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Changes in stages

by Writ Bro

That box of clothes in the attic of your new rental house? Don’t pass them off to Goodwill just yet.

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You may be looking for the following similarly named story: The Change by Richard Jasper.

Part 1: The Box in the Attic That box of clothes in the attic of your new rental house? Don’t pass them off to Goodwill just yet. (added: 9 Oct 2010)
Part 2: Past Time  (added: 9 Jan 2011)
Part 3: Shopping Josh and Riley get closer as they enjoy the effects of the recent changes and decide to buy some sexy clothes together. (added: 12 Jun 2011)
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Part 1: The Box in the Attic

I had just moved out of my dormitory of my university into a privately rented house closer to the centre of town. Walking around the place I would be living in for the at least the next year, and hopefully longer, I was still marveling at how successful we had been at finding a nice and affordable place. It was spacious, with four bedrooms, a nice large dining room as well as a huge living room with fireplace, a kitchen and a garden. There was also a generous amount of storage space on the top floor and this was my next point of investigation. I was the first one to move in into the new house as the other guys I would be going to live with were still away on vacation or at home with their parents. I didn’t really care that I was stuck here working and I was actually looking forward to getting the place sorted before they all came back.

I had searched the whole place, found absolutely nothing so my hopes for the last bit weren’t high. I opened the door to the attic, less than a couple of feet high and behind it I found a great darkness. I grabbed my flashlight and shone it done the cramped space. It was almost empty except for one large box at the end. Crawling in, I could feel my boney knees on the hard wooden ground. Boney I was, ridiculously for that matter. I looked more like a nerd with the glasses. I must say I didn’t dress like one, on the contrary, I tried to follow today's fashion and considering my job paid me quite well most girls acknowledged I was successful. Most guys on the other hand didn’t notice how I dressed. They were mostly straight. Quite unlike myself. Not that I was the gayest guy around. I mean, I wasn’t butch or anything but at this university there were some real faeries. Mostly not my type and most of the guys that were my type were straight. Although of course I had the occasional hope that they would be closeted cases. I wasn’t closeted myself but I suppose I just wasn’t the type of any of those closeted cases Despite my habit of well dressing I did look like a nerd. I was slim, had long, sleek blond hair and blue eyes covered with glasses. Maybe the one good part of my looks was that I was tall. At 6 feet 2 I was taller than many of the jocks. Sadly that didn’t reflect in the cock the department.

But for now I could feel my knees hurting slightly as I kept crawling towards the large cardboard box. As I got to it I had no honest idea what could possibly be in it. Probably the same crap I had found in this house before, waste. The cardboard had no printed picture or whatever on it and as I pulled it toward me I noticed it was fairly heavy. I pulled it back out of the attic and opened it and found an envelope.

The envelope was slightly yellow, looking as though it was old and was tucked on top of a second, slightly smaller box. I opened the envelope and in it I found a letter, maybe a bit less yellow than the envelope itself. At least it was still readable which I did curiously.

Dear reader,

If you have found this letter and box, you are a lucky guy. If you open the second box you will find something really special. The contents are meant only for guys so if you are a girl we will have to disappoint you for the gear will not affect you. However if you are a guy continue reading. First of all, this box has been part of the standard supply of this house. Inside you will find garments meant for rather slim guys to wear.

These aren’t any garments though. You should only wear them according to the description that will be provided in this letter. Firstly, you should only wear the garments during the night and for seven consecutive nights only. You have to be able wear the garments for eight hours straight every night and sleep in them. When you see the garments you might wonder if you can sleep in them but you will be perfectly fine sleeping in them for seven nights for the right length of time. You should aim to wear them between the same hours every night to maximize the effect. It might be convenient as well to wear them only when your flat mates are not around.

The garments should have a direct effect on you and when you wake up the first morning you should feel better, an effect that should also be visible on the outside only in ways that you want them to! Now, after seven days you won’t gain any effects of the garments anymore and you are required to pack it back up again and put it back in the attic which will make the changes permanent.

Have fun!

The letter was unsigned. These strange instructions made me extremely curious and I hastily opened the second box. The box contained a not uncommon set of garments but perhaps not in a usual color. Although I had never had one of these sets in my hands before it was hard not to recognize this. It was a football kit. It contained a pair of socks, shoes, pants, pads, a jockstrap, a set of shoulder pads and a shirt. And strangely all pieces of garments had a bright, almost florescent green color. I actually wouldn’t be sure what to call all these things because if there is one thing I have no interest in it would be football. Well, except for some of the guys who are generally wearing this type of gear. But how on earth could this work anyway?

Despite my skepticism I decided to put on the gear that night anyways. I went to bed at 9.30 because I had to get up early the next day to get to work on time and I thought I would need some time to figure out how to put everything on. Indeed, by 10PM I had finally figured out how to get all the stuff on and I had to say it did feel quite sexy. But I must just have looked like a silly nerd in this outfit I went to bed and within moments I must have been asleep because the following morning I did not remember lying awake at all. And indeed I woke up plenty on time to get to work. But waking up was strange for it didn’t feel the same way as it had when I felt asleep. Indeed, I did feel better compared to last night. Just generally happier. It took me a moment to realize why it felt so weird but then I knew. I was lying in the bed quite comfortably when I looked over and saw the football kit lying on my desk. I was bear naked in the large bed.

I got out very fast because this was too weird. I was naked while knowing I went to bed completely dressed in full football gear. And indeed as I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror I noticed a significant difference I was looking quite different. I hardly recognized my own body. Although my face looked exactly the same, the rest of my body was definitely different. I was more toned then I had been only a couple hours early. I felt my muscles, and slowly ran my hands over my biceps and moved down to my triceps, back to my pecs and down to my rather tight abs although no six pack was visible the little fat that had been there was completely gone. My legs too had gained definition and I couldn’t stop thinking that I had never felt better than this morning.

I took a shower, a bit longer than normal as I jacked off and came more than I had ever came by just jacking off. I realized I was almost late and quickly got dressed forcing myself into a tight shirt. I looked myself and realized that this t-shirt had never been this tight before (I did wear fairly tight clothing normally). I thought I looked surprisingly sexy considering how I had looked the day before.

The day at work was rather uneventful. No one really seemed to notice although one of my new co-workers kept looking over at me while arranging t-shirts. Something he would do every time just so he could look over at me because those t-shirts were lying there just fine. I must admit he was rather cute. I had seen him only once before when I was leaving from an early shift and he was just coming in. He must be six feet tall, straight, gold brown hair, amazingly deep brown eyes and well built. He looked a bit like a jock although definitely not a football player. I thought he might be a swimmer or surfer, in which case the O’Neill store wasn’t a bad place for him to be working. And I was quite fortunate because of the occasional really hot surfer boy walking in. But today my new co-worker was definitely the sexiest around the shop and he seemed to have been thinking the same thing about me.

