Enchanted growth

by NBCK99

When Andrelle’s questing companions succeed in finding a magical dagger, he discovers just why the artifact is so desirable.

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Part 1 When Andrelle’s questing companions succeed in finding a magical dagger, he discovers just why the artifact is so desirable. (added: 9 Apr 2015)
Part 2 As Andrelle and his teammates explore the impressive growth effects of the dagger artifact, they become more reluctant than ever to complete their mission and hand it over to their patron. (added: 1 May 2015)
Part 3 The much-dreaded confrontation with the patron who wanted the magic-growth dagger, Lord Everett, doesn’t go quite the way Andrelle had expected. (added: 15 May 2015)
Part 4 Andrelle finds a very sexy way to put Everett in his place before moving on with the quest. (added: 12 Jun 2015)
Part 5 Andrelle’s powers are evolving, and Jovin finally has a shot at the cock he’s always dreamed of. (added: 27 Oct 2015)
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Part 1

Andrelle stared up at the decrepit tower before him. The cylindrical structure rose up a hundred feet into the air, although the roof was crumbling and had almost completely caved in. Ivy and other creeping plants covered the base and clung to the wall in various places. “Who would build a tower with no doors or windows?” he asked.

“Someone hiding a dangerous and valuable treasure,” Jovin responded. The bookish wizard could barely contain his excitement as he stared through his gold-rimmed glasses at the ancient tower. Andrelle had a feeling that Jovin had only joined the quest so he could study ancient artifacts.

“And why are we searching for this dangerous item again?” Andrelle asked.

Tye, the band’s leader stepped forward. The tall, dark haired man looked at home in bright clothes and ornate armor that would have looked gaudy on anyone else. “If we don’t present the sacred artifact to Lord Everett, he won’t give us access to the Temple of Kronus,” he intoned.

“And I need to make a pact with Kronus, the guardian spirit of the temple, in order to defeat the evil spirit haunting Dolcia,” Lorion added. The young summoner was generally shy, but he was very proud of his rare talent to speak with and summon spirits.

Andrelle still thought that a dangerous artifact hidden in a tower in the middle of nowhere was better left alone, but he knew better than to question his leader’s decision. Once Tye made up his mind, it was useless to argue. Still, the situation was frustrating. “That doesn’t explain why you’re making me scale the tower. Why not just have Brynn bust through the wall?”

The hulking warrior did not speak. Instead Tye replied, “What, and risk bringing the whole building down?”

Jovin added, “This place holds secrets that are centuries old! We can’t afford to damage it by using brute force.” Realizing what he had said, the white haired wizard turned to Brynn. “No offense meant, of course.” The warrior grunted and shrugged his shoulders in response.

“You can climb up there, right?” Tye asked Andrelle.

The lithe scout once again surveyed the tower. “It’s kind of falling apart in some places, but that should mean there are plenty of footholds. Getting back out might not be so easy, though.”

Jovin dug into his bag and pulled out a small jewel. “This is a tracking crystal,” he stated. “If you stare into the crystal and concentrate on it, I’ll be able to sense your location.”

“And then I’ll send Syrus to retrieve you,” Lorion added. Andrelle had to work not to scowl. Getting transported by Syrus always made Andrelle queasy, but he kept his mouth shut. Lorion treated Syrus almost like a pet. In his eyes, the serpentine wind spirit was a perfect companion.

“Enough stalling,” Tye huffed. “The sooner you retrieve the artifact, the sooner we can get back to Lord Everett.”

With that, Andrelle started climbing. He hoped he would recognize this artifact when he saw it. And he hoped it wasn’t booby trapped. Usually Jovin magically scoured the area for traps. And he hoped there weren’t any large monsters living in there. Brynn usually dealt with those. For once in his life, Andrelle wished he wasn’t the agile one. He loved climbing trees, but this dilapidated old tower was completely different. It was very dangerous and just generally creepy.

Andrelle glanced down below him. He had already gotten halfway up the tower. His tunic snagged on a loose brick, and his breath caught. Gingerly he reached down and unsnagged it. He breathed a sigh of relief and kept climbing. Luckily the light, tight fitting clothes he wore as a scout weren’t cumbersome. They also helped show off his slim, fit physique in taverns, but that was just an added bonus.

The climb became more difficult as Andrelle got higher, but eventually he reached the top. He was easily able to slip in through a crack where the roof had caved in. The top floor was lit in patches thanks to the crumbling ceiling, but below that the tower was pitch black. Andrelle pulled one of Jovin’s glow crystals out of his pouch and spoke the magic words. Instantly the crystal radiated a soft glow that lit up the room. He hated to admit it, but Jovin’s magic was extremely useful.

Despite the light of the magical crystal, the tower felt creepier and creepier as Andrelle descended from the top floor. For a place with no entrance, it sure had a lot of statues, plinths, and sculptures. Andrelle did his best to ignore the fact that all the statues were of very beautiful men. Each one was exaggerated beyond normal human proportions in one way or another. A couple were even more buff than Brynn. Andrelle began to feel as though the statues were watching him. He imagined that they had once been human but had been cursed by the very artifact he was seeking. He pictured himself touching a glowing orb and watching in horror as his skin turned to stone or metal.

By the time Andrelle finally got down to the ground floor, his imagination had gotten the best of him. The normally confident young man was seeing imaginary movements out of the corner of his eye. As he twisted his head this way and that, he caught sight of the sacred artifact. It wasn’t at all what he had expected, yet he knew without a doubt that it was what he was looking for.

A large knife in an ornate silver, jewel-encrusted sheath lay on a pedestal. It was about the size of the blade Andrelle usually carried. He delicately picked up the knife and unsheathed it. There was something entrancing and oddly beautiful about the simple weapon. All fears of curses were forgotten as Andrelle stared at his reflection in the polished blade. As he slid the knife back into its sheath, his hand slipped. He inhaled sharply as the blade grazed his thumb. Wincing, he examined the wound. Luckily it was only a small cut. He pulled a piece of cloth out of his pouch and wrapped it around his thumb. Andrelle had learned to always be prepared in his years as an adventurer.

Andrelle hardly noticed the warm fuzzy feeling inside as he pulled out Jovin’s tracking crystal. As he stared into the crystal, Lorion’s pet wind spirit appeared in front of him. The creature immediately recoiled. If Andrelle didn’t know any better, he would have said the spirit was afraid. After a few moments, however, it floated toward him and nuzzled his cheek. It was odd. He had never seen it display such affectionate behavior toward anyone besides Lorion. Remembering its duty, the creature wrapped itself around the young scout and emitted the odd whistling sound it used to cast its teleportation spell. Andrelle closed his eyes so he wouldn’t get too disoriented. When he reopened his eyes, he was back outside the tower, and the other guys were all staring at him.

“Did you get it?” Tye and Jovin asked in unison. Andrelle grinned and held out the dagger. The leader and the wizard both reached for it, but Andrelle snatched it back.

“I’m the one who had to go in and retrieve it, so I’m the one who gets to present it to Lord Everett,” Andrelle stated firmly. Tye had a fire in his eyes, but surprisingly he chose not to argue. Jovin looked crestfallen. He had clearly hoped to study the artifact before the group handed it over to the lord. Andrelle wasn’t actually quite sure why he was so keen to maintain possession of the knife. He just knew he wanted it as close as possible until he had to give it away. Maybe he could even find a way to keep it.

The adventurers spent the rest of the evening traveling back toward Lord Everett’s estate, and Andrelle was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. No matter what way he moved, his tunic felt a bit tight across his shoulders. And he kept having to discreetly adjust himself too. His junk was rubbing against his underclothes, and he kept getting aroused. Nothing like this had ever happened before. By the time the group set up camp for the night, he was more than ready to retreat into his tent and undress.

Andrelle’s tunic nearly ripped when he pulled it off his torso. He soon discovered why it had felt so tight. His previously slim torso had suddenly become very defined. His formerly flat stomach now looked like a cobblestone road. He had never complained about his body before, he now couldn’t imagine himself without beautiful, rippling abs. His chest and shoulders had bulked up and become more defined as well, which explained the odd fit of his tunic. As Andrelle’s hands explored his newly improved body, he heard his tent flap open.

Andrelle turned to see Jovin in the entrance, awkwardly frozen mid-step. The young wizard cleared his throat loudly. “I, uh, I just wanted to sneak a peek, um, I mean… I wanted to look at the knife,” he sputtered.

Andrelle’s lanky physique had always been fairly similar to the wizard’s slender build. It was strange and empowering to think that he now possessed a body that Jovin would envy or even lust after. Andrelle surprised himself by acting with a sudden boldness.

“Come on in,” he offered in a sultry tone. “You can look at whatever you’d like.” He gestured to the knife, which was hanging from his belt.

“My interest is purely scientific,” Jovin said as he reached for Andrelle’s belt. His heavy breathing and trembling fingers gave away the lie. For a moment he held the knife, trying to rekindle his interest in the ancient weapon. Then he gingerly set it aside and returned his gaze to the bare torso in front of him. He stared in awe. “This is not possible,” he murmured, brushing his hand across Andrelle’s abs.

Andrelle grinned and stroked his chest. “I would agree if there wasn’t such firm evidence.” Andrelle found himself rapidly getting hard. And that led to a new realization. He had apparently overlooked what might be the best part of his transformation. His cock was seriously straining the fabric of his trousers. Andrelle adjusted himself so that his dick was pointing straight up. The head proudly rose up well above his waist.

Jovin went slack-jawed. He took off his glasses and leaned down until his nose was nearly touching the huge member. “Touch it,” Andrelle encouraged. “I know you want to verify that it’s real.” As if in a trance, Jovin closed the gap between his face and Andrelle’s dick and gently kissed the tip. Slowly he rose back up and looked Andrelle in the eyes. His expression was dazed, lustful, and awestruck all at once. Jovin leaned in for a kiss, and Andrelle leaned down to reciprocate. The growing man was vaguely aware that he had to lean down further than he should have. He was far more aware of his hands grasping Jovin’s narrow waist and Jovin’s hands sliding up his torso.

Jovin pulled away, apparently shocked at his own actions. And yet his hands lingered on Andrelle’s body as if he was unwilling to sever the physical contact. He glanced longingly at Andrelle’s huge member, but then his eyes cleared and he steeled himself. “I need to return to my tent,” he said, his fingers still brushing Andrelle’s sides. He turned his head toward the tent flap.

“I think you should stay here,” Andrelle replied. He hadn’t meant to be forceful, but something in his tone made it sound like a command.

Jovin, eyes still clear, turned back toward Andrelle. His gaze slid down Andrelle’s torso and lingered on his cock before returning to his face. “You’re still growing,” Jovin stated simply. Andrelle could feel the warmth of his stiff member against his belly, but he was still stunned when he looked down. His cock rose well above his belly button, and it had thickened considerably. His pecs had grown too, threatening to obscure his view. And for the first time it truly dawned on him that he was noticeably taller than Jovin. Jovin had always been on the short side, but now Andrelle stood nearly a head taller.

