Double trouble

by NBCK99

 Caleb is really into how hot identical twins are. His roommate decides to help him out a little.

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“Earth to Caleb.”

“Earth to Caleb.”

“EARTH TO CALEB. COME IN, CALEB.” Caleb suddenly realized he had totally zoned out. Five sets of eyes were focused on him. He hoped he wasn’t blushing too hard. He cleared his throat and tried not to look too abashed.

“Uh, sorry guys,” Caleb said quietly. “Which question were we on?” The girl next to him rolled her eyes, but David and Dante smiled sweetly. Dante pointed to the page in Caleb’s textbook, and Caleb led the group in discussing the question. David and Dante were very nice, but they were the reason Caleb kept zoning out during the study group. Eastern philosophy just didn’t seem important when a pair of gorgeous twins were sitting just feet away. Everything about the Hispanic twins was perfect, from their caramel skin to their silky hair to their surprisingly light eyes. And whenever they thought something was funny, they put on identical crooked grins and cocked their heads at the exact same angle.

Today Dante was wearing a red t-shirt that clung to his meaty pecs, while David’s sky blue tank top drew attention to his thick shoulders. It was a good thing they wore their hair differently because that was the only way Caleb could tell them apart. They sat right next to each other with their legs pressed together from their hips down to their feet. Caleb knew he never should have joined this study group. He was never going to learn anything about philosophy while those two were there to distract him. And yet how could he pass up the opportunity to spend a full hour in close proximity to the two gorgeous young men?

“Earth to Caleb.” Even their accent was sexy. “Ay dios mio! Caleb!” A hand clapped him on the shoulder. Shit, he had completely zoned out again. Dante and Daniel were staring at him with identical crooked grins. He wasn’t sure if they realized that he had a crush on them, but they definitely thought it was hilarious when he suddenly spaced out. He grinned back, trying to look them in the eyes and not stare at their bodies. And he resolved not to lose focus this time.

For the rest of the study session, Caleb worked hard to maintain his focus. He didn’t really have trouble understanding the material. He was genuinely interested in philosophy, but debating the merits of Confucianism was far less engaging when two of the debaters were rubbing their shoulders together affectionately. Sometimes the twins seemed to be in their own world, but they always miraculously heard everything the others had said. Caleb wondered why no one ever commented on the twins’ behavior. If anyone else behaved like that, it would have been called flirtation or even PDA.

Caleb realized he was drifting again, and he quickly nudged Dante. The hot Latino shot him a sly grin as he turned the page in Caleb’s textbook and pointed at the third paragraph. Then he casually laid his head on his brother’s shoulder. Caleb could swear Dante was reading his mind. He hurriedly skimmed the paragraph Dante had pointed to, and the next time someone asked a question, he piped up as if he had been paying attention the whole time. Several of the others seemed impressed with his answer. If he could BS his way through the study group this easily, hopefully he would do well on the final.

After the study group, Caleb headed back to his dorm alone. The twins had offered to hang out in the lounge at the student union, but Caleb had made a hasty exit. He was feeling increasingly pent up, and the last thing he needed was to spend more time with those two. They pushed every one of his buttons, but he wasn’t even sure if they knew it. He needed to get off, and soon. Hopefully Ethan wouldn’t be in the room when Caleb got back. Ethan’s schedule was pretty predictable, so he was probably studying at the library. Caleb’s auburn-haired roommate was often at the library until 10 or 11 at night. He was another reason Caleb was so pent up.

Ethan wasn’t as hot as the twins, but he was cute in his own way. His shoulders were surprisingly wide for his lanky frame, and his cute butt always showed no matter what he was wearing. Ethan was definitely on the nerdy side, but that just added to his appeal. He was the epitome of the nerd who had no idea how cute he was. It seemed that there were cute guys all over campus, and it was just too much for Caleb. No matter where he went, he would run into Ethan, or David and Dante, or any number of other cute guys he had met in his first two semesters of college.

Thankfully, Ethan was out when Caleb got back to his dorm room. His roommate would surely be at the library for at least another hour. Caleb turned on his computer and went straight to his favorite website, hotgaytwins dot com. Nothing got him worked up like watching twins get each other off, so he figured he could quickly rub one out long before his roommate got back. Caleb unbuttoned his shorts and went to work on his decent-sized cock. Its impressive girth filled his hand as he stroked himself. His breathing became shallow as he watched a pair of Brazilian twins make out and feel each other up. And then the door opened.

Thankfully, Caleb’s back was to the door, but Ethan could obviously tell what he was doing. Caleb was mortified. He awkwardly paused the porn that was still playing on his screen. “So that’s what you’re into, huh?” Ethan said. Caleb had expected him to freak out, but he sounded calm. There was even a touch of—what, amusement?—in Ethan’s voice.