Today seemed to be one of those days that couldn’t go by any slower. It didn’t bother me very much because I was quite happy staring at my colleague and he was quite happy staring back. We shared a lunch break and we sat rather awkwardly across from each other on the table. I only got a few things out of him but the first one was his name. Riley, I learned, was to be a sophomore next year, and on the swimming team. At least I got that right, I thought to myself. But that was really the only thing he dared to say. He was a very shy guy and clearly something was going on in that mind of his. And I didn’t have the guts yet to really have a proper talk either

When the day was finally over I went home, had some food and watched a film. I couldn’t wait to get to bed but according to the instructions I really should not wear the gear any longer than eight hours and so I waited until 9.45PM before I started getting ready. By 10 o’clock I was properly dressed for the night and went to sleep and I was gone in moments.

The next day when I woke up I was wide awake immediately, naked once again. I jumped out of bed feeling extremely energetic and practically ran into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I stared into the mirror and was shocked by the changes. Had I been only a bit defined yesterday, today I was definitely more muscular, with a definite swimmers build. I took a shower and felt the warm water run over my newly grown muscles. My cock slowly stiffened and I grabbed it with my hand. Now my cock sadly didn’t match with my length all the way but it wasn’t bad at six and a half inches. As I continued stroking my cock I wondered if this gear would do anything about the length at some point. I kept jacking off while stroking my pecs and biceps and feeling the water run over it. It didn’t take much for me to cum with this new body and the cum spurted out of my cock and the shower wall was completely covered in the white liquid. I washed the great amount of sperm of the wall and cleaned myself off and quickly got dressed as I realized I was slightly late for work. Once more I could feel that not only my t-shirt but now also my pants were fitting tighter than ever before.

Riley was at work again that day, and today was not very different than the day before. More people seemed to notice me know though and Riley too was staring at me again. During lunch time the chat was advancing a bit more than the day before and I wasn’t sure what the reason for that was at all. I thought he might feel among an equal, despite having a possible crush on me. I really wasn’t sure about that yet though and I didn’t dare take any risks.

The day went by slowly but when I finally went home it took a while before it was time to go to bed again. Sitting on the couch made me ridiculously horny and I jacked off again and came even more than I did this morning. Because of this I had to take another shower and actually had to get a towel to wipe it off the fake leather couch. At quarter to ten I went to my room to get ready again and by ten I was vast asleep in the strangely comfortable football kit.

Sleeping never seemed to take very long except for today. I was wide awake eight hours later but I wish it could have worked in one hour. Nevertheless I sprinted to the bathroom and it took me a moment to realize what was had actually changed but when I did realize I was more than pleasantly surprised with the changes. My ass was decidedly bigger, and more, bubbly, I suppose. I felt it with my hands and could feel the muscles, firm and hard. It was a rather amazing feel, but I thought it was strange that that would be the only change. But when I kept looking I saw slight changes. Although it wasn’t very clear, my upper body muscles looked more ripped or defined I suppose. My shoulders a bit wider, my pecs a bit bigger and biceps having a bit more circumference. It was only now that I realized that before, my ass hadn’t really changed at all, just like my cock. I felt extremely energized and jumped into the shower, quickly jacking off. I then got dressed carefully selecting the tightest pair of jeans I had in my wardrobe and found a similar really tight shirt. The red shirt I chose had always been tight but it felt like a second skin on my newly muscular body.

Today was my day off and I did some work around the house that I still had to do. I didn’t particularly like walking around naked very much, but I decided to quickly get dressed and ran to the nearest sports shop and bought a pair of speedos in which I could walk around all day. At home I put it on and looked in the mirror and saw that my ass looked very nice in it and I had to jack off again before actually starting the necessary cleaning.

It took a long time today before it was time to get ready for bed but when time finally arrived it took me only a few minutes to get into the football gear and I was asleep before ten o’clock. Nothing was different from the previous mornings when I woke up the next day. I was naked and felt extremely energetic and my jaw dropped after I had ran into the bathroom. My dropped jaw was squarer than the day before and my blond hair had started to curl. My eyes were a brighter blue than the day before and I had to admit myself that I thought myself rather more handsome than only a day earlier. I chose a similar set of clothing as two days earlier and went to work hoping that they day would go by a bit faster.

But sadly that wasn’t the case. Riley wasn’t in today and although it was a somewhat busy day it seemed to go by slowly.

The evening finally came and I almost hurried to bed. Normally I wasn’t this excited to go to bed but considering the recent changes I really, really wanted to go to sleep and I was even more desperate to wake up! Again I was gone within minutes and woke up bear naked. I wasn’t sure what the changes would be today but as soon as I stood in front of the mirror I realized what it was. I had gained more muscle and looked just a bit more handsome than the day before, I thought to myself. I went to the same routine as the last few days, taking a shower and jacking off, getting dressed and quickly going to work. Today I was a bit luckier than the day before. Riley was in and he was staring in similar ways as the days before, but now it was a bit more obvious, maybe not entirely surprising for the fact he hadn’t seen me in two days. During lunch break I was even more fortunate, for Riley and I were the only ones in the small space where we ate our lunch.

“So how your day off yesterday?” I asked him.

“It was ok, didn’t really do that much really. How was yours the day before?”

“Not bad at all I answered. Bit boring to be honest ”

“Haha, I know what you mean, there is nothing to do at this time of the year with all the good sports being quite ”

“Yeah I can imagine, although I should probably be doing a bit more sports because I haven’t really done anything recently.”

“Really? I noticed your body is looking really good!”

“Oh thanks. I must say I have been noticing you looking at me. Although I must admit you are looking really good as well!”

“Thanks.” Riley blushed. “So you like what you see then?”

“I suppose that is rhetorical,” I laughed. “Although the same must go for you.”

“Yeah, I mean come on Josh, you are sexy.”

Suddenly Riley leaned over and pulled me into a kiss to which I eagerly responded, I could feel Riley tongue slide past mine and I ran my hands over his muscular body. We made out pretty much the entire time until we heard someone coming in for lunch. We quickly sat down and acted as though nothing had happened.

“So Josh, would you mind going for a swim at some point?” Riley asked casually.

“Yeah that sounds pretty awesome! I am off the day after tomorrow, if you have time!”

“That’s my day off as well so that’s great!”

We ended the lunch break and went back to work. The rest of the day we were eying each other a lot and actually at some point touching each other quite a lot when our other co-workers weren’t watching and no customers were around either.

And in this way the second half of the day went by a little quicker than it had the other days. In the evening I realized I had never been this excited before and jacked off several times. I went to bed as soon as the time came to do so.

When I woke up the next morning I felt good as ever. But today the difference was more obvious than before. I could see quite well. Unlike the other days I didn’t have to put on any glasses to see the ceiling of my room. A big smile appeared on my face. It was the part of my look that I hated most and now didn’t need them anymore. To make sure I put on my glasses and noticed that could hardly see anything now. I quickly took them off and now finished my morning routine of running to the bathroom to see what other changes might be apparent. Indeed there were more changes. According to my ideal swimmers body I was now completely smooth. To be fair, I was now more muscular than even the most muscular swimmers (even though I had no real six pack yet) but despite that the lack of hair fitted my taste quite well and I ran my hands over my new smooth body and jumped into the shower, unable to wait any longer to feel the hot water running over my smooth body.

