Massive musclemonsters

by TonnyGiant

 Roger meets his new neighbors, three impressively muscled bodybuilders, just as his boss, Dr. Alejandro, experiences a very dramatic breakthrough with a serum designed to produce muscle growth and regeneration.

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It was 2007. The city was São Paulo, the largest metropolis in Brazil. And it was a sunny Thursday when I moved house. I lived in the interior but had decided to live in the big city and present my study on regeneration and growth cells to a large corporation that invested in biotechnology studies. Everything seemed perfect to me. I had a new house, small, but it was new. I had a new place to explore the various possibilities that a great city offers to a dreamer like me. And I was gay. A young nerd, small, skinny and gay. But, I was okay with it.

Every day I would return to my house around six in the afternoon. It was the end of yet another day of hard work at BioTech Inc. I was still in the trainee position, so I gained little compared to other scientists. On the other hand, I was Dr. Alejandro’s assistant. One of the greatest minds in the scientific community. Anyway, I’ll tell you more about it some other time. As I approached my house, I could see my neighbors. The new neighbors. Compared to me, they were new to that neighborhood. I lived there for almost seven months, and they only two weeks. But the three boys—or, yes, they were men, they paid close attention to where they were going.

Were they handsome? I thought they were beautiful. But it was not just the beauty they had that caught so much attention. Their sculpted bodies were something to be admired and studied. At that moment, it was the first contact I had with the new neighbors. The three of them were leaving their house in front of my house. The tallest of them could play Superman in the movies without any problem. He had a strong jaw, a square face, an unshaven beard, a perfect smile, and a hypnotist. His square jaw exalted the striking features of his handsome cinematic face. He wore a T-shirt, a black tank top with a double bicep design on the front. But, his real biceps were huge and veined and bulging veins.

The second to leave the house was the same height as the first, also with the same facial features except for a few different details. He had a smaller chin, but as strong and striking as the other guy. His skin was darker as well, and his nose was a bit more … shall we say … it resembled an acorn, but a well-shaped acorn. His lips were thick and his smile made a deep sound. His broad torso, with shoulders broader than even my own head, fit into his tank top. He smiled and hugged the other big guy aside. It was the meeting of two muscular gods in my vision of a small, thin man.

I was so mesmerized by the sight of these men that I only found finding in bodybuilding magazines, or on the internet, but they lived right in front of me. I was already in trouble. That’s why my heart sank once and the third man left the house. This third man’s face was even wider and with shoulders of pebbles that could easily crush my head. He had tattoos mirrored by the arms that left him with a dark, intimidating and strong air. I swallowed as he greeted the other guys. All three were the same height, at least in my view. I think they were about 6’5” tall. But at that moment what really mattered were his sculptural bodies.

Pecs swollen, bulging where easily a glass could be balanced. The shoulders were so big when soccer balls. Have I said that the shoulders of these giants could easily be greater than my own head? I do not want to be redundant, but, the shoulders were almost the size of my head. The thick calves were so thick that by joining my two arms it would not yet reach the size of those calves. The biceps were then a work of art. Veined bangs, flawless muscle definition.

It was then that they gave me a mental snap: these spectacular men could only be world-class bodybuilders. And yes, they were.

The tattooed guy smiled at the others and then his dark gaze met mine. At that moment my spine froze. The other two muscular guys also turned to look at me. I opened my eyes and turned my back on them. I tried to find the door key inside my backpack, but I could not. My hands were shaking from the fright I took to being noticed by three muscular beasts who certainly did not like to be watched by a skinny pussy like me. I tried to control myself, but I knocked something out of my bag. That’s when I felt someone behind me.

Without looking back, I observed a shadow that eclipsed the light of the street. It was not just a shadow, it was three massive shadows that hovered above me. I bent to pick up the things that fell from my bag as a massive hand hurried and picked up my notebook. I followed that thick fist the size of a beer bottle, with jutted veins until I found a massive shoulder and then the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen in my life. He was the guy who could be Superman’s look-alike. He smiled and handed me my notebook.

“You must be Roger, yeah?” His deep voice made my nerves stop sending electrical impulses through my body.

He reached out for a compliment, but I could only nod nodding in agreement with him. Ah … I was forgetting, my name is Rogério Da Silva, but everyone calls me Roger. I mean, my closest friends and co-workers … these three bodybuilders did not fall into any of these categories. We’d only just met this moment.

