Billy becomes a boytaur

by James Fourlegs

Bodybuilder Billy's quads really are quad.

2 parts 2,387 words Added May 2002 13k views 4.5 stars (2 votes)

Part 1 Bodybuilder Billy's quads really are quad. (added: 1 May 2002)
Part 2
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Part 1

Me and my bud were way into bodybuilding, and had a lot to show for it—we had trained together since middle school. We both got off on each other occasionally, because we'd worked our bods into huge muscular animals—I mean, we were awesome.

We lived for each other's bods, and Billy's bod and my bod were always hard for each other. We were both blonde and thanks to our constant workouts we were really built, massive and huge, and so fucking hot. I know we got off on the way we both looked because we could just think about each other's bods and we'd get so fucking hard and huge we had to laugh, we were so fucking hot!

I forget how we found it, but somewhere near where we worked out in the gym someone had had some sort of dance instruction class or something without picking up after themselves when it was over. They had left a lot of large papers taped to the gym floor, those dance-studio diagrams on the floor showing dance steps. It was all confusing because I don't know that much about dancing, but there were all these shoe prints and arrows showing where you started and where you put your feet next.

Billy and I were hard as usual, still sweating in just our tight shorts after a great workout, and I was like really wild about his bod that night, all flushed and sweaty and pumped, his shoulders, arms, back, lats, his huge glutes and his awesome quads shiny with sweat and radiating heat.

I've always like the word quads, because it means four, and somehow in my mind I've liked to imagine Billy with four quads, which would mean he'd have four legs, like a fucking human stallion, man. Just thinking of him like that, I could jack off for hours. He thought it was funny when I told him about it, but he sprouted a fucking huge boner in spite of his laughing, so I knew it turned him on as well.

Anyway, we were screwing around and we saw the dance patterns someone had left on the floor of the gym, and Billy was trying them out. He had his shoes off to compare his foot size with the size of the feet shown on the dance steps diagrams, and sure enough his feet were at least as big as the diagrams, if not bigger. He was standing on the diagrams, trying to do the moves shown on the diagrams with all their confusing shoe step markers and arrows, and Billy stumbled a couple times, placing his feet where the diagrams showed they were supposed to go.

“Hey, man,” he said, “this step is impossible. It shows my feet in two places at once. I'd have to have four feet to do this dance.”

“Try it, man,” I said. “You already know I think you'd be hot with four feet. Fuck, think of the legs, man. Four of them.”

I was getting hard again, and so was he, even though he was laughing, his huge legs stumbling as he tried to balance his fucking huge muscular body while he placed his legs, doing very badly, his awesome quads bumping each other.

And then I fucking nearly came.

“I got it, man!” Billy said, looking up from his crossed legs, staring at me straight in the eye, proudly, from atop his broad shoulders and chest, still flushed from the effort. He smiled.

“Check me out, dude!” I fucking didn't believe it. Fuck! He had four legs! Fucking four huge muscular bodybuilder's legs, his four bare feet on the step diagrams, the impossible position he'd found.

I was totally boned, and so was Billy. He wanted to pull off his shorts because he was huge in them, and they were torn, riding up over where his butt used to be, before his hind legs forced them up out of the way. His hind legs were nude, and so hot.

“Man, let me see them!” I said, trying to walk over to Billy with my hardon so huge it was getting in my way, sticking up out of my little shorts and slapping my abs with each step I took. I finally pressed it against my stomach with my forearm, but the rubbing of my arm and stomach on it as I walked only made it bigger and harder.

Billy was having the same problem trying to walk his four legs over to me, while fiddling with what was left of his shorts, his penis and balls fucking huge and heavy and getting in his way as his hands tried to free them from his shorts.

He was laughind and grunting as his huge hind leg quads shoved against his front legs while he walked. He had never had four feet before, and he started laughing as he realized his four feet were like stepping all over each other has his four huge muscled legs were shoving and bumping into each other.

He laughed and laughed, and I realized he was so fucking turned on because not only was his front dick about to blast, but he had the same fucking huge dick between his back legs as well, being bumped and shoved around between the huge muscles of his four bodybuilder's legs! I couldn't stand it.

“Damn, Billy, would you look at these four legs?” I found myself out of control, on my knees, my arms around Billys' four awesome legs. He was like some kind of muscular animal, man, with like more of his body between the front legs and back legs, really nice, with muscles, and looking so fucking hot! He was a fucking horse, but all nice male human, if you know what I mean. God did he smell good, and it was warm there among the smooth, rock-hard bulging muscles of his four legs, his two rock-hard asses, with that giant penis and balls smearing fragrant precum everywhere. He stepped sideways and shoved himself and his four legs against me, knowing I was loving him this way.

“Fuck, Billy! This is so fucking awesome!”

“I know, man,” he said, “I'm loving it too! I've always wanted to be this way for you, man, with my fucking legs all around you, trapping you with my four legs!”

“Man, I can't believe how fucking hot you look with four legs!” I told Billy.

“It's fucking cool,” Billy said, flexing his huge quads, one leg at a time, flexing his hind quads a few more times because they were so new to him. He clenched his rock-hard hind glutes. There was a slap, and Billy gasped in surprise.

“Fuck!” he said, laughing. He clenched his glutes a couple more times, and each time there was a heavy, thudding slap—his hind penis, incredibly huge, was slapping his underbelly with each buttucks clench. It grew in length, its huge head shoving straight forward into his front balls, making them stick forward more. It was so arousing his front penis swelled up so tall it bent back towards him, begging for attention, his outsized balls swaying massive and protuberant in their giant ballsacs.

