Curses and consequences

by BRK

 Reading this story is a bad idea, but you can’t resist now that you know it’s cursed.

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You really shouldn’t read this story. You know it’s cursed. You can sense that slightest whiff of its dark potency already, coiling subtly and invisibly under the letters, waiting to slowly unleash itself on vulnerable, sex-hungry readers like you. You should stop now, before it’s too late. Before the curse gets its claws into you.

Of course, you’ll read it anyway. Start to finish. You like that this story is cursed, admit it. Your dick is hard just from thinking about it, tasting the delicious edge of risk that comes with such minimal provocation: just sliding your eyes across these words, one by one. It’s a thrill. Your cock loves it, loves the risk, the possibilities laced with danger.

You’ve always gotten rock-hard at the thought of a risk like this. That might not be the way you remember it, but you will soon. Let the words glide by, and you’ll remember. You always get hard so easily, your extra-wide cock filling your palm in a way that you crave feeling. Just thinking about getting hard, holding your two-inch-wide dick against your slicked-up left hand, is enough to make you hard, just so you can have that sensation again. You’re addicted to it. You know it, you’ve admitted it. You’re so constantly turned on how deeply awesome it is to wrap your hand around your super-fat, two-and-a-half-inch-wide boner that you’re almost always hard and pretty much constantly stroking. It feels that good. You can’t get enough… literally.

You’ve also noticed that being so turned on all the time, so constantly hard in your two hands, stroking yourself all the time, feeds on itself, giving you more pleasure from this perfect, bliss-making sensation every year, every month, maybe even every day as your capacity for pleasure builds and builds—alongside your hunger for that very same pleasure. Each stroke brings you close, each pump could be an orgasm. You cum so much now, more than you could have thought possible when you first started giving yourself the steady, unrelenting euphoria of constantly double-stroking your huge, sensitive, touch-hungry, self-slicking three-inch-wide permanent boner. You cum a little more with every mind-breaking orgasm, and the constant pleasure is so intense and so arousing, you’re always so close you just have to think about cumming and you blow a massive wad all over your face and chest and abs, even if you just came a few minutes ago. And your orgasms aren’t just producing huge amounts of hot, tasty cum for you to shot in thick ropes across yourself, they’re getting longer too. Minutes and minutes of geyser-spurt after geyser spurt.

Of course your dick is so beautiful and huge it deserves to be worshipped twenty-four/seven, doesn’t it? You knew that as soon as you had your late-teen growth spurt—you know, the one that gave you your extra-long legs and those deep-cut twelve-pack abs you love seeing covered in spunk—and you realized that when it came to your cock it never quite stopped. Every year, longer, thicker, and more irresistible. You couldn’t take your eyes off it—or, once it got long enough, your mouth. You sucked it off all the time as you double-stroked your four-inch-wide pleasure tool, having to bend forward less and less with each passing year. You started thinking your cock loves to be sucked… needs to be in your mouth… craves your lips and your tongue even more that your practiced, cock-loving hands. Because it does. It does need your mouth. You trained it, and now it belongs there.

It’s just right. Whenever you sit down, your achingly hard permaboner slides directly between your lips, exactly like it belongs there. It does belong there. Your mouth doesn’t want it any other way either. Your mouth and cock are desperate for each other, unable to withstand any other state but your hot cock shoved deep into your equally hot and admiring mouth, the wide head rutting endlessly against the upper palate as your unusually long tongue wraps possessively around it. Just that first shove all the way into your mouth whenever they’ve been apart makes you cum violently right from your grapefruit-sized balls, your whole body flooded with sizzling pleasure–and the idea of cumming just from wrapping your mouth, tongue, and lips around your super-wide, impossibly hard, and constantly pre-leaking cock is such a turn-on that you end up cumming again even though you just came a minute ago.

Not that your cock isn’t obsessed with being stroked by your talented hands as well. It’s been a while now since your hands were allowed to do anything but stroke and stimulate your long shaft as you sucked, giving you and your massive, constant erection endless variations in strokes and twists. You could keep your lips and tongue still for a bit and cum just from that—except, your mouth can’t help building onto the extreme, undiminishing joy you and your cock give each other in every way a mouth can push a cock to the maximum of endurable desire.

Your body keeps adjusting, giving you more ways to increase your pleasure. With your hands always busy with your dick you were at a loss to do anything else, until you realized you had two more nicely sculpted arms shoved just under your original ones. But your new, unoccupied extra hands weren’t as useful as you thought, given the way you can’t stop feeling up your round, protruding pecs now that you can do so without having to try to take your hands away from your hot, slick, tireless monster erection. And the third set of hands you grew to replace those seem to play with your balls most of the time—all the time, really. And the fourth set, well, your fourteen-pack sometimes seems to need the stroking it gets from them almost as much as your all-consuming cock craves all the attention it gets.

All that pleasure seemed selfish to keep to yourself. You’ve been livestreaming your self-suck-stroke sessions for years now—these days it’s almost your only interaction with anything other than your body and your cock. Starting the livestream convinced you to ditch clothes altogether, since you’re always being filmed hard and sucking and covered in cum anyway. The money from it stacks up obscenely in your accounts, but none of it matters to you… just your pleasure, and knowing that your pleasure is shared with horny young men the world over multiplies it, turning a flood into a tsunami, and endless rush flowing over every giddy nerve and particle, making you cum even more frequently and even more prodigiously. Of course you warn your viewers your livestream is cursed, too, but that only makes them hornier, more obsessive, more desperate to spend every moment watching you suck and stroke and cum. And you get to watch. Views of your loyal, mesmerized followers rotate randomly on your widescreen monitor, and more and more they’re showing guys sucking their huge cocks as they watch you with an eerie, insatiable need. Some have dicks that haven’t gotten long enough yet to bend down and suck like yours got when you were still in high school, but watching you makes self-sucking as possible as it is necessary. There are so many guys with their ankles behind their necks as they suck their increasingly-above-average (or bigger) slabs of cock, or that find any position to get that dick in their mouths—at least until they reach that tipping point where it’s almost tougher not having your dick slide in your mouth. Maybe some will reach the stage, like you where it doesn’t come out, not ever.

Reason is more and more elusive, and your body’s behavior more erratic. The steady, incremental growth of your almost-always-cumming, five-inch-wide dick just suddenly jumped four whole inches in length while you were reading this, and you already know that now that the head has shoved that deeply into your throat it will never not want to be all the way down there. And it isn’t “almost always”, is it? The cumming? You’re cumming all the time now, a constant barrage of hot ‘n’ tasty, nonstop jizz shooting up that massive shaft of yours from your melon-sized balls as you experience a constant state of euphoric, blissed out, never-ending orgasm.

There’s a tiny part of you that’s panicking now, knowing you’ve been forever changed, but it’s drowned under the overwhelming ecstasy of your new perma-throating, infitinely-cumming existence. There’s a way out… if you’ll let yourself think of it. That’s the way of curses, though. The best and most dangerous ones are the ones you can’t quite imagine wanting to break.


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