“Looks like it’s not much to talk about,” another deep voice said behind me.

I turned to look up and found myself face to face with the acorn-nose bodybuilder.

“He looks … scared,” the tattooed man with a dark look said and my heart stopped for good.

Without realizing it, I fainted. I no longer felt my legs, my breath failed and falls, but falls in time to be supported by two muscular arms. Then everything went dark and I blacked out.

I blinked several times before opening my eyes and focusing on the images in front of me. I looked at the furniture, everything was brown, it looked like leather. The strong smell flooded my nose. It was a man’s scent. Male musk. Musk male when the man looks like he came from a marathon a few miles and did not bathe for at least two hours later. That was the smell in him. My head turned and I wondered where I was. I sat on what appeared to be a sofa, a large three-seater sofa, I rubbed my eyes and that’s when I realized where I was. In a place that was definitely not my home. Not with that smell. I watched and breathed in relief that I was still wearing my clothes. I heard a locking sound being opened, and the door to where I was opened. The three neighbors passed the door, one at a time. They were sweaty, their muscles swollen, and then I figured they were coming back from the gym.

“Look who’s awake!” the tattooed man with the dark look spoke first.

“You blacked out, and we almost called an ambulance. I thought I’d never wake up,” Superman’s look-alike said as he sat next to me on the couch. His strong smell of post-workout sweat and musk made my senses stay alert.

“Do you often pass out?” the acorn nose said.

I shook my head in response to his question. I did not faint at all … I mean, only when I was nervous. And I guarantee, most of the nervousness I passed earlier.

“How long was I out?” My voice came out hoarse. I scratched my throat to clear my voice.

“I guess for almost two hours,” Superman’s look-alike touched my shoulder with his fleshy mammoth paw.

“I … I’ve never felt this way … I mean…” I scratched my head. “Only when I get very nervous do I lose my senses for a moment.”

“It was longer than a moment,” the somber tattooed spoke and smiled. A gloomy smile.

“Thank you for not leaving me down on the street.” I sighed relieved and shrugged.

“My name is Rogerio, but you can call me Roger.” I waved my right hand.

“We know who you are, Roger,” Superman’s look-alike said and smiled too.

“Do you know who I am? How?” I nodded my head.

The acorn-nosed guy approaches what appears to be a closet, opens a drawer, and draws a card from there. It was not just any card, it was my corporate badge I had lost this morning. He smiles and in delivery.

“Oh my God! How did you find that?” I covered my eyes in embarrassment. “I thought I’d left it at work.”

“Nope,” he said. “You dropped it this morning when you leave for work. You passed the neighbor on the corner and he greeted you by calling you Roger. So we know you’re Roger for this. I was putting the trash out when I saw that you had dropped something, but when I turned to speak, you had already got on the bus after talking to the neighbor on the corner. So I saved it to deliver later.”

The acorn nose explained everything with tranquility and a deep voice that makes any pay attention. And I listened to every word. “Thank you” I said in a whisper.

“No problem, neighbor. Now, do I think you need food? Accept dinner with us? Let’s call for pizza,” the dark tattooed one spoke and rubbed his hands.

“If it’s no bother …”

“It’s not a problem, man. Relax.” The acorn nose pulled off his shirt, revealing his muscular, torn and bulky torso.

I heard stories about how bodybuilders worked too hard to make their bodies perfect. And for them perfect was to have too much muscle volume and little fat. This was the kind of perfection the three of them had, for sure.

“I’m going to take a shower,” the tattooed one said and then he pulled off his own shirt. “Felipe, order the pizzas please. You know our favorites, so ask Roger what he likes.” He left the room and entered through a door that deduced to be the bathroom.

“James will you want with double cheese on the edges?” Felipe—the Superman look-alike—asked the acorn nose.

“Of course, bro … I’m hungry.” James rubbed his belly. Or rather, he rubbed a six-pack that looked like a brick wall.

So I already knew the names of two of them. James, acorn-nosed. Felipe, Superman look-alike. And what was the name of the tattooed?

“Bruno! Are you going to want the chocolate pizza?” Felipe toward the bathroom.

Bruno. That was the name of the tattooed, somber-smiling one. Bruno answered from the bathroom that yes, he would want the chocolate pizza. I watched every movement in the room. James was pulling on his practice shorts and revealing the largest and thickest pair of thighs I had ever seen in my life. I think all my strength was in that pair of thighs. He noticed that I was watching and he caught me with his eyes paralyzed on his mammoth legs.