Jovin brushed his finger along Andrelle’s member, and it suddenly grew as if responding to his attention. All of a sudden it rose nearly to Andrelle’s pecs, and it was as thick around as Jovin’s wrist. Andrelle put his hands on Jovin’s shoulders. He needed release, and he knew the young wizard would feel compelled to help. To his surprise, Jovin grabbed his waist and pushed him onto the sleeping mat that was laid out by the wall of the tent. Jovin practically tore off his cloak and tunic and rested his body on Andrelle’s, sandwiching the massive cock between them. Andrelle never would have guessed that the quiet wizard could be so aggressive.

Jovin kissed the overgrown scout, rubbing his torso against Andrelle’s throbbing member. Jovin’s compact, lean frame contrasted against the taller, more muscular body underneath it, and that somehow made him look hotter to Andrelle. As Jovin moved down toward Andrelle’s neck, Andrelle felt the tip of his member slide into the crevice between his pecs. Damn, that thing was huge. A small part of Andrelle wondered with concern what would happen if he never stopped growing, but he was far too pleased with his current situation to give that thought any weight.

Jovin made a trail of kisses down Andrelle’s chest, making the now short journey to his sensual destination. For the second time, he kissed the head of Andrelle’s cock. Then he licked it, caressing the underside of the head with his tongue. As he showered the huge cockhead with attention, he pulled down Andrelle’s trousers, revealing a pair of balls that had swollen to the size of small melons. He crawled backward, allowing Andrelle’s cock to rise up into the air. Andrelle desperately wanted the wizard to suck his dick, but it was probably too wide for that now. Jovin had other ideas. Never taking his eyes off the huge pole, he slowly stood up and removed his trousers. Andrelle’s dick was now steadily leaking pre, and Jovin rubbed it all across the head. Then scooped some up and started fingering himself. He turned around so Andrelle could watch as he probed his own hole.

Andrelle’s eyes widened in alarm. As sexy as this was, it was horribly dangerous. His dick was probably twice as long as the longest one he had ever taken, and that had been painful. “I’m too big,” he protested.

Jovin smiled affectionately at the overgrown young man. “You’ve never had much faith in my magic, have you?” he chuckled. Something about Jovin’s tone implied familiarity, friendship even. Andrelle had just sort of assumed the wizard was incapable of those feelings. Jovin clasped his hands together and began muttering a spell. He moaned and clenched his ass as if he already had a dick inside him. And then, just for a moment, his skin glowed and a soft blue aura surrounded him. Then it was over and he was standing over Andrelle. He leaned forward, and Andrelle instinctively reached out to support him as he shifted his weight. As Jovin lowered himself onto the fist-sized cockhead, Andrelle gasped loudly. He had never imagined that a simple touch could be so erotic.

Just when Andrelle was convinced that his cock really was too big, the head slid into Jovin with a pop. Inch by inch Jovin lowered himself down onto the huge pole. Every little movement made Andrelle moan with delight. It was as if his sensitivity had increased proportionally with his size. Surely Andrelle’s member should have contorted Jovin’s insides, but Jovin looked completely unchanged. As he took more and more of the impossibly long cock, it just disappeared inside him. Andrelle decided against asking the specifics of the magic spell. All that mattered was the feeling of inches and inches of his cock inside another man.

After what seemed like ages, Jovin’s ass came to rest on Andrelle’s melon-sized balls. With effort Andrelle managed to push himself into a sitting position. He hugged Jovin to his chest, feeling Jovin’s average-sized cock between their bodies. He began thrusting his hips, and now it was Jovin’s turn to moan. Andrelle had never imagined that sex could feel like this. He thrust faster and faster, feeling Jovin’s ass clench around his impossibly wide cock. Jovin too began to thrust, his cock rubbing against Andrelle’s abs. They reached a fever pitch, and with simultaneous cries of ecstasy, they achieved release.

Andrelle could feel his cock shooting load after load into the small wizard. He felt something else too. He was shrinking. At first he thought it was his imagination, but then he was sure. Little by little, his muscles were losing their size. He was getting shorter too.

“Oh, spirits,” Jovin gasped. At first Andrelle thought Jovin was having a delayed reaction to his powerful orgasm, but he followed Jovin’s gaze and was stunned by what he saw. Andrelle’s dick was rapidly getting soft, but it wasn’t shrinking. If anything, it was getting slightly longer. Andrelle’s eyes widened even further when he noticed Jovin’s torso. His flat stomach was blossoming into a somewhat defined six-pack. Andrelle rubbed a hand across his own abs and found that they were in a similar state. He had lost his amazing definition, but he was still clearly more defined than he had been. He still had nice pecs too, even if they had deflated from their former size.

Jovin finally rose, carefully lifting himself off of Andrelle’s still semi-hard member. It wasn’t as large as it had been, but it was still a good size. In its semi-hard state, it was still nearly a foot long. Eventually the two men stood up and began to silently compare themselves. Andrelle had retained good muscle definition, although he had lost most of his bulk. Jovin showed definition only in his abs and his ass, which had turned into a luscious bubble butt. Their soft cocks were about the same size. They were long enough to sway back and forth when they walked. Jovin especially seemed to revel in that. Andrelle was once again only slightly taller than Jovin, but something seemed off about that. He had a feeling that he and Jovin were both a little taller than they had once been.

Jovin noticed something that Andrelle couldn’t see. “Your eyes,” he murmured. Andrelle looked at him inquisitively. “They’re gold.” Andrelle reached a hand up to his face as if to touch them and find out. He let his hand drop awkwardly as Jovin stared into his eyes. “They’re beautiful,” Jovin added. Apparently he could only say two words at a time now. Abruptly he realized how late it must be, and his ability to speak returned. “I must retreat to my own tent now,” he said in a rush. “I must be well rested in the morning.” He turned to leave and suddenly realized he was still naked. He blushed deeply. “Perhaps you can let me examine the knife while we travel tomorrow,” he said as he dressed. His head swiveled toward the knife, and a look of shock and realization swept across his face. “If you’re interested in continuing to grow, and I assume you are, we should find a way not to give that knife to Lord Everett.” And with that, he left.

Andrelle stood naked in his tent. Smells of sweat and spunk swirled around him. He wondered if he would fit into his clothes in the morning. He wondered what Tye and the others would think of his condition. He wondered what Jovin had meant about the dagger. And he wondered what Jovin thought of their encounter. He wondered an awful lot of things. Banishing all thoughts, he lay down and slept.


Part 2

In the morning, Andrelle left his tent wearing only his underclothes. If he had grown overnight, it was imperceptible. He headed straight for the nearby stream where Lorion was washing himself with a damp cloth. The young summoner had unselfconsciously bared his tall, slender body. His damp hair was plastered to his head, looking even darker than its usual deep blue color. His tanned skin looked like he had been dipped in honey. When Lorion noticed Andrelle, he stared with a critical gaze. He seemed to take in every inch of Andrelle’s body that was visible, but there was no hint of lust, only curiosity.

“Have you been exercising with Tye?” Lorion asked. “I never took you for the type who wanted to build muscle.”

“It just sort of happened,” Andrelle replied, shifting uncomfortably. He had kind of wanted to show off his body, but maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. He had already taken care of his morning wood back in the tent, but now that he was seeing Lorion nude, he was starting to get hard again. He dropped his underclothes and waded into the stream, careful to face away from Lorion. He caught a glimpse of Lorion silently raising his eyebrow.

As Andrelle washed himself, he reveled in his new physique. It didn’t match his body from yesterday, and he had sort of hoped to grow in his sleep, but his new body was still pretty impressive. He flexed his arms, feeling his lean, well-defined biceps and triceps. He cupped his endowment appreciatively. He was at least as long soft as he used to be hard. He headed back to his tent, wondering what clothes he would fit into.

Andrelle dug through his small pack, pulling out a form-fitting, slightly stretchy pair of black trousers that were usually reserved for stealth missions. Not only did they nicely show off his improved leg muscles, but they were probably the only trousers that would comfortably hold his package. The stretchy fabric had plenty of give in case he started growing again. Almost all of Andrelle’s tunics were unwearable thanks to the size of his shoulders and pecs. He wasn’t really that large, but his tunics had been tailored to his lean body. Now he would surely pop a seam just trying to put them on. He pretty much always wore dark long-sleeved tunics because they aided his stealth, but he wasn’t worried about that today. He was far more interested in showing off than hiding. He pulled on a sleeveless tunic that accentuated his shoulders and arms. It had a deep v-neck that gave a peek at his newly grown pecs. He stepped outside his tent knowing he looked hot. His newly acquired knife hung at his waist.

Andrelle caught both Jovin and Tye staring at him as he packed up his tent. He knew the young wizard wouldn’t be able to control his eyes, but Tye’s attention came as a surprise. Surely the group leader would never look at a man that way. Or perhaps it was just Andrelle’s imagination. Knowing Tye, he was probably just scoping out the competition. If Andrelle, who had always been considered handsome, was putting on muscle, he might rival Tye as the best-looking one in the group. Tye seemed to consider his looks as much a part of his dominance as his forceful personality. He was probably right. His cute cocky smirk and carefully sculpted muscles went a long way to add to his charisma.

Once the group was finally on the road, Jovin made it clear that he wanted to talk. The scout and the wizard hung back from the others so they wouldn’t be overheard.

“Tye showed quite an interest in you this morning,” Jovin noted. The implication was clear.

“He likes women,” Andrelle responded. “Doesn’t he?” Andrelle had suspected for a while that Jovin might be interested in men, but Tye always left a tavern with a woman on his arm.

Jovin smiled. It was strange to see the studious young man act so friendly. “He definitely likes women, but I think he likes you too. I recognized the look in his eyes when he was staring at your bare arms.” As if his own words compelled him, Jovin cast his gaze on Andrelle’s arms. His eyes widened, and he inhaled sharply. Perhaps he was still surprised by Andrelle’s new form. Andrelle could see a tent forming in Jovin’s trousers as he continued to stare.

“You’re speaking awfully casually about Tye’s apparent interest in me,” Andrelle stated. “Assuming you’re correct, are you really okay with that? You’re not jealous?”

Jovin’s smile broadened. “You don’t seem to have noticed, but your changes have made you sexier, and it’s not just your appearance. Something about your aura draws people in.” Jovin’s face suddenly changed to the expression he wore when he gave a lecture on the historical importance of an artifact. “Actually, that’s the reason I wanted to talk to you. You haven’t realized what’s causing the changes, have you?”

Andrelle was taken aback. “You mean you’ve figured it out?”

“It was fairly obvious, really, but I wasn’t sure until today.”

Andrelle was still processing Jovin’s previous statement. “Wait, what do you mean, causing the changes? I didn’t change at all overnight.”

Jovin laughed. “You can be wonderfully clueless sometimes. Try flexing your arms.”

