Colt Chronicles

Colt chronicles: Corruption

by Neltharion5

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I looked at my watch, the only thing that had still clung to me after my public hulk-out. It read twelve sharp as I exited the courtroom. As I tried to clutch the key to my car, my hands shook from the cool breeze entering the parking structure since I was still completely naked. I was also carrying my wallet and blackberry which I had retrieved from the remains of my pants and jacket.

I got into my car and used my blackberry to call my younger brother, Alex. It went straight to voicemail. He must be in class. I didn't bother leaving a message.

Someone came up to my door and shouted, “Adam!”

I almost jumped out of my skin.

It was Dick Rogers, my case mentor. He made the “roll down the window motion.” I responded by almost hitting him in the face as I opened my door suddenly.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“You should really let me drive you home.” I felt like there were other eyes on us. I turned but saw no one.

“What about my car?” I asked.

He said, “I'll drive you back here tomorrow after work.”

I thought for a minute. “So you would spend the night?”

“Maybe you didn't get the message inside. I want you.”

“Okay… I certainly can't turn down someone who's responsible for my evaluation,” I half-joked, but secretly I wanted him as well.

Rogers took me by my broad shoulders and led me to his Mercedes. We made small talk about the weather, about future cases, but only lightly touched upon our most recent victory. After we got to my apartment, it didn't take long before the foreplay started. He began disrobing in front of me. He was down to unbuttoning his shirt when I asked, “How much more muscular than me are…?

About to speak, I stopped. He had opened his shirt to reveal his ripped torso. Every muscle was defined to perfection and larger than life, but his definition was not what had made me abruptly stop speaking. Wedged between his beach balls he called pectorals was the erect shaft of his penis as thick as my wrist while the head reached his collarbone. It was trapped by his belt, a true feat for any accessory. As he now shed his belt and lowered his pants, I saw it spring out to a more comfortable angle. I moved to his sex tool, attracted like a moth to flame.

“Now do you understand?” Rogers asked. I nodded as he held my head in his hands, slowly but irresistibly moving me closer to his engorged prick. I cleaned the head with my tongue. The precum had a strange taste like rotting and salty pork mixed with sour cream. It was such a badass flavor that it only turned me on more. I opened my mouth and accepted the first few inches, cleaning each new inch with my lips and tongue. It stretched, impossibly long, over twenty inches, from my lips to his silky black pubic hair, the only fur on his body below his head. Beneath the shaft was a pair of grapefruit-sized balls that promised a massive load of cum.

There's no way I can handle all of this monster, I think, but I'm going to give my new lover my most enthusiastic efforts. I go at his shaft stroking with both hands while attempting to suck as much as possible into my fully stretched mouth. There's still enough dick left for three normal men when all too soon, the head presses against the back of my mouth.

Rogers takes over. His hands move my head stroking my mouth along the end of his dick until the head pounds my throat. “Try and relax your throat. Try to swallow,” he urges.

I didn't exactly have much sex in high school or college, and certainly, I never imagined taking a dick half as big as this. As Rogers continued stroking, I tried to obey. Finally, I got it right and swallowed the head like it was the world's biggest aspirin. Half a foot of the shaft followed it down my throat. After a moment of panic, I found I could still breathe around the pole of flesh filling my face. I gave Rogers a big okay sign with my hand as a gleam of triumph showed in my eyes.

Rogers wasn't satisfied with halfway. He continued stroking. He'd pull a little out, keeping the head firmly down my throat, and plunged in, getting a little deeper each time. I could feel him pushing past my throat into my chest as I watched more and more of the shaft disappeared into my straining mouth. I dropped my hands to my own throbbing member, which had sprung to attention against my abs.

As I had more and more difficulty trying to get the angle of his dick right in my throat, he responded by lifting me up, turning me aggressively, almost violently, and inhaling my own dick to the root. I could tell for him this was a fulfillment of a fantasy, and for me, it wasn't much different. His ministrations had me moaning in pleasure, and those vibrations stimulate him even more.

Finally, I reached the base, and my nose pressed into his patch of fine fur on the underside of his balls. I inhaled the fragrance of my new lover. He embraced me against his groin for a long minute as the shaft of his dick impaled me down my throat, through my chest and into my abdomen.

Rogers resumed his stroking. He picked up the pace, his strokes more urgent, building to a climax. I caressed his balls with one hand while I reached between his mighty thighs to explore his ass. As we 69'd, I found his hole nestled inside glutes as firm as marble. I stroked it lightly and felt him shudder, his dick bucking once inside my body. I inserted a finger.

The reaction was instantaneous. His ass hole clamped down on my invading finger, gripping it almost painfully as his muscular ass squeezed my hand. He gripped me tightly to his body, plunging his sword in to the hilt. He shoved two strong fingers up my own ass. As we continued stroking and poking, he held me tight against him, gripping my ass with alpha male dominance.

I felt his balls pull tight to the base of his shaft as it began to throb. I could feel his first spurt as it shot down his dick to be delivered directly to my stomach. It was followed by another and another as my whole body seemed to pound in sympathy with his eruption.

My own dick exploded in his mouth, dripping down his face and onto my abs and with my biggest, most powerful load ever. After almost a minute, he started to withdraw, pushing my head away from his body as inch after inch his dick retreated from my mouth. He was still cumming. When he left my throat, his next shots flood my mouth. I tasted his essence again as he turns me right side up. It is saltier than the precum like baconaise spread thick on oversalted meat. I like it.