Caleb wanted to do anything that would draw attention away from the rock hard cock in his hand. “Don’t you think twins are hot?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

Ethan has closed the door, but he hadn’t moved away from the doorway. “It’s two people who look alike. What’s so special about that?”

Caleb couldn’t believe he was having this conversation. The paused porn was still on his screen, but for some reason he didn’t close it. The twins were kissing and embracing tightly. “Think about it,” Caleb said to the computer screen. “Think of someone you think is really hot, and now imagine there’s two of them. Wouldn’t that be twice as hot?” For some reason, Caleb just kept talking. “Or imagine there were two of you. You would never have to jerk off again. Your twin could do it for you. I mean, if you have the same body, it’s basically masturbating, right?”

“The same body? That’s not really the same thing as twins,” Ethan pointed out. How was he being so calm? Why was he still just standing there?

“I guess not,” Caleb admitted. He kept talking to take his mind off how bizarre the situation was. “But it’s the closest thing you’ll get in real life. Seriously, though, have you never imagined having a doppelganger? Or fantasized about a pair of really hot twins?”

Ethan didn’t actually respond to the question. Instead, he said, “You’re still totally boned, aren’t you?” Caleb was glad his roommate couldn’t see his face turn crimson. “Just talking about twins is keeping you worked up. Geez.” Ethan finally moved, and Caleb could hear his roommate putting down his bag and rifling through his things. Caleb stayed rooted in place. Finally, Ethan adopted a corny 60’s sitcom dad voice and said, “Alright young man, I’m going to take a shower. When I come back, I expect you to have finished off and cleaned up, okay?”

Ethan’s goofy voice nearly made Caleb laugh. Before he could respond, Ethan had headed for the bathroom down the hall. Caleb got back to work, but he didn’t need the porn for help. He closed his eyes, and he saw a pair of cute, nerdy auburn-haired young men kissing passionately. In his mind’s eye, he saw a pair of Hispanic hunks come into the frame. Each one came up behind one of the redhead twins and started kissing his neck. Then he saw himself surrounded by the four men. Ethan and his doppelganger took turns with David and Dante as they rubbed their hands over Caleb’s body and kissed his mouth and his neck. Fueled by those images, Caleb came hard.

A while later Ethan stooped over the bottom bunk where his roommate slept. Caleb’s shallow, steady breathing indicated that he was sleeping soundly. Ethan never would have guessed that his roommate shared his same fantasy. He had jerked off to the thought of twin Calebs several times, but he could never admit something like that. He hadn’t even told Caleb he was into guys, even though his gay roommate would obviously be fine with it. He wasn’t sure why he kept hesitating. Anyway, that didn’t matter right now. He was hesitating again, but over something completely different.

Ethan’s dad had told him he could only do this three times before his power ran out. Maybe he was being rash. He didn’t even know what the outcome would be. That would be up to Caleb, and even he wouldn’t be able to control it. Ethan put those thoughts out of his mind. He had already made his decision. He began muttering the incantation his father had taught him. A sphere of pale blue mist appeared a few inches in front of his face, just barely visible in the light of his desk lamp. He continued quietly chanting until the sphere was nearly the size of a soccer ball. Then he gently blew the mist toward Caleb’s face. As Caleb breathed in the blue mist, Ethan intoned, “May your wish come true this day.”

Caleb was surprised to wake up before his alarm clock. He was more surprised that someone was spooning him. He could feel the person’s morning wood pressing into his lower back. He knew he hadn’t been drinking last night. And he remembered falling asleep fairly early. His roommate had been the only other person in the room. Caleb twisted and pushed the person off him.

“Hey, stop pushing me into the wall. This bed isn’t exactly large.” Caleb’s breath caught. That was his own voice. He rolled over as quickly as he could without hurting the other person. He came face to face with a young man with a long face, hazel eyes, and dark tousled hair. Caleb nearly forgot to breathe. That was his face. Maybe this was some kind of dream. A very, very sexy dream.

Concern filled his doppelganger’s face. “Why are you staring at me like that?” he asked. “Are you okay?”

Caleb had absolutely no idea how to respond. He realized he must look totally freaked out. Well, he was totally freaked out. Okay, he was turned on too, but this was seriously weird. Unless it really was a dream. This was definitely the kind of scenario his subconscious would come up with. His doppelganger was still watching him with concern. Shit, he was doing it again. His habit of getting lost in his own thoughts was becoming a serious problem.

“I’m fine,” Caleb lied. He could tell his doppelganger didn’t believe him. Caleb turned away from his twin and sat up. The twin moved and sat next to him on the edge of the bed. He pressed himself into Caleb’s side just like David and Dante always did with each other. It felt comforting. Unconsciously Caleb started rubbing his twin’s back. His skin was so warm and soft. His twin reciprocated and gently squeezed his shoulder.