Andrelle complied. He was stunned by what he saw. He was nearly as large as he had been before he shrunk back down last night. Instinctively he put a hand on his crotch. It wasn’t as massive as it had been, but it had certainly grown since he had bathed in the morning. It suddenly hit Andrelle that he was looking further down than he should have been. He was growing all over again. He was turned on but also confused and a bit worried.

“It’s the knife,” Jovin explained. “You weren’t wearing it overnight, so you didn’t grow. I was fairly certain last night, but I wasn’t sure until you started growing again.”

The events of the last day replayed in Andrelle’s mind. He recalled nicking himself with the knife before he left the tower. How had he not seen it? As if answering his thoughts, Jovin said, “Whatever secret magic the knife possesses may have clouded your mind so you wouldn’t see the connection.” Andrelle remembered the strange statues in the tower, and he told the wizard about them. Jovin rubbed his chin. “Hmm. Perhaps they were some sort of warning. Or maybe they were a tribute to the knife’s power.”

“Growing is wonderful, but I can’t grow forever. How do I stop it?”

Jovin smirked and became brazenly lustful. “How did you stop it last night?”

Andrelle’s sizeable member perked up at thoughts of last night’s escapades. His eyes widened in realization. “After I—when I shrunk—you grew—and then….” He had temporarily lost the art of forming complete sentences.

“My best guess is that your seed transferred some of your power to me. And that transfer stopped you from growing.”

“Until I put the knife on my belt this morning.”

“Exactly. When you touched the knife, its powers were reactivated. Or at least that’s my theory.”

“It seems to make sense,” Andrelle replied.

Jovin became very serious. “And that is why you must keep the dagger.”

Andrelle was taken aback. Then a grin spread across his face. “You want me to keep growing,” he intoned, his voice dripping with sex.

Jovin blushed, but he kept his composure. “Yes, and I would love for you to make me grow again, but that’s not why I think you should keep the knife.” His blush deepened and he cleared his throat. “Well, it’s not the only reason. Whatever magic that knife holds, it’s ancient and dangerous. Now that you are linked to it, you must not let it out of your sight. Many ancient enchantments create terribly strong bonds between item and owner. If your link is severed, you could be cursed or even killed.”

That was not what Andrelle wanted to hear. Finding out that the artifact was making him sexier was one thing. Finding out that it could kill him was another thing entirely. “How am I supposed to convince Tye to let me keep it?” he asked Jovin.

The wizard grinned wickedly. “Give him a taste of the knife’s magic.” He lifted up his tunic, showing off his abs. “If this is what happened to me, imagine the kind of enhancements Tye could get.” Andrelle glanced at the handsome leader. If Tye got any hotter, he would be practically irresistible. And Andrelle held the power to make that happen. “You should wait until we’re close to Lord Everett’s estate,” Jovin advised. “Let your growth continue all day so you can really stun him with your size.”

With that, the two men ended their conversation and returned to the group. As Andrelle walked, the reality of his enchantment hit him. Not only was he growing larger and stronger and sexier, but he could offer enhancements to any man he desired. His walk turned into a strut as he realized the power he would have over other men. He began to feel the weight of his growing body. He could feel his thighs thickening, and he could see his arms slowly getting bigger and bigger. He could feel his package growing until it strained even the stretchy material of his trousers, and he could feel his clothes become more ill-fitting as he grew in height. By the afternoon he was nearly eye-level with the hulking Brynn, which meant he was almost a head taller than the average man.

For hours, the others besides Jovin did their best to ignore Andrelle’s growth, apparently unsure how to handle it. Brynn tilted his head questioningly a couple times, but he wasn’t one to start conversations, and he was even less likely to ask personal questions. A few times Andrelle noticed Lorion glancing at him appraisingly, but he always turned his head rather than admit his curiosity. Tye was clearly interested in Andrelle’s growth, although he tried hard to pretend otherwise. It wasn’t until the group set up camp near Lord Everett’s estate that he finally said something. By that point Andrelle was just barely the tallest man in the group. His arms rivaled Tye’s, and the bold leader was surely jealous. He pulled the scout into the woods, away from the clearing where the others were setting up their tents.

“What is happening to you?” Tye asked bluntly.

“You’re… you’re….”

“Growing,” Andrelle finished. He grinned with the cocky grin that suddenly felt natural to him. “I’ve been growing all day, and I’m still growing right now.”

Tye’s breath caught. He was trying to stay in control, but there was lust in his eyes. Still, his ability to assess situations had not diminished. “Does Jovin have any idea what’s causing this?” he asked. “It would explain why the two of you were talking this morning. I assume it’s some sort of magic.”

Andrelle had always appreciated Tye’s ability to quickly dissect a series of events. Right now it put Andrelle a little off balance, but it also reduced the amount he had to explain. “It’s the knife,” Andrelle stated. “It started making me grow as soon as I left the tower.”

Tye nodded thoughtfully. “Is there a way to make it stop?”

Andrelle took a step forward, trying to emphasize his new size as much as possible. “There is. And it has a very… pleasant side effect.” His eyes bored into Tye’s.

Tye suddenly looked small and meek. “It does?”

“I can shrink myself down a bit and give some of my size to another person.”

Tye’s jaw went slack as his mind surveyed the possibilities. With an effort he regained his composure. Most of it, anyway. “How did you discover this?” he inquired.

Andrelle cleared his throat delicately. “I’ve already done it to Jovin. If you look closely, you’ll find that he is a little taller than he used to be. And he has abs now. And his, uh, package has gone up in size.”

Despite himself, Tye was getting hard. “So you can give me your growth? Height and muscle. And….” He trailed off, embarrassed to continue out loud, but he looked down at Andrelle’s very impressive bulge. “How?”

This was it. Time to find out if his aura or whatever it was would really be enough to sway Tye. “Well, you see… it’s my seed. I have to transfer my growth by giving a man my seed.”

Tye turned this over in his head for a while. “So you’re telling me that if I take your seed I can receive your growth?”

“And when I start growing again, we can repeat the process.”

Tye’s eyes lit up. “When you start growing again?”

“If I remain in contact with the knife, I’ll eventually start growing again. Or at least that’s what Jovin says.”

“And then I can have you make me grow whenever I want.” Andrelle didn’t like the possessiveness of that statement, but it was leading him toward his goal. He took another step toward Tye. He looked down at the man who would ordinarily be considered tall. Tye’s expression became dazed, just like Jovin had been last night. Andrelle leaned down and kissed Tye lightly on the lips. Tye responded by reaching under Andrelle’s tunic and feeling his abs.

Andrelle unceremoniously tore off his too-small tunic. He grabbed Tye’s shoulders and pulled his face into his chest. Tye moaned as he felt the two thick slabs of muscle on his face. Andrelle felt a shock, and he suddenly got taller. Now Tye didn’t have to bend his head down at all to nestle his head between Andrelle’s pecs. By now Andrelle was getting painfully hard. He moved away from Tye long enough to discard his trousers. To his surprise, his dick was a bit smaller than it had been the night before. Still, it rose up proudly in front of his abs.

Tye started removing his own garments, starting with his cloak, and then moving on to his armor and finally his regular clothes. The process was long but hot. As each layer was removed, Andrelle got a better view of Tye’s impressive physique. By this point Andrelle’s muscles were slightly larger than Tye’s, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the show. Tye’s wide shoulders and narrow waist gave his torso the perfect v-shape. His arms stood out as especially impressive. Years of sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat training along with a strict workout routine had given him impressive size and definition. When Tye finally removed his underclothes, Andrelle was impressed. His semi-hard cock was very thick and as long as his hand.

Andrelle felt as drawn to Tye as Tye was to him. He began feeling Tye’s muscles, from his toned abs to his wide back to his well-defined arms. Tye focused on Andrelle’s expansive pecs, fondling and licking his nipples. Andrelle gasped as the other man started sucking his nipple. “Do you do this often?” he asked, slightly breathless.

Tye paused briefly to answer. “Not to men. But your chest is so beautiful.”

“It’s not as big as Brynn’s,” Andrelle pointed out.

“No one’s chest is as big as Brynn’s.”

“Not yet. Give me a few days of growth, and then we’ll compare.” Tye went weak at the knees and leaned his weight on the growing man in front of him. The thought of Andrelle’s power of growth was clearly driving him wild. He resumed his exploration of the large man’s growing chest, and Andrelle threw his head back, lost in pleasure.

Andrelle reached down and cupped Tye’s balls. Tye moaned as Andrelle slid his fingers along the shaft of his stiff member. “Lick my cock,” Andrelle instructed. He expected Tye to balk, but the man was completely immersed in the beauty of Andrelle’s body. He only had to lean down a few inches to lick the massive cockhead. It was strange seeing the dominant man acting so submissive. Andrelle guided his leader’s head, and Tye somehow managed to take the whole tip in his mouth despite its size. Damn, he had a talented tongue. When it became clear that he could take little more than the head, he started rubbing both his hands up and down the length of the shaft. Andrelle had never taken his hand off of Tye’s cock, and now he began to stroke, using Tye’s precum as natural lube.

Just as Tye was bringing Andrelle to the edge, he released his cock and stood up straight. He looked Andrelle right in the eyes, having suddenly regained his dominant personality. “Make me grow,” he commanded. “Grow me til I’m bigger than you. Fill me with power.” The intensity in his eyes didn’t diminish as he once again expertly took Andrelle’s huge cockhead into his mouth. If anything, the thought of impending growth was causing him to work even more fervently on the rigid pole.

“I’m cumming,” Andrelle gasped. “Oh spirits, I’m cumming!” He spewed volley after volley into Tye’s waiting mouth, and he had to wonder whether Tye had done this before. As his own orgasm subsided, Tye’s cock seized up. Andrelle swore he could feel the cock growing slightly larger with each load it released. The two men collapsed into each other in a daze.

Within moments, Andrelle was acutely aware of the changes. He and Tye stood eye to eye, and then he was looking up at Tye. He could feel his muscles shrinking, and he could see Tye gaining mass. It wasn’t a lot compared to what he already had. His arms and shoulders became a little bigger and even more defined. His abs became even more cut. His chest and back showed the most notable growth. Andrelle imagined Tye would have to completely upgrade his armor to fit over his impressive chest. The big change was Tye’s height. Andrelle had surely retained some of his growth, yet Tye now stood nearly a head taller than him. He was probably around Brynn’s height. Tye stared in awe at his muscles, and then he looked down at his scout. He was still more muscular than the other man, and he was a good deal taller. Andrelle’s package was about the same size as his, or maybe a little larger, but that didn’t concern Tye. He stood as a pillar of masculine power. And Andrelle would make him grow again. And again and again.

Tye looked the overgrown scout in the eyes and grabbed his shoulders. “We must not give the knife to Lord Everett,” he declared fervently. “We must keep it for ourselves.”