Rogers pulled the head from my mouth, and his dick snaps upright against his trunk, the head reaching up above his pecs. The next couple of shots arced high in the air and came down coating my hair. He points his dick at me as his last streams coat my face and chest. As his orgasm finally subsides, I lick the last drops off the head of his softening dick.

Rogers sits down next to me on my bed for an after sex kiss. His tongue plunges into my mouth tasting the residue of the load he pumped into me as his face is smeared with his cum on my face and my cum on his face. It was a kiss full of lust and sexual undertones as our afterburners subsided, and the warm glow took us both to sleep.

I woke up later that night to find Rogers cooking dinner. “Pork chops and mixed greens?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said. We had both dressed.

When we sat down, I asked him, “So what do you know about this notary?”

“I was referred to him about seven years ago when I made partner at my first firm,” he said.

“By who?” I asked.

“Donna White. She was the chair of the board at my first firm.”

“Have you even been back there?” I asked.

“To the notary?” I nodded. “Yeah, but he was never open.”

“I'm still so surprised we won that case,” I said.

“Well, we would have won regardless,” Rogers said.

I took that comment in stride. I asked, “What do you mean by that… exactly?”

“You see… Bender, the prosecutor, was going to give the hit man a plea bargain in exchange for ratting out Pryce,” said Rogers.

“What?” I reacted with sheer terror. “Pryce actually hired a hit man?”

“Yes, and I paid Bender off to swing it as a robbery and pin everything on the hit man. They had enough evidence to convict Pryce. I merely greased his palm to win.”

“What?” I yelled, “Are you kidding me?”

“Calm down, guy. That's just how you've got to play it to be successful in this business,” said Rogers, clear as day. “Bender is as crooked as a crack whore and deals like one, too. And if he would ever not cooperate, I have enough dirt on him to ensure his downfall. You'd be surprised how many juvenile sex offenders get into law school unnoticed.”

“I… I can't believe this…” I was at a total loss of words. “You're corrupt… You're a corrupt attorney.”

“A corrupt attorney that hasn't lost a case since '96… A corrupt attorney that is larger than any bodybuilder you've ever heard of… A corrupt attorney that is better hung than any porn star you've ever jacked off to… A corrupt attorney that could destroy your life if you even think about snitching…”

I stood and screamed, “Get out of here!”

Rogers turned the table over onto me with such sudden and devastating force that I was knocked into the air through the wall into the living room where my head collided with the fireplace mantle nearly splitting my skull in two.

“Son of a bitch!” I yelled from the pain. I was almost as big as Rogers. He was only about 30 to 40 percent larger than me. I looked at him through the gaping hole in my apartment, the twisted remains of my art deco metal kitchen table at his feet. After grabbing a steak knife from the pile of broken dishes in front of him, he crossed through that space and locked the deadbolt as I was still recovering from my concussive injury.

Rogers approached me calmly. He said, “I won't hurt you anymore if you promise to keep this a secret.”

“You let a white-collar criminal get away with murder… How could I possibly condone that?”

“You have to condone it. Otherwise, your life is on the line. There are mobsters who rely on me and Bender to get them off. If you go to the press, I'm not the only one you would have to worry about. I doubt I could protect you even if I wanted to, and if you filed with the Witness Protection Program, there are enough high-level dirty cops that I doubt they could either.”

Rogers was threatening my life and livelihood, forcing me to choose between my own safety and my own moral character, and making me feel so helpless despite my newfound size and strength. My hand moves slightly to rest of the handle of the fire poker. “Why did you even tell me if you had the slightest inkling that I might react this way?”

“I suppose you can never know until it's too late… so what'll it be? Live in sin or die like a dog?”

“Neither!” I brought the poker up and thrust it down into his foot with all my might. He dropped the knife and bellowed a deep, near demonic scream. I ran to the door, unlocked it, and took the stairs down to the first floor. I didn't look behind me until I was back on the street.

Shit! I don't have my car! Shit! Shit! Shit! I taxi passed by with no one in it. I don't have my wallet either! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

I calmed myself down, and I walked to the right towards the financial district.

I caught the next taxi that passed by. I told him to drive to the notary's office. The driver was a fairly good-looking Asian man with a thick Filipino accent. I didn't know how I would pay him. Could I dare attempt to trade him sexual favors for this cab ride?

When I arrived at the notary's office, I paid the cabby with a long sensuous kiss. He responded by thanking me and giving me his phone number.

I knocked on the door to the notary's office. Repeatedly. For quite some time. The last time I was here, I was given the impression that he lives in this sty of a residence.

It's no use. He's not here.

Wait, a sec. I have enough muscle now that I could just break down this door. So I did. And it was very cathartic. As I crashed through, I heard someone say, “Alright, already! Who is it?” My jutting pectorals knocked the small man flat against the ground as he was about to open the door. I noticed I had broken open the file cabinet with one of the random sharper shards of metal from the door. The top drawer opened into a rainbow as we both tried to recover.

The small man managed to utter, “Excuse you.” And lifted me off of himself.

What? How did he have enough strength to do that?

He said, “It's about time you got an explanation, I suppose,” as we both got up from the floor. Suddenly, his appearance changed. He went from short, old and wrinkled to tall, young, and good-looking in less than two seconds.

“Who are you? And what do those forms do exactly?”

“My name is Elberand Riddell,” said the man. “You may call me El.”


“I am a liberator of men from the thirty-first century.”

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