The day was pretty much the same as yesterday. Except that the constant flirting between Riley and me started before lunch and continued most of the day. We were able to share lunch break again without anyone else there. Of course we hardly ate but rather enjoyed each other to the extent we could in the small space. We didn’t dare to take of any clothing or actually do anything else than kissing but we quite enjoyed caressing each other’s muscles, sliding our hands all over the others body, greatly enjoying the feel of the solid muscle that comprised Riley. And he clearly seemed to enjoy mine too.

At the end of our shifts Riley asked if I wanted to come over tonight. I sighed. It was to be the last night of change and I really wanted to finish these changes and make sure it was permanent. I had to come up with some excuse.

“I can’t tonight actually, the owner of the house I’m in is coming over tomorrow and I need to make sure the place is clean and be there when I he gets there.”

“But I thought we were gonna go swimming tomorrow ”

“We are!” I said hastily “What time were you hoping to go anyways.”

“I was thinking about 2? The pool is very quiet at that time; generally I am the only one around.”

“Oh but that is fine! I just need to be there in the beginning. I think he wants to explain a few things because I just moved in. And I would ask you over, but I don’t want to give the man the wrong impression.”

Riley laughed, “That’s fair enough, I will see you at 2 at the pool then?”

“Definitely.” I subtly squeezed his ass as we left the store. I just wished we could kiss good bye

At home the time went too slow. It seemed to take days before I was allowed to go to bed and experience the last night of change. But at last the time came to go to bed and I swiftly changed into the football gear and went straight to bed falling asleep swiftly.

The next day I didn’t wait one moment to get in front of the mirror. The changes were awesome! Finally I had rock solid abs, not having a ‘simple’ six pack but a ten pack! And my cock Now finally that had changed! It was still soft but I ran back to my room and grabbed a ruler and measured the grown member. I was quite satisfied with the new length. According to the ruler it was ten inches soft! I had to find out how big it was hard and I slowly started massaging the grown cock. I was very horny and it became hard immediately and when it felt fully hard I hard took the ruler again to see it was an astounding fifteen inches! I kept jacking off, harder and harder massaging my hard pecs and tracing the depths of my abs. Everything felt so good and I jacked off even harder and then climaxed all over my chest, some cum even landing on the floor behind my head.

I cleaned up and took a shower, but the hot water made me horny again and I jacked off again in the shower. I dried myself off and realized it was still quite early. I now had to wait until two for anything to happen and so I walked back to the mirror and looked at my body. I think the two climaxes had caused one last change because this last change had not been visible when I had been in front of the mirror earlier. My muscles had grown one last bit. I was still not a body builder or even a football player but amazingly more muscular than any swimmer and it just felt amazing. My blond hair was completely curly, my jaw nice and square and my eyes a beautiful, penetrating clear blue.

I walked into my room to pack my bag for later. I put in the speedo, a pair of swimming goggles and a towel and then looked to my desk. The football pads, which had previously been extremely present in the room, were not there anymore. The rest of the stuff was still there but the pads It was also the first time that I noticed that all the gear had lost its color. The once bright green materials were now clear white, as if they were finished I walked over to the desk and found a miniature version of the pads. Next to it was a note.

You are now all changed because the pads have changed into the miniature size. Over the course of the next year the pads will grow again to be used in twelve months’ time on another person. Please don’t forget to put it back in the attic to confirm the changes.

I immediately packed up everything and put it in the box and closed the inner box, put the letter on top, closed the outer box and put it back in the attic.

I waited around until it was almost two and then hurried to the pool, where I found Riley already waiting outside. He didn’t say a word as we went inside, only greeting the man behind the counter.

We went into a changing room and then, before even able to say a word, and before the door had hardly closed, Riley almost jumped around and grabbed the back of my head and forced his own mouth on mine. I eagerly responded to the kiss and moved my hand towards his ass and subtly grabbed it.

It took a while before the kiss broke and when it did our heads hardly moved apart from each other. I could feel his heart beating near mine.

“Let’s get changed,” Riley said. “It’s nice to go for a swim at this time and before we go all wild. It’s always so quiet at this time of the day ‘cause there are no lifeguards on duty and we don’t just have to swim.” He winked after he said that.

“Fine by me!” I was somewhat excited to get into my speedos and take a dive in the cold water in my new body. I changed somewhat privately, convinced that if Riley saw how big my new cock was, he would go wild and we would never reach the pool at all. I knew that the speedos were not going to hide much but still, it might be enough of a tease so that he would behave himself for a while.

And so we changed and just before we left the changing room I quickly went to the bathroom to take a piss. As I was washing my hands, I saw that indeed, the bulge in my speedos was almost obnoxious but to be fair it was fairly sexy and I hoped Riley would agree.

I was convinced Riley noticed the bulge as soon as I came out of the bathroom but he didn’t say anything but as we talked and walked he kept looking down towards my huge cock, which was somewhat enjoying the attention and was more than half hard at the moment. The dive in the pool made it all a bit easier. It was a great, intense work out, one that my body was clearly able to handle. The warm up was great and as a finish I did ten laps in an amazing time (a time which was kept by Riley, who was standing in his own sexy self, speedos and nothing else, on the side). After which Riley jumped into the pool after throwing the stopwatch of to the side. He swam towards me climbing me excitedly.

“Dude! You are amazing at swimming! Why are you not in the swim team? I mean, you are fast than some of the best guys in varsity that I swim with! Why don’t you talk to the coach and see if you can get in? I mean your muscles are bigger than, I dunno, bigger than any swimmers body I have ever seen, but you are really good! I can introduce you to the coach if you want and you can do a test swim.”

“That would be cool dude! I would love to get onto the swimming team!”

“I bet you do,” Riley said with a strange grin.

After this strange remark Riley once again pressed his mouth against mine and we kissed passionately. As he pulled away he looked at me and smiled.

“You know what I saw when you came out of the bathroom?”

“What?” I asked innocently “My blue eyes? My curly blond hair? My hot chest? My sexy arms?”

“Well I did see all those things, but that wasn’t all.” His eyes had a strange twinkle in them.


“I saw you had something that seemed rather big here.” With that last word he grabbed my cock with his hands and gave it a good pull. We slowly drifted to the side where Riley’s strong arms sort of lifted me up (for the extent that was possible in the water) and put me on the side of the pool.

“Did you like what you see then?” I asked

“I suppose that is a rhetorical question”

With that he used his hands to liberate my definite hard cock. His eyes stared in disbelief as he realized how big it actually was. “I didn’t think that would be possible,” he whispered.

But without saying anything else he moved his head until he was able to take the head of my huge member in his mouth. I realized that despite the fact this boy was rather shy he was no stranger at sucking cock for he was able to swallow more than half of the length. It felt amazing to have this amount of cock down his throat and now it was my turn to think that the impossible was happening in front of my eyes for he took almost thirteen inches of my cock in his mouth and sucked it with all his might. He moved it up and down and the sensation of my cock sliding through his throat was one I had never felt before. He moved up and down using his tongue to work magic by liking the head, sometimes carefully, sometimes rough. Suddenly he jumped out of the water and pushed me over. He turned around so his crotch was hovering over my own mouth and avidly continued sucking my cock. I now noticed that his speedos were filled with some of a rather large size as well and eagerly took it out in started sucking on it. It must have been about eleven inches and I was in no way disappointed by that!