Part 3

Andrelle and Tye both found it difficult to get dressed. Andrelle had ripped his tunic, but he figured none of his form-fitting tunics would fit over his chest now anyway. His pecs had shrunken down more than he would have liked, but they still jutted out proudly above his abs. He struggled to pull his trousers up over his longer, more muscular legs, and he had to work hard to stuff his endowment into the pouch, even with the help of the stretchy fabric.

Tye managed to get his tunic over his torso, but the sleeves were comically short. As Andrelle had expected, Tye’s armor didn’t fit over his improved chest at all. Tye tore the sleeves off his tunic, showing off his impressive arms, and he rolled his trousers up to hide the fact that they were too short. Since his armor didn’t fit, he wrapped it in his cloak and carried the bundle at his side. The ancient knife lay nestled among the items in the bundle. Andrelle had explained that he would start growing again when he touched the knife, and the two men had agreed that now was not the time for that. Still, as the men walked, Andrelle found himself gazing longingly at the cloth bundle. It was as though he could feel the knife’s absence. He was fine for now, but he definitely couldn’t let the artifact get too far from him.

Back at the camp, Jovin and Lorion stared openly at the large men. For once, Lorion’s cold curiosity had been replaced by lust. Even Brynn seemed impressed by the display. Tye’s tunic showed off more than it hid, and Andrelle’s shirtless torso was clearly more defined that it had been that morning. The two men sauntered into the camp, soaking up the attention. Neither man answered the unasked question of how they had grown. Andrelle shot Jovin a sly wink as he moved through the camp.

The men ate their evening meal in relative silence. Tye had eventually discarded his tunic, baring his slightly hairy chest. No one had talked about the growth, but it was clearly on everyone’s mind. As they cleaned up the cooking supplies, Tye finally spoke. “Jovin, Lorion, I need you to go into town in the morning and find a tailor. Andrelle and I must be properly attired for our audience with Lord Everett.”

“Why do we have to go?” Lorion asked. “Surely the tailor will need your measurements.”

Tye laughed and unconsciously rubbed his chest. “We’re hardly in any condition to be seen in public. Or do you think we should strut through town with bare chests?”

Brynn turned to Tye with his signature questioning head tilt. “I have been wondering,” he boomed. “Why do you look this way?”

Tye and Andrelle exchanged glances. The quiet man must have been really concerned if he was willing to voice his question out loud. Surprisingly, Jovin spoke up. “It appears to be a side effect of the artifact we acquired yesterday,” he stated in his typical lecturing voice. “It bears some sort of ancient enchantment that I do not recognize. I do not believe it is harmful. I have, er, studied the effects firsthand.” He carefully avoided looking at Andrelle. “Hopefully I will get a chance to study it more. Ancient enchantments were extremely powerful, and if I can learn more about the original spell—”

Tye cleared his throat, and Jovin quickly went silent. It was a good act. Andrelle could tell that Tye was grateful for Jovin’s explanation. He turned back to Lorion. “Anyway, Andrelle and I are in no condition to go into town, so I’m sending you and Jovin.”

Lorion still looked very annoyed. “And what should I tell the tailor when he asks for your measurements?” He seemed oblivious to the fact that Jovin had already sized them both up with his eyes.

“Guess,” was Tye’s response. He abruptly stood up, making it clear that the conversation was over.

“Oh, and make sure my clothes have plenty of room to grow,” Andrelle added with a grin. He could swear he heard Jovin’s breath quicken.

The men were soon tucking in for the night. Jovin doubtless wanted to explore Andrelle’s new body some more, but Andrelle was feeling awfully tired. The uneven ground under his mat didn’t stop him from falling soundly asleep almost instantly. In the morning, Andrelle felt drained and weak as if he was made of skin and bones. He worried that he had shrunken overnight, but he was surprised to find that his muscles were as large as ever. Still, he felt as if all the strength had been drained from his body. It took effort just to get out of bed.

Tye was shocked when he saw Andrelle’s face. “Are you getting sick?” he asked with concern. “You look pale and gaunt.”

Andrelle shook his head wearily. He didn’t feel sick, just weak. And he was missing something, something important. Realization hit him. “I need the knife,” he pleaded. “I need it now.”

Tye took a step back. “I don’t think we want you growing in front of Lord Everett,” he countered. “It’s okay, it’s safe with my belongings.”

Andrelle tried to grunt in frustration, but it came out as a wheeze. “The knife will make me better,” he explained. “It will make me whole.” He told Tye what Jovin had said about the enchanted item’s attachment to its owner. Once Tye understood, he hurriedly retrieved the knife. In moments, Andrelle’s strength had returned. “I think I can only go a few hours without growing,” he said. “Any more than that, and I’ll start wasting away.” His sudden dependence on the dagger was unsettling to say the least, but he couldn’t help but appreciate the excuse to grow more often. He wondered just how large he might get.

Jovin and Lorion didn’t get back from their excursion until mid-afternoon. By that point, Andrelle was almost as big as Tye. Their muscles were nearly the same size, except Tye’s arms still dwarfed Andrelle’s. Tye was still a little shorter too, although his bulge was getting huge. Jovin did a comical double take when he saw the growing man. He walked up to Andrelle with the pretense of handing him his new clothes.

“I thought you weren’t going to wear the knife,” Jovin whispered.

“I discovered the limit to how long I can be separated from it,” Andrelle responded grimly. “When I woke up this morning, I felt as weak as an infant. My strength returned as soon as I touched it.”

Jovin nodded slowly and sighed. “I had hoped my assessment might be wrong. It would seem my fears were well-founded after all.” With that, he handed Andrelle the large parcel that contained his new clothes. Concern painted his face, but he quickly resumed a neutral expression when he turned toward the others.

When Andrelle opened the parcel, he found a very long pair of black slacks with cuffs that could easily be rolled up or down to change the length. He had to roll the legs up pretty far to make them fit. Clearly Jovin had been thinking ahead. The parcel held a couple of loose, billowing tunics, but Andrelle was drawn to a black leather vest. It was a strange custom design that Jovin had probably thought of. The front and back were joined only by laces at the sides. The laces could be loosened to give him extra room when he grew. Andrelle tried it on and found that it didn’t quite come down to his waist. Usually a vest was worn over a tunic, so Andrelle was showing a lot more skin than a man normally would, but he felt quite sexy. He couldn’t wait to feel the vest get smaller and smaller on his growing torso.

Tye emerged from his tent wearing a billowing tunic and one of his favorite heavily embroidered cloaks. He looked oddly naked without armor, but apparently the leatherworker who was refitting his armor required several days to complete the task. As the group headed for the lord’s estate, Tye periodically grumbled under his breath about not being presentable for nobility. He also periodically glanced at Andrelle, who was already making his vest look smaller than it had when he put it on. Andrelle had quickly gotten over any self-consciousness and was gleefully showing off. Already he was about the same height as Tye and Brynn, making everyone around them seem undergrown.

The lord’s guards shuffled awkwardly as the group arrived at the estate. This was not the same group that had requested an audience a week ago. Lord Everett, on the other hand, did not seem particularly shocked by the changed appearance of two the party members. Instead he displayed consternation. The handsome golden-haired man did not seem happy to see the travelers.

“My lord, we have retrieved the enchanted artifact for you,” Tye intoned with a bow and a flourish of his cloak.

“I can see that,” the lord replied flatly. “I never imagined one of you might spill your blood on the knife’s blade.”

Jovin began muttering to himself. “He knew. He knew about the knife all along.”

Lord Everett still only addressed Tye. “Was it you? Or was it… this one?” He nodded toward Andrelle. Andrelle stiffened under the man’s stern gaze. Lord Everett turned his full attention to the former scout. “So it was you. You ruined everything. I was supposed to get that power. It belongs to my family, my lineage. I was going to be a god.”

Andrelle was glad this man hadn’t received the power of the knife. He looked at those beneath him with thinly disguised disdain. With that kind of power, he would surely have found plenty of ways to abuse it.

Jovin stepped forward timidly. “Perhaps there is a way to sever or transfer the bond, my lord,” he said. “If I have time to research it—”

Lord Everett swiftly cut him off. “Your friend would surely be killed. I have consulted hundreds of years of research. If there is a safe way to do what you propose, it would take a lifetime to discover it.” He jerked his head away from Jovin as if regretting that he had deigned to speak to the lowly young mage.

While Andrelle, Jovin, and the lord were thinking about the knife, Tye was still thinking about the mission. “We still need the key to the Temple of Kronus,” he declared. “Surely we can still strike a deal in that regard.” Lord Everett favored him with a deep frown. Tye ignored the lord’s glare and continued. “After all, we did exactly as you asked and retrieved the knife from the tower. We had no way of anticipating further events.”

Lord Everett begrudgingly acknowledged Tye’s logic. He turned it over in his mind, occasionally weighing Andrelle with his eyes. Finally he came to a decision. “I commissioned you to retrieve the knife, so I must receive at least some of its benefits.” He directed his attention to Andrelle. “If the dagger cannot make me grow directly, you will have to make me grow instead. You will stay with me for a few days, and your group may leave when I am satisfied.”

Andrelle wanted to protest, but he knew this was probably the only way to get the key to the temple. He deferred to Tye, knowing he was thinking along the same lines. Tye shot Andrelle a questioning glance, and Andrelle responded with a slight nod. “Five days,” Tye said. “On the sixth day, we leave. If we wait any longer than that, we will jeopardize the mission.”

Lord Everett nodded. “You and your men will be accommodated in the guest housing at the edge of my estate. You,” he said, turning to Andrelle,” will stay with me.”

The others were escorted to their temporary rooms, and Andrelle was ushered into the lord’s expansive bedchamber. It Andrelle had needed any more proof of the lord’s vanity, the lush, ornate furnishings would have done the trick. Lord Everett clearly had expensive tastes, and he had spared no expense on his bedchamber. Every piece of furniture was ornately carved and gilded, and soft silk sheets covered the huge bed. For a while, the lord went in and out, continuing his daily duties, before joining Andrelle for dinner. He insisted that they eat in the bedchamber instead of the dining hall so they could have some privacy. He encouraged Andrelle to take off his vest, and he himself stripped down to only a thin tunic and a pair of form-fitting trousers. What the lord lacked in personality, he made up for in beauty. Next to anyone but Andrelle, he would have been considered tall, and his handsome face had a cute boyish quality that was accentuated by sparkling icy blue eyes.He was not a stereotypical lazy noble, instead displaying long, lean muscles with nice definition. As he ate, he surveyed Andrelle’s body.

Andrelle was clearly still growing, but it wasn’t happening quite as quickly as he had expected. He seemed to have slowed down since the afternoon. Still, he was far taller than Lord Everett despite the lord’s impressive height. His pecs dominated his torso, pushing out over amazingly cut abs. And the lord, who was used to being in control, clearly lusted after Andrelle’s body. He let Andrelle keep growing all evening, watching for every little sign of growth.

Finally, as evening gave way to night, Andrelle couldn’t handle it anymore. He had to show off his power. He had to make someone grow. He ripped Lord Everett’s tunic right off of him. “Lord Everett,” he growled, “You’re going to grow, but at my whim.”