“Do you like what you see, man?” He flexed his thick thighs and his veins jumped.

“Wow! You guys are huge!” I widened my eyes.

“We’re the greatest in the gym.” Felipe makes a double bicep.

James follows him in the pose showing the monumental arms.

“Have you been bodybuilders for a long time?” I asked with the curiosity of a true muscle fan.

“I guess since I was a kid,” Felipe smiled.

“We started very early in bodybuilding.” James pulsed his massive pecs.

“And we’ll never stop.” Bruno appeared with a towel around his waist. He also did a double biceps pose and smiled at me.

“What about you, Roger? What’s your story?” Felipe asked.

I shook my head to regain my senses and began to tell my story from the time I graduated in biotechnology and moved to São Paulo to work with Dr. Alejandro. They seemed interested in my research on growth cells. Well, I think growth is the only thing that matters to a bodybuilder. After a few minutes, long minutes, the pizzas arrived. And I can assure you it was stacks of pizzas. For each of my neighbors there were two large pizzas. For me I ordered a smaller one. I could not eat much, much less the absurd amount they ate. Just one detail: every big pizza, which they asked for, would feed six people. That is, each of them ate two of each flavor. Which brings me to the following calculations: each of my muscular neighbors ingested a quantity of food for twelve people, if I am not wrong.

That’s how I found out my neighbors, the bodybuilders, did not care much for diet, since genetics had blessed each with an extremely healthy and fast metabolism. I spent more time with Felipe, James and Bruno. They were inseparable friends since children and now live together to save money for the next competition. They told me, the season would begin in a month. Before then, some changes would happen … I was sure of that.

The previous night had been strange, but exciting. It is not every day that you can observe three muscular men in their natural habitat, eating pounds of carbohydrates without the least concern about diet. What mattered to them was to eat, grow, and grow. While I was in the house of my muscular neighbors, I made a lot of mental notes. Before me there were very strong candidates for the experiment with the cell-increasing serum.

Leaving the house of the bodybuilders, I quickly called Dr. Alejandro. I needed to tell him all about my new muscle neighbors. But first I should tell you about my relationship with Dr. Alejandro. Well, I met him some time ago when he went to school in my hometown for a lecture on Biotechnology. It was amazing to see that man, that fabulous mind for the first time. He’s not as tall as the magazine covers make him seem, but he’s a handsome man. Looking at Dr. Alejandro I remembered the actor Eric Dane, the same who participated in the series Gray’s Anatomy. I needed to work alongside this man … and I did it. It was the great victory of my life to join Dr. Alejandro Zubiri’s research team. Today, I am one of his most active trainees in researching with cell growth fluid.

And speaking of the research with the new growth serum, it was still a big unknown at that time. It was not yet known how large-scale serum production would be made for sports supply stores, or drugs for those suffering from some form of degenerative muscle disease. But one thing I was sure of: the possible human test candidates, I had just found the three most outstanding possible specimens.

“Hello… Doctor Alejandro,” I said when he answered. “I think I found the perfect guinea pigs for the initial tests.”

There was a clatter on the other end of the phone line. It seemed like something was happening. After a loud crash of things. Then I heard a guttural roar and then a heavy breath, like that of a rabid bull.

“Roger… come here immediately… grrrrrr… now.

It was the voice of Dr. Alejandro, but not the calm, easygoing, friendly voice of Dr. Alejandro I know. It sounded like a ferocious animal that had just come out of the cage. Then, at that moment a click broke in my mind. The worst had happened. Doctor Alejandro had done the tests on himself, and I think it did not go as expected.

In a few minutes I had arrived at Dr. Alejandro’s private lab. It was in the backyard of his house. I mean, in the backyard of his mansion. Alejandro Zubir was a renowned scientist and millionaire who was able to afford his own research facilities. In his backyard was a kind of huge barn that was over 50 feet high and the size of a football field. All the research with the regenerating serum and cell growth was concentrated here. And I was part of the group of ten trainees and assistants.

I walked quickly through the reception that was guarded by two security guards. One of them was scared. His eyes were wide and it looked like she had seen a ghost.

“Samuel, what happened?” I approached him.

I touched his arm and felt it cold. Cold with fear.

“The doctor… the doctor…” he stammered and pointed to the door of the experiment room.

“What happened to the other Alejandro?” I said, looking at the door of the room.