The sensation now was even stronger, for the feeling of my cock in his hot mouth was complemented by the feeling of his hot throbbing cock in deep down my throat. But soon we both couldn’t hold it anymore and before I had any chance to warn Riley I came, shots of cum gushing into his throat and he eagerly swallowed it all. It took him only a second before his cum started gushing into my throat and I too eagerly drank the precious white liquid, even though there seemed to be plenty to feed the entire clientele of a small restaurant on a busy night!

Riley collapsed on top of me his face now facing mine and he kissed me.

“That was amazing,” I sighed to Riley.

“Yeah thanks for that!” He said happily. “Wanna get changed?”

And so we went back to the changing rooms. We were still the only ones in the pool and to my surprise Riley used the lock on the door. He walked up to me again and kissed me deep.

“You know, that blow job was amazing but I think I would like more ” Riley said

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, not entirely sure if he would be able to handle my cock up his ass It didn’t really occur to me that he would wanna fuck me, he was still staring at my cock!

“Well ” Was all he said as he sat down on his hands and knees right in front of me, pushing his ass out towards me.

“I don’t know if it will fit.” I said hesitantly.

“Oh don’t worry, open it up a bit with your hands or something. There is some lube in my bag. I don’t think a condom will fit on that though.”

I was already getting hard again and quickly got the lube out of his bag but was tempted by the sight of his beautiful, muscular ass. I sat down on my knees and started to slowly lick his hole. It was a sensation Riley had clearly not anticipated for he sort of jumped and moaned loudly. I kept licking his role using my tongue to work it all over, even sticking it in at times. When I felt I couldn’t make him any wetter using my own mouth I put some lube on my fingers and ran them through his ass crack. Then I slowly inserted after which Riley released another soft moan, clearly of pleasure. I realized Riley was rather loose already and eagerly lubed up my cock and put my head as his hole. Slowly I started to push inside and inch for inch I invaded his nice hole. I realized it was tighter than I had actually anticipated which was not surprising considering the size of my cock but the feeling was amazing. Riley just moaned, and I thought they were moans partly of pleasure, partly of incredible satisfaction.

It took me a while to fully get in but I was quite enjoying a bit of a slow ride with Riley. I really quite liked the guy and definitely didn’t want to hurt him, and the sensation for my own cock at the moment was already quite great. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to fill Riley’s ass with my cum. When my balls finally hit Riley’s butt he led out a loud sigh, as if he had been holding his breath all along.

“Does it hurt?” I said worriedly.

“There are more good than bad sensations and you are taking it slow already.”

“Too slow?” I asked him, a bit surprised.

“No it’s good actually. But now it’s in I leave it up to you to determine how fast you will go.”

And with those words I took my cock out almost completely and rammed it straight back home. I started to fuck furiously, ravaging this beautiful swimmers ass. I fucked hard, and then went softer, feeling how the inside off his ass massaged my cock. I was convinced that my cock was not just massaging the boy though, but totally destroying his inner system. As I suspected it didn’t take me long to cum either. After only five minutes of hard intense fucking my cock exploded for the second time within a matter of half an hour. This orgasm was more intense than the one before and I could feel the cum flowing out of my cock into Riley’s amazing ass. Now it was my turn to collapse on top of him as I pulled out and turned Riley around. With my hot muscles on his I deeply kissed him. “We should definitely do that again,” I whispered.


Part 2: Past Time

We took a shower, passionately making out, and got changed again. We decided to go to my place as I was the only one living there at the moment. Once in the house Riley grabbed me again and kissed me deeply.

“So what do you want to do?” I asked him.

“Well ” he started a bit cheesy. “We’re alone aren’t we?”

“Yeah why?

“Well, you know what people do when they are home alone..?

“There are many options,” I said jokingly.

“Well ”

I think Riley was no longer able to behave himself and as he kissed me once again passionately and at the same time he started undoing my belt.

“They walk around naked.”

And with that he pulled down my pants and underwear. I assisted by kicking of my shoes and Riley got on his knees properly taking off my pants as well as underwear. I took off my own shirt and Riley, still on his knees, took my large member in his mouth and slowly started to suck it. Slowly I started to get hard as my cock grew in Riley’s mouth. As it reached magnificent sizes Riley took the huge cock deep in his mouth. It shocked me to see that Riley was able to reach my bellybutton with his nose and almost all of my sixteen inches was down my buddy’s throat. He eagerly started sucking and licking my cock, using his tongue to lick the length of my hard dick and then going back to deep throating it. The intense pleasure shocked through my body but as Riley noticed I was close to cumming he lifted up my cock and started licking and sucking on my balls. He looked up and saw that my face was in complete ecstasy.

All of a sudden the intense joy stopped and before I realized what was happening his lips touched mine and we kissed once more.

“You know Riley why are you still wearing your clothes?” I asked.

I didn’t get an answer to my question but he simple smiled and started to taking of his shirt. I saw that as my cue and got down on my knees and undid his pants and pulled them down. Unlike him, I didn’t give him the chance to take of his shoes and pants but I just grabbed his cock and immediately started sucking his cock taking it deep into the back of my mouth and licking the head tasting the sweet pre-cum coming from his cock.

Riley pulled me up and stepped out of his pants while kissing me.

“We have all the time in the world you know.” I whispered.

“Well, until your friends get back and move in.” Riley joked. “But I know that we have time so why emphasize it?”

“Because we come in, you kiss, that’s fair enough. But seriously, the point is that we don’t have to have sex immediately.”

“We don’t?”

My face turned grim

“Ok, ok, I’m kidding. But what else do you wish to do?”

“We can just watch a film or something. I mean, as you said, we can be naked, but we could make it a bit more exciting and watch a film.”

“A bit more exciting?” Riley repeated curiously.

“Here let me show you.”

I dragged him to my room and opened my closet. “Here, maybe you like these.” I threw some underwear to him.

“Oh!” He seemed excited “You like fun underwear then?”

“Haha,” I laughed, “I do, and considering that you have such a nice ass I think it would look rather good on you.” And with that I padded his ass and as a response he flexed it under my hands.

“So you choose which one you like.”

I hardly finished my sentence or he was already eagerly looking through the underwear. I, however, grabbed the stack from him and split it up. “Why don’t you pick something from this to wear and I pick something from the other stack to wear and then we can surprise each other.”

“Alright fair enough”

With that I went into the bathroom with my stack and selected a bright red thong. Of course I wasn’t sure if these would fit because I had them before I changed. Yet so far every piece of clothing had fit after the transformation and I was hoping that everything would sort of change shape as I tried it on.

Indeed I was lucky because the relatively small thong seemed to get an extra-large pouch for my extra-large cock. When I came out of the bathroom Riley was already waiting, wearing a green pair of… well, underwear. He had managed to find my favorite pair of underwear in the stack. It was a bikini, not any bikini but a bikini that is, well Brazilian I suppose. And it’s not one of those that is made out of lycra. This bikini was made out of proper underwear material. And this hot guy was wearing it.

“Turn around,” I whispered in Riley’s ear.

