Biweekly Update Friday, 17 March 2017

Biweekly Update: Friday, 17 March 2017

Once again, a Patreon request to write just a little more about Will from “Twinning”, the sexy and mischievous guy/duo with a yen for growing the men that catch his fancy, turned instead into a huge new two-part story, “Twinning: The college years”, which follows Will to the next stage of his very eventful and lust-driven life. (The Irish object of Will’s affection also serves as my tip of the hat to the fact that today’s update happens to fall on March 17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!)

In fact, I had to write a shirt vignette story this morning, “Mouth”, just to prove that I can actually write something in response to a prompt (this time, a self-administered one: “Write a little scene about the joys of having a mouthcock”) that didn’t end up clocking in at 9,000 words. Sure, I had to stop myself, mostly so I could actually do this update before I go about my own real-life Friday sojourn through sunny, slushy New York, but that just means I can write another little scene later if I want.

Lots more content this week, too—more than I expected. Dive in and find what you like. And please, if you like my stuff, consider joining my Patreon and making a small pledge as a patron. I can’t tell you how much the support of my Patreon sponsors has encouraged and revitalized my writing and my commitment to the site over the last year, and I want to work harder on building my skills and sharing the pleasure of my fantastic, uncanny men with everyone who appreciates them.

The site features I mentioned in recent updates are still in the works, so stay tuned, and if you have suggestions please by all means drop me a line, I'm always glad to hear them. The next update is 31 March, so see you then and thanks for stopping by.

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