Tall grunts, guttural roars, and breaking things came from the room and echoed through every barn.

“A monster… he’s a monster.” Samuel shivered and sat down in the front desk chair.

He was visibly startled and talking things out of nexus. I offered him some water so he would calm down. Recovering a little from my breath, I approached the door of the experience room. As I was about to put my right hand on the doorknob, a loud bang echoed from inside the room. I pulled away quickly when I saw a large figure appear at the door.

I took two steps back when that great figure of a Hulk-sized man took the first step … thooom … thoooom … that was the sound of his footsteps breaking the pottery from the cold floor of the laboratory. I pulled away when his super-muscular frame had to be put in a side position to get through the door. His pecs were so large that they squeezed into the doorframe causing a crack in the wall. His clothes were in tatters. Only the jockstrap was still in place and struggled to accommodate the giant cock in the middle of this monster’s groin. Her thighs were so big, thick with the diameter of a truck tire. Their calves were larger than my head, that is, larger than two of my heads together.

When this monster took the first step, I felt the ground under my feet tremble. As if a small earthquake hit the structure of the laboratory. The sound of the heavy breathing of this incredibly muscular being resembled a rabid bull stuck in an arena of illegal bullfighting. I looked up, beyond the groin and found an abdomen divided into ten parts. It was a perfect thick Titanic abs package of ten. I looked up at the monstrous pecs still struggling to get through the door. Then, using one hand … no, it was not hands, they were giant paws, the monster poked a hole at the height of his pecs making it easy for him to pass through the bulging shelf that was his gigantic chest. The thick neck of the monster was larger than my whole body. And then I saw his face. A square face, with a strong jaw and proportional to the size, height and size of his muscles.

That face was familiar. And it was not Dr. Alejandro.

I blinked my eyes several and several times until I recognized the monster in front of me. John. The other assistant research trainee of the other Alejandro. He managed to walk through the door and stood in front of me. I could then contemplate all his muscular magnificence of a mighty god. The incredible Hulk has nothing incredible with John, my co-worker. He made a pose that resembled Rhodes’ colossus. His hands on his waist and his arrogant smile were intimidating. He then spoke his first word to me … beyond the grunts.

“What do you think of me now, little Roger? Am I big enough for you to worship me?” He raised his arms in a double bicep pose.

Just in those arms was strength, muscles capable of causing immense destruction. The bulging veins of John’s arms were the thickness of the laboratory test tubes. I let out a cry of terror and moved even farther away from the giant, massive figure of my new laboratory colleague. Then he bent to pick me up. John was at a height of about 15 feet or even more. At that moment I could not tell exactly how big he was, but he was huge.

Don’t do it, John!” a scream thundered from inside the lab.

John looked over the shoulder of boulder, which looked more like a demolition ball, and mumbled something inaudible to me toward the thundering voice. I felt the ground shake again. And other heavy footsteps were heard. No, John was not moving. Thooom … thoooom … thooom … craanch. The already cracked wall collapsed at a time when another gigantic muscular figure larger than the Hulk appeared across the wall as if it were nothing. The crash was loud, loud as a cloud of dust rose beside the rubble of the old wall. It was another muscle monster. His arms were as big as tree trunks. His biceps-sized demolition balls were dusty and sweaty. His thick neck larger than my whole body was sweaty and his veins bounced. These two monsters seemed to have come out of a recent weight-lifting session, as their muscles were pumped beyond human limit imaginable. It was then that I saw his strong jawed face outlined in a way that accentuated his masculinity. Doctor Alejandro had turned into a 15-feet-tall muscle monster.

He looked at me with a frown and a concerned expression. He took two more steps forward making me fall with my butt on the floor that trembled with his weight.

“I cannot touch you, Roger… something is unstable in the serum.” He closed his eyes and grunted. “I did wrong to test myself… damn!”

His closed fist turned toward the side wall of the hall. A burst of noise echoed through the barn as Dr. Alejandro’s fist went through the wall as if made of cardboard.

“Doctor… be calm or else you will destroy all the laboratories…” I approached him, but he backed away.

“Do not touch me, Roger,” he insisted. “The serum is unstable. The enzyme incubation process takes 24 hours to complete. During that time anyone touching any of my body fluids like sweat, saliva and cum can become this… “ He pointed to his own body and to John.