I might have been able to cum because I don’t think I have ever seen an ass this sexy so near to my hands.

“You like what you seen then?” Riley asked.

“I suppose that is a rhetorical question. I fucking love it dude! It is my favorite piece of underwear.”

“You know, do you have this kind of swimwear as well?”

Now that was a question I had not seen coming.

“I ” I started to stammer. “I Damn was that a guess?”

“I take that as a yes than.”

“Yeah I do have them. But how did you know?”

“I had a hunch. You seemed to be the kind of guy that would be into it.”

“Ok well it’s true. I have never worn it to the pool or the beach though.”

“Well why don’t we change that?”

“When and how were you planning on doing that?”

“We can do it to both. Why don’t we go to the pool for a swim tomorrow and to the beach and some other point?”

“Uhm do I have to remind you that I work full time at the moment?”

“Oh right, five days a week I suppose?”

“Yeah, although my days off vary.”

“I noticed that. So when are you working?”

“well I have the early shift next week I’m afraid three days starting tomorrow. One day off, two days of work and then one day off ”

“Fair enough. I’m not working tomorrow but I am working the two days after. We should try to get our rosters to fit. Have a quick talk to John next week to see if we can do that then can go swimming together at some points. But if the weather is nice we can go to the beach tomorrow night?”

“That would be great! In the sexy swimwear you want then?”

“Yeah, I was hoping so I know a nice place that’s fairly quiet where don’t have to be scared about what we wear.”

“That sounds good!”

“But we have been talking about all this stuff now but I still haven’t seen how your ass is looking!”

I turned around for him slightly pushing out my bubble butt, which Riley eagerly touched my ass and teasingly pulled up the string he started kissing and caressing my back and shoulders. He slowly moved his way up by kissing from my neck to my ear and then turned me around and instead of giving me the chance to kiss him he kept kissing and caressing my ears and now went down from my neck to my strong arms and licked my biceps, soothing them and sucking them.

“Why don’t we do this somewhere else?” I asked?

With that Riley took my arm and while I expected him to drag me to the bedroom, he dragged me to the living room instead. He put me down on the big sofa and sat down on top of me. He bent down and once again he started licking and massaging my biceps using his tongue. It was a bizarre sensation and I shivered, greatly enjoying every lick and suck that Riley performed. Continuing, Riley moved down, now focusing his attention on my big pecs. He licked me and used his tongue and mouth to caress and suck on my nipples. The new sensation went straight through my body and I let out a moan.

He continued down, worshipping every bit of muscle that my stomach had to offer. I could feel Riley’s tongue moving through my abs and slowly moving down to navel. He licked and massaged it with great passion but he fairly swiftly moved down to my crotch and started to massage my cock using his mouth, blowing, sucking and liking the already hard dick through the pouch of the tight thong.

“I was wondering ” Riley said, “if I could massage your ass?”

I didn’t answer the question but simply turned around indicating that he was more than allowed to do so. He started straight at the top once again licking my neck and shoulders and a different, intense feeling went through my upper body. Riley used his tongue to lick down the spine of my back and the pleasure got even more intense. He then pulled down the thong and used his mouth in an intense way to massage my ass. He licked my ass crack, slowly moving down to my hole where, even though somewhat expected, the sensation of a tongue licking it went through all of my body. The feeling was intense and Riley started to rim my ass, licking around my hole and penetrating it using his tongue and then I knew what would be coming soon.

Indeed, it didn’t take long when Riley considered himself finished that I could feel the head of his cock at my hole. Before he wanted to enter he decided that he wanted to fuck me seeing my face and turned me around. As he kissed he started to push his cock in. Even though he wasn’t lubed his cock slid in and again pleasure shuddered through my body. Slowly the eleven inches of cock invaded my hole and I could feel it attempting to rearrange my organs. It was an intense feeling and slowly Riley started to pump my cock in and out of my ass. First at a slow speed, and then faster and faster. The feeling of the throbbing, big cock was amazing and it didn’t take much time before I didn’t think my cock could be much harder. What Riley did next I had not anticipated but considering the size of my cock I was not completely unsurprised. But all of a sudden Riley’s mouth enveloped the head of my cock and he started sucking the large cock head. This amazing double sensation set me over the edge and I came as a fountain in the mouth of Riley who eagerly swallowed every drop of cum that I released.

Riley, however, was nowhere near being done and now decided that I had to put my arms around his legs and he was to use his strong arms to lift me up. He set my back against a wall of the living room and then started to fuck me again. It didn’t take long until I was actually hard again because of the intense pleasure that Riley’s cock was providing me with. And soon Riley was eagerly providing me with the double sensation he had given me just before I came earlier. He sucked my cock really hard while fucking me really hard as well and now it seemed as though Riley wasn’t far from coming either. Indeed, soon I could feel Riley’s cock expanding in my ass and indeed soon my ass was being filled with Riley’s hot sperm and as he pumped me a few more times he dragged me to the sofa and there we both collapsed.

At some point we went to bed. At another point we fell asleep. It all became a big blur. The next morning I had to wake up early but Riley had woken me up before the alarm even went off. Apparently I had woken him up unconsciously because I had a morning boner and it had been pocking him and he decided he wanted to help me solve the ‘morning problem’ as he called it. I was eager to get rid of the problem before I would go to work because I didn’t think I could get soft without jacking off before. Of course Riley did not wish to just jack off. He had just blamed me for waking him up when he ducked beneath the covers and started to suck my cock. I was amazed by this boys skills to suck because despite the early hour (I had to get to work by six and it was only four o’clock) he was able to deep throat my massive cock.

The next part was even more amazing for this time of day. He removed the covers and positioned his tight ass over my cock and slowly went to sit down on it. Once again I could feel my cock moving the internal systems of Riley and Riley, while I was still comfortably lying down, started to fuck himself, moving up and down in a relaxed but steady rhythm. Using my hands I massaged his nipples, stroking his pecs and abs and Riley gladly returned the favor, sliding his hands over my biceps and moving to my pecs, rubbing hard and licking.

“Wanna try a different position?” I asked him.

“What were you thinking?”

I decided that the easiest way would be the just show him and so I grabbed Riley’s ass and put him on his back without letting much of my cock slide out of his ass. When he was comfortably lying down I used my arms to pull his legs up and started to pound hard. While my cock was sliding in and out of his tight ass I pressed my lips on Riley’s and he eagerly responded. I must have fucked him like that for at least half an hour because at some point the alarm went off. Riley used his arm to hit the snooze button and I continued to fuck him away until about fifteen minutes later, when I was finally spent and I could feel my cock swelling. Despite having cum several times the day before, I once again filled his ass with great amounts of cum. I collapsed but quickly realized I had to hurry because I had little time to get to work.

“Come, let's shower,” I whispered and dragged my lover to the bathroom.

We jumped in the shower, thank god I took my time getting out of bed and didn’t need a lot of time to reach work (it was only a few minutes away) and so I was able to enjoy another, fairly quick fuck during which I came a second time as Riley’s cock was sliding in and out of my ass.

