Saturday Flashback: Ghosts of Halloweens Past


Site Update: 31 October 2020

Welcome to the monster-sized Halloween update! I issued a call for Halloween stories and I received a cornucopia of—no, drat it, that’s the wrong holiday. I, ah, received a zombie horde of responses, far beyond expectations, featuring a wide range of horror, comedy, unexpected magic, and above all men transformed in the spirit of this holiday to deviance and nonconformity. Giant, hairy thanks (and hairy-giant thanks) to all the authors who wrote something especially for this update. You’re the candy apple of my eye and the siren song of my heart. I have a suitable contribution of my own as well, “The Blue Pumpkin,” which adds a Halloween twist to the Blue Banana series. I’d meant for it to be darker, but I had too much fun with the characters and what I was doing with them (much like the title character, in fact).

I’m continuing to make revisions to the new format. Two features that are definitely coming back are the “More Like This” section on the story page and the ability to order stories by rank and views on the authors and tags pages. If there’s anything that’s not working for you or that isn’t present in the new format, please let me know.

My next update, 14 November, will be a Vignette Party. So all the BRK Patreoners in the suggestions and above category, it’s that time—I want to hear what one-scene story you’d like me to write. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and Happy Halloween!

Posted: 31 October 2020

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