“That’s what happened to me,” John said in his new deep baritone voice. “I touched the doctor trying to protect him while the transformation was happening, and I ended up absorbing his sweat during the process. It was all so fast that when I realized it, I was lying on the floor squirming in pain and increasing in size.”

My mouth was open. My chin was down and I push it back up with my hand. What had happened was something more impressive in the world. Dr. Alejandro’s fluid for growth and muscle regeneration had worked.

“Doctor… this is amazing! All the supplement companies, governments, everyone will all buy the serum. My God! You will be the richest man in the world!” I covered my mouth to contain the cry of excitement.

“Oh Roger, my dear. How can you see this outcome? I just said that the serum is unstable… “

“That does not matter, Dr. Alejandro. Look at you! Look at John! You are the greatest men in the world! World leaders would kill to have this technology. The instability of the serum can be a factor of caution, not of annulment in the commercialization of the same. Do not you think so?”

Dr. Alejandro scratched his head. John approached him and touched his shoulder.

“I think little Roger is right. We can begin to do the production in great scale and his plan to transform the men of the earth into physically superior beings will become reality.”

I approached the two giant muscular men, and began to take measurements. I was below the knees of the two giants which means that only the part of the leg that goes from the foot to the knee is the size of a normal man like me.

“Doctor… I have an idea.” I walked between the two giants.

I did not touch them. He did not need another giant in that whole mess. I went through the hole in the wall, past the debris, and entered the lab. It was a mess. Broken glass, twisted metal stretchers. Gallons of oxygen crushed by the hands of the giants. The walls were cracked and shaped like fist-sized wrists. I had to be careful what I was looking for, but that mess took me out of the way for a few minutes.

My eyes stared at the cooler with the tubes containing the serum. I needed to take only three for each of my new neighbors. Quickly I opened the refrigerator and picked up three jars of food tucked away in my jeans pocket. Hurriedly I got out of the rubble that was now the experiment room to find the two giants still stunned.

“What are you going to do with these jars, Roger?” Dr. Alejandro stared at me with a serious face.

“To continue the transformation of humanity.” I smiled at him. “Take it easy, my friend. The world will change, and you will enter into history of this new world”

He looked down at his godlike muscular body and grunted. “But first, I need new clothes.”

Here in Sao Paulo, there was a men’s clothing store for big and tall men, the only one in the vicinity of the neighborhood that I lived. I went into the store and bought two pairs of XXXL shirt, two pairs of sweatpants also XXXL. And two pairs of briefs of the same size, extremely wide. I thought the underwear would help contain the great bulge that John and Dr. Alejandro had between their legs. I hurried back to the half-destroyed lab and handed over my purchases, unable not to stare.

After the growth spurt, everything in their bodies had gotten bigger and bigger. And their cocks and bull balls were nothing but gigantic. They were bigger than anything I’ve ever seen in my life. Before leaving the lab, I handed a device to John, a small chip I had designed myself. I asked him to inject the chip into both him and Dr. Alejandro. Once the chip was in their bloodstream, I was able to monitor their heart rates, fat percentage and muscle mass, size, and weight, as well as the size of their cocks and balls.

That chip utilized the nanobots technology that I had developed just for this kind of situation. The doctor and I already had plans to use the chip when we repopulate the world with muscular jocks, to make monitoring the new giants easy. So the chip tests had started right away.

Now the screen of my iPad showed all the statistics of the two giants. I renamed chip 1 with the name of John, and the chip 2 with the name of Doctor Alejandro. The measurements were the most impressive.

Chip 1—Subject: John
· Height: 15’8”
· Weight: 22,046 pounds of pure muscle.
· Fat percentage = 0.2%
· Cock size: 7 ft
· Circumference of balls: 35 inches

Chip 2—Subject: Doctor Alejandro
· Height: 15’11”
· Weight: 23,089 pounds of brutal force.
· Fat percentage: 0.01%
· Cock size: 7’8”
· Circumference of balls: 38 inches.

Reading those statistics made my chin almost fall off. My eyes widened to read each number in the scale on the iPad. Nervous, Dr. Alejandro asked me to put the measurements up on the big screen of the computer that, by a miracle, was one of the few that had not yet been smashed to bits. When their measurements appeared on the big screen and the two giants read, I could feel the ground shake again. I looked over to my left and saw John stomping on the floor, making all the already compromised structure of the laboratory tremble. Dr. Alejandro immediately rebuked him.

“What do you think you’re doing, boy?” the doctor spoke in his now very deep and serious voice.