After that I had a quick breakfast and explained to Riley that he could go to bed and just leave and close the door behind him. Or he could go to his own place and continue sleeping there and then, when I would be done with work at three he could meet me at my place or at work and then, depending on the weather we could see what we would do.

As Riley went home I went to work. We had to prepare the store completely so that we could open up properly for the day and it took a long time every day. I hated early shifts because I had little contact with costumers the first few hours and without Riley around it was horrible.

At three o’clock Riley was waiting at the entrance of work. The sky outside was clear blue, the sun burning on my face as I stepped out of the store. Riley kissed me on my cheek and put his arm around me subtly squeezing my ass.

“How was work?” He asked.

“It was ok.” I answered. “A bit tired but glad to see you.” I looked at him affectionately.

“Ahw, I’m glad to see you too babes!” With that Riley gave me a deep passionate kiss in the middle of the street. A few people looked and one girl gave us both a pad on the butt, otherwise there were few problems and we quietly walked down the road.

“So what do you want to do?” Riley asked after he kissed me again.

“Well, considering the weather I think we should just go to the beach! How far away is that quiet bit?”

“It’s probably about half an hour walk away from your place. And we have to go there to pick up swimwear anyways.”

And so we went to my place and I gave him my stack of swimwear.

“You do really like your swim- and underwear, don’t you?”

He laughed “Definitely! I like to buy stuff every once in a while.”

“Do you know a place somewhere to buy this stuff then?”

“Well, there is this shop in town that sells quite some good underwear and a bit of swimwear too actually but there are some really good online stores. But if you want we can buy you your own underwear and swimwear at some point although you do seem to fit my underwear fairly well.”

“That sounds good! We can do that on your day off this week!”

“That’s a deal.” And on that note we shook hands. Although I decided that shaking hands was nothing for two people who had just kissed each other in the middle of the busiest shopping street in town and I decided to kiss him.

“Relax, relax,” Riley laughed. Save the passion for the beach.

“Oh you had more plans than just a day at the beach then?” I laughed back.

“I thought you had too!?”

“I’m kidding. I have a dirty mind so of course.”

Riley smiled greatly and was still flicking through the swimwear.

“Why don’t you wear this one?” Riley said and he gave me a wet look blue bikini to me with a small back. For himself, Riley found what I had considered a rare found, a swimming jockstrap.

“That is the coolest jockstrap I have ever seen.” Riley said excitedly.

“Well then let’s go quickly, to the beach, so we can try it on and I dunno, do something.”

With that I packed a rug sack, putting in bottles of water, some food, towels and the swimsuits and we set off. It was only fifteen mintues to the beach but considering the beautiful weather and the fact it was summer break this area was really busy but after another fifteen minutes Riley and I found a spot that was indeed quiet, as Riley had predicted. There was no one in the vicinity and Riley and I eagerly undressed and got changed.

It was amazing to not be wearing board shorts but to be wearing something this small, outside without any cover of pants. And thankfully there was no one in the area so Riley and didn’t just have to swim, which we eagerly did, but we were also able to make out a lot on the large beach towel I had brought along and that could probably provide space for four or five guys but Riley and shared it with pleasure.

And indeed the frolicking, complemented by swimming, eventually turned into the most fun I had ever had at a beach. The towel was able to keep most of the sand away and some bushes and tall grass kept it out of sight as we worshipped each other’s muscle. Riley was lying spread out on the towel and I was sitting on top of him, using my mouth, tongue and hands to caress every inch of his upper body. I moved from his left hand, licking Riley’s veiny arms, moving up to his big biceps which he flexed as started licking it. Riley was already hard but as he started flexing and I moved back and forth between his biceps, licking them, trying to touch every inch of the solid pieces of muscle, I started to get hard myself as well.

Riley greatly appreciated the attention and used his own hand to massage my crotch. I slowly moved my attention to lower areas, caressing his pecs, touching the rock solid muscle. I swiftly moved and started licking the nipples. I must have driven Riley completely mad because at some point, when I was not expecting it, he overwhelmed me and tried to pin me on my back, as to claim his turn on worshipping muscles. But I would not let him, despite the fact that he had been able to overpower me for a moment, I was not prepared to be Riley’s bitch and therefore I threw myself on him and we wrestled through the sand.

It was quite obvious, quite quickly, that the football kit had done its job. I was indeed a bit stronger. Not by much. But I was stronger. And now Riley was pinned down.

“Ok, ok, you win.” He sighed.

I smiled “Shall we continue on the towel?” I asked him innocently.

Within moments we were back on the towel, Riley once again pinned down. Both our cocks were hard and now came the sad dilemma. Would I fuck Riley or would I let Riley fuck me? I decided to start by doing a 69 and moved around, pushing my crotch in Riley’s nose who eagerly pulled my cock out of the bikini while I took out his. We both worked each other’s cocks passionately, making sure to take every inch of them deep into our throats. Indeed, it was almost like it only took seconds for Riley to have his nose at my naval again and he started to move his head up and down, sucking my cock. I, in the meantime sucked Riley’s tool, and while it almost made me gag, to my surprise I was able to get all eleven inches down my throat. This was something I was just get experienced in but as I was able to do it, I noticed Riley was going faster on his end.

At some point I was quite satisfied by Riley’s sucking and I was done with his cock and so moved around again. Sitting, with one leg on either side of Riley’s body, and I decided that I would let Riley fuck me hard in my ass. But I would be in control in the beginning.

Since his cock was still hard it took no effort getting up my fairly tight ass. I had noticed that all the fucking had loosened me up a bit but despite that the feeling of that big tool up my ass was amazing as I started to ride his cock like a cowboy. I moved up and down using my hands to bring Riley even more sensation by caressing his pecs. It was then when Riley started to suck me again and tried to swallow as much as he could of my sixteen inch tool, which, considering the position, he was quite successful at because more than half disappeared down his eager throat. I continued twisting his nipples in a soft and loving way and riding his cock while my cock was sliding in and out of his mouth.

“Now you can be in charge,” I whispered into Riley’s ear as I had decided that I would let him fuck me his style for a bit.

With that, he flipped me on all fours and started to fuck my doggy style but he really took charge. He grabbed my arms, pulling them backwards, which caused that I was still sitting on my knees with my back in a similar position, purely held up by Riley’s strong hands, holding my big muscular arms. With this loss of control, I was surprised to notice that it sent me close to the edge. I was also surprised to notice that Riley was able to hold me like this for a while because he must have fucked me like that for ten, maybe fifteen minutes, at a really fast, steady rhythm which made me moan, hard at points, softer at others. I had never felt this good a fuck.

Riley’s stamina was amazing today and it was like he would never be done. To my amazement he actually flipped me over onto my back again, now starting to fuck me with a new excitement, with speed that he had not yet reached but it didn’t indicate that he was near coming yet. The intense feeling of cock sliding in and out of my ass was made even more intense by Riley daring to suck my cock as he had the day before, but now the pounding by Riley’s cock was harder and the pleasure stronger and now the sensation going from Riley’s cock, through my body reached the tip of my own cock and before either Riley or I knew it I came, gushing cum in amounts I had never come and though Riley was eagerly trying to drink every drop of cum. It was too much, though, and Riley was nowhere near able to drink it all and heaps of cum streamed down my cock. Once the flow had stopped Riley used his mouth to clean my cock while still pounding away. He was now coming close to his own climax and fucked me only a bit longer before his cock started to thicken and release amounts of cum that I had never felt in my ass. When he finally collapsed and pulled out of me I could feel the cum gushing out of my ass because there was no space for it within my ass.

