by Nikison

Having fallen overboard, a man washes ashore on an island. The natives make a big impression on him.

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I was on my way back from southern Italy to the US on a business trip. I took a boat, because I didn’t want to have to deal with the airports, and it actually was a more pleasant trip than a plane. I got up from my room in the passenger rooms to use the bathroom, and as I entered I looked myself over in the mirrors. I saw a 6’3, black as the sky at sea bed-head hair, with a trace of muscle, and semi tan skin from my trip. I used the toilet and went back to my room. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t, The waves of the ocean against the hull of the ship were keeping me awake, and I was nearly on the point of passing out and probably never waking up. I decided to throw some clothes on and go out and just wander around. I wandered around the ship for a while taking in the endless sea around me. I got to a nice spot on the ship with a nice view of the ocean and the moonlight reflecting off it. I leaned on the railing of the ship and just watched it glitter in the calm, peaceful ocean, I wondered what it would be like to just sit in it, and just float with no waves, no noise, just peace… and

I woke up on a beach. When I first woke up I didn’t really realize what was going on. I laid on the beach for 5 seconds until I realized that I WAS on a beach then jumped up and looked around. I assume I had fallen asleep while watching the ocean and must have fallen off the side. Panic struck me at first. I didn’t bother to look at my surroundings, all I did was panic and pace around while looking at sea to find a ship and muttering gibberish to myself. After about what felt like 5 minuets, but in my head was maybe 30 seconds, I broke down and just sat my ass on the beach and put my head in my knees and cried. I thought this would be the end. I sat there for half an hour before I worked up the courage to look at where I was. The water around the island was nearly clear and for about 1 or 2 miles to my left and right was a beach that looked like a cove of some sort. Behind me were a few palms on a risen land mass with a little thick grass and sand. Beyond that was a thickening of plants. Not like jungle thick but thick enough that you might not want to go in there. On top of the island was a rising mountain then a drop onto the sea about 40 yards from where I woke up. I looked at where the cliff dropped and saw a waterfall, and what looked like a cliff diving hole. I had running water, that was a start on survival. I got up and checked my body to see if any damage had been done. I had a few very small cuts and a rather nasty bruise on my left calf. I got up and decided to find a means of survival.

I got up to the land behind me and climbed up. I looked at the trees to see if there was anything I could get from them but there wasn’t anything but fresh palms. Upon the ground were a strip of palms that almost looked like they were poorly laid out. They were also covered in some kind of sticky residue to which I assumed must be some kind of sap, or slime from an insect. I thought about it and I came to peace with the idea of eating bugs for survival. Fortunately I found a bush full of I was hoping to be blackberry’s and harvested a lot and ate the lot. I suddenly heard something! it was very distance but it sounded like something yelling in agony. I ignored it really, just assuming it was the wind but I was in denial. I gathered the leaves and built a poor canopy out of some branches, the leaves, the sap, and the cliff side. I went to the waterfall and took a drink. It tasted normal, not clean but fresh enough so I drank in so much I felt quite bloated. I tore the lower half of my pants off and set them in the sun to dry along with my shoes, and thankfully my jacket. I had nothing else to do but find more food to stock up on, so I decided to venture carefully into the thicket beyond the palms.

As I ventured, I came across the same sap all over the ground and plants but there was always a clearing before there was some. There was also more, on the ground but it was crusty and stale. I had a stick dragging on the ground behind me, drawing a path so I didn’t get lost. I heard another yell, this time it was closer but still distant. Foolishly, I went towards it. When I came to where it sounded like it was coming from there was nothing there. On a tree nearby there was a large quantity of the sap, and it was warm, but it wasn’t just on the tree. There was a puddle on the ground with it, the tree was nearly covered in it, and the plants beyond the tree had some of it. The sap dripped off in trail and I fallowed. Eventually it came to an end. Not knowing where to go I continued when suddenly I was snared and was hanging upside down from a well woven rope.

I struggled at first then I saw something amazing. A man. He had long brown hair, and it was messy. Behind him was a smaller guy, with blonde hair that was similar to his other. He had a spear made out of stick and aimed at me but lowered it when he got a good look at me. He said something to the smaller man and he hurried off. The man cut me loose and miraculously caught me in both arms and put me head up in no time. He was gorgeous! His muscles were toned and his skin a golden islander color, and he stood a massive ’8 inches taller than me and everything about him was thicker than normal. But the one thing that stuck out the most, was his groin. He had a MASSIVE shaft, and poorly covering it was a pelt loincloth. It had to be at least the size of a regular mans shoulder to elbow and the size of a fist round head peeking out from the bottom, and slightly above that were 2 shock put sized balls hanging almost as far down as his head . On him it only went down his hulking thighs about halfway. Suddenly he spoke something to me but I didn’t understand. I don’t know why I thought talking English would work but I tried and he responded slowly, “Y-y-oo… Schpeek… odder…” he understood me, kindof! He threw me onto his shoulders with one arm and carried me away.