“Sorry, sir… I just wanted to test what I read in the statistics…” He pointed to the computer screen. “See! We’re both over twenty thousand pounds… that’s… amazing! And look—the size of our balls!”

To prove his point, John stroked his giant, hairy nuts before dressing in the sweatpants I had bought.

“It’s true, doctor,” I said. “The statistics are impressive. You look like massive muscle monsters. Your muscles are so huge they look morphed. And yet there is no muscle immobility. The bonds, tendons, and elasticity are incredible. You are powerful Inhumans. The size of your two dicks is bigger than a normal human of medium height. And look…” I pointed to another statistic. “The weight of the monster cock itself is over 250 pounds… it’s like having a professional bodybuilder between your legs.”

After reading through the numbers again, I needed to sit down. I was stunned. I thought about how my bodybuilder neighbors, who were already massive men by their very nature, would look after the administration of the liquid. So I had an idea. I put the loaded pistol with one more dose of chips to use in my neighbors.

I drank some water and caught my breath, thinking over my plan. I decided to leave the ruined laboratory. Dr. Alejandro and John were putting on their new clothes, which, despite being ridiculously oversized compared to normal people’s clothes, were still ridiculously small on the monstrous bodies of these giants. It was better to wear togas, or loin cloths, or those garments of the Greek gods.

I shook my head at the images of the gods in their robes and ran out of Dr. Alejandro’s estate. I warned Samuel and Carlos, the other porter of the laboratory, not to approach the giants or anything that a drop of their fluids had touched. I hurried back to my neighborhood, my pulse racing.

Standing at the door of my neighbors’ house, I rang the bell. No one answered immediately. I waited for a few minutes before giving up. I turned around and as I was crossing the street to my house, I looked to the side and saw a man walking up the street and stopping in front of the house of my neighbor’s bodybuilders.

Watching the man standing on the porch and peering into the house, I realized it was a young man, maybe younger than me. He had Mohican-style brown hair. He was tall, broad and his biceps were large and developed, with bulging veins. His skin had a light tan. The young man wore a tank top and a nylon shorts. His calves and part of his thighs were visible, and they were thick, muscled and shapely legs.

When the young muscular jock turned to the side, I had a glimpse of his muscular and swollen chest. His eyes were a somber green and he had a seductive look. He smirked when he saw me. The muscular jock crossed the street and came toward me. As he approached I could see how tall he was. He had to be about 6’5 “or 6’7”. He stepped onto the sidewalk and stood in front of me. His chest rose and fell with his breath, making the muscle-massed shelf that was his pecs seem even more swollen.

I swallowed, a little unnerved, as that man, that young muscle boy the size of a junior bodybuilder, opened his mouth and spoke to me. His deep voice made my stomach freeze and my bones tremble.

“Good afternoon,” he said. He glanced at his watch so as to be sure of the time. “Oh, yes, it’s still good afternoon…” He smiled and I decided that despite his size he was a still a teenager, judging by his young features and how the smile lit them up.

“Hmm… good afternoon,” I said, taking a step back, if only to be able to see him without craning my neck.

“My name is Guilherme,” the muscle teen said. “I’m the son of one of the owners of that house. I arrived today from the interior of the state of São Paulo to live with my father. I think you must know him.” He frowned . “It’s Bruno… better known as ‘the beast’ in the bodybuilding championships.”

At that moment, I started to have an idea. I needed to record the effects of liquid instability while still incubating in the host organism. That is, I needed the young god Guillaume to touch, or ingested some fluid, from a newly transformed body. I had not yet seen the transformation itself in these cases—or rather, I had not seen it at all, only the effects. I needed to witness this moment.

“It’s… yes… I know your father… I mean… I met Bruno, the giant Bruno, who by the way is my neighbor.” I pointed to the house of the bodybuilders.

“This is cool! I did not know that my father had neighbors and nerdy friends,” he said with a wink. He smiled and ruffled my hair. Normally I hated when people did that without even knowing me right. The boyfriends I had had in college and at school were always doing this, and the older boys ruined my hair just to irritate me.

“Uh… Uh… want to come in and wait for your father here in my office? I need to tell you a secret.”

I looked around to make sure no one was listening. I narrowed my eyes to the sides and then I faced Guilherme’s eyes in front of me. He had also bowed and followed my movements of observation.

“What are you looking for, little guy?” he asked with a frown.

