by Double-U

Two new friends, an athlete and a nerd, find themselves testing out a mysterious piece of technology that has the ability to upgrade bodies into masculine perfection.

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One of my best friends, Virginia, invites me and a few others to her house to hang out. She has a new boyfriend who I have never met before. His name is Jay. She says he is a great guy and that I will love him, but I think I will be the judge of that. The last thing I want is for her to get tangled up with another jerk.

I ring the door bell, and Virginia answers the door. When we hug, I can smell her perfume and it smells like candy.

I guess I’m late because everyone else is here, including Jay. He looks like a jock, which surprises me. Virginia usually doesn’t usually hook up with guys like that. And just like that, I am self-conscious of how I look. His muscular body puts my body to shame. And not to mention that I am pretty much like a nerd; he is from a whole different world—a world of dumbbells and sports. And I am from a world of science fiction and TV.

Virginia introduces us and we shake hands. He has a strong, masculine handshake. He seems nice. And, yes, he is an athlete. Or at least, he was in high school. He must still work out though. He could probably beat the crap out of me without breaking a sweat. His arms are toned and compliment his chest, which is hidden underneath his shirt. But I can tell he is hiding some serious chest muscles under his shirt. I can really only see the outline of his pecs, which are huge. His shoulders are beefy and wide. Oh, and his legs—it looks like he runs every day or something. They are toned as shit. He has a beard, which contours his face nicely. His hair waves across his head. I try not to look at his athletic figure for too long, but he is just like, I don’t know, magnetic. What I wouldn’t give to see him naked! His cock is probably huge too.

As the night goes on, I discover that Jay is really relatable, to my surprise. I guess you should never judge a book by its cover. We both like the same movies and television genres. He seems like a nice guy. He also has this energy around him. It is refreshing. I start thinking about how he could train me at the gym. But, asking him to do that would be weird.

Fast forward two months. Jay is now pretty much a member of our friend group. But that didn’t happen overnight. We have all seen movies together, gone out for food, hung out—you know, the normal friend stuff. But, I still feel kind of uncomfortable being alone with him. He is just too god damn perfect looking. And I am a total wimp.

And then I find out his birthday is coming up. My friends would be exchanging birthday gifts, and I don’t know what to get Jay. He will certainly be the hardest person to shop for.

I invite everyone over to my house, for a small ‘birthday’ hang out for Jay. I dig myself into a hole, because only Jay can make it. I have never just hung out with only him. I don’t know if I should reschedule, but Jay says that we should chill, just the two of us. He seems pretty excited. I guess I should be too.

I find myself shopping for his birthday gift. Maybe I should just get him a gift card? But, then I would be saying that I put zero thought into his gift. I walk around the store for another hour. Maybe I should go somewhere else. I don’t know. What would Jay find cool?

There is a pile of what looks like small radios on a clearance table. I walk over and start looking through the things on the table. I decide on a small black radio, shaped like a cube. I think it is a radio. There is a speaker on the front and a small display screen, as well as a big red button and one ‘plus’ and one ‘minus’ button. It has to be a radio—it is obviously a radio. It even says, “RevAMP,” on the side.

Once I get home, I inspect it closer and turn it on. It is pretty cool looking. I turn it over to take a look at the back. There is a small dial in the corner with 5 notches. Maybe some time zone thing? I fool with those controls, but they appear to do nothing. And it didn’t come with directions. There are also two small buttons next to the dial—one says ‘scan,’ and the other says ‘reset.’ I press ‘scan,’ to see if I can figure out what it does; maybe it for tuning for the radio stations? But I get a shock. I stop fiddling with it so I don’t break it and I wrap it after turning it back off.

Before I know it, Jay is here, ringing the doorbell. Why does he have to be wearing that tight tank? It shows off his physique even more than normal. I can see his massive pecs pushing out his shirt, as well as his flat stomach. I believe I also see some indication of abs—his stomach is probably ripped. His clothes seem to be painted on. I look away, mainly because I think I am staring. He repositions his shirt. I tell him happy birthday and he thanks me. God, he looks so hot.

We move into the living room and sit on the couches. I have already put out some movies that we can watch, and some snacks.

I hand him his present. He thanks me for getting him a gift and opens it.

“Cool, a radio! A Revamp radio! Thanks,” he says. “You know, no one really ever appreciates classic technology because everything can be on your phone. It is just nice to use good old buttons and not a touch screen from time to time.”

