Blowing up in Hollywood

by Aphon

Matt eagerly accepted a movie studio executive’s offer to bulk him up for a movie role. What he wasn’t expecting, however, were the dramatic changes his special hormone milk would cause.

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Part 1 Matt eagerly accepted a movie studio executive’s offer to bulk him up for a movie role. What he wasn’t expecting, however, were the dramatic changes his special hormone milk would cause. (added: 22 Dec 2018)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

Matt was in his manager’s office in a meeting with a big studio executive. He had auditioned for the part of a buff, gorgeous superhero for the newest summer blockbuster the studio had cooked up. He had never expected to actually get the part, but sure enough his phone rang a couple days later.

“Now comes the fun part,” the studio executive said. He smiled and pulled out a waver and confidentiality agreement for Matt to sign. “You will of course be involved in rigorous training to get your body in shape for the part, including a cutting-edge hormone stimulation treatment. Just to help with recovery time from your workouts.”

This all sounded great to Matt. He got to work out and get payed at the same time.

“Awesome! Where do I sign?” He eagerly picked the pen up from the desk. The meeting concluded with the sound of pen scratching on paper and a reminder that training started the following morning.

The next morning Matt rolled out of bed, roughly shutting off his alarm clock. As he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, he glanced at his body in his full-length mirror. He’d always had a decent body: athletic, but the kind that could stand to hit the gym a little more. It fit his 5’10” frame pretty well, Matt thought. He always wished he had more body hair, but his cock was more than enough to prove his manliness. Matt closed his eyes and smiled as he felt his 6-inch soft cock swell slightly. Hard, it was 8 thick inches. Matt got dressed, grabbed a granola bar, and headed to training.

After the first few training sessions, Matt was starting to feel good about himself. He could actually see that he had gotten bigger even in this past week. His body felt tighter and his cock was pumped. As he posed in the mirror, his stomach rumbled. Whoa. He didn’t feel hungry, but he suddenly had a craving for that drink the trainer gave him before every session. That must be the new hormone stimulation treatment. He hadn’t really given it any thought until now, but he longed for the taste. It was only a small bottle, but the milky liquid was like crack to him.

He went to bed, tossing and turning until morning. When his alarm rang, he wasted no time in getting ready and leaving the house to go train. The sessions were all being held at some studio executive’s house. It was in the hills and had its own private gym, so it was just Matt and his trainer.

Once he got there, Matt told the trainer, Tyler, that he had to go change. “Take your time man, you got here early today!” Tyler smiled at Matt. Matt thought for a second that Tyler might be into him. That thought quickly passed as he closed the door to the locker room behind him. Matt scanned the locker room. He knew that Tyler got the hormone milk from here, but he didn’t know where the source was. He didn’t have to look far—no one would need to hide anything in their own gym, right? Matt found a ten-gallon jug beside one of the lockers that appeared to be filled with the same milky orange liquid he craved so much. Matt glanced around to make sure Tyler hadn’t crept up on him before picking up the jug and taking a couple gulps. Usually Tyler barely gave Matt half a gulp. Now, he was definitely quenching his thirst…

After taking a couple more swigs for good measure, Matt put the jug down. You could barely tell that any had been taken. He wiped the corners of his mouth and put the jug back, hurrying off to change and go train. His stomach bulged out slightly from the milk that was sloshing around. He didn’t want to raise suspicions by being gone so long. But either way, he was sure it wouldn’t matter if he was drinking a bit more than his share of the milk. It could only help him recover better, and there was no harm in that.


Part 2

Matt was feeling sluggish after his workout. His skin was pumped and red hot and his balls ached. Tyler had worked him pretty hard, so he was looking forward to sleeping as soon as he got some food in him. God, he was hungry.

Matt pulled his car into the Taco Bell drive thru and ordered twenty bucks’ worth of food. When it finally came, he just parked his car right outside the restaurant and started chowing down. After the food was all inhaled he sat back and patted his stomach. It was so full that it pushed his shirt up slightly so his belly button showed. Matt’s hand brushed his slight happy trail. He looked downward suddenly, remembering that he had never had a happy trail. He could see little hairs sprouting from under his waistband moving upwards towards his stomach. At the same time, Matt was shifting uncomfortably in the front seat. His shorts had been short before, but now they looked minuscule with his two thick thighs stuffed inside of them. In fact, Matt’s whole body felt thicker. His arms had gained some definition and he was the proud owner of a four pack of abs. The growth wasn’t over yet—Matt could feel his pecs swelling with brawn, pushing his nipples outward. His shirt was beginning to strain as it clung to his chest like paint. His new muscles made him look like a football stud, and he loved it. His crotch immediately drew his attention as he felt it stir in his ultra-tight shorts. It usually created a nice bulge at a soft 6 inches, but now it looked like a salami was stuffed inside the stretchy fabric. It was so tight you could almost make out the veins that crisscrossed the shaft.

After this swell of growth Matt raced home, eager to get out of his tight clothes and examine his body. The elastic of his waistband was cutting into his thicker self. He could feel his swollen pecs stretching the shirt fabric tight across his chest.