Riley started to kiss me passionately and then we lay there, on the towel for a moment.

“Damn that was good!” I sighed.

“It was indeed! I dunno how I was able to fuck so hard and so long, but it was good!”

“We should do that more often I have to say.”

“Yeah definitely. More than willing to do so.”

We lay there for a while not speaking but just caressing each other’s big muscles and kissing. Finally Riley spoke.

“I used my day off today to speak to the swim coach by the way.”

“Oh?” I was rather surprised. “What about?”

“About you of course! You swam amazingly the other day! He wants you to try out.”’


“In six days time. I think it’s on one of your days off.”

“Ok how long is it gonna take?”

“Not too long, I wouldn’t worry about it. You don’t even have to train. The coach might want to improve your technique and that would make you even faster!”

“Fair enough.” I smiled, quite happy to have Riley as a lover. “But we’re still going to do some shopping Saturday?”

“Hell yeah, I wanna get some fun stuff for you and myself.”

“What were you planning to get then?

“Well, I was thinking, I know this shop that sells really cool jeans and stuff that maybe you wouldn’t wear in public but what would be extremely sexy to wear. I mean, around the house and stuff.”

“I don’t think I’m gonna be home alone very often you know.”

“Haha, that doesn’t matter does it?”

“Well I’m not a big exhibitionist. I might be more likely to wear it in public but possibly not in the house.”

“Fair enough. But I’m moving out of university accommodation soon and I decided I wanted a place for myself. So we could do it at mine. And about not wearing it in public: I take that as a challenge!”

“Oh god,” I laughed. “But what kind of things should I imagine, I don’t want to be arrested for indecent behavior.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. It’s just skimpy clothing really. But I also want to go to the place you mentioned for some underwear. I really like the one I was wearing the other day.”

“The bikini you mean?”

“Yeah that one! I love it, it’s really comfortable and sexy. And maybe get a few other things.” He winked and I wondered how much this boy was planning on spending.

“But for the time being,” I said. “Would you like to just stay over at mine?” I asked.

“Well I need to move out Sunday but yeah I would love to. I think I quite like you.”

“I know what you mean.” And with that we kissed passionately.

We went back to my place later that day after lying on the beach longer, swimming, and making out either naked or clad in our skimpy swimwear. It was one of the best afternoons of my life and I wished it never ended. When we got home I made quite an elaborate dinner for the two us which we enjoyed, on Riley’s insistence this time, in one of my small pieces of underwear.

We went to bed early because I had to get up early again and we were both surprisingly tired and passed out almost immediately.


Part 3: Shopping

The next day work was boring as ever. Riley stayed in bed today and would join me at work as he started a normal day shift. The time at work was actually quite enjoyable as we had each other’s company and didn’t care anymore if anyone around us would find out that we had a strong liking for each other. Our co-workers noticed the continuous flirting and were just laughing at us and encouraging us. The manager, who was possibly enjoying the flirting most, made no problem of giving us the same shifts for practically the rest of the year.

“As long as you guys keep flirting, and as long as I am allowed to be on at the same time.”—were his only requirements.

Riley and I both laughed, and answered together “No problem.”

Our timing was brilliant because we said it at the exact same moment and the manager cracked up.

“That’s what I mean boys!”

We both went back to work but it was almost three o’clock and I really didn’t want to stay very long despite Riley being there. I was tired of work and wanted to get a nap. When I had slept it was already past the time that Riley would be done with work and indeed the doorbell rang moments later and there he was once again. The rest of the night went by in a blur, as we passionately made out, had sex, fucked hard and talked peacefully. I don’t know if I had any sleep that night and the next day I was amazingly tired when I went to work. The day too went by in a blur and I was glad that the next day was a day off. I was looking forward to the day of shopping with Riley!

The next day Riley and I slept in. I woke up a bit earlier than Riley and I wanted to give him a surprise so I got up and decided to make a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausages, orange juice, coffee and some pancakes. I had turned on the oven as well on a low temperature and put the food in and went to check on Riley. He wasn’t awake yet and so I went under the covers, carefully pulled down his underwear and started to slowly suck his cock. It took maybe a minute for Riley to even start to stir; he was clearly still in a deep sleep despite the fact that we had gone to bed fairly early. It took another couple of minutes before Riley actually realized what I was doing and when he was properly awake he threw back the covers and pulled my head towards his and kissed me.

“Good morning babes,” I said.

“You can say that.” He had a big smile on his face.

“Hold on, I have something for you.”

I quickly went to grab the food and to my satisfaction the food was still warm in the oven. I brought it into my bedroom and joined Riley in the bed and gave him a plate and food.

“You didn’t have to do that!”

“I know, but I wanted to.”

We slowly ate and when Riley was done and I was too he took the plate from my hands and put it down and then grabbed my face and gave me a big thank-you-kiss. I cleared the plates and some leftover food and then, before I had the chance to do anything else Riley climbed on top of me and said it was his turn.

He had been fucking me for the past few days, clearly quite enjoying his newfound stamina, which he kept up amazingly well, and sex had never been better. But now Riley clearly demanded to get fucked and I had to be honest, my ass was getting sore and my cock would love some ass around it. It didn’t take long before Riley was kneeling between my legs and started slowly sucking the head of my cock, lick the slit with his tongue and moving from the top to the bottom, pushing the cock flat on my stomach he went down to lick my balls. When he figured he had lubed it up enough he moved his ass over it and started to slowly sit down.

The feeling was once again amazing. Inch after inch moved into his ass and suddenly he started going up and down, almost as if he was in a hurry and he fucked himself for a long while. He initiated the change himself, as he leaned over to one side, indicating that he wanted to lie down and let me take control. I eagerly put him on his back and my fifteen-inch cock hit the deepest part of Riley’s ass that was possible. As my stomach hit Riley’s ass I started to pull back and as the head of my cock was almost completely out of his ass and then I slammed it back in. Riley’s face twitched in ecstasy as he was surprised by the sudden surge of big meat in his system, something I continued doing several times until I decided to pick up the pace and fucked the living daylights out of him. He almost screamed and now it was almost as if he was screaming in pain instead of joy. My mood was rather strange and I wanted Riley to shut up so I kissed him deep, first on his lips and then we kissed, maybe more passionately than ever and while we kissed my fat cock kept sliding in and out of his ass. It took only a few more minutes before my balls erupted and cum shot out of my cock.

Instead of ending the action right there I decided to spice it up a bit. I pushed Riley’s ass back a bit and put my mouth to the wrecked hole and started to eat it. The cum started to flow out into my mouth and since Riley still had not cum and my licking clearly triggered something. As I continued licking I grabbed Riley’s cock and as I continued I could feel the cock hardening and I definitely didn’t think that was possible! When I had sucked most cum out of his hole I could feel Riley’s cock stiffening even more and I could feel the cum exploding out of his cock. I wondered if he had ever cum that much before.