I watch as he turns it on. He asks about the notches on the back, but I tell him I don’t know what they are. He turns the small dial to setting 3. A large number 3 appears on the visual display on the front; I guess because he put it on setting 3. Also, a ‘+0’ flashes next to the large 3. Jay presses the plus button on the front a few times and the flashing ‘+0’ turns into a ‘+5.’ He presses the red button on the front, which makes the ‘+5’ stop blinking. I assumed the radio would click on, but it doesn’t. He puts it down on the table. “Who knows. Let’s watch the movie first, and then we can figure out how to work it.”

Does it not work? It must not. I feel guilty. It was on the clearance table, so I guess it was sitting there for a while. I saved the receipt, so I could always get another—or something different entirely.

“So, what movie are you thinking?” he asks. He points to the movies I put on the coffee table. For a second, I am distracted. I am just distracted mainly because Jay—well, he is pretty much like an attractive, masculine model. And to have this gorgeous model sitting next to ME... on MY couch... in MY house is just a crazy thought. He just looks so perfect.

Oh, right. The movie. I look at the movies that I picked out and I tell him he should pick one out—it is his birthday after all.

After agreeing on a movie, I load it into the player and dim the lights—it gets pretty dark. I turn up the volume too, considering we are alone and it won’t disturb anyone else. He opens a bag of chips and takes a hand full.

I walk back over to the couches. Would it be too weird if I sit right next to him? Or should I sit on the other couch? I sit on the other couch. I don’t want to be weird.

We are a few minutes into the movie. I feel uncomfortable in my clothes and I itch my chest. The itch spreads to my arms and legs, and eventually, my jaw. I don’t want Jay to think I have the chicken-pox or anything, so I try to limit the scratches to once in a while. But, as the movie continues, the sensation becomes unbearable. I have to itch. Good thing I turned down the lights. I don’t think Jay sees me itching myself all over. Well, I mean, I try to be sneaky about it.

Jay laughs at the movie, snapping me back into the moment. He looks over and says how funny that last scene in the movie was. He does a double take. Did he notice me scratching? Perfect.

“Since when did you have a beard? I don’t think I noticed before,” says Jay. Now, what is he talking about? I can’t grow beards! I can, but they look terrible on me. I bring my hand to my jaw. I feel hair. Like, hair. A full beard—and a moustache. Didn’t I shave this morning? I have never let it get this long. And now it feels like a few millimeters long. And not to mention that it is full—there are no patches or empty spots.

“Maybe it is the lighting?” I say. That is all I can manage to say. I know I shaved this morning. He nods his head and looks back to the movie. I rub my chin. This is odd. I must be itchy because of the hair? But what about the rest of my body?

Eventually, the itchiness subsides. Thank god. I can finally stop scratching. I try to enjoy the rest of the movie, even though I feel weird.

Eventually, the end credits roll, and I stop the movie. We sit there and talk about the movie for a few minutes.

“So, Virginia tells me that you have a pinball machine?” Jay says. I say yeah, and he asks, “Can we play?” I say sure and get up to show him. He stands up too; the light from the screen shows his pecs. I flip the light switch so I can see where I am going. Jay looks at me strange.

After saying what, he replies, “Your beard, it’s... well, was it really like that before the movie? Am I being pranked or something?” I put my hand to my jaw. How can it be this thick?

“To tell you the truth, it wasn’t like this before,” I say, pulling out my phone and loading the camera. Jay shakes his head in disbelief. Once I see my face, I look back to Jay and say, “This... is, well shocking. And you know what, I actually shaved this morning. There is no way that I could have grown this in a few hours.” I move my jaw to experience the new sensation of having thick facial hair. It actually looks pretty good on me—the beard and moustache look. Jay comes over and holds out his hand, and he feels my new beard. As his warm hand touches my face, my senses sharpen.

“...There is no way. How could this happen? “ Jay says. I have no idea. I feel like this would only happen in a dream. Reality doesn’t work like this. And it is not puberty of anything like that—I mean, I’m like 22!

What have I done differently today? ... Wait, could it be the radio? I point to it on the table between us. Maybe it really isn’t a radio...

He looks down at it. “No way,” he manages to say. “No fucking way.” He picks it up and takes another look at it.