He crashed onto his bed just as he felt his already thick thighs swelling larger in his shorts. The seams groaned, trying to hold together under the growing brawn. Matt fell asleep in bed to the blissful feeling of growth.

The next morning, sun cascaded through his window and awoke him rudely. As he flipped over to shield his face, his cock flopped out of his underwear and slapped his thigh. It was at least 8 inches soft, accompanied by balls the size of apples. They were churning with cum and aching for release.

He stroked himself, looking at himself in the mirror. His pecs were huge and muscled, pumping up as his arm moved back and forth. The valley between them was hairy and deep. His abs also had a line of manly hair traveling down the middle toward a sexy happy trail. Matt realized that he wanted more. He wanted a bigger cock, bigger muscles. He wanted to be a massive man.

He stuffed his leaking cock in his pants and headed towards his car. He was going to get what he wanted.


Part 3

He got to the studio executive’s house 15 minutes later. To his surprise, no one was home. He snuck into the gym with ease and found the unsecured jug of the “muscle milk.”

He was so ravenous for it that he practically tore the cap off, tilting the 10-gallon jug so that it poured right into his mouth. His adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he inhaled gulp after gulp of the milky liquid. Finally, after drinking enough to grotesquely distend his muscled stomach, Matt put it down. He felt groggy and full of lust. Suddenly, his clouded mind conjured up an idea. This was a studio executive’s house, so why didn’t he go up there and have some fun with him?

Picking up the three-quarters-full muscle milk juice, he carried it upstairs to where he assumed the master bedroom was. He walked into a modern looking room with a gas fireplace and fur-covered, king-sized bed. The studio executive was spread eagle on top of it. Matt couldn’t believe his luck.

He quickly grabbed belts from the closet and strapped the man to the bedposts. Matt’s growth was hitting him, so it was getting hard to concentrate. His pecs swelled with brawn, forcing his nipples to point downwards. His arms swelled to 19 inches and his thighs looked like tree trunks. They only accentuated his 10-inch soft cock. He was becoming super-sized, and Matt loved it.

Concentrating on the studio executive strapped on the bed, Matt grabbed a tube taped on the side of the jug and inserted it into the studio exec’s ass. He squirmed slightly but didn’t wake up. Matt picked up the jug of muscle milk and poured it into the tube. It gurgled at the bottom for a moment before the ass absorbed it. After pouring in a liberal amount, the changes started quite rapidly. His ass became two brawny globes on thick tree trunk thighs. His pecs begged to be fucked as they packed on more muscle.

The man strapped to the bed started to stir as the changes became more uncomfortable.

“What the—” he managed to say before being overcome with a wave of lightheadedness and lust. His cock swelled out from under him. Normally, he had an erect size of 6 inches, but now his cock had to be past the 8-inch mark, hard and throbbing as it crept larger and closer to his hipbone.

Matt started to stroke his cock over the studio exec, watching him pump up steadily. The belts were getting tight around his newly thickened wrists. His whole body looked thicker, Matt noticed. His pecs were two huge slabs of muscle and poked out of his too small shirt. They were covered in short hair that swirled around his nipples and disappeared down his stomach. His crotch looked stuffed with a healthy amount of meat. His balls must have been the size of large eggs with now 9-inch-thick cock.

The studio exec began to really wake up. He began to mumble something Matt couldn’t hear at first.


Matt leaned in closer…

“M-mor-more please!”

The studio exec moaned as he finished the sentence, clearly still living in the afterglow of his growth. Not one to ruin someone’s day, Matt grabbed the tube and tilted the jug over, watching the potent milk dissipate into the exec’s asshole. Just when he thought he should stop, Matt held back. He waited… 5 seconds…. 10 seconds…. the exec said nothing, just laying there moaning. He was still spread eagle on the bed, his brawny ass spread open for all to see with a plastic tube stuffed in it. You could see the sheer amount of thick milk that was flowing down the tube every second.

After a solid couple of minutes, Matt tipped the jug back into place just as changes started taking place. The exec started sweating profusely and strained at his restraints. He moaned loudly as he started rapidly ballooning. Short, dark hairs spread like wildfire across the chest, stomach, and down into his exploding crotch. His growing lats pushed his 23-inch arms out to the side while his waist stayed the same and his pecs swelled impossibly large. Matt jumped backwards as the belts that held the studio exec in place snapped one by one. His wrists had simply gotten too thick. Maybe Matt had overdone it this time…

The man’s muscle growth slowed finally after packing on more than 50 pounds of additional muscle, but his cock told another story. Now that he was free from restraints, the man flipped over and exposed his crotch to the full view of Matt. They both stared as the soft cock swelled from 6 thick inches to nearly a foot of soft sausage within a minute or two. His balls grew to the size of melons, causing his package to burst out of his briefs and rest in full display of Matt.

The two recently enhanced men locked eyes.

“Can I?” asked Matt.

“Be my guest,” smiled the studio exec.

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