The smaller man instantly got hard. “Please, just call me Everett,” he breathed. “I am no lord compared to you.” Andrelle grinned sinisterly. He wasn’t used to being so dominant, but it was getting good results. He wouldn’t have imagined a man like Everett would ever show humility.

Andrelle pressed his body into Everett’s, and Everett backed up until he hit the wall. Andrelle grabbed the smaller man under the arms, lifted him up, and kissed him forcefully. He roughly kissed the lord’s neck and nibbled his ear. Every little thing made Everett gasp and writhe in pleasure. Andrelle suddenly felt more powerful than ever. He held the beautiful man in front of him and walked to the massive bed. “Make me grow!” Everett cried out.

Andrelle roughly threw him on the bed. “You’ll grow when I wish it,” he growled. The lord pushed his blond hair out of his face and looked up at the large man with reverence. Andrelle removed the lord’s trousers, leaving him naked. Somehow he looked small and fragile now. Andrelle removed his own trousers and climbed on top of him. He rubbed his huge cock on Everett’s exposed skin. “That’s what a real cock feels like,” Andrelle said. “Now worship it.”

Perhaps there had been a point when Everett only wanted Andrelle because of his ability to dole out growth, but now he was eager to worship the man just because of his imposing size. Andrelle crawled over Everett, dragging his semi-hard cock over his body, and the lord eagerly grabbed the huge member and began to lick the head. Andrelle straddled the lord’s torso, throwing his head back as Everett pleasured his cock.

Andrelle was filled with sensual pleasure, but he pulled away from Everett. He wanted the lord to work for his growth. “Cum for me,” Andrelle commanded. He began to rub his pecs, knowing Everett was mesmerized. Everett started to jerk himself off to the sight of Andrelle’s muscle show. The hulking man posed and bounced his pecs, showing off his enchanted body. Soon it was too much for Everett, and he came all over himself. Andrelle leaned down and licked Everett’s sticky abs. “That was a good show,” he cooed. “I can’t wait to see how much you cum when you’re bigger. Just remember, you’ll never be as big as me.” With that, he started stroking his own dick.

Andrelle was already so worked up that it only took him a moment to get on the edge. He pulled Everett up so that he was sitting against the bed’s large headboard, and then he aimed his fire hose of a cock right at Everett’s chest. Andrelle imagined the lord growing before his eyes, and that thought sent him over the edge. He came and came, wave after wave covering Everett’s body. By the time his orgasm subsided, he could already see the lord getting larger. No individual body part stood out. Instead, it was as if all of his muscles were getting slowly pumped up at the same time. It was nothing drastic, but every muscle group was clearly larger and more defined than before. At the same time, the height gap between the men shrank and Everett grew taller and Andrelle got shorter. And Everett’s cock, which was already swelling up again, was obviously longer and thicker than before.

Andrelle lost a fair amount of his new size, but he hardly even noticed. Over the last couple days, he had grown and shrunk enough times that it was difficult to define what should feel normal. Andrelle was starting to feel sleepy, but Everett rose from the bed. Now that he had grown, he seemed to have regained his commanding presence. He removed the knife from Andrelle’s belt and handed it to him.

“You must waste no time,” Everett said. “You will grow me as often as possible.” Andrelle thought of displaying his dominance again, but he was too tired to put in the effort. And if he had to make the lord grow in order to get the key, he would do what was necessary. He grabbed the knife, and then he nestled it under the pillow before falling asleep.


Part 4

When Andrelle woke up the next morning, Everett was already getting dressed. He explained that he had duties to attend to and that servants would wait on Andrelle while he was away. Andrelle found that he had grown less overnight than he would have expected, but he was still pretty large. His pecs still dominated his torso, but his lats had grown too, exaggerating his v-shape. His arms didn’t stick out at an angle like Brynn’s, but it was still new territory for the formerly lanky man. His cockhead rose up to the base of his pecs just like it had that night with Jovin. Andrelle knew he had lost a fair amount of height, but he didn’t have much to compare to. He thought he might be shorter than Brynn again, but he wasn’t sure.

Everything about Everett’s estate pointed to his vanity and his love of the male form. His bedchamber was decorated so that it looked like it belonged to a prince rather than minor nobility. And his servants were all handsome or pretty male specimens, but none of them was as tall or as muscular as the lord. The servants were dressed only in white and gold loincloths with a scarf around the neck that bore Everett’s family crest. From the cute, boyish servant who brought Andrelle breakfast to the darkly handsome man who offered to bathe him, the servants had all clearly been chosen for purely aesthetic reasons.

At midday, a particularly slender young man served Andrelle his lunch. He looked like he had only just recently come of age. His deeply tanned skin and silky black hair added to his sense of exotic beauty. After hours of growing, Andrelle felt a desperate need to share his growth with someone, and this young man seemed perfect. He knew Everett would be angry at him for sharing his growth with a servant, but he didn’t care. Or maybe that was another reason for him to do it. Andrelle slouched languidly on the divan, slowing off the massive bulge in his tight pants. “Stay with me while I eat,” he urged. “I need some company.”

The young man looked torn. Everett had given orders to keep Andrelle happy, but he had probably also given orders not to flirt with his guest. The man who had bathed him had shown surprising restraint, but this young man was malleable. Andrelle stretched, showing off his bare torso as much as possible. “Just sit by me while I have lunch,” he pleaded. “It’s so boring in here.”

The servant soon relented and ended up right next to Andrelle on the divan. Andrelle learned that the young man’s name was Mica and that he was the lord’s youngest servant. Andrelle could swear his growth sped up as he ate. It was as though his desire to make Mica grow had sent his body into overdrive. Mica was certainly beautiful, but his tiny body seemed to hide a secret masculinity that was waiting to come out. Andrelle could sense it.

Andrelle laid a hand on Mica’s shoulder, and the young man was instantly entranced. Andrelle gently ruffled Mica’s black hair and tilted his head up so he could look into those deep dark eyes. Mica’s lips parted before Andrelle even leaned in for the kiss. Andrelle felt a jolt as he suddenly grew a little bit all over. Mica’s breath caught, and he reached a hand out toward Andrelle’s powerful shoulder.

“You’ve got to get stronger, kid,” Andrelle murmured. “When I’m gone, someone has to keep Everett in check.”

Mica’s eyes widened. “Me? I’m just a servant.”

Andrelle smiled. “A very hot servant. And you’re only going to get hotter. Hot men seem to be Everett’s only weakness. Anyway, forget about him for now.” Andrelle guided Mica’s hand down to his bulge, and the servant’s eyes widened further.

“That’s all you?” he asked breathlessly. In response, Andrelle slithered out of his pants, letting his cock slap his thigh. Andrelle thought Mica’s eyes might pop right out of his head. “I had thought…” Mica began. He trailed off into stunned silence. He tried again. “I have taken some large men before but I do not believe I could take this.” He reached out to touch the rapidly stiffening member.

Andrelle chuckled. “I don’t think anyone could take this,” he responded. His thoughts wandered to the first night he had grown. “Not without magic, at least. All I want is for you to help me achieve release. Well, and for you to drink my cum.”

Mica’s eyes shone. He eagerly grabbed Andrelle’s huge pole. By this point Mica couldn’t even wrap his hand all the way around it. He bent down and showered it with sloppy kisses from the base to the head. By the time Andrelle was completely hard, his dick rose nearly to his collarbone. Mica slid his hands up and down the length and pressed his face against the head. Andrelle embraced him, pulling him close against his muscular body. For a while, they remained like that, but Mica had an idea. He sat Andrelle back down on the divan, and then he sat in Andrelle’s lap, straddling his massive pole. Andrelle kissed Mica’s neck and nibbled his ear as Mica returned his attention to Andrelle’s hypersensitive cockhead. Andrelle started to buck his hips, and Mica hugged Andrelle’s cock, pulling it close to his chest. Just when Andrelle thought he couldn’t be more turned on, Mica licked his slit. Moments later, Andrelle was screaming in ecstasy. He wasn’t sure how Mica managed to drink all his cum without gagging, but he succeeded. Now Andrelle just had to wait for the changes to start.

Mica gasped as his stiff cock rapidly grew. It swelled thicker and thicker and rose up until the head was higher than his belly button. At the same time, he felt himself shifting in Andrelle’s lap even though he wasn’t moving. He could feel himself taking up more and more room in Andrelle’s lap. As he grew, tight muscles blossomed all over his body. His slender form seemed to thicken as his body stretched. He became long and lithe and very well-defined. When the growth stopped, he felt like he had a completely new body. Andrelle reached a hand around and wrapped it around Mica’s stiff member. After his amazingly erotic growth, it only took a few strokes for him to start cumming. With his newly improved cock, the orgasm was better than ever before.

When Mica rose from Andrelle’s lap, Andrelle had shrunk nearly to the size he had been after he shrank last night, but he wasn’t surprised. He had felt instinctively that he was going to really blow Mica up, and so it only made sense that he would lose a lot of his own growth. Once the two men had separated, Andrelle immediately found the knife and touched it. Everett was already going to freak out at Andrelle, so there was no need to make it worse. He figured he needed to start growing again as soon as possible. And yet he felt certain that his growth would be slow. He didn’t really want to make Everett too large, and the knife’s magic seemed to sense that.

For now, Andrelle admired his handiwork. Mica’s slim, boyish body had been replaced by a tall, lean, powerful one. With just one growth spurt, he was probably close to Everett’s height. And his junk was at least as big as Everett’s, if not larger. If Andrelle had a chance to grow him again, he might even surpass the lord’s size. Mica clearly wanted to stay with Andrelle, but he begrudgingly returned to his daily tasks, leaving Andrelle alone again.

A few hours later, Everett burst into the room. “You’re supposed to grow me!” he shouted. “What kind of trick are you playing, wasting your powers on my servants?” He looked at Andrelle’s naked body, which was slightly smaller than when he had woken up in the morning. “Look at you! All that growth, wasted!”

Andrelle slowly rose from the bed, showing off the fact that he was still taller than Everett. “I agreed to make you grow,” he stated in a quiet but firm voice. “I never agreed to your command that I grow you as quickly as possible, and neither of us ever said anything about using my power on anyone else.” Everett fumed silently, but he didn’t have a comeback. “Besides,” Andrelle continued, “I have a feeling you will enjoy Mica’s company when I am gone. Do you deny that I made him a more beautiful decoration for your estate?”

Everett’s anger was already diminishing, but it had not abated completely. “You may not grow any of my other servants,” he calmly ordered. “Do you understand?” Andrelle nodded, but he noted the loophole Everett had created. He hadn’t mentioned anything about growing Mica again. “Tonight you will stay in the guest chambers across the hall,” Everett went on. “I will not service you until you are much larger, and if you get help from a servant, you will both be punished. Do you understand?” Andrelle nodded. He was going to have to teach this man a lesson. For now, though, he took his belongings to the smaller bedchamber across the hall. It was still larger than any room he had slept in before.

