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Stories with at least one chapter taking place specifically around Christmas, or Hanukkah (or other other Winter Solstice holidays).

Other tags that also fall under the category “Season/Time of Year”: Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day.

Stories found: 19.

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Complete story list for Christmas:

  • Big changes by Ziel(9 parts)Xmas CGrow Eas Balls HyCock Cum Twins ValDay  Troy’s been given an ultimatum to stop being such a shut in and actually get out of the house more. Now his been roped into going to the gym with the twins. This wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fact that he’s currently packing several feet of schlong.  Added Dec 2013  •  Updated Apr 2017  •  58.5K words(16)
  • Boytaur Christmas by Spike(2 parts)Btaur Xmas 4Legs XCock XLeg XLimb WFoot    Added May 2002  •  3.6K words()
  • The Christmas ghost of FitzHardinge Manor by BRK(2 parts)Xmas CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Supn Tf  A sometimes dark tale of a young man consigned to the guardianship of witches, only to be turned by a sex-starved, secrecy-obsessed sorcerer-suitor into a being unheard and unseen, capable of sharing the pleasure of touch, but bound to a single day of the year; and how from these ashes he rises to find what he can become in this new life that has been forced upon him.  Added Dec 2017  •  14.7K words(8)
  • A Christmas miracle by Unknown(2 parts)Xmas Musc MGrow    Added Jun 2002  •  2.2K words(3)
  • Christmas wish by Riu  Bro Xmas CGrow Cock HyCock 2Gay Sugg  Two grown-up brothers follow their childhood tradition of waiting up for Santa. Only this time, after a few shots of special whiskey, a different kind of Christmas wish is granted.  Added Dec 2016  •  3.9K words(14)
  • Handsome young Saint Boytaurus by Josh Dugan  Btaur Xmas XLimb  A carol to the patron saint of multiple limbs, sung to the tune of “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”.  Added Dec 2016  •  0.1K words()
  • Have yourself a megalithic Christmas by Ziel  Bro Xmas CGrow Giant Cock HyCock Grow Series  A sort of sequel/follow up/spin off to Miracle on 69th Street. This time the story focuses on Calvin, a down on his luck dude who has long suffered under his overbearing and outright mean-spirited older brother, but all that’s about to change. It’s Calvin’s turn to be the “big” brother in every sense of the word.  Added Dec 2016  •  8.1K words(7)
  • Hung by the fireside with care by AndroSun  Xmas XLimb  A visit from Saint Nick can lead to your wishes coming true—even the ones you didn’t actually mail to the North Pole.  Added Aug 2013  •  2.8K words(3)
  • Hyper active imagination by Ziel(4 parts)Fur Xmas CGrow Taller Giant HyCock Musc MGrow Grow ValDay  "I needed a breather so I burned out a quick and dirty holiday themed Part. I had been meaning to get back to this series for a while, and recent Parisian headline gave me an idea most lurid. Extreme macro muscle growth and hyper dongs ensue."  Added Oct 2013  •  Updated Mar 2018  •  17.1K words(20)
  • Mass X by Max Mann(5 parts)Xmas Dad Hair Cock Musc MGrow  Five short stories of men getting bigger and sexier, through the use of “Mass X”.  Added Feb 2005  •  19.0K words(4)
  • A miracle on 69th Street by Ziel  Xmas CGrow Cock HyCock Series  Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year for Nick, but a midnight visitor changes that. Santa Claus might not be coming this year, but Nick and his new friend sure are.  Added Jan 2016  •  8.2K words(8)
  • A miracle on 69th Street 2: Jingle bed rock by Ziel  Xmas CGrow Cock HyCock Shr Series  After the events of “A Miracle on 69th Street”, Nick visits Kris’s home at the North Pole only to find out that there is a strange caveat for having visitors in the magical land.  Added Dec 2017  •  5.4K words()
  • No reason by Alakazam1988  Xmas Cock Musc MusBr MGrow Gut NipC Grow  At the gym, Pascal notices that not only is are his pecs getting huge, but his nips are showing under his hoodie more than they should.  Added Jan 2017  •  3.7K words(7)
  • Random acts of muscle by Mad Dog(3 parts)Xmas Musc MGrow    Added Aug 2009  •  Updated Dec 2010  •  11.2K words(3)
  • Rudolph by Josh Dugan  Xmas 4Legs XLimb  Just doing his job, a salesperson inadvertently ruins one of the most riveting broadcasts a customer has ever seen.  Added Apr 2003  •  0.9K words(1)
  • Santa’s big surprise by Silverfox Dad(3 parts)Xmas Infect Musc MGrow Grow  Jeremy has not only been obsessed with Santa, he's seen him and knows he's real. So when a friend at the gym gives him a muscle-growth supplement meant to give him confidence enough to talk to his beautiful bodybuilder crush Marco, Jeremy decides instead to give Santa a gift of his own.  Added Jan 2017  •  7.6K words(6)
  • Secret Santa by BRK(3 parts)Bro Xmas CGrow Cock XAbs XArm XLeg XLimb Musc MGrow Rep 3Legs Series  Joe’s crew at his new firehouse are destined to become very important to him, but the extent to which he’s more and more heart-thuddingly attracted to his handsome, well-muscled workmates worries him more than a little.  Added Dec 2016  •  15.2K words(10)