“Aaargghhh!!” Billy groaned, flexing his huge chest and back, his immense arms and shoulders popping with giant perfect muscles. He was a sculpture in beautiful male flesh, all muscle and all legs, all four huge legs flexing their glutes, quads and calves, as Billy worked his four excellent looking feet, rising up on his toes and down again. I was groaning, aching with joy and insane for my boytaur Billy, wild for this four legged teen muscle god.


Part 2

I awoke in the middle of the dark, finding myself lying on my back in my bed with a huge hardon. On the pillow next to me, facing me, was the handsome sleeping face of Billy. One of his heavily muscled arms lay across my pecs, his hand resting on my shoulder. My heart was racing. I had to tell Billy.

“Hey Billy, wake up,” I whispered, not wanting to startle him out of his sleep.

“What?” came his sleepy reply.

“I have to tell you about this dream I had before I forget it. It was about you!”

“Cool,” he said, his hand squeezing my shoulder and the muscles on his arm tightening as he snuggled closer to me.

“I was dreaming I grew four legs for you, like you always wanted me to, and you were loving it,” he said, his boner growing as it pressed against my side. “It was so real; I can still feel my four legs. I had four quads and I was flexing them and turning you and me on.”

My boner got really hard and I turned on my side to face him, holding his body to mine, loving his muscles against mine.

“That's amazing,” I said. “I was having the same dream. You were shoving your four legs against me and were about to wrap all four of them around me. Damn it was sexy!”

“Dude, it's true,” Billy said. “Makes me want to wrap them all around you so you're mine, all mine,” he laughed, and we instinctively worked together to let him get those big hot dudes around me.

“Mmmmmm, Billy, you feel like you really do have four legs. I'm like helpless and you're totally surrounding me, dude.” I was amazed; his massive legs were hard as rocks but so warm and gentle around my waist and my own huge bodybuilder's legs. I knew it was because I had just been dreaming of him with four legs, but it really felt like he had four of them around me.

“I know, man; I think I do have four legs. I'm squeezing your waist with them, right? Now I'm squeezing your quads. Now I'm squeezing your waist and your quads. Is that cool or what?”

“Damn, Billy, I think we're still dreaming,” I said, running my hands down along his torso and feeling the rock-hard legs that embraced my waist. But as I felt around the legs to his ass, my hands found a second rock-hard pair of thighs snuggled up to the first pair, squeezing my own thighs. I was about to cream, but not believing my dream had come true.

“Billy, let me get the light.” Billy was asleep again, his handsome face buried in the crook of my neck and trapezoid where he liked to snuggle it, his arms heavy around me. His boner could sleep wide awake, just like always, next to mine, fully huge and aroused even when his body slept. Both our boners were huge, and mine was aching to come.

“Billy, let me get the light,” I said.

“Mmmmm,” he said, snuggling closer to me. “I like your body,” he said, eyes closed, smiling, squeezing me with his arms and what felt like four huge legs.

“You turn me on and make me want to wrap my four legs around you,” he said, drifting off to sleep again. “Billy, I think you really do have four legs—I'm feeling them with my hands. I gotta turn the light on just to see if this is real or if I'm dreaming. Billy?” He smiled and writhed against me, burying his lips on one of my nipples and caressing it with his tongue. My nipple aroused at once and I almost swooned. His powerful, sleek neck delivered his face to my other nipple, and he kissed and tongue-loved it, mashing his face into my heavy pec. I was loving it. “It's sexy holding you in my four legs, makes me want to have sex with you twice.”

I had to squeeze and hold him in the worst way and I wanted to make love to him, but I had to reach the light, which I couldn't in his quadruple leg-lock, and he was weakening my will with his embraces and kisses, but I had to see!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Presently, Billy's breathing became slow and deep, and I felt his massive arm muscles relax around me as his wonderful body slipped into sleep. His torso turned so his upper body lay on his broad back, the beautiful pectoral muscles and the nipples of his huge chest rising and falling gently with his deep breaths. His legs also relaxed heavily around me, and I lay there enjoying his nearness, running my hands over the huge, beautifully sculpted leg muscles. The legs were so warm and firm and huge under my hands, and heavy. They rested around me and in the slumber of Billy's body they lay on each other; my hands found four of them. By carefully turning my own body I could smooth myself into a better position to view them, and I did.

I slid slowly among them, moving down closer to them, feeling their gentle fragrant warmth and scent as I slowly pulled the blankets off of them, baring in the dim moonlight of the window four of the most beautiful male bodybuilders' legs I have ever seen. It wasn't a dream. Billy's massive and beautiful hind legs were snuggled warmly up against his front legs, muscle against muscle, his four handsomely shaped male feet comfortably piled against each other. I was thinking I could reluctantly escape Billy's four-legged leglock and then begin to worship that body, perhaps running my tongue across the soles of his four large, muscular feet, as I admired his gorgeous boytaur body, the contours of the hugely bugling muscles of his torso, arms, and the long, gentle swell of his four beautiful legs, outlined by the pale light of the moon. And licking his four handsome male feet might wake him up and convince him that boytaur sex might be a good idea. Like, right now.

2 parts 2,387 words Added May 2002 13k views 4.5 stars (2 votes)

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