After a few minutes, Caleb’s twin turned to him with an affectionate smile. “Are you better for real now?” he asked. Caleb smiled and nodded. His twin’s touch had a calming effect. Satisfied, the twin got up and preemptively turned off the alarm clock before it went off. Caleb had never seen himself from behind before. His ass wasn’t as shapely as Ethan’s but it still filled out his boxers fairly well. He drank in the silhouette. The figure before him looked taller than he was due to his long limbs. The years he had spent as a swimmer still showed. His legs looked powerful, and his back looked beautiful as he stretched.

Caleb realized his twin was putting on a little show for him. The doppelganger turned around and continued to stretch, reaching his long arms up over his head. Caleb had studied his reflection in the mirror a hundred times, but it was stunning to see himself in the flesh like this. He had only a hint of a six-pack, but he was clearly in good shape. The slightest dusting of dark hair covered his chest and ran down his stomach, forming a tantalizing treasure trail. Just as he was about to reach out and touch his doppelganger’s body, the man turned around again.

“We ought to shower now if we’re going to make it to class on time,” he said. Caleb glanced at the clock. There was still plenty of time. And anyway, why was he thinking about class in the middle of a dream? Still, he got up and followed his twin. He discovered a pair of matching towels next to his toiletries. He followed his twin down the hall, still reveling in the view.

It was still early, and for the moment the bathroom was empty. Caleb’s twin unceremoniously dropped his boxers, and Caleb followed suit. His twin’s morning wood had deflated, but he was still semi-hard. Seeing himself like that was completely surreal. He just stood and stared as his twin turned on the shower. Caleb thought he was about to watch himself lather up, but his doppelganger had other ideas. His twin pulled him close and started lathering him up instead. He reveled in the sensation of hands that were his own but not pressing against his skin. His twin attentively covered his whole body in foamy body wash, covering every inch of his skin.

Eventually the doppelganger was done, but Caleb had closed his eyes and was simply enjoying the feel of the water washing over him. He opened his eyes, blinking a few times, and he discovered that his twin was trying to hand him the body wash. Well, if anyone could forgive Caleb for being a total space cadet, surely his own twin could. He didn’t look annoyed, at least. Actually, he looked slightly amused. And he was drinking in Caleb’s body, but his eyes were kind of glazed over. Of course. They were both total space cadets.

Caleb took the body wash and began rubbing his hands across his doppelganger’s shoulders. It was amazing to explore his own body in this way. He took in every little detail, every muscle, every inch of skin. It was so familiar and yet so new. His fingers glided along his twin’s lightly muscled arms, running across the backs of his hands and down his long fingers. He lathered up his twin’s chest, taking a little extra time to play with his sensitive nipples. A soft sigh escaped his doppelganger’s lips. Caleb turned his twin around, working his way down from the neck, over his upped back muscles, and down to where the small of his back gave way to a round, slightly hairy ass. He stepped forward, breathing on his twin’s neck as he felt himself up, working the body wash into his ass and hips.

As he got down to his twin’s legs, his twin turned back around, grabbed Caleb’s shoulders, and lifted up one foot at a time. Caleb took his time massaging each foot and getting between each toe. He felt the weight of his twin’s big feet in his hands. Caleb had never been a foot person, but there was something so intimate about this moment. As he massaged each foot, he watched his twin’s dick get harder and harder. Was his doppelganger a foot person? Was that even possible? He wasn’t sure, but the possibility that they might not share the same kinks was fascinating.

They could explore that later, though. For now, Caleb still hadn’t lathered up his twin’s privates. It occurred to him that he was no longer thinking of this as a dream. He let that thought float away as he prepared to do something he had only imagined as a fantasy. He ran a soapy hand along the length of his twin’s stiff cock and cupped his round butt with the other hand. His breath caught as his twin mirrored his actions. The hand stroking his shaft felt so familiar, and yet it wasn’t his. It was a hand that knew his cock more intimately than any other. This was exactly what he had fantasized about for years. As he stroked a cock that was his own but not, he tenderly kissed his twin. That moment of intimacy felt so surreal and yet so natural. He felt like he could just stay like that forever.

All the stimulation was too much, and Caleb soon came hard thanks to the ministrations of his twin. “Finished already?” his twin joked. “I thought you had more stamina than that.” Caleb was still lost in the moment. He was desperate to pleasure his other self. He moved his feet, playing with his twin’s toes. As he had guessed, that got his twin even more aroused. His toes curled, and his hips bucked. Caleb continued to rub his toes over his twin’s feet, and he pressed their bodies together. Caleb could hear his twin breathing amidst the falling water, and he imagined that he could feel his heart beating. As Caleb stroked his twin and rubbed his feet, he felt him seize up. He came in streams of cum that stuck to their bellies.