When I finished licking the cum out of his hole Riley lowered his legs and collapsed. I quickly grabbed a towel and cleaned Riley’s chest. As soon as I was done he pulled me towards him and kissed me after which I collapsed myself, right next to him.

“You know Josh,” Riley started. “I really like you.”

I smiled “I had a hunch. You know,” My smile grew bigger. “I like you too.”

And with that I kissed him.

“So, considering that we like each other ” Riley started “what would you consider us?”

I had a huge smile now but chose to pose a question back “What are you implying?”

“Well ” He paused for a moment to think. “I think I would like to be your ” But then he stopped, as if he was scared.

“I would love to be,” and I kissed Riley full with passion.

And Riley passionately replied.

The next day we got up fairly early to go for a good day of shopping. The shop opened at ten and we didn’t really want to be there so early so we decided to get up at nine and slowly got dressed. After a quick breakfast we headed into town.

“So where exactly is this shop you were talking about?” I asked Riley.

“It’s just off Main Street.”

And just off Main Street it was. But not a normal street. Well, not a street. I don’t know what this kind of alley would be considered. It was smaller than an Alley.

“How the hell did you find this?” I asked. “I would almost be scared to go down this Alley.”

I didn’t add that that was before I found the football kit.

“I don’t actually remember how I found this but I’m glad I did,” he answered eventually with a strange smile on his face.

The shop we walked into was surprisingly large for the location. Or maybe it was the reason why it was so large. Cheap real estate. And not only the size of the shop was surprising but also its content. A pride flag was standing on a flagpole behind the counter with next to it a well-dressed handsome man in a tank top and jeans with leather chaps. The rest of shop was filled with a strange selection of clothes. The chaps the guy behind the counter was wearing were by far the most ‘kinky’ item and they could actually be found in the Western section. In that same section were western style shirts, some in a strange fabric (I would have expected cotton but some were really made out of spandex), as well as boot cut jeans and of course actual boots. Besides those Western items there was more. There was a sport section with wrestling suits, but also other tight lycra suits and small (and I mean small) swim wear. The strange addition in the sports section was a couple of football shoulder pads. However, I didn’t see any shirts to cover them.

The most surprising section might have been the one containing some clothing that could pass for fairly regular clothing. It took me a moment to figure what was so awesome about it but it was because it was daring. No sane person would walk over the street like that. Well that wasn’t true but most people just wouldn’t do it There were different jeans on display but there was no doubt that all were extremely tight even on someone quite slim and all were really short. Girls might wear these kinds of shorts all the time but to see a guy wearing a pair of jeans shorts that didn’t have enough legs to cover an entire ass. Now that would be something crazy! Some other items were shirts so tight or small they would also be extremely revealing. From tank tops to short sleeves, none of them would hide anything. Except for one series of shirts. They were available in a range of colours and we, so the label read, meant to cover up the shoulder pads. But these shirts were no football shirts. They were stylish, sexy shirts but again, the would only cover the pads, so any six pack would be clearly visible.

The last section was the accessories. It had a wide variety of belts, bracelets, necklaces, hats and even shoe laces. And again there were shoulder pads, this time they looked like fashionable shoulder pads that didn’t require a t-shirt to cover them.

“Shit, this place is awesome.” I said at last.

Riley looked at me and smiled. “I told you it would be good.”

“I can spend a fortune in here.”

“That would be pretty impressive. Have you seen how cheap it is?”

Now there was one thing I had not dared to do. I went around the store another time. The chaps were only 20 quid, the lycra cowboy shirts only 5. The most expensive wrestling suit was 10 quid while the small swimwear was no more than 8. The football shoulder pads were 20 quid and they looked like proper pads. The jeans shorts were 10 quid and relatively seen the most expensive in the shop. All shirts and tank tops were around 7 quid. Only the accessories were a bit more expensive. All of them ranged between 10 and 20 quid.

“Wow! I can buy almost everything in here that I want.”

“Haha! By the sounds of that you want a lot.”

“I do!”

We walked to the door and grabbed a basket. With these prices you want to be able to get a lot.

And that’s what we did. Thankfully I had some savings and I knew what I wanted. To be honest, the cowboy stuff wasn’t really my cup of tea. But some of the sports stuff was great. I tried on a blue with yellow wrestling suit and the one my size was tight and showed of my ass and calves. I quickly found some football shoulder pads in my size, which wasn’t hard considering the experience I had. It obviously wouldn’t fit in the basket but Riley offered to put it at the counter. He seemed curious to see me in all this stuff because I hadn’t wanted to show him anything yet. That was for later.

I eagerly tried on some jeans as well. I started with some regular slim cut jeans which, on my muscular legs, were extremely tight. But the idea of showing of my legs once in a while was only a turn on. I also tried on one of the shorts and it did feel weird. Especially since it was so extremely short that my boxers showed at the bottom. But for some reason it got my slightly horny and so I didn’t doubt too long.

I had already grabbed some shirts to try on and found several to my liking. One was an extremely tight tank top, another was one of those short shirts which only covered my pecs. I was quite sure Riley was going to enjoy this.

The last few things I grabbed was a shirt to cover the shoulder pads and a ‘fashionable’ shoulder pad. As I had been in the fitting rooms Riley had been shopping as well and was now in the trying things on. I quickly went to the check out because I didn’t want Riley to know what I had bought.

Clearly Riley had a similar idea about the situation and told me off for trying to find out.

“You paid while I wasn’t looking so now I’m paying while you’re not looking!”

So I subsided and went outside. Not soon after Riley joined me outside with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Let’s go,” he said, before I had the chance to say anything.

And so we went to the shop I had been on about. It wasn’t far from the shopping mall and Riley was quite surprised to find that it was a small shop tucked away on a busy street.

Inside the store there was little space. Tall shelves were filled with boxes and racks were filled with thongs, jockstraps, bikinis and a few boxers on hangers. Riley practically jumped in and started browsing around the shop.

“This place is awesome!” Riley said.

“Thanks.” The man behind the counter said.

I had always thought he was stunning. And Riley, who had walked straight passed the counter into the shop, had to do a double take. We both seemed to realize we were starring and we quickly looked at each other. I saw a strange twinkle in his eyes but he smiled at me and went back looking at the underwear. I had spent plenty of money that day already so I was only looking for some new bikinis.

Riley had not walked out with a bag nearly as large as mine from the previous store, but I suppose because we both had a history with the respective shops so we didn’t need to buy a lot of the articles they sold. I browsed around with Riley for a bit and he found several things he wanted to try on. Which was no problem in this store. In that time I decided to get some things myself and quickly grabbed some bikinis, both underwear and swimwear. I paid and when the clerk was almost done packing Riley came out looking rather excited. His look told me to get out so he could pay. It took him a bit longer than I expected but when I peaked in through the window he was walking to the other side of the shop and grabbed something but I couldn’t see what.

With a big smile Riley walked out of the shop.

“You look too content.” I said curiously.

“You have no idea.” He said with a smirk.

And the walk home was dedicated trying to find out what both of us had bought.

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