Stories that feature guys that transform in ways that are not easy to categorize (this is sort of a catch-all). In particular, guys that change into something other than human or augmented males end up here. See also Goo People.

Related: Ass Growth; Belly Growth; Breast Expansion; Detachable; Foot Growth; Getting Handsomer; Gradual Change; Increased Libido; Male Pregnancy; Voice Deepening.

Child of: Other Physical Changes.

Top Stories: “Hard body”; “Bull’s strength”; “Enlargement”; “Mimbo drops”; “Stop staring at me”; “A thing called curiosity”; “Anything to grow”; “Love/shift”; “Sk8r dreams”; “Project Cerulean MX”.

Recently Updated: “Cocked”; “Meteor shower”; “Strapped”; “The cock bois”; “Keep your promises”; “The witch’s menagerie”; “From the files of the Magic Misuse Office”; “Crotchmania”; “The training program”; “Mascotting”; “Make the fur fly”; “The Ixlutani”; “Punked”; “Unicorn Frappuccino: Refill”.

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