Cop boots

by CatLuvr

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I work in a prison and, let me tell you, there are quite a number of hot-looking prison guards who work there. I have never told anyone at work that I am gay since I hear the homophobic comments made by many of the guards and, since I enjoy my work, I don't want to do anything to jeopardize it. Anyway, I enjoy just looking at some of the guards, some of whom I have a good relationship with at work. I admit that I'm physically attracted to some of them and have had some nice jerk-off fantasies about some of them. I also have a huge foot fetish and seeing some of these guys in their cop boots can just about put me over the edge on a daily basis. There is one guy in particular who I'd been fascinated with and who I now know as I know myself.

This guy is very attractive. He's about 30 years old, 6’1”, 215 lbs., shaved head, beard/goatee combination, and looks great in his uniform. He works out and has a nicely defined body. I've always been attracted to him and he has always been #1 on my foot fetish fantasy list. One day around 3:00 PM I was walking down the hallway where my office is and saw him (I'll call him Regan) head out of the officer's mess hall and go upstairs to where the locker rooms are. He had a duffle bag strapped over his shoulder so I thought that perhaps he was going to work out. I thought that this might be my chance to see him at least partially out of uniform if I timed it right. I could always use the excuse that the bathroom on the floor was occupied and that I was going to use the one in the locker room.

I headed upstairs after a couple of minutes since Regan had not come back downstairs. I entered the locker room but did not see Regan. However, I saw that his locker open and his duffle bag sitting on the bench. In a pile on the floor in front of his locker were his cop boots with a white sock sticking out of each one, his underwear and a tee-shirt. I could see that he had hung up his uniform in his locker. I heard the shower going as well but did not want to take the chance of being seen by him if he caught me looking. I walked over to his bag, my adrenaline increasing. I was excited beyond belief, never having thought that I would find myself in this moment.

The next minute or so was a blur and I still do not really know why I did what I did. I took Regan's cop boots with the white socks in them, went into the single occupancy men's bathroom and latched the door behind me. I took off my own shoes and socks and took each one of his white socks out of its boot and put it on my feet. Each sock was a little damp with his sweat and I realized then that his feet were larger than mine since his socks were still stretched from his wearing them. I then pulled on his left boot and zipped up the side zipper and did the same for the right. I stood up and put my pant leg cuffs over the boots. I moved my feet in the boots and admired how they looked on my feet. At that point I realized that the shower had stopped and that it would not be long before Regan discovered that his boots and socks were missing. I decided that I had better take the boots and socks off and put my own back on. With any hope, I could leave the boots and socks in the bathroom and leave the locker room the back way. I hoped that Regan would find the boots and socks and just think that another officer had played a gag on him by moving them into the bathroom.

As I bent down to unzip the left boot, an intense wave of heat radiated from my left foot. It felt like my whole foot was on fire, all the way to the bone. Another intense wave of heat then radiated from my right foot. Each wave of heat then traveled up each one of my legs, completely encasing each leg in intense heat. I was panicking but could not speak. I was sweating profusely by this point as the heat engulfed my groin and butt areas and began to spread up into my stomach. I thought for sure that I was going to spontaneously combust any second now. I could no longer stand but was able to make it to the floor without falling by grabbing the sink first. I had to lie on my back since I couldn't sit. I was in utter agony as the fire spread up into my chest and back and then down each arm into my fingers. The fire then spread into my head and my whole body was on fire. I blacked out completely.

I don't know how long I was unconscious for. When I regained consciousness, however, I wasn't in the bathroom anymore. I was on the floor of the locker room with just a towel wrapped around me. I felt very groggy but managed to move myself to sit on the bench. I became a little more alert, looked down on the floor, and was surprised to find myself in front of Regan's locker. Both of my (oh my God, my?) boots and socks were there. I then remembered some of what had happened. I held up my hands and arms but they didn't look like mine. My arm tattoos that I had were gone and the arms/hands that I was looking at were certainly not mine. My arms were very defined and muscular and were covered from the wrists up past my elbows in a thick, light brown hair. I looked down at my chest and discovered that I was not looking at my chest as I remembered it. My now defined and very muscular chest was thickly covered with the same colored hair as my arms and that it traveled in a trail from beneath my pecs down the middle of my washboard abs/stomach into the towel that was wrapped around me. I noticed that on my left pec was a tattoo of an Irish flag. I wasn't as surprised I guess as I should have been but I realize that I was pretty traumatized by my transformation overall. I looked at my legs and realized that they also were not the legs I remember. These legs were also covered in the same thick light brown hair that covered my upper body. My legs were extremely defined and muscular from what I now knew was daily running or ellipse machine workouts. The hair extended all the way down from the top of each leg all the way to the tops of my feet. My feet! Oh my God! My feet had changed as well. I brought the left one up and placed it on the bench to examine it. My foot was wider and longer. It looked to be about a size 11 now. The same thick light brown hair covered the top of my foot and each of my toes. My toes were shaped differently than my previous feet were and made my foot very attractive. I wiggled my toes and ran my hand over my foot and underneath it. It was very smooth on the bottom, no calluses or bumps at all. It had a nicely shaped arch as well. I next examined my right foot in the same manner and was not disappointed with the outcome of that examination either.