Apparently Everett really wanted to make sure Andrelle was punished. That evening, the only servant who came in was an old lady who apparently worked in the kitchen. To overcome his boredom, Andrelle examined all the changes his body had undergone in the last few days. He was a different man from the scout who had joined Tye’s mercenary band, and he was still getting used to that. As he admired his body, he could swear he started growing faster again. Well, if Everett wanted to see him get bigger, he was going to get his wish.

The next day dragged by. Andrelle hardly got any attention from any of the servants. He just kept growing, surpassing anything he had achieved before. He couldn’t wait to show off his new body for Everett. He had plans for Mica too, but he hadn’t seen the beautiful servant since their encounter the previous day. Dinner time came and went, and finally Everett decided he needed the growing man’s company. He was shocked when he entered Andrelle’s chambers.

Even with the lord’s enhanced height, Andrelle stood more than a head taller. His shoulders had widened, and his bulbous pecs overshadowed his perfectly sculpted abs. His flaccid cock hung down to his knees, draped over a pair of balls the size of large melons. His arms and thighs were about to cross the line from lean and defined to big and bulky. Andrelle knew that Everett’s sense of power and dominance had just been crushed. Now was his chance.

“I think we should spice things up tonight,” Andrelle informed the awestruck man. “Why don’t we let Mica join in the fun?”

Everett came out of his fog and scowled. “Mica? You mean the servant you grew without my permission? I told you, no more of that.”

Andrelle grinned. He knew he was going to get his way. “You told me not to grow any of your other servants, and I won’t. But you haven’t even enjoyed Mica’s enhanced form yet, have you?”

Lust began to cloud Everett’s eyes, but he maintained his stance. “I am not interested in Mica. I am interested in your ability to make me larger.”

“And you’re interested in my body,” Andrelle corrected. “You love male beauty, and you want to get your hands on the specimen right in front of you.” He closed the distance between them, standing only a foot away from Everett. “Thanks to me, Mica is another specimen of male beauty, and I can make him more beautiful. He is attracted to men. I am sure he would love the attention of a powerful man such as you.”

Everett was getting hard, but he did not relent. “You are trying to cloud my judgment,” he accused. In response, Andrelle leaned down and kissed Everett on the lips. For a split second, Everett resisted. Then he was wrapping his arms around Andrelle the best he could and slipping his tongue into the growing man’s mouth. Andrelle was totally in control. Still kissing Everett, he led him across the hall to the lord’s bedchambers. A passing servant tried to hurriedly turn away, but Andrelle briefly stopped making out to issue a command. “Find the servant Mica and have him sent to Lord Everett’s bedchambers,” he boomed. Everett said nothing.

Andrelle commanded the handsome lord to strip, and Everett quickly complied. He had given up his attempts to maintain his power. He looked up into the huge man’s eyes, waiting for Andrelle to take the lead. Andrelle just rubbed his large hands over Everett’s shoulders, waiting for Mica to arrive. The young servant collapsed against the doorframe when he saw Andrelle’s new size. Then he saw that Everett was clearly in a position of submission, and that shocked him even more.

“Mica,” Andrelle greeted warmly. “Meet my new plaything. He goes by Everett.”

Mica couldn’t believe the lord didn’t protest being called a plaything. “My lord,” he began, but Andrelle cut him off.

“Everett,” Andrelle boomed. “His name is Everett, and you will call him by his name.” Lord Everett still remained silent. He idly swirled his finger around Andrelle’s hard nipple and gazed at the larger man with pure lust. “Now, why don’t you strip for Everett? I’m sure he would love to worship your beautiful body. Isn’t that right, Everett?” Everett nodded vigorously and turned his attention toward Mica.

Somehow Mica had mostly retained control of his senses, but he wasn’t about to disobey the towering man before him. He did a little dance as he removed his loincloth, showing off his growing bulge as he got hard. He had never seen his lord nude before, and the sight of his impressive body would have been enough to turn the young man on even without Andrelle’s magnetic presence. Everett clearly loved the show. He glided toward Mica as if drawn by an invisible force. He rubbed his hands over Mica’s newly formed abs and began to kiss his neck.

“My lorâ——I mean, Everett,” Mica corrected, unused to the informality. “Everett, you’re making me so hard.”

“Good,” Everett replied with a husky whisper. “Your hard-on is as beautiful as your face.” Mica blushed, but the lord’s adoration empowered him.

“You shouldn’t go making me hard if you’re not willing to help me out,” he admonished.

Everett’s eyes shone brightly, and he grinned deviously. “Who says I’m not willing to help?” he asked. He moved to kneel down, but Andrelle forestalled him.

“You will do as Mica asks,” Andrelle boomed. “Exactly as he asks.” He could sense Mica’s inner being just waiting to come out. All he needed was a little push.

Everett looked expectantly at Mica, and the young man found himself doing something he had only fantasized about. “Sit,” he commanded. Everett sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for his next instruction. Mica sauntered over and let his dick hang in front of the lord’s face. “Help me get lubed up,” he said firmly. Everett eagerly complied. He drew his tongue along Mica’s cockhead, mixing his saliva with Mica’s precum. His ministrations became more fervent, but Mica pulled away. The young man pushed Everett’s shoulders back until he was lying down on the bed. Everett knew what was coming next, but he waited patiently until Mica grabbed his ankles and raised his legs. He was distantly aware that this was a test. If he didn’t submit to Mica, he wouldn’t get to grow.

Andrelle stroked himself as he watched the spectacle. It took some work to massage his cock now that it was nearly half as long as his body, but he didn’t care. His size and power filled his mind. Mica was about to fuck Everett, but Andrelle was still the one who was truly in control. He watched as the servant used his precum to lubricate his master’s waiting hole. Andrelle felt his power permeate the room. With a grunt, Mica inserted himself into Everett. The lord moaned in delight. Andrelle had to make sure that this was Everett’s status quo from now on. He stepped closer to the bed as Mica began to thrust his hips. With every thrust, Everett cried out. Andrelle stroked himself vigorously, letting the sight before him fuel his arousal. His cock was so thick that his hands didn’t even touch when they wrapped around it. At first, he held it up against his body, rubbing it against his pecs as he rocked his hips. He got lost in his own size and power.

Mica and Everett were lost in their own pleasure, but Andrelle hadn’t forgotten about them. Andrelle released his aching cock, letting it bob in front of him. Everett’s ankles were resting on Mica’s shoulders, and Mica was thrusting faster and faster. The sight was too much for Andrelle, and he felt his gigantic member seize up. Just as Mica came inside Everett, Andrelle came all over the bed, drenching both men. Instantly, Andrelle felt himself shrinking, but it was worth it. If he had to sacrifice his own growth to spread his power, then he didn’t mind losing his size. He could feel his power evolving, and he couldn’t wait to see the results.

Mica was still inside Everett when the men started growing. Everett grew a little, but Mica’s growth was much more rapid. He was soon taller and more muscular than the handsome lord. Everett shifted his body as Mica’s member grew inside him. He moaned in pleasure at the feel of Mica’s growing cock. He wanted to be filled with Mica’s cock forever. Likewise, Mica felt a desperate desire to remain inside his master for as long as possible and to be inside him as often as possible in the future. Neither man noticed that Everett’s cock, which was still rock hard, had barely grown. He reached for his cock, but Andrelle stopped him.

“You will orgasm when Mica wants you to,” Andrelle commanded. “Only his touch will allow you to cum. Do you understand?” Everett nodded meekly.

Mica grabbed the lord’s cock. As he stroked Everett’s thick member, the lord whimpered but he didn’t dare orgasm until he was told. His breathing became shallow as Mica kept him at the edge. Finally, Mica growled, “Cum for me, Everett.” Within seconds, Everett’s sticky cum was splattered across his chest. Mica licked the lord’s sticky pecs before kissing him passionately. He felt power rise up inside him. He looked Everett in the eyes and said, “You will serve my needs when I wish it. In public you will be a lord, but in private you will be my plaything. Do you understand?” Everett nodded, and his new master kissed him once more.

The next two days were a blur for Andrelle. He stayed in the guest chambers because Mica had taken up residence in the lord’s room. Everett was not happy with the decisions he had made while drunk on Andrelle’s presence, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Each time Mica called him back to his chambers, he tried to resist, but he found that he needed Mica inside him. One look at the beautiful man’s face was enough to melt his resolve. Andrelle just kept growing during the day, and at night he would join Mica and Everett and make them grow. Each time, he increased Mica’s dominance and Everett’s dependence. And each time he lost most of his new growth. Still, the slight additions to his body added up. By the time he got dressed on the sixth day, he had to let out the laces on his leather vest a fair deal, and it didn’t even cover his belly button. He had to let out his pants most of the way, and his junk really filled out the once roomy pouch. He couldn’t wait to show off for his group members.

First, Andrelle slipped into the lord’s chambers to say goodbye to Mica. The young man had grown considerably in the last several days. He was taller than Andrelle, and his muscles bulged out in every direction. He looked long and lithe despite the bulk of his muscles. In short, his proportions were exactly what Everett would find the most beautiful. His cock hadn’t grown as much as the rest of him, but that was by necessity. His need to be inside the lord had kept his cock at a manageable size.

Mica leaned down and kissed the man who had changed his life. “I will miss you,” he said sadly. He grinned suddenly and added, “My lord.”

Andrelle laughed. “I will miss you too,” he responded sincerely. “Watching your inner master come out has been incredible.”

Mica smiled warmly. “It’s all thanks to you. I never imagined I would be able to live out my fantasies.” His smile transformed into a wicked grin. “And trust me, you haven’t seen my true inner master. The things I’ve done with Everett in front of you are tame compared to what we’ve done in private.”

That thought turned Andrelle on, but now wasn’t the time for that. “I’m trusting you to keep Everett in check,” Andrelle said, repeating what he had said days before. “You can use your influence to become his advisor. As things stand, he forgets about his developing submissive nature as soon as he leaves his chambers. It’s up to you to change that.”

Mica looked thoughtful. He simply responded, “I will try.” Once more he gently kissed Andrelle, and then Andrelle was heading for the main hall.

Everett and Tye’s band were already in the hall. Everett had grown throughout the last few days, but he was still slightly smaller than Andrelle. Jovin’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Andrelle, and Brynn quickly steadied him when he went weak at the knees. Tye didn’t notice Andrelle’s presence. At the moment he and Everett seemed to be arguing about something, and Everett was flaunting his physical dominance. “I am not yet satisfied with my growth,” the lord was saying. “I will keep him with me.”

Tye was furious. “You said we could leave after five days!” he shouted.

Everett had adopted the cold imperious tone he always used to use. “I said your group would be free to go, and you are. I will have a servant fetch the temple key right now, and you will be free to go and complete your quest. But you must leave Andrelle behind.” Andrelle grimaced. Everett was just as skilled at finding loopholes as he was. Technically, the lord wasn’t contradicting his previous agreement at all.