Later on, we arrived at a village, that was covered in the sap. I heard light moaning all around and sap flying everywhere, and I came to the conclusion I knew what it was… . The village was a community of maybe 9 blocks of huts, all made from tied together rods and palm leaves on the roofs. Most of the hut’s roofs were sunken in and covered in cum. I thought to myself that the women here must be amazing, but as I looked while being carried I saw not a single women. I assumed they were all pleasing the men, but what about this stallion carrying me? Finally we got to a large hut and he set me down gently. In front of me was a chubby man, but he was as hung as the guy that brought me here. His hair was shaven somehow and around him were 5 boys similar to the one with my trapper and one was actually him and he scurried off as soon as the other guy left. I was alone in this hut with the man and the 4 other younger men. He suddenly spoke, “You speak the other language?”

I was in shock that they spoke English and replied, “Yes, I do! I have been castaway from my ship and I…”

“It’s all right, your safe now,” and he talked to the four men around him and they left.

“Who are you? What is this place? Who are you people?” I asked in 2 seconds.

“We are the residents of this island. We do not know where we came from, but we worship this island for its many blessings.”

The 4 boys came back with banana leaves with different foods on them and set them on the floor in front of me. All of them were dressed the same as everyone else, except smaller. Their penis’s weren’t nearly as big as the man in front of me and the trapper’s.

“eat, you must be quite weary after going through such torment,” I dove in, and listened to his deep voice, “ We learned this language from someone like you in your same situation. He was a scholar, who was traveling when he was cast away as well. We found him and he taught us this language to our chieftain and he taught it to the rest of us. It was passed down through the sons of our chieftain should another come, and it appears you have.” I was full. And I took all of his words in.

I asked, “Can you help me get back?”

“No, we have no need to leave. Everything on our island is plentiful and rich.”

“So…i’m… I’m stuck here…” it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I learned to become one of them in a few minuets. I wore a loincloth as they did and I was happy to learn that most of them spoke English but it was rough. I went around the village and saw that there was not a single women, only guys. To make it better, most of them were the same kind of horse hunk that trapped me type. Each with different features, but all the same massive muscle, hung in variety but still larger than normal cocks. I noticed that all of them had a smaller normal guy with them. I asked the chief about them and he said, “it is one of our customs. The men with the lesser stature will be given to a greater one as a mate,” I felt a rush of blood go through my cock. All these men were gay, and all hung beyond belief, “At the age of when the greater man comes of age then they are given a mate. After that, they are still young and they run off all day for a long time and they have sex whenever possible.” It was hard to hide a hard-on in a loincloth so I sat down and hugged my knees pretending to observe all that was going on, “My son is the next to receive the ceremony, but he does not like any of the mates available. Suddenly 2 greater men came out from the thicket and behind them was a gorgeous man that was better looking than any of the others. His muscles were more defined and firm looking, and his cock went to his knee with two basketball balls in a low hanging sac that hung as far as the other men’s cocks did. He wore a loincloth for some reason, as it did not cover his cock at all.

“ah, my son. He brings me great pride! He his more man than anyone in the village and I will be proud to be dethroned by him.” He walked toward us with a very fat warthog on his shoulder.

“Why hasn’t he chosen a mate yet? He is a very manly.” my cock was leaking precum just at the sight of him.

“He has tried all the available boys, but he says ’they fill my genitals with pleasure, but cannot give me the release I long for’ so he not rise to chieftain.”

He came up to us and spoke in the most amazing voice, “I have found the boar that has been eating our food stores,” he knelt down to put the boar down and as he did his cock folded against the ground and he made eye contact with me, “Who, is this guest with us today?”

“this is a castaway on the island. He is going to become one of our people,”

“really?!” he got up and I saw that his cock was firmer, “ will he be…?”

The chieftain asked him something in their native tounge and he took me into the hut again.

“Do you wish to be one of us?”

“Yes. I don’t like the idea of dying on an island so I really don t have a choice.”

“Then you must love men.”

“Yes. I will.”

“My son seems to take a liking to you. He wishes to ’test’ you out. But he wishes it be kept a secret.”

The chieftain’s son took me out into the thicket to go “Foraging” as we walked I stayed behind his massive back and got to watch his cock and balls move in the bush and I saw his perfect ass. We came to the same spot on the beach that I arrived on. And he climbed up a tree with ease and pulled down some leaves. He climbed down and came up to me and started talking and I thought my heart was about to explode, “So, how well do you like our little paradise?”

“is gorgeous!”

“yea? Whats so ’gorgeous’ about it?”

“well, for one thing… you…”

“oh really? …” he came up to me and grabbed my hand and forced it onto his abs. They were so firm and defined my breath began to shake. I had to raise my arm just to get at his pecs and they were just as firm as his abs were but they were massive. He raised his arms behind his head all the while moaning in ecstasy and I saw his biceps. They were larger than my head, and not a single part of his body I was able to push in except his ass which was still built very well.