I put my foot back on the floor, got up, and walked back to the shower area. I looked into the mirror over one of the sinks and discovered that the person looking back at me from the mirror was none other than Regan himself. How could this be? I remembered taking his boots and socks into the bathroom while he was showering, putting the socks and boots on, but not truly remembering anything else until waking up on the floor in front of Regan's locker. I ran my hand over my shaved head and face and leaned toward the mirror to have a closer look at my new me. I now had blue eyes and nicely proportioned facial structure. My teeth were clean white and it appeared that Regan never had any cavities.

I looked at my upper torso in the mirror and actually saw it for the first time. I placed my arms by my sides and then raised them over my head to see how defined my upper body was. My pecs were truly defined and muscular. There was not an inch of fat anywhere on my upper body. I saw my new “sixpack” of abs and ran my hands over them. I began to think that this was a complete fantasy and actually pinched myself to make sure this was all real. It was.

It was now time to take off the towel to see how my transformation had affected that area of my body. I unwrapped the towel and it dropped to the floor. My cock, which had become erect during my examination of my new body, was easily 10” long hard and I discovered that I was not circumcised. I had been circumcised before my transformation so this new discovery intrigued me. I wet one of my fingers and found that I was able to slide part of it under the foreskin. The feeling of doing this was so intense that I felt like I was going to orgasm right then and there. I wrapped my right hand around my erect cock and was surprised at how thick it was. It was much thicker than the cock I had prior to my transformation. I then explored my now larger and rounder ball sacs and massaged them with two of my fingers. I was so turned on that I then began to jerk my cock but realized that I had not yet seen all of my new body. I turned around to view my new butt in the mirror and again was not disappointed. My butt was very firm and round, again from the daily running and other exercises that Regan did. My butt was also covered with a coating of the light brown hair that covered the other parts of my body. I also saw that, yes, I also had some back hair up near my shoulder blades. Some people may find this unattractive but this only intensified my excitement. Now I know first hand what a hot man Regan is.

I decided that I should get dressed since I had absolutely no idea what time it was and I was surprised that no one else had come into the locker room since it felt like at least a few hours had gone by. I walked back out to the locker and found Regan's watch. Imagine how shocked I was when I discovered that it was only 3:30 PM! Other guys would certainly be coming into the locker room soon since it was almost time for shift change. I dressed quickly, putting on the extra underwear, tee-shirt, black socks, shirt, jeans, and black shoes that Regan had packed before work. I packed up the towel and the rest of the clothes, along with the uniform and cop boots, in the duffle bag and put on Regan's jacket. I went downstairs and punched out with the other guys on my shift, talking casually with them as we left the facility. I walked out to my new truck and put my duffle bag into the cab's back seat.

As I got behind the wheel, I realized that many of the thoughts that I was having were Regan's own memories. I knew that he had packed the extra clothes today because he was going to meet his girlfriend for drinks and dinner at 5:00 PM at a restaurant. Well, I guess those plans were going to change. Despite my now having thought processes that belonged to both Regan and to who I was before my transformation, my sexual orientation was still homosexual.

I have no explanation of what happened in that locker room, what happened to my old body, or how my putting on Regan's socks and cop boots created the apparent merging of myself and Regan into one body. Is Regan's spirit even in this body? Are both of us inhabiting this one body now? If not, what happened to Regan's spirit? Will I ever revert back to my old self? As I put the keys in the ignition, I realized that I may never know any of these answers, if any answers even exist. It was Friday afternoon and I was going to have a lot of fun getting to know my new body. Besides, I was looking forward to getting home and putting my cop boots on again…

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