Stunningly, Lorion spoke up. “We must have Andrelle with us when we go to the Temple of Kronus,” he implored.

Tye shot Lorion a dirty look for speaking out of turn. He addressed Everett as if Lorion hadn’t spoken. “We came here as a team, and we will leave as a team. There is no other option.”

Tye and Everett stared at each other, fighting a silent battle of wills. The tension was palpable. Andrelle pondered using his enhanced aura to solve things, but he soon realized he wouldn’t have to. An impossibly tall figure dressed in the loincloth and scarf of Everett’s personal servants stepped into the room. The dark-skinned man dwarfed everyone else and radiated beauty. Brynn once again steadied Jovin as his knees gave way. Tye’s jaw dropped when he saw the perfect male specimen. Everett stiffened, and then he seemed to shrink, cowering like a child who was in trouble.

“My lord,” Mica said in a mocking tone, “I trust you are not going back on your agreement. Andrelle has been awfully nice to both of us, don’t you agree?” Everett nodded meekly. He seemed to shrink even more. “He and his friends were very obliging to put their quest on hold for five days. If it were up to me, I would thank them and send them on their way. All of them. Or course, a lord may do as he pleases.”

Everett rose back up to his former stature, carefully not looking at the giant servant. “Perhaps my decision was a bit… selfish,” he admitted grudgingly. “You have stayed for five days as I requested, and I will honor our agreement. I will have the temple key delivered to the guest housing.” He turned to address Andrelle. “You have shown that you are a generous man,” he said. “I hope you understand that you are welcome here anytime. Now please pack your belongings and join your friends.”

As everyone started moving, Mica cleared his throat. “You have business to attend to in your chambers,” he intoned. Belatedly, he added, “My lord.” Andrelle grinned. Everett was in very good, very strong hands.


Part 5

Once Tye’s band left Lord Everett’s estate, the leader was eager to move on, but Andrelle insisted on going into town first. The rest of the band had already gone into town several times to prepare for the upcoming trip, but Andrelle wasn’t ready to leave just yet. Tye nearly argued, but one look at the imposing former scout shut him up. Andrelle still trusted Tye as a leader, but the balance of power in the group had clearly shifted. Andrelle felt increasingly confident, and even Brynn was clearly impressed by his new size. Andrelle stood nearly a head taller than Brynn, and his shoulders were nearly as wide. He wasn’t as densely muscled as Brynn, but he looked far more powerful than the average man. Andrelle’s huge bulge added to his new mystique too. No one could ignore his overt masculinity.

Andrelle surveyed the rest of the band, wondering where he fit now in the group. Tye had retrieved his reworked armor, and iron-studded leather now covered his powerful chest. He still managed a confident swagger even though he knew he was dwarfed by his comrade. Jovin wore a long cloak embroidered with ancient runes, while Lorion wore a simple coat and breeches. Brynn wore a small coat that couldn’t even close over his wide chest, and heavy gauntlets hung from his belt. Each of the men looked his part. Andrelle wondered what his role was now. He could hardly act as a scout when he stood head and shoulders above the average man. Between his height and his bulk, he would never again be able to sneak anywhere.

Before Andrelle could even think about his role in the coming journey, he had to get some new clothes. He was already on the verge of outgrowing the ones he had received a few days prior. This time Tye did argue. “You’ll have to use your own coin,” he grumbled. Andrelle shrugged and agreed. He hadn’t even worn most of the clothes Jovin had recently bought, and he hoped he could work out a good trade without having to spend too much.

The group split up as Andrelle shopped, but Jovin found his way back to the growing man. The wizard never openly gaped, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off Andrelle’s new form. “I suppose I should have known you would grow a lot while you were with Lord Everett,” he said, “but I can’t believe just how big you are. You’re even taller than Brynn.” Andrelle grinned. Jovin was only eye level with his nipples now, and it was amazing.

“I’ll be even bigger soon,” Andrelle whispered. Jovin missed a step and nearly tripped. Andrelle quickly caught his shoulder with a powerful hand.

Jovin tried to hide his arousal. “Do you really think it’s wise to start growing again so early into the journey?” he asked. Even as he walked next to a living fantasy, he somehow remained practical. Still, it amused Andrelle that his friend hadn’t seen the obvious.

“I had to pick up the knife when I collected my belongings at the estate,” Andrelle pointed out.

Jovin blushed, embarrassed that his arousal had kept him from seeing something so simple. “Of course, of course,” he mumbled.

It turned out that the merchant was more than willing to offer a good deal for a man who was nearly a giant. The problem was Andrelle didn’t know what clothes he wanted. He had no idea how much more he might grow. He was still growing at that moment, although his growth seemed to have slowed. His body was tingling with strange energy, though, as if it was trying to transform in new ways. Once the merchant had taken Andrelle’s measurements, Jovin took over. He apparently had some ideas for clothes that Andrelle could wear while growing, so Andrelle let the wizard do all the talking. The merchant became very apologetic when he explained that he would need at least a day to alter the clothes to Jovin’s specifications. Andrelle quickly assured the man that he was happy to wait for good clothes. Tye would be upset, but Andrelle knew the leader would listen to him. In the meantime, Andrelle hung onto some of his smaller outfits. He also quickly whispered some extra instructions to the tailor. Andrelle had an idea he wanted to try out, and tonight would be a good time to do it.

As Andrelle had expected, Tye was not at all happy about the delay. “If you don’t have clothes, you can walk naked,” he huffed. “We’re already days behind.”

Andrelle didn’t even have to say a word before the others piped up in his defense. “The spirit haunting Dolcia isn’t exactly going anywhere,” Lorion pointed out.

“And no deaths have been reported so far,” Jovin added. “I do not believe that leaving today would give us any special advantage.”

Andrelle had assumed that Jovin would back him up, but he was surprised by Lorion. He still wasn’t sure what to make of the young summoner. Tye gave in eventually, but not without an awful lot of grumbling. Brynn never spoke up, but then he never participated in arguments if he could help it. Most of the group decided that they wanted to stay at an inn if they were going to spend the night in town, but Andrelle wanted to camp outside the town. His increasing size was getting cumbersome, and he didn’t want to feel cooped up in an ever-shrinking room. When Jovin announced his plan to camp with Andrelle, Lorion raised his eyebrows while Tye gave him a flat stare. At this point, everyone could guess what Jovin meant when he said he wanted to study the dagger.

For the rest of the afternoon, Andrelle wandered through the town with Jovin, but his junk was getting very uncomfortable. His growth seemed to have slowed down everywhere except his privates. He tried to ignore all the townspeople who kept glancing at his massive bulge. His cock was steadily getting longer and thicker, and he imagined that if he uncoiled it, it would hang down at least to his knees. Jovin was fully boned for most of the afternoon, although he tried to hide it. When Andrelle announced that he wanted to set up camp, the wizard followed eagerly.

After the two men had set up their tents and eaten dinner, Andrelle turned to his friend and said, “I think my powers are evolving.”

Jovin’s eyes bulged. That thought clearly stimulated both his scientific curiosity and his nether regions. “How so?” he inquired. “What has led you to this conclusion?”

“It started in Everett’s estate,” Andrelle explained. He chose his words delicately. He couldn’t imagine that Jovin would be eager to hear about his exploits with other men. “I managed to grow Everett and his servant Mica at the same time.” Jovin’s eyes widened as he thought about the logistics of that. He leaned forward eagerly. Perhaps Andrelle didn’t need to be so careful after all. “Anyway, I could sense Mica’s desire to become dominant, and when I made them grow, I sort of controlled it. I made sure that Everett would never grow as much as Mica, and I somehow made him dependent on Mica so that he would become more submissive.”

Jovin turned that over in his mind. “So you could sense what they wanted?”

“I could sense Mica, at least,” Everett replied. “And I couldn’t really control his growth. It mostly just happened on its own. But I knew he would take on a form that would be irresistible to Everett.”

For a while Jovin just silently continued to process the information. When he finally spoke, he was a bit nervous. “So can you sense anyone in our group?” he asked.

Andrelle grinned and licked his lips. “What do you think?” Jovin leaned even further forward. “But I don’t simply sense you. My body is reacting specifically to you.”

That caught Jovin off guard. “What is that supposed to mean?” he asked.

Andrelle stood up and motioned for Jovin to do the same. “How much have I grown since this morning?” Andrelle asked. “And don’t pretend you haven’t been staring enough memorize my measurements.”

Jovin walked around the giant, looking him up and down. “You’ve hardly grown at all,” he breathed. “You can’t have grown more than a couple inches, and only your chest and back muscles seem to have expanded.”

Andrelle looked down at his friend. “My body is attuned to you right now. I’ve grown exactly where you want me to.” Jovin’s eyes instantly went to Andrelle’s huge bulge. “When I make someone grow, I give him exactly what he wants,” Andrelle stated. “You want me to get huge because you want all of that growth for yourself.”

Jovin laid a hand on his crotch. “I’ve imagined…,” he trailed off, lost in his thoughts. Once he had collected himself, he said, “I’ve always wished I could grow larger. I’ve tried using my abilities to aid in that pursuit, but potions are only temporary. I was overjoyed when you made me grow the first time, but I still didn’t dare believe I could get as large as I wished.”

“I can give you much more than you imagined,” Andrelle told him. “And I’m going to test something tonight.” Jovin looked at him inquiringly. “I told you about how my powers have been developing, but I feel like I’m on the verge of getting even stronger.” He began to undress, and Jovin’s eyes eagerly roved his huge, powerful body. “Let your lust run wild,” Andrelle said. “I know you like my height and my muscles, but ignore them. Focus on this.” As he spoke those words, he pulled his cock out of its confines. Jovin gasped loudly. Even Andrelle wasn’t prepared for the sight before him.

Andrelle’s soft cock was thicker than one of Jovin’s thighs, and it hung down just below his knee. His balls were bigger than his head. Jovin was stunned by Andrelle’s awesome size, but he found himself wanting to see his friend grow even larger. As if Andrelle’s body was directly responding to Jovin’s thoughts, the huge member suddenly began to grow. At first Jovin just thought the huge man was getting hard, but he soon realized that the massive cock was still hanging down completely soft. Jovin stared at the growing dick for a little while before his observant nature kicked in and forced him to see the big picture. Andrelle’s cock and balls weren’t the only parts of his body that were changing. The rest of him was slowly shrinking.

By now Andrelle’s increasing size was getting him worked up, and it was hard for Jovin to tell just how much the huge member was growing as it chubbed up and began to rise. Jovin rubbed the base and kissed and licked the shaft, which was bigger around than his head. The growing cock pulsed with energy and radiated body heat. Jovin hugged it tightly, feeling the energy that would soon flow into him. Suddenly Jovin had an idea. “Andrelle, sit down,” he urged. As Andrelle awkwardly attempted to sit, Jovin hurriedly stripped off his clothes. By now, between Andrelle’s isolated growth and his slightly diminished height, his cockhead rose up above his head. The sheer size of his member made kneeling difficult, and the size of his balls just made things worse. They now hung nearly to his knees, which meant they hit the ground a lot faster than Andrelle would have expected. He had to spread his legs apart wide to make room for them. Finally he managed to seat himself with his huge cock rising above him.

