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Stories that feature guys with wings, usually otherwise completely human (i.e., angel-type guys).

Other tags that also fall under the category “Extras”: Extra digits, Multi-abs, Multi-balls, Multicock, Multihead, Multilimb, Multipec, Multitongue, Replication, Stacking, Wristfooted.

Stories found: 6.

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Complete story list for Wings:

  • Morning body by BRK(2 parts)Fly Rep Wings  An intense capacity for imagination makes real the things others only dream of.  Added Nov 2003  •  8.2K words(7)
  • Stupid cupid by baboonfan(8 parts)Fant Musc MGrow Grow Vamp Were Wings  A flat tire causes Jerry to miss a job interview. Fortunately Eros, the love god, is hiring, as he eventually discovers when he knocks on a strange door for help.  Added Sep 2009  •  12.6K words(3)
  • The transform center by Zboro(7 parts)Lizard Dragon Fly Cock 2Anim HyCock XArm XCock XLimb Musc Rep Tf Wings  Seb gets ahold of a business card for a strange place called Transform Center, after hearing a stranger at the gym talk about how big he’d gotten. Can it be for real? And what was all that about fantasy creatures?  Added Jul 2017  •  Updated Sep 2017  •  27.5K words(11)