“Ensuring that no one hears us. Come in, big guy. You will like what I have to say.”

Still hesitating, Guilherme entered my house. I pointed to the sofa and he sat down. He pulled a bottle of some tonic and protein mixture from his gym and drank bag. I watched his Adam’s apple rise and fall with each sip. This little gesture of Guillaume’s exuded masculinity and power. Immediately I got a boner in my pants. I tried to disguise it as best I could, but my mind seemed to want to betray me. I imagined Guilherme along with his dad Bruno and the other bodybuilders as 15-foot muscular giants.

I shook my head to ward off those hot thoughts. I sat down in front of Guilherme and began to tell him about what was to come. And I showed him the vials with the liquid.

“Massive Musclesmonters, that’s the name I gave the project,” I smiled proudly.

“Wow! Hehehehe… are you sure this is for real? Sorry to ask, but a muscle giant over 15 feet tall is impossible.”

“I’ll show you it’s real!”

I pulled the iPad from my bag and showed the images of the destroyed laboratory, then showed images of Dr. Alejandro and John as newly transformed by the liquid. Guilherme’s mouth opened and he widened your eyes, amazed as he read the statistics of the new giants.

“And do you think my dad and your friends will be like this?” He pointed to the image on Dr. Alejandro’s super-sized and morphed muscles.

“I believe your father and his friends can get bigger. See the statistics of Dr. Alejandro. They are bigger than John’s. Doctor Alejandro was always obsessed with his body. Build like a swimmer but with hard, thick muscles. With the physique of a pro bodybuilder like Bruno and the others have, I’m almost sure that the liquid will react even more strongly.”

“This is all incredible.” He smiled and scratched his head anxiously. “Can I be like that, too? How do you become a muscular giant? I … I’ll do anything.”

Guilherme was excited and eager to grow big. That motivation and eagerness to get bigger and bigger was what attracted me to bodybuilders. Call me crazy, but I was loving the idea of repopulating the world with giant jocks.

“And you will, big guy. I want to test with you the theory of liquid instability.”

Guilherme seemed to understand what I meant. “So… you’re going to give this to my dad and your friends… and then you want me to taste their sweat?” He made a face mask of disgust. “I will not lick my father’s sweat. No way!”

“Hahaha… you do not have to lick it necessarily, but I think if you drink a little of the sweat, or even a little of his cum, or any of the other guys, the results can be interesting.” I scratched my chin thinking about that possibility.

“Okay… okay… let’s do this, but only because I’ll do anything to get bigger and stronger. And if it hurts my father or any of his friends, I swear I’ll crush your head like a spoiled grape, little fag.” Guilherme grunted menacingly at me.

“Oh, no, big guy,” I raised my hands in surrender. “I would never hurt my neighbors. They are great to me.”

The young muscular jock agreed, and I wrote down his statistics on my iPad. Guilherme was 17 years old, 6’5” tall, 290 pounds of massive teenage muscles. As I wrote down his statistics, Guilherme received a call from his father, Bruno asking his son where he was. They talked a little and then we went out to meet my bodybuilder neighbors.

The three muscular men stood on the porch of their house. They had just returned from the gym, which meant they were sweaty and their muscles pumped. We went in and without wasting time, I began to explain about my research to them.

Felipe, the superman-like bodybuilder, followed my explanations attentively and was as impressed as Guilherme when he saw the photos and statistics of Dr. Alejandro and John and how the lab was after their transformation.

“I’m drinking that juice now, little Roger,” Felipe smiled. Like Guilherme, he reached over and ruffled my hair.

Something about Felipe always tugged at me inside. He was seductive, of course, so I did not care about him doing messing my hair quite so much.

“If you’re certain we’re going to be okay and we’re not going to die, I also want this liquid,” James, the one with the acorn nose, said, smiling at me.

They all looked over at Bruno, who was their leader. Guilherme approached his father. They were the same size. He squeezed his father’s massive shoulder.

“Come on, big daddy… you want it like everyone here in this room. Come on! Let’s get giant, and dominate everything.”

At that point, Guilherme made a most-muscular pose and let out a roar. Felipe and James followed the young man in the intimidating pose in the form of encouraging Bruno to participate in the experience.

“All right! You win!” He held up his hands in surrender. “Let’s become Musclesmonsters … GRRRRR!!” he finished with his own most-muscular pose.

“That will be very interesting,” I said, beaming at my new muscle friends.


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