Jovin distantly registered that Andrelle had clearly lost several inches in height, but his focus was entirely on the monster in front of him. Using Andrelle’s shoulders for leverage, Jovin climbed right up so that he was standing delicately on the base of the massive cock. Jovin noted deliriously that he could barely clasp his hands together when he reached around the tree trunk of a cock. The thing was so about as tall as he was, and the huge purple head filled his vision. By now the cock was leaking massive amounts of precum, but Jovin clung tightly, determined to hang on. He used his whole body to stimulate Andrelle’s cock from base to tip.

Andrelle was overwhelmed with sensations as the wizard hugged and squeezed his monster cock. Aside from the obvious physical stimulation, he had some very nice visual stimulation as well. Jovin’s cute ass was just above his face. Andrelle reached up and grabbed the small, firm ass with both hands, making the smaller man gasp. He pulled down, forcing Jovin to bend his knees so his butt would be right in Andrelle’s face. Andrelle buried his face is the smaller man’s ass, and Jovin started breathing heavily.

“I’m supposed to be… helping you get off… not the other way around,” Jovin said between labored breaths.

Andrelle kept his face planted firmly against Jovin’s butt and reached a hand around the wizard’s rock hard cock. “Does it really matter who gets off first?”

“Yes! I want to grow huge before I achieve release. That faster I get you off, the sooner I’ll grow.”

Andrelle couldn’t argue with that logic. He wasn’t necessarily eager to shrink, but he was definitely eager to help Jovin grow to the size he desired. Jovin once again clung to the massive pole in front of him, and Andrelle used his hands to steady the man as he rubbed his body up and down against the slick, precum-covered shaft. As Andrelle started to buck his hips, Jovin ran his tongue along the underside of the huge cockhead. Andrelle released a huge glob of pre that ran down Jovin’s face, but the wizard just kept diligently attending the pulsing purple head in front of him.

For a while Jovin just kept at it, getting dowsed in more and more precum. Andrelle was amazed at how much effort it took to get his huge cock fully worked up. Just when Andrelle was thinking that maybe he needed an extra helper or two, he could feel a shift in his groin. “Oh spirits!” he yelled as his balls seized up. Jovin gave the pole one last squeeze before the floodgates opened. Andrelle cried out loudly as he pumped out blast after blast high into the air. As the cum rained down, Jovin exulted in the feeling of the gooey, magic-laden liquid soaking his body. He allowed himself to sit down in Andrelle’s lap and lean back into his chest.

Jovin could actually feel the larger man shrinking as lay against his chest, although the changes were slight. Andrelle’s body contracted just a little as it shrank a few more inches, and his bulbous pecs deflated a little. Of course the biggest change the Andrelle’s cock. It was still far larger than anything natural, but it shrank rapidly as it softened. Andrelle could clearly see the opposite changes in Jovin from his perspective. Actually, he largely felt the changes. As Jovin grew slightly taller and more muscular, he became heavier in Andrelle’s lap. Andrelle watched as the wizard’s back got a little longer and a bit wider, and he reached around to feel the small pecs that had taken the place of Jovin’s flat chest. Amidst these changes, one change quite literally rose above the rest. Jovin’s stiff member proudly rose up further and further until it eclipsed his head. It was narrower proportionally than Andrelle’s, but it was still at least as thick around as his thigh.

The two just sat together for a while, but eventually they stood up and surveyed each other’s new bodies. Between Jovin’s slightly increased size and his now massive cock, he felt off-kilter. When he checked out Andrelle’s body, he found that the former scout had shrunken considerably. “You look almost human again,” Jovin said.

Andrelle stared back. “Almost human? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“When you disrobed earlier, you seamed like something greater… beyond human. Now it’s easier to remember that you’re a mere mortal like me.” He paused to look the man up and down slowly. Andrelle was still surely much taller than the average man, and he hadn’t lost any of his muscle definition, even if he had lost a bit of size. And his flaccid cock still hung down nearly to his knees. “Well, I think you’re mortal, at least,” he joked. “You look more like an alluring spirit from a fairy tale.”

That sent a thrill through Andrelle. With the power of the dagger, he really did feel different—greater, as Jovin had put it. Of course, Jovin didn’t exactly look normal after his recent transformation. The wizard had surely gained a few more inches in height, and his whole body was covered in lean muscle. It looked at though he put as much effort into his physical fitness as he put into his mental fitness. Jovin’s abs had become much more defined, and his small but noticeable pecs gave his torso perfect proportions. Of course the real change was the stiff rod that jutted out from Jovin’s groin and rose up as high as the top of Andrelle’s head. It was more than half as tall as the man it belonged to.

Andrelle found himself drawn to the huge cock. He put his hands on it and started caressing it gently. “I will do anything to help you with this,” he said.

Jovin smiled the way he did when a plan was coming together. “I already have an idea in mind,” he replied. “Do you trust me to use my magic on you?”

Andrelle instantly realized where this was going, and his eyebrows rose as high as they would go. “You want me to take that monster?” he asked.

Jovin looked Andrelle right in the eyes. “You will be filled as you’ve never been filled before. Even with all the magic of your dagger, you have never experienced something like this.”

Andrelle was still apprehensive, but if there was any way for him to take Jovin’s monster, he wanted to try it. “Alright,” he said, nodding his head. Jovin began muttering the incantation, and Andrelle moaned as his ass clenched involuntarily. He watched as his skin began to glow and he was surrounded by a blue aura. Soon it was over and Andrelle felt empty. His insides practically ached with a desperate need to be filled, and he knew only one thing could satisfy that need. Jovin grinned. He obviously knew exactly how Andrelle felt.

“Lie down,” Jovin instructed. “I’ll be as gentle as I can.” Andrelle did as he was told. His need was becoming more desperate with every passing moment, but he tried to be patient. He felt Jovin’s huge member on his back as the mage slowly lowered his body to the ground. Jovin’s member felt huge and heavy, and Andrelle briefly wondered if even the most powerful magic would be enough to help him take such a massive cock. Still, the empty feeling inside him was building, and he was desperate to feel anything at all pushing deep inside him. Jovin dragged his huge cock along Andrelle’s back until the tip rested atop Andrelle’s waiting ass. Andrelle could feel precum dripping into his crack. Jovin pushed as gently as he could, and Andrelle gasped loudly. He felt stretched out like never before, but it wasn’t actually painful. By the time Jovin’s whole cockhead had disappeared into Andrelle’s waiting hole, Andrelle already felt completely filled. He had never imagined taking something so huge. And yet he knew he could take more. His own member stiffened at the thought of Jovin’s massive dick disappearing inside of him.

Jovin thrust harder as he slid inch after inch into Andrelle. Andrelle’s ass clenched and released as he gradually allowed more and more of Jovin’s cock inside him. Andrelle could hardly even process the sensations he was feeling. He knew Jovin’s erect dick was longer than his torso, yet he felt increasingly certain that he could take the whole thing. He had no idea how the magic worked, but he knew that no matter how much he took he would somehow feel empty. Suddenly that emptiness disappeared, and he felt completely stretched to the limit. In the next moment he felt Jovin’s hips pressing against his ass. Jovin pulled out several inches and thrust back in, and Andrelle breathed, “Oh, spirits.” Getting fucked by the largest cock had never felt like this. Even as Andrelle felt increasingly stretched, he felt pleasure like he had never experienced before. Jovin thrust more vigorously, pulling out nearly a foot at a time, and Andrelle started to clench and release in time with Jovin’s thrusts.

Jovin was breathing heavily, but he managed to grunt, “So how does it feel?”

“It feels like I’m getting fucked by the biggest cock in the world,” Andrelle replied. His voice was strained too. Even his powerful body could hardly withstand the pounding from Jovin’s monster cock. “How does it feel for you?” he asked between gasps.

“Like I have the biggest cock in the world,” Jovin replied giddily. “It’s not big enough yet, though. I can’t wait for it to get bigger, so huge that it dwarfs my body. So huge that not even magic will allow you to take it.” He thrust harder and faster as he spoke. “You won’t be able to wrap your arms around it It’ll take two or three people to get me off, and I’ll have volunteers who are eager to please me. You’ll make that dream come true, won’t you?”

“Yes. Oh spirits, yes! I’ll grow you beyond your wildest dreams!” Andrelle felt Jovin pull out even more than before, and with one final thrust the mage released his seed. Andrelle cried out as cum seemed to fill every bit of his insides. He could feel every inch, every foot of the cock inside him, and he could feel every drop of cum that exploded into him. Jovin came and came, but finally he collapsed against Andrelle’s back. The lay like that for a while until Jovin finally pulled out. By then his cock had softened, but it still took a long time to pull out inch after inch of massive cock. He was shocked to find that his was about as long as Andrelle’s. When he stood up, the tip hung down just below his knees. It felt unbelievably heavy, and he kept hefting the weight in his hands. Suddenly realization dawned on him.

“What am I going to wear tomorrow?” Jovin asked frantically. “I’ll never fit in a normal pair of trousers again!”

Andrelle chuckled at his friend. “You won’t need normal trousers,” he said. “You can wear the custom trousers I ordered from the tailor. They’ll be as roomy as mine, but shorter. I told you I sensed that my powers were evolving. I didn’t realize I’d be able to make you this big this quickly, but I knew you would grow a lot tonight. Oh, by the way, your tunics will be a bit tight on your new body. I suggest you just wear trousers and your cloak. I want you to take pride in your body.”

Jovin looked down at his bare torso. He wasn’t really one to show off his body, but then he had never had any muscles to show before. The more he observed his body, the more he felt that a little vanity couldn’t hurt. He started feeling himself up, and Andrelle couldn’t keep his eyes off of the cute mage. Andrelle decided he needed to survey the changes for himself, and soon he was rubbing his hands all over Jovin’s body. Jovin looked up at the other man, and once again he got the feeling that Andrelle was transforming into something different, something more than human. His huge cock started coming to life.

Andrelle looked down at Jovin’s stiffening member. “Want some help with that?” he asked with a crooked grin.

“We must be prepared for a long journey tomorrow,” Jovin pointed out. “Tye will want to leave first thing in the morning.” By now his dick was swelling rapidly, and he saw that Andrelle’s was too. Andrelle gave Jovin a brief kiss on the lips, and in that moment Jovin made his decision. He returned his friend’s lopsided grin. “I’m sure we still have a while yet before we need to sleep,” he said. “Besides, I have a few ideas for some… unique ways to use my magic.” Hours later, two very spent men finally fell asleep, their bodies entwined and huge dicks sticky with cum.

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