Foot factory

by James Fourlegs

A popular new store really whomps up the multi-leg trade.

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The thing that most caught my eye as I drove by the new store was the throngs of handsome young men, mostly shirtless, all of them barefoot. I had to do a double-take, because most of them had at least six legs, and many of them had twelve or more!

They were running or walking in and out of the store, the pavement alive with handsome male feet in endless pairs, those with multiple pairs of legs being followed by them in handsome trains. The guys were often arm in arm, and so many of them appeared to be in love with each other.

Before I knew it I was heading for the store entrance. I'd left my shoes in the car and removed my shirt also. The boys were even more beautiful up close, tall and statuesque, the air alive with the wonderful tang of their beautiful male bodies, and those that caught my eye smiled a welcome. I couldn't stop looking down from their long, smooth torsos to their splendid pairs of legs, and all the smooth, long, beautiful male feet! It was like being among a herd of gentle horses, only they were all nice guys, arms gently around each other, sometimes standing with legs entwined, the beautiful feet gently caressing and smoothing along each others' legs.

Inside, there were all kinds of activities—dancing, which was really quite impressive, as the kids were so proficient in moving their long trains of multiple legs, and their feet knew just how to move. The boys were so turned on, kissing each other and wrapping their arms around each other. I noticed they had extra pairs of arms, too, and that the boys indoors were mostly naked. The Foot Factory sold multiple legged jeans and shorts, ankle bracelets and that kind of thing, and so many of the guys were buying each other ankle bracelets.

It was sexy to watch them patiently give their feet to each other and put the bracelets around each others' ankles. They'd get kinda confused in the task, because inevitably they'd start kissing each others' feet, and holding big bunches of each others' feet in their laps, kissing the feet and burying their lips in the beautiful soles and arches of the feet, and pulling as many of their friend's feet up against their faces, arms and chests as they could.

It was so sweet to see them pleasuring each other, gently rubbing their huge, beautiful feet into each other's chests, stomaches, resting their feet on each others' legs, and holding their cheeks and faces to the large, gentle, shapely male feet of their friends, their own feet likewise being enjoyed and savored. It helped them to have so many extra arms and hands, to hold onto all the legs and feet, massaging them while kissing more of them.

I was having heart attacks because all the guys were so tall and handsome, young and muscular, and so awesome on their several pairs of legs! It was nice to see all the feet stepping along, so beautiful in motion among the throngs of long male legs, as the guys laughed and talked with one another, often grabbing the hindmost legs of the guy ahead of them and carrying as many of them as they could, while the guy ahead laughed and tried to walk as best he could on the remaining pairs of legs, aroused and turned on by all the affection being given his long, smooth-muscled legs. The long, beautiful feet that filled the entire arena were the joy of all the guys, because no matter how many beautiful feet each guy had, he had to get more of them! Some guys lay in groups on the floor, almost helpless among the endless splays of male legs, unable to stop themselves from grabbing and caressing more big, handsome male feet, laughing with pleasure when their own feet were worshipped as they in turn worshipped still more of the huge, gentle, sexy male feet.

When guys had sex with each other, as most of them were starting to do, it just made them grow more legs and genitals and, of course, more and more beautiful, maddeningly beautiful long, shapely, gentle male feet. The legs and feet were everywhere, and beautiful guys were covered in feet, their chests, shoulders and faces buried in enormous, strong and sensitive male feet, sweet and beautiful, and loving to be massaged and kissed. Guys were groaning and laughing, with tears in their eyes, kissing the magnificent feet and loving each other for sharing the beauty of their wonderful male feet with each other, and as they made love to each other, they wrapped themselves in the long, beautiful legs and the huge, dangling gentle male feet that sprouted as they pounded more and more of their leg-bearing sperm into each other.

I was covered in the legs and feet of the tall, love-making boys, and as I became lost in a beautiful guys legs, I realized as he entered me that I was wrapping several pairs of my arms around all of his warm, wonderful legs, and as he grew new extra pairs of giant, beautiful male feet, I could feel my own legs lengthen and multiply, and soon my new dozens of feet were being massaged and kissed by the worshipful beautiful boys all around me, as we moaned and came because of the beauty of all the wonderful long male legs and the beautiful, beautiful male feet!

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