Custom toy

by Cockatrice

Sven got a very special present for his boyfriend: part of himself.

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“Merry Christmas, honey!”

Sven was holding the present close to me, barely able to contain his excitement with his eyes flitting from the gift to my eyes and back. When he first suggested celebrating Christmas between just the two of us, I thought he just wanted to have some us-time during the holidays, a notion I was totally on board with. But now, the gleam in his eyes made me think he planned this from the start, that whatever was in the package was meant for my eyes and my eyes only.

“Merry Christmas!” I took the present and gave him a kiss. As I was unwrapping the box, he was sitting next to me on the couch, his eyes glued to my hands. When I was done a few seconds later I have to admit I rolled my eyes.

“So that’s why you didn’t want anyone over this Christmas.” I smirked, holding the boxed dildo to my boyfriend.

“Guilty,” he confessed.

I took a closer look at the dildo inside. It looked… suspiciously like Sven’s and then I saw the text. “Custom-made, huh?”

Sven shifted in his seat, slightly blushing. “You could say that.”

Being done, I sat there waiting for him to open my present. “Aren’t you going to try it out?” he asked.

“Uhh, now?”


I looked to his present. “Don’t you want to see what I got you, first?”

Sven reached over to the table to grab his gift and started tearing off the wrapping paper. He was trying his best not to do it too quickly, but I could tell he was too excited right now to slow down, at least until he actually held the two tickets in his hand.

“Wh- where did you get those?” He seemed confused, but genuinely excited at the same time. “I thought they were all sold out.”

His favourite musical was hosted in our local theater in January. While we had watched it several times now, it was always in another city. This time it’d be close-by and he was so excited when he heard about it. Unfortunately, the musical was very popular and tickets sold like water in a desert.

“Well, I got them early,” I replied.

“And you never told me about it?!” Sven was overjoyed. He had probably accepted not being able to go there months ago. “What if I had gotten some tickets later?”

“I’m fairly sure there would’ve been someone willing to get them off my hands,” I said.

Sven went in for a deep hug and I could tell this was a very pleasant surprise for him. I actually felt a little guilty. A dildo was great, and being modeled after his dick is certainly hot in a way, but it wasn’t like we didn’t have a drawer full of toys already. But I did not mind too terribly. In fact, I felt his excitement rubbing off on me a little.

After our embrace Sven looked at the box in my lap again. “So…”

I let out a playful sigh. “Yes, let’s try it out.”

When we made our way to the bedroom, we sat down and I handed him the box to open while I was getting undressed. After I was done, he was still holding the box in his hands.

“Mmh, do you mind if you open it?” he sheepishly asked.

I didn’t quite understand his behaviour. Something was off. We’ve been together for 7 years and he shouldn’t be that excited about a new toy, but I decided to play along, even if it’s just because he’s adorable when excited. “Might as well.”

As I unboxed the dildo, Sven was watching me like he watched me unwrap the present earlier. I lifted the transparent cover and reached inside. “Wow, it feels warm.” I mused. “How did they do this?”

“It’s-” Sven began, but cut off when I felt over the shaft to take in the detailed texture. It was clearly rubber, but also felt like they modeled every pore and every capillary. When I felt over the rubber balls attached to the base, Sven let out an involuntary moan.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think they made it more sensitive.”


Sven smiled at me, his cheeks flushed. “You still haven’t caught on, have you?”

I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I grabbed the box and read the text once more. “Wait.” I slowly started to realize that this wasn’t an ordinary dildo. “Are you serious?!” I let out a laugh as I got to the part where it mentioned this being a dildo made from a penis. I heard about it a couple years ago. Some company patented this technology that made it possible to detach a penis and transform it into rubber while still keeping all sensations intact. It was probably in development—until now that is.

Rather than giving me a verbal response, Sven unzipped his pants and pulled down his briefs, revealing smooth skin where his crotch was.

Suddenly his whole behaviour made sense. He didn’t want me to play with a dildo. He wanted me to play with his dick. Now I got a lot more excited as well and my own dick started getting hard quick.

I decided to tease him a little, before we got to the main attraction so to speak. I took the tip into my mouth and worked the rubber glans with my tongue and lips. Sven was panting next to me the entire time. I moved the tongue down the shaft and took the balls into my mouth as well. It was odd sucking on a dildo like that, but seeing him squirm next to me turned me on.

Sven decided to reciprocate and started sucking my dick, edging me until I signaled him to stop. It was time to get serious. I got out the lube from the nightstand and started putting it on the dildo, making him squirm the entire time.

“Can you still cum?” I asked to bridge the time.

“No.” Sven said between breaths. “They said… it’s just like… an extended orgasm.”

“Well, here goes nothing.” I said, gently pushing the dildo—or rather Sven’s rubber dick—up my ass, causing my boyfriend to thrust his hips forward as if he was fucking me.

As I watched him lost in the moment, I got an idea. I pushed the dildo all the way into my hole and got more lube, this time for my own dick. As the dildo was firmly nestled in my butt, Sven’s orgasm seemed to subside a little -but not by much- and he watched me, curious what I was doing next.

After I was done, I got over to his lower body, helping him out of his pants. Seeing his smooth crotch and knowing his dick is now inside my ass made my own member throb hard.

Sven got the hint, quickly shucked his shirt and turned around, standing on all four in front of me. I teased his hole a little, before gently maneuvering my way inside. After a few thrusts I picked up the pace and felt Sven’s dick massaging my prostate. All the while Sven must have felt each thrust from two directions, almost as if he was fucking himself through proxy.

It didn’t take long until I came.

4 weeks later

I awoke to the feeling of Sven taking my dick in his hands and smearing lube onto it. A short time later I felt it entering his warm wet asshole. Lying on the bed I was lost in half-asleep bliss as his insides massaged my dick. Absentmindedly I reached for Sven’s rubber dick on my nightstand and moved my thumb up and down his frenulum.

A few days into the new year, Sven decided to return to the dildo maker. Transforming the dildo back was impossible. Once made into rubber, the change is permanent, but the sensitivity could be adjusted. Sven wanted me to have his dick in my ass and not collapse into an orgasm immediately. He wanted to enjoy the sensation of me walking around with it all day. To his surprise, I went with him to undergo the same procedure. When I first heard about the technology I didn’t think much of it, but the days following Christmas were a blast, and that just from experiencing it second-hand.

As the aroma of fried eggs wafted to my nose, I finally got myself to get up, but not before I grabbed Sven’s dick, lubed it up and pushed it up my own asshole. He and I have been doing this since I got my own member dildoed too. We’d use each other’s dicks and walk around all day with them inside our asses.

“Good morning.” I said as I walked into the kitchen and slapped Sven on his asscheek, mostly to feel my own dick through the vibration.

Sven gave me a kiss. “So about today,” he began. “Are we gonna keep them in?” Today was the musical, and the thought of walking downtown with my boyfriend’s dick in my ass and mine in his would’ve made me throb, if it wasn’t all rubber.

“What kind of question is that?” I teased him as I put my head on his shoulder and embraced him from behind. “Of course we do.”

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