These are stories that significantly feature either (a) violence against other people and/or (b) destruction of property, usually as a result of someone growing to be a giant or at least immensely strong. Not necessarily sadistic, just prominent in the story. This tag exists primarily as a warning for anyone put off by the intrusion of episodes of pain or destruction in a strength or growth story.

  Child of: Force/Nonconsensual. Related: Blood; Cock Cage; Dom/Sub; Humiliation; Nonconsensual change; Rape; Restraints; Sex-Slave; Vore.

  Tag Group: Hostility/Violence.

Top Stories: “Chuck, the size thief”; “The hulk pill”; “Bull’s strength”; “Second puberty”; “A.I.”; “Public relations”; “Tank the bouncer”; “Summer research”; “Hulk”; “Titanification”.

Recently Updated: “The book of desires”.

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