He untied his loincloth and tore off mine with 2 fingers. My erection was clear but he hadn’t even started his yet. I sucked on his tits for a while and gradually it started going up. He held me in his arms as if I was a nursing child standing against his body. I rubbed his body up and down lost in lust. I felt something rub up on my thigh. I saw that his already massive cock was swelling starting from his groin, filling with blood.

It took minuets to finally start to fully rise up. It started to swell, growing thicker and firmer with each passing moment, then it began to gain length, it grew by the inches every few seconds and I saw it pulsate each time. Slowly it rose up, curling out from it’s once dormant state. His balls grew as well, each passing moment I saw that they were growing larger, and fuller to keep in the same size with his cock. Soon, they hung all the way to the ground and lay there looking like 2 under-inflated, exercise balls. Soon he laid back against the palm fronds he placed against the cliff side, under the size of his enormous growth and I started working on his shaft. I sat on his balls with his legs arched over them and with his massive hight he was able to touch the other side on the ground. They were warm, and I felt the cum churning within them longing for a release. I sucked as best I could on his now larger-than-my-head cock. It grew even more rapidly now and was growing faster. It went past my torso, then above my head, and soon grew longer than my height all together. Laying on top of me was a 7 ft cock with a 2.5 ft girth. It was practically rock solid but his skin was soft to the touch and the massive cock was laying on top of me. I probably would have suffocated under it, if it hadn’t been for his huge balls cushioning me. He was in total pleasure, his face looked at me in longing for me to continue, and he was bracing his head with his massive arms against the cliff. I climbed out from under his cock and proceeded to finish him off.

I climbed over his cock and stood on his abs, and they didn’t even sink in. I wrapped my hands around his cock which I barely was able to get around. I started to squat up, and down continuously while licking it all around. I had came twice already since we started an I hadn’t even had any stimulus but I still wanted more. He was moaning loudly and fidgeting a lot, his balls were also swelling up to the size of overinflated exercise balls. He turned me around and stood up, pulled his cock up against my back and told me to grab it from behind. I obeyed and he was lifting me by my thighs, using my whole back as a tool of pleasure. I felt his warmth on my butt as I moved and it made me want to cum. My cock was covered completely in pre-cum still dripping it. I felt something in my hair and I reached for it and it was cum. He was dripping as well. His eyes were closed and his head raised as he breathed heavily. He lifted me off and sat me upon the top of his shaft and rubbed me around it. I was paralyzed from the stimulation, and was shouting louder than I ever had. He pulled me towards him, as I looked he put my entire cock in his mouth, balls and all, and sucked on it. It was heaven, I felt his tongue play with my cock. Soon I was drenched in his pre-cum and I had came in his mouth twice already, and still going. Suddenly he stopped and pulled my cock out of his mouth and pulled mine to his and we locked lips for a few seconds before he pulled slightly away and shouted loud enough I thought the island would shake and I heard a loud “pish” sound. He was cumming.

If I was standing in front of him, he would have torn me in half when he did. His first shot was massive, and sprayed all over. It would be like a garden hose with a huge nozzle attached to it but it was thicker. I looked back and saw it spray about 6-7 yards and it hit a tree and broke it enough that it began to bend and eventually it tipped over. He shot another massive load like that directly up and it shot above the palms that were there and showered down upon us, I turned and put my mouth in the drenched opening and I felt his next load come out and nearly drown me. It shot up my nose, all over my face, and filled my mouth in 1 second. I was chugging down as much as I could, and I was having orgasms throughout the entire experience. He came like this for 7 minuets then slowly started to die down over a while. When he finally stopped I fell backwards.

My gut was swollen like a ball from all the cum-devouring I had done, and I was laying soaked on his torso with my eyesight blurred, not just from the cum but from sheer mind fucking. He slid me up his chest which I rested my head on like a pillow and he held me in his arms, rubbing my distended gut. I started to fall asleep there. I looked around and saw that the ground around didn’t have an inch of ground, it was all covered in cum. I stared at his body, and he was too. His hair had spots of cum and his mouth was leaking my cum from the edges. His balls were returning to their once dormant stage and the cock was long still and flaccid. He came to my head and kissed my hair as I dozed off and whispered, “You’re the one for me…”

Weeks passed and we had the manhood ceremony. It was a great feast in which the smaller men had to take the larger one’s cock into their ass while it was soft and sit all the way down. When it came to my turn I happily took it all in. when I did, it looked like I was pregnant, and you could see the outlining of my insides against my skin. After that my man and I became the leaders of the tribe. I was more of a sex slave than anything else. Almost once every waking hour, we had sex. Sometimes it was in the middle of the village, and others started to join in. all the larger men didn’t even come close to mine, and the smaller men wished they had him too. I taught the villagers ways they could increase their pleasure in sex by different sex styles. I also found out why there were no women. The men here are reborn, when they are old they are cast into the cliff pit and come out teenagers. I would get to be with my man, forever.


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