And it turns out that I grew hair all over. We were too preoccupied with my facial hair that neither of us noticed that I am actually hairier now. My once bare smooth chest now has dark hair in between and around my pecs, as well as on my stomach. My arms and legs are hairier too. Jay sits down and says, “No way.” Jay rests his head on his hand. He looks at the radio’s screen again, which is displaying the large 3, as well as the +5.

“I don’t know, it synced with me? It did shock me earlier. Can it do that?” I say.

“This is crazy,” he says. “I never heard of anything like this before. He turns over the radio to the back to reveal the small dial. “I guess that is what these are for.”

Jay looks at me and smiles. “Wanna test it out?”

Is this really happening? If this is for real, than who knows what those other dials do, or how it works. I don’t know. I kind of do want try it out. I nod my head slowly. “But first, let me get some extra clothes, first.” I go and grab some gym shorts and extra tees from my room. Jay is eagerly awaiting my return. He is still sitting on the couch, and I join him.

“So setting 3 must be hair. Let’s bump that up to... +7?” Jay jokes. No way. If anything, I want to be less hairy.

“That’s funny.” I say and I stick my hand out to take the radio, or I guess it isn’t a radio, whatever.

Jay pulls the radio away from my reach. “No way, this is mine! You gave it to me, remember?” He says, and holds out his hand. I give him a serious look. “Ok, fine. I get to set it and you can tell me if the setting is good.”


Jay points at my shirt and then gestures over his shoulder. “Take off your shirt.” What? I’m not going to do that. Compared to Jay, I’m pathetic under my shirt—well, everywhere actually. I don’t want him to see me like that. What will he think? “Come on. It will be easier to see the changes. And we’re friends. No judgement. Who cares anyway—I don’t care and you shouldn’t either.” Easy for him to say. He is the one who is like a model with a tank on. And I care. Very much.

But I cave. I take off my shirt. Wow, I am really hairy.

“How, where do we stand on the hair situation? More, right?” Jay says, looking down at the radio.

“No way. Less. Like move it down so it says +2,” I say. He says I look good with a longer beard, so I settle for +3. He presses the red button again to make the ‘+3’ stop blinking. It doesn’t feel as itchy as before. My beard gets shorter. My chest gets less hairy, and so do my arms and legs. I look down at myself. I am less hairy. Better than before. I am liking the beard and moustache; it is about the same length as Jay’s. Jay nods in approval. It’s at a good length and after looking into my phone, I feel like I can pull it off.

“Dude. This is sick. Let’s see what the second dial does,” he says, switching the dial to the second setting. I would have said wild, but I agree. This is sick.

As he moves to the second setting, the large number 3 turns into 2, and a ‘+0’ blinks next to it. He looks at me, and his eyes ask me if he can proceed.

“Yeah, sure.” I say. What is this one going to be? He moves the dial to +8 and presses the red button. I glare at him.

“What? I just want to be able to see the results!” Jay says. ‘See the results’ my ass. He just wants to have some fun.

The room begins to spin and I would have fallen over if I wasn’t sitting down. I feel my bones stretching. I grind my teeth back and forth; the stretching doesn’t really hurt too badly, but it feels like I am being rubbed with sand paper or something. So, the second dial is definitely height. After 30 seconds or so, it stops. I take a deep breath.

“Stand up! How tall are you?” Jay says. I am way taller than Jay, who is 6-foot-3. I must be about 7-foot-6. I guess I should have taken off my pants too. My jeans are now way too tight.

“Jay, dial it down. My head is too close to the ceiling.” I say, resting my hands on the ceiling. He moves the +8 to a +3. I shrink down to 6-foot-1, a few inches taller than I normally am. “Better.” We both sit back down. I take off my jeans, which are uncomfortable and now way too short. Now this is even more embarrassing.

“This is awesome!” Jay shakes his head, clearly enjoying turning me into a... who knows. Hopefully one of those dials isn’t an animal dial. I guess he sees that I feel uncomfortable, because he says, “Would it make you feel better if I stripped too?” I say yeah, thinking he wouldn’t, but he actually does.

And just like that, we are both sitting on the couch in our boxers. I finally get to see him without a shirt on. Man, is he pumped. His pecs are like slabs of meat on his chest, and his abs are practically cobblestones. His chest appears to be air tight. His lats spread out wide, exposing a wide V shape. He notices me staring at his body. “Dude, my eyes are up here,” he says, laughing.

