Belly Growth

Stories involving weight gain that includes the belly getting bigger. Often a combination of muscle and fat. Includes the so-called “roid gut”. Not about mpreg (male pregnancy).

  Child of: Other Physical Changes. Related: Breast Expansion; Butt Growth; Detachable; Foot Growth; Getting Handsomer; Gradual Change; Increased Libido; Male Pregnancy; Transformation; Voice Deepening.

  Tag Group: Growth.

Top Stories: “Chuck, the size thief”; “Summer research”; “Reality Pack”; “Vice (Sometimes drugs offer more than a high)”; “The bodyguards”; “Reece’s morph”; “The need to obey”; “The six pack”; “Unequal exchange”; “Spice up your life”.

Recently Updated: “Prize pig husband”.

58 stories found. Total word count: 845,716.

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