by oswaldthefiasco

Tired of being small, Brian finds a new supplement to kickstart his growth. After not properly reading the instructions, the supplement works a little too well.

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“Ugh, only a one pound gain?” Brian said, disdainfully.

Staring at his too small frame in the reflection while standing on the scale, he was starting to get fed up.

“I’ve been working out and eating like crazy, and nothing!” he lamented. He stepped off the scale and got ready to start the day.

Brian had always wished to be big, like those strongmen he followed on Instagram. It seemed no matter how hard he tried, however, the weight and size wouldn’t come. He was a decent height at 6 feet, with brown hair and bright blue eyes—honestly a decently handsome face. However as he looked down and grabbed the skin fold of his stomach, he wished for more.

He got dressed and headed to work, basically moving like a zombie. The idea of growth couldn’t get out of his head. He arrived at work at the same time as his best work friend, Dan. He waved halfheartedly and Dan knew the problem instantly.

“No gains?” Dan asked.

“Nothing! It’s like no matter what I eat and no matter how much I work out, the weight doesn’t stick,” Brian responded.

“I’m sorry, I know it sucks,” Dan replied, and Brian knew that Dan was trying to be supportive. But sometimes when Brian looked at Dan, he would be filled with envy at Dan’s size. Dan was always big, at a towering 6’7. It didn’t matter what his frame really looked like, he looked down on pretty much everyone. However, he was pretty big himself, probably well past 300, a bit of a belly but still with some muscle as well. Dan was one of those people who gained easily, didn’t really care about his size but definitely wouldn’t complain if he had more.

They walked in and went to their desks. Brian signed onto everything, answered a few emails but then immediately started surfing Google for different supplements in hopes that maybe something would catch his eye. He popped over to Amazon and ordered another case of Boost VHC when a suggested ad appeared.

Tired of your scrawny frame?

Do you feel like no matter how much you eat and your workout, the weight doesn’t stick?

Only gain one pound this week?

Then you need to try our new appetite enhancer, Hungrow!

Guaranteed to maximize your caloric intake so you can finally be the big man you want to be!

“Wow, ads are getting highly specific,” Brian thought to himself. He pulled up his Slack to send a message to Dan so he would come over to his cubicle.

“It definitely seems too good to be true,” Dan said, after reading the ad. “It’s like it was reading your search history.”

“I mean, maybe, but I’ve gotta try something, you know? What’s the worst that can happen?” and with that, he added three bottles to his cart and hit the button that said “ship.”

That night, Brian had some of the best orgasms he’s had in a while, in hopes that he would finally be growing soon once the supplements arrive. He cleaned off his measly load in the shower and went to bed, hoping to dream about his soon to be massive body.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next few days were uneventful. You could almost see Brian shaking with excitement as he waited for the package to arrive. Finally, three days after he ordered it, he got a notification that a package was delivered. Work seemed to drag on after that but finally he rushed home and tore open the package like it was Christmas. He chuckled to himself at how generic the bottles of “Hungrow” looked but he ignored the directions and immediately swallowed two pills and then downed a Boost. He felt an immediate jolt through his system, though that could have just been from excitement. After taking the pills, he changed into his gym clothes and went off.

The workout was no different but afterwards, he was ravenous, more so than normal. He stopped at McDonald’s and got four McDoubles (three more than last week), a large fries, a drink and a shake and raced home as his stomach was growling. He pulled into the driveway and didn’t even wait to go inside, just immediately tore open the bag. The first burger was gone in three bites and the second almost as quickly. The third and fourth took a little longer but still went down relatively easily. He slowed down when it came to the fries and the shake but they still went down quickly and easily. He opened the door, surveying the damage and noticed his belly was a bit distended. He could feel the heaviness of all the food in his stomach as he walked into his house and was pleased. He grabbed a beer and settled in for the rest of the night.

The next day when he woke up to his alarm, he threw his sheets off his bed and raced to the bathroom to see if there was any change. He pulled out his scale and there was a five pound gain, he was up to 180! He looked at himself in the mirror and he did seem to be slightly bigger. His arms just seemed to have filled out a tiny bit more, you could see the veins on it and his belly had a little bit more weight to it. Also, he couldn’t be sure, but he also thought he might have been taller?

This revelation of being even a little bit bigger fueled him and he immediately started rubbing himself, cumming right there while standing on the scale. While he was not normally a big shooter, there seemed to be more of his stuff than ever before. His hand was fully covered and there were some big globs on the scale. He took little note, cleaned himself off, and changed for work.

He took two more pills that morning and another Boost and didn’t think much of it, but on the drive to work, his stomach was growling almost as loud as the radio. He didn’t really have time to stop, the impromptu jerk session set him behind, but he also knew if he didn’t stop, he would never be able to focus. He pulled into the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts and ordered a half dozen random donuts, truly not caring about what kind. Before even leaving the parking lot, one of the donuts were gone and he continued to stuff his face as he drove to work.

By the time he arrived at work, there was nothing left but crumbs. He was surprised but pleased at how quickly he was able to eat those donuts but, while not starving, he felt he could eat more. However, he really had to get to the office, he was already running late and missing the morning meeting. He let out a satisfied belch as he got out of the car and quickly walked to the building.

After putting his stuff down, he snuck into the conference room and joined the meeting. They were talking about the previous quarter’s numbers and the goals for the next quarter but after a half hour, he started to feel hunger pains again. Brian ignored them. He knew he couldn’t leave, but they became more and more intense. After what felt like a year, the meeting was over.

“Hey Dan, do you want to go out for lunch today?” Brian asked, desperately wanting food as soon as possible.

“Sure, I’ll drive.” They both put their stuff at Dan’s desk and went down to Dan’s car.

Dan started to ask, “Do you have a pref—”

But Brian cut him off. “I don’t care, whatever is closest. I’m starving.” And as if to emphasize his point, his stomach let out a huge growl. Dan laughed and they headed for Taco Bell.

Dan could always eat pretty big but this time Brian was keeping up with him. They ordered two taco party packs for a total of 24 tacos and Brian didn’t even wait for them to get their drinks before he started eating. Dan pulled his SUV from the drive thru to a parking spot and by that time, Brian had already eaten two tacos.

“Holy shit, you good dude?” Dan asked, incredulous.

Brian just nodded as he continued to stuff his face, now on his fourth taco, with bits of lettuce and cheese dripping down his shirt. He wasn’t really concerned with all that, it was almost like he was hypnotized and had to keep eating. Dan couldn’t even start eating, he was just as dazed watching how quickly Brian was scarfing down tacos. He eventually did start to slow by taco number nine and stopped after he finished his dozen. By this point, Dan did start eating but was nowhere near as far along.

“So I take it this supplement is working?” Dan asked, trying to tamper his excitement at how much Brian ate.

“Yeah dude, it’s great! I feel like I’m unstoppable!” Brian said, while eyeing some of Dan’s remaining tacos. Dan rolled his eyes.

“Yes, you can have two,” Dan said and the second the words were out of his mouth, Brian reached into the box and unwrapped the first taco.

Finally satisfied, Brian leaned back and let out a huge burp. Still feeling a gas bubble, he leaned over and ripped a massive fart, laughing at Dan’s reaction. His belly was straining against his button down shirt and in fact, his whole body seemed to be straining at his clothes, almost as if he was growing right then and there. But obviously that wasn’t possible… right?

1,673 words Added Apr 2023 6,568 views 5.0 stars (6 votes)

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