Crap. He caught me looking. Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

“I’m glad you like,” Jay says, flexing his pecs. “Anyway, I’ll do it slower, ok? That will probably get rid of the side effects.”

I stand up and he looks up at me. And I am in my boxers. And so is he. Wow, I never thought this is how the night will go. “Actually, let me go to the bathroom first. And don’t do anything while I am gone.” He doesn’t answer me. I leave for the bathroom in the next room.

After going, I flush the toilet. I wash my hands, and I feel this static feeling throughout my body. I don’t think I have ever felt like this before. Jay! He couldn’t wait two seconds for me to go to the bathroom! I knew he couldn’t wait.

Looking in the mirror, I can see my belly fat shrinking—as well my fat everywhere else. My body begins to inflate. I feel power swell inside my muscles. It feels exhilarating—like a rollercoaster, but much more concentrated. My muscles all over begin to feel denser and sturdier. My eyes roll back into my head I am enveloped in the feeling. It feels as if my body is floating. Just as soon as it starts, it stops. I look down at my impressive body. I must have gained maybe 20 pounds of muscle. This is fucking sweet!

I was transformed into a jock in a matter of seconds! Even though it felt like it look longer than that. I run my hands down the sides of my body, feeling my tight skin wrapped around my thick muscles. My shoulders are as round as melons and they are spread farther than I am used to. I shrug my shoulders up and down to get used to the feeling of a wider body. I also bounce my pecs—it feels great. I have never been able to do that before. My body is really turning me on. I wonder how much I can lift now.

I stretch out my arms and look at my amazing chest. I am used to having some belly fat, but now, it is rock hard. I inspect my legs, feeling my toned calf muscles and thighs. It is like I am an athlete. This is incredible! Jay is going to be so jealous. I leave the bathroom and go over to Jay sitting on the couch. His mouth is wide open, and he shakes his head.

I tell him to stand up, which he does. We stand next to each other. Jay stares at my thickened chest and arms. I am practically as big as Jay now. His mouth is still open and I am pretty sure he is speechless.

“Man. Does it always feel this compact?” I ask, flexing my newly formed biceps, and feeling my solid stomach. He smiles and shakes his head in amazement. He also looks away. Is that jealousy I suspect? “Give me some more.”

“Dude. No way. That’s not fair. I worked hard for my muscles. You just get them without work?” Jay says. He turns around and takes a few steps away from me. Yeah, he is jealous.

“You’re the one doing it,” I counter.

Jay says, “Unfair.” Under his breath and moves it to +8. The feeling of my muscles expanding is hot. I fill out more, and I look amazing. Definitely like a football player now, well, muscle wise. I am buffer than Jay. I really don’t even care that I am in my boxers. I stretch out my arms and give them a flex. My arms scream power. “Moving on. Setting 4.” Jay moves the setting to 4, which can also be seen on the display, and a small ‘+0’ appears too.

Jay puts his shorts back on and I do the same with the gym shorts I got earlier—the tee shirts don’t fit anymore.

I nod to Jay. On to setting 4.

Jay moves the +0 to a +11. I look at him and try to grab the radio to move the setting back, but it is too late. Jay laughs. Pay back I guess. I already begin to feel the changes. But I don’t feel dizzy. I get a sharp headache that only lasts a few seconds.

Jay looks at me to see if there are any other changes. What happened? I don’t look different? Why the fuck would he change the dial so fast? Does he think this is funny? I can feel the rage bubbling up to the surface of my mind. I try to calm myself down, but I can’t. I am just so pissed off. Why the fuck would he do that?

“Yo, man. What the fuck was that?” I say. I start walking towards him and I get in his face. His face gets really serious when he sees that I am not kidding. He puts down the radio.

“Relax. I was just...” Jay says. I shove him to the ground.

“...A joke? Am I laughing? Is this funny to you?” My voice gets louder—and it also seems deeper and manlier. Jay looks like a scared wimp now. He was not expecting me to put him in his place. I’ll show him. I have to teach him a lesson, that little fucker. That asshole.

“I’m sorry, okay. I’m sorry.” he says.

“Maybe I should teach you a lesson not to fuck with me?” I ask.

“It was a mistake. Just let me change the dial back down.”