Caleb looked down at their bodies and chuckled. “Looks like we got ourselves messy again.”

His twin grinned. “That’s why we always leave extra time to shower.” As they cleaned themselves up again, Caleb realized there were others in the bathroom. By now, most of the guys on the floor were probably up. How many people had heard them? His twin seemed completely unconcerned. They toweled off and headed toward the sinks, and Caleb was hit with a shock. A pair of guys with shaggy blond hair stood next to each other wearing only towels. He would recognize those wide backs and golden locks anywhere. When they turned around, they confirmed what he already knew. It was Leo, but there were two of him.

The two blond studs spoke in unison. “Hey Caleb, hey Connor.”

It took everything Caleb had to keep his jaw from falling on the floor. His twin, Connor, smoothly replied, “Hey Leo, hey Lonnie.”

Leo, Lonnie, and Connor all turned to look at him. “Hey guys,” he mumbled. This had officially turned from hot to totally weird. Well, that wasn’t accurate. It had been weird from the moment he woke up, and it was definitely still hot. Leo worked out almost every day, and two of him together were quite a sight. Leo and Lonnie. He was going to have to remember that. And Connor. He glanced at his twin, who was already brushing his teeth. Caleb had thought of Connor as his twin all this time, but he never could have imagined that Connor was his actual twin, a real person. This was just too bizarre. And hot. It was still totally hot.

Caleb was finally starting to realize he wasn’t going to wake up. He didn’t think his subconscious would go to the lengths of coming up with names for imaginary twins. And usually sex dreams ended after the sexy part. Looking in the mirror, Caleb styled his hair the way he always did, but then he looked over to see that his doppelganger—no, Connor—had styled his hair the exact same way. How would anyone tell them apart? He was about to restyle his hair when Connor reached over and affectionately fixed a loose strand of hair. Somehow it clicked in that moment. Connor was his twin and his doppelganger. What was the point if they didn’t look the same?

Just when Caleb thought he was getting over his shock, he saw another pair of twins in the hallway. This was getting out of hand. He hoped to find sanctuary in his room. He headed back with Connor at his side. Actually, Connor was literally pressing into his side the whole time as if he didn’t want to lose contact. Caleb gave a perfunctory knock in the door before heading in. Two Ethans were sitting on the top bunk with their arms around each other’s shoulders. They were blushing profusely. He should have known he couldn’t escape this madness. Two pairs of green eyes watched him and his twin closely. It suddenly dawned on him that he had interrupted them. What had they been doing?

Connor didn’t seem fazed at all. “Morning Ethan, Aaron,” he mumbled as he moved toward the dresser.

Ethan and Aaron shared the strangest look before replying, “Morning, guys.” They slid off the top bunk and headed straight for the bathroom as if they were eager to get out of the room. It was pretty strange, even amidst all the bizarre twin business.

Caleb turned back to Connor, who was putting on a very tight green t-shirt. Caleb had never been ashamed of his body, but he would never wear what Connor was wearing. Connor’s shirt was skintight, and his shorts were definitely shorter than what Caleb would normally wear. At least that’s what he thought. When he sifted through the clothes in the dresser, he found that all of his clothes had been replaced by clothes that matched the fit of what Connor wore. Well, it couldn’t hurt to try some of those clothes on. They did look great on Connor.

Suddenly Caleb realized exactly why the clothes were so tight. Caleb would be more than willing to wear a tight shirt if it would make Connor stare at him the way he was staring at Connor. He found a shirt that was almost identical to Connor’s but in a darker shade of green. The twins slipped on identical pairs of flip-flops. If Connor liked his feet, he was more than willing to show those off too. He wiggled his toes and gave his twin a saucy look.

Connor cleared his throat. “Come on, we’re gonna be late for class,” he said. Still, he glanced back down at Caleb’s sandal-clad feet. As soon as they had passed into the hallway, Connor slipped his arm around Caleb’s waist, and Caleb did the same. It felt so natural. As they walked, Caleb saw just how extensive the twin thing was. At the dorm’s front desk, a cute attendant was sitting in his twin’s lap. Outside the dorm, pairs of twins moved across the quad in all directions. It was unbelievable. Everyone had a twin, and each pair seemed inseparable. Caleb found himself suddenly relying on Connor to hold him up. This was just too overwhelming.

Connor stopped and faced his twin. “Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked. “This is like the third time this morning you’ve acted all weird.”

Caleb still couldn’t get over the fact that he was looking at his twin. He took a moment just to stare into hazel eyes that mirrored his own. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, he kissed Connor deeply. When he finally pulled away, Connor grinned wide. “I’m fine, I promise,” Caleb insisted. And this time he really meant it. “Now let’s hurry up and get to class before we’re late.”

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