by BRK  Taller XArm XCock XLeg XLimb Musc MGrow Nonc Rep 3Legs  A harried traveler on a multi-leg international trip starts getting free upgrades every time he tries to get his seat assignment, and they aren’t just to his cabin class.  Added Jun 2019  •  1.7K words(4)
  • Genetic giants by Tex Justin  Taller  His first time at the school gym Tex encounters Tobi, who’s cute and sweet and just happens to be a couple feet taller than him.  Added Mar 2015  •  3.3K words(17)
  • Getting more than you bargained for by Tereshky(2 parts)CGrow Taller Giant Balls Cock HyCock XArm XLimb XPec Musc MGrow Grow Stack    Added Jan 2013  •  3.9K words(4)
  • The giant bully by Ace(3 parts)Taller Musc MGrow Grow  Sometimes the roles get reversed, when the bully is the nerd and the victim has the muscle.  Added Oct 2018  •  Updated Feb 2019  •  2.1K words(6)
  • Giant problems by aquila(3 parts)Taller Giant HyCock Cum PSD Grow Tf Viol  Caught up in a science experiment gone wrong, John finds himself at odds with his former boss and employer, leading to some giant problems.  Added Jun 2019  •  7.4K words(5)
  • The good freak by Also Known As(33 parts)PermaBoner CGrow Taller Grad Balls Cock Cum Infect Musc MGrow Grow  Kevin Peters is a cheerful, very fit young man who happens to be getting bigger and hotter in every way, much to the bemusement (and secret arousal) of his doctor. Soon the guys around him are growing too, and Dr. Donaldson discovers even he’s not immune...  Added Nov 2002  •  33.5K words(10)
  • Grow lamp by Dream Big(10 parts)CGrow Taller Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Self Grow Series  The old lamp and light bulb Jeremy found at a flea market turn out to have some unexpected side-effects—effects that Jeremy’s lifelong best friend Tom can’t fail to notice.  Added Jun 2018  •  14.0K words(31)
  • Grow lamp 2: Peter principle by Dream Big(15 parts)CGrow Taller Cock Pher Musc Series  Peter Chang, now taller, thickly muscled, and prodigiously hung thanks to Jeremy and Tom’s impossible grow lamp, now must get used to the attention his new body draws… and the unexpected after-effects of his exposure to the lamp’s mysterious growth magic.  Added Jul 2018  •  Updated Nov 2018  •  23.7K words(17)
  • The guinea pig by JayPat  CGrow Taller Cock Musc MGrow Nonc Grow Viol  Jeff and Zach score some unconventional workout juice, but since they don’t know its effects they decide to try it out on Jeff’s skinny, picked-on brother, Nate.  Added Feb 2019  •  5.7K words(8)