Buying new underwear

by James Morris

Matt goes to buy underwear and runs into a hugely hung stud in the changing rooms who needs some help trying on his own purchases.

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I all started three days ago. I went into a well-known departmental store to buy some new boxer shorts. Oh shit, I thought, looking at the underwear on display, the sizes are all wrong for me—they had sizes 24/26 and 38/40 but nothing between them. Then inspiration struck: take some and try them first.

I grabbed a few different sizes, didn’t look at them, checked for an empty changing room, walked in backwards through the open door, locked it and went to hang the gear on the door hook. I turned around and to my horror, there was a man in front of me stark bollock naked with a pair of lycra sports shorts in his hand, “Sorry mate,” he said, laughing. “This cubicle is already taken as you can see”

I gagged. Shit, this guy was big, cock wise I mean. I apologised and started to unlock the door. He leaned over and pulled me back. “No problems. Now you are here you can help me get into these shorts—they seem rather small for XL.”

“Forget it,” I said, keeping my voice low, so the others in other cubicles could not hear me. “I am no cock sucking faggot. I am a straight guy!”

He laughed quietly. “We will see about that. What have you bought then?”

Not thinking, I produced some rather boring black and white boxers shorts. He looked at them. “Not very inspiring are they?” he said. “Look, my name is name is Geoff. I am a gay guy, as you thought, so I know these things. How about your try a pair of the ones I brought in? They look a lot more exciting.”

Without even thinking I stripped off to a rather old ragged jock strap and he looked at my peanut size cock (I am 6’2”, so it looks worse) but never said anything. I could not help but keep looking at his massive cock and balls. He was a well-built guy, same height as me more or less and well-muscled, but his cock was half-way down his thigh, and was cut with a huge maroon shiny mushroom head. Fucking hell! I am straight, and I wanted to hold it, and fondle his orange sized balls. He was completely shaved (as I am) and I wanted that cock. He bent down and started to pull on his red lycra shorts, he got them as far as his knees and then his cock was in the way.

“May I ask you your name please?” he murmured.

“Sure, it’s Mike.” And before I realised what I was doing I leaned over and guided his hot, swollen cock into the lycra shorts so he could pull them further up. His cock head was slippery with pre cum, and my mind kept thinking, what it would taste like? I only cum a bit and have never tasted it.

Something weird was going on because again, without thinking I guided his hard shaking balls into the shorts and he pulled them up and looked into the mirror. “Mmmm” he said “Look a bit revealing.”

I laughed then and said, “You are lucky, mate. Look at my pathetic little peanut!”

Geoff leaned over and put his arm around my shoulder and kissed me. Hang on… this guy is fucking kissing me, and I am doing nothing! In fact I am (to be honest) enjoying it. I returned his kiss, and sure I felt disgusted with myself when I found I was tonguing him. I felt even worse when I realised I was running my hand gently across his swollen crotch.

“Are you sure you have never been with a guy before?” asked Geoff, “You seem to be having a real nice time here.”

“Shit Geoff, I want to taste your man juices!” I blurted out. And then I saw him pulling down his shorts and easing out his massive cock. I kneeled down and gently licked his throbbing cock head. God, it was big, but surprisingly I got it all inside my mouth. I could see my face in the mirror and my whole face was distorted with his huge cock head. He held my head firmly and started to push his cock deeper down my throat—Christ, he will kill me, I thought, but while I could feel every inch sliding down I loved it. “Mike, you take cock like a pro, you will have to let me suck your monster dry when I have cum.”

Suck my monster dry, is this guy for real?. “Fucking hell,” he whispered, “I am cumming… hold on…”

Understatement of the year! He blasted hot thick cum down inside me, and I fucking loved the taste of my first load. It took a few seconds to pull his huge cock out and he sat down.

“Listen Mike,” said Geoff, “let’s go back to my place. Buy these shorts and try the rest on at home.” I agreed, still feeling confused at myself. What the hell was I doing with a man and what the fuck was I doing sucking him off?

We left the changing room separately, and he paid for all the gear. I met him outside and drove behind him to the outskirts of the town to a very nice house in its own grounds.

I followed him inside and we went into the kitchen. “Let’s have coffee first and then see what we can do with you.”

I felt a lot more worried now, but surely he cannot kill me or worse. I have my mobile in the car switched on and my car has a tracker, so I might as well have fun.

“Hey Mike, ever taken a cock up your arse?”

No!” I yelled back, though more because of the cock I was staring at. “And I don’t think I want to… it would kill me!”

Next minute Geoff had his arms around me kissing me and then kneeled down and said he wanted to play with my gorgeous, pierced cock. …My what?

I looked down. My old jock had vanished, and to my delight I was sporting a very big cut cock, and I mean big, must have been all of 11” and was rock hard reaching out from my body, and my cock head had a huge Prince Albert piercing ring down inside the slit and out through the side. Shit it was heavy, and I loved it too…. my balls had grown to tennis ball size and were shaking and I felt full of cum—that was a first.

Geoff knelt down in front of me, and took my ring and cock head in his mouth. I gently pushed it in further. I was so hard it hurt, so as he sucked I gently pushed inside his mouth and down his throat. It was amazing and before I knew it I was shooting gallons of cum in his throat and my balls were banging his chin. FUCK ME, I AM GAY, I thought, and it didn’t bother me at all.

We both stood, holding each other. “Well, my lovely man, you like your new body? I have done some minor adjustments as well, you will find you now have a large butt hole and can take all types of cock, like mine, and when guys shoot their loads, like me, you will find that if there’s any excess inside, you will shoot it from your cock. Let’s try it out!”

Before I could move, he had thrown me on the sofa and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I felt his cock pushing inside me, and boy it was big. It hurt a little then I was in heaven. I could felt him pushing deep inside me, I could feel every movement. I felt the expected gush of hot cum, I thought I would burst, then suddenly I felt cum oozing from my cock. This is fantastic!

He pulled out, licked me clean and turned over bent down and told me to fuck him.

“Sorry, I have gone soft,” I said.

“Doesn’t look like that to me,” he laughed. I looked down and saw my cock was rock hard, now about 13” and throbbing, so I simply pushed my was inside him and fucked him rotten. I soon came. I didn’t think I would stop. He was screaming in pleasure, and I saw his cock like mine was running cum out.

I pulled out and we lay on the sofa, holding each other. “Geoff, I do not know what you have done to me, but I love it all. What happens now?” I asked.

“You move in with me, Mike, sell your flat, and we will run my financial empire from home. I need help and you are so right for the job in all respects…”

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