The driver

by Gio Multipod

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My best friend Jay would always tell me how he hates his hands and arms due to the frequent muscle pains he experiences in his upper limbs. It made things difficult for him, especially when he was doing something very important. Though an active 18-year old guy, his life was not as productive as his peers because of this ailment.

One night, Jay and I were driving back home from a very fun night out at the bar, and Jay was driving the car. No signs of Jay's ailment appeared, so I thought that our trip back home would be uninterrupted.

I told him, “Good thing your arm ailment didn't show up!”

And he replied, “We can't be so sure about it.”

But I noticed he wasn't a bit worried. It made me speculate that he was 'up to something'.

That night the freeway was very unusual. Though the street lights were bright enough for Jay to see the road, we didn't see other cars on the freeway. Since it seemed that Jay was expecting his ailment, I feared that when it hit, he might lose control of the car and hit a car that might be far off.

We had just passed the city limits, and highway had become darker, when Jay let out a scream of pain. I turned on the lights inside the car and saw his arms swelling. Luckily he braked just in time. I painstakingly tried to pull over to the shoulder.

A few seconds later Jay calmed down but the swelling didn't stop. Then I remembered that he took some pain-relieving pills if the pains struck. So I asked Jay if the pills were with him.

“No, I didn't bring them,” he answered.

“What? What will we do then?” I asked.

“Pull up my right sleeve,” he instructed. “You will see an injection mark there. Just 'press' that mark firmly for five seconds.”

While I was at it, he kicked off his shoes and removed his socks using his mouth since he couldn't move his arms.

“What are you doing?” I asked, but no reply followed.

I located the injection mark somewhere near his elbow and pressed it firmly for five seconds.

Then I returned to my previous seating position and closed my eyes. Five seconds later I heard two clicking sounds, and turned to Jay. His two arms and hands fell from his shoulders. I wanted to freak out, but remained composed.

“I'll explain to you later,” he said. “But for now, I'd like you to do me a favor.” He told me to reach for his knapsack and take out the blue bottle.

The blue bottle obviously contained water and was completely filled. But Jay labeled it as 'SFS'. I don't know what those letters stood for, yet I hesitated to ask. But I still wanted to know what was going on, so that's what I asked Jay.

After drinking all up the contents of the blue bottle, his left foot reached for a button that would adjust his seat into reclining position. He then elevated his feet and placed them on the steering wheel.

Carefully watching what Jay was up to, I was shocked to see the results. His pants ripped off and eight more legs grew, with his very handsome, perfectly shaped feet hanging at the end. Jay knows I'm completely obsessed with his handsome feet.

“I discovered a potion that would remove my arms, and a substance that would grow me eight more legs,” he explained.

“Okay… so you really got rid of your arm ailment,” I added.

“Yeah! That's history! I know you're obsessed with my feet. Would you like to suck some?” he asked, changing topics.

“Later when we get home. I'm a bit exhausted,” I told him.

So we continued with our trip back home, with Jay driving the car using his ten feet. Two feet were on the steering wheel, one on the acceleration pedal, another on the brakes, and another on the transmission. The remaining five were dangling everywhere!

Now Jay can do five different things simultaneously, each with a pair of his feet. And during the night, I would always suck his ten handsome feet and sleep while embracing them.

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