Weekly Update 8 January 2022
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Weekly Update: 8 January 2022

Hope the new year is treating you well so far. This week I decided to revisit an older story, “King Size”, and take in a bit more the plight of poor King Rafe and his mighty penis. I like the mix of secondary characters in this one, all careening off each other in ways that weren’t obvious to me when I first devised the essential scenario back in 2006. With any luck I’ll be able to follow up on what’s going on here soon and not leave things hanging quite so long. Plus there’s a bunch of other good stuff down there as well, so go exploring and make sure to star-vote and comment on the stories you like.

The Friday Flashback this week gathered an interesting mix of stories from January 2017, five years ago now, so go ahead and check that out if you missed it. Huge and humble thanks to my wondrous Patreonites, who make all this possible every week. The next update is a week hence on 15 January, and in the meantime thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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This week’s new stuff:


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