I am the bigger one, now. I walk closer to where he still sits on the floor, feeling my powerful legs hit the floor. He puts up his hands. “Dude, I am not going to fight you.” I grab him by his arms and lift him up into the air. I think I am going to enjoy pounding him. Maybe I’ll get more respect. Jay puts his hands on my wrists. He tries to escape my grip, but I am just too strong. “Just let me fix this.” Jay says.

I guess he would not be a fair fight anyway. I would clearly win. My head seems to clear a little and I put him down. He avoids eye contact and he walks back to the radio, moving the +11 to a +1. My brain seems to tickle for a second.

Wait, what did I just do? Did I just? Did I just attack him?! “Jay, I... I don’t know what...” I try to say, but Jay puts his hand up to stop me.

“It wasn’t you. It was the radio. The setting must be dominance or something. It changed your mind. I moved it back down to +1. It is fine. We are cool.” I go to the fridge and grab 2 sodas, giving one to Jay. We sit down on the couches. “Setting 5?” he asks.

“Setting 5, and slowly this time,” I say. “Don’t want to do something that I might regret.”

Now, the display shows a large 5 and a small blinking +0.

“You got it, boss,” Jay says, moving the +0 to +3. The craziest thing happens next. I feel my cock get warm, and it starts to tingle. It must be my cock! My cock is growing! It feels like my cock is getting hard, only it isn’t. It is just getting longer. The growth stops; my mouth is open.

“What is it?” Jay asks. I look down to my crotch. Jay smiles. “Say no more. Actually, more or less?” He is asking me if I want a bigger or smaller cock. I say more and he moves the time up to +5. I look at him and raise my eye brows. He raises it again to +7. I pull out my shorts to take a peak. My cock is huge—like inches longer than it normally was. It’s like 10 inches now. “Do you need some time alone?” He laughs and I laugh too. But it feels new to have a larger cock—I feel it hanging down from my groin and it starts to get hard.

“I think I am good. Is that all the settings?” I ask. Jay turns over the radio and nods. “Is this what you always feel like? So... so masculine?” I rub my body, felling my hard muscles and hair—not to mention my larger cock.

“Well, I guess. I don’t really think about it... wait, there’s another button on here. It says... scan?” Jay says. He presses it and gets a shock. He looks up to me. He looks ecstatic. “Dude! Didn’t you say that you got shocked before? This button gave me a shock! And look! It is still set to setting 5, but says +0! It reset!”

“Try it out! Come to think of it, it was the scan button before that game me a shock. So, it might have shifted to you. I guess you could say that it is your turn to get ‘revamp’ed.” I say laughing. And he laughs too. Still on setting 5, he moves the setting to +8. After a few seconds, he looks at me with his face overjoyed.

“Dude... dude. Is this what it felt like for you?” Jay glances down to his groin and feels his cock enlarging. I nod, smiling. This is going to be an interesting night. He zips from setting to setting, changing his body. He is like a camel on hump day.

So, Jay decides that he wants to be bigger than me. Of course. And I give him a pair of large gym shorts because he doesn’t fit in his old shorts.

“Man, I never thought that growing muscles could feel so hot! I wish that feeling would never go away!” Jay says, and I agree. He must have added like 15 pounds of muscle to his already athletic frame. He can easily beat me in arm wrestling—and I don’t think I could get away with lifting him off the ground anymore.

He keeps his height the same and adds some hair. If he didn’t look like a model before, he looks like one now. And a ripped one. He puts the radio on the table and holds out his hands. We hug, and he says, “Thank you for the best present.” I feel his huge chest as we hug, and I also feel just how big I am. “And we are both pretty huge, huh? Maybe we could go workout later or see who can do the most pushups.” Jay feels his larger pecs with each hand.

“It wouldn’t be much of a competition considering you are bigger than me.” I respond.

“Maybe I’ll let you get bigger to give you a fighting chance.” Jay gives by biceps a squeeze. My newly enlarged cock gets hard. “Now, pinball?” He points over his newly broader shoulder.

“Sure. But I will beat your sorry ass.” I say.

“I am up to the challenge,” Jay says. “And I can always gain a few more pounds if I lose—actually, I think I will gain a few more pounds either way.” He looks down to his beefy chest. He winks at me. “And maybe you can get some too.” It is crazy to think that I was envious of his body. Now, I have my own hot bod. I wink back. We will just have to keep this night to ourselves for now—the night we both got revamped. Well